KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 193 - Author: Harley Jameson

Match 193: Mothra (Heisei) and Battra vs. Frankenstein
Banner: Andrew Sudomerski

The year was 1765, and Dr. Frankenstein was a proud man. A genius in his own mind, for he had done what no other man had done before. He was going to create life itself. With a grunt, he switched the tesla coil on and the lightning came in droves, pumping his creation full of electricity. Silence fell for a few moments, and Dr. Frankenstein even thought that the experiment failed. Until he saw the fingers twitch. "It''s alive..." The giant monster known as Frankenstein rose slowly, and the good Doctor laughed happily. "IT'S ALIVE!!"

The monster sat up, giving a low moan, a signal for things to come. "Yes...yes, my creation!" The doctor was giddy, and he ran over to Frankenstein. "Do you recognize me?" Frankenstein looked down at the doctor, and nodded slowly. "Excellent! It's intelligent! Now! Stand up my creature!" The monster slowly pushed itself up to its full height, standing at a proud thirty some stories tall. "OH, excellent! Its motor skills seem fully intact! Frankenstein you are a genius!"

"A genius? We do not think so." The doctor wheeled around when he heard the twin voices, after looking around wildly, he finally located the cause. Two tiny twin sisters, staring at him in disapproval.

"W-What? Who are you?"

The Shobijin spoke as one, only here to give their message. "You have awoken two very powerful monsters, and they're headed right for your castle. I hope you will be happy with what you have done."

The doctor stared at the twins, his eyes narrowed a bit and his mouth open. "...What do you mean?" The twins looked grave as they spoke their final words to him. "You will see."

The monster was testing its footing, slowly shambling around the confined space it was provided. It was cramped, he couldn't really stretch his legs or walk about freely. It was a cage. "N-Now, now...” The monster looked down at the doctor. "Y-You are not allowed out! I-I understand that the space is small, but it will have to do...The villagers, they are so cruel..." The monster just stared at him for a few moments, before slowly nodding his head, sitting back down.

The doctor paced back and forth in his laboratory. "Monsters coming? Coming to my castle? Preposterous, monsters don't exist!" He stiffened again as he heard the voices again.

"You should know they do doctor. You tried to play god. Now they are mad." He looked around wildly, was he going insane? "Who!? Who are coming!?" The words they spoke haunted him to the bone, as if the very names uttered sent despair through him.

"Mothra and Battra."

The monster felt uneasy, it felt threatened. It couldn't quite place on why it felt so on edge, it was as if it was in great mortal danger. It's suspicions seemed to be confirmed when he felt a low rumble go through the castle. Frankenstein noticed his creator bursting into his room, shouting at his creation. "My creature! My creation! Our home will be under attack! I beg of you, defend us! Defend your home!" Frankenstien's monster took a few moments to compile the desperate plea of a madman together, before it slowly nodded, standing again to its full height as the rumbling continued.

The rumbling shook the castle to its very core, until finally it happened. A flash of purple was the only warning signal as the larvae of Battra burst through the wall, an angry screech as it tackled Frankenstein's monster, sending the two crashing through the other wall. The doctor quickly ran for it, not willing to be a casualty in this war. Frankenstein grunted as he clenched his powerful fists, slamming them down on the larvae. Battra screeched in annoyance, but continued headbutting the creature, his eye beams firing wildly and causing explosions all around them, far too close to score a direct hit.

Frankenstein roared in anger, throwing the insect off his body and standing, charging the guardian of the planet and landing on its bumpy back, hailing blows on it. Battra screeched in annoyance, before its body surged with its energy, causing Frankenstein to be sent stumbling back. Battra gave another angry screech, determined to end this monstrosity before it had a chance to live. Its horn surged and a prism beam erupted from the tip on its crown, slamming the chest of the monster and sending it tumbling away. Battra screeched and began its charge.

The monster shook its head a bit, and with a grunt managed to get on its hands and knees before launching itself at Battra, grabbing it by the horn and yanking it up, the larvae screeching as it flailed it's limbs, its horn pulsing. Frankenstein roared back,standing up and gripping the horn with both hands, heaving the larvae to the left and letting go, throwing the mighty caterpillar through the wall and into the gorge down below, the mighty larvae tumbling down. Frankenstein stood at the edge, bellowing in fury. How dare this insect attack his home! Battra shook its head clear, screeching in fury at the abomination, its eyes lighting up and as it launched its prism beams up the mountain side, sending dust and rocks exploding out as the monster jumped off, aiming straight at Battra.

Battra reared, trying to gore the creature, but instead it cried out as its yellow blood was coughed out of its mouth, Frankenstein managing to successfully elbow drop the insect. The doctor watched from the roof, laughing. "He's winning! HE'S WINNING!!" The doctor looked up to the sky, frowning. "What is that?"

That happened to be Mothra, who was unfortunately slower than Battra. Nevertheless, her goal was the same as her brother's, and she began flapping her mighty wings, forcing the monster off of Battra, chirping in anger. Battra looked up at Mothra, screeching part in thanks and part in warning. This was his fight, not hers. Mothra chirped again, trying to remind him that they were here for the same goal, but they were interrupted when Frankenstein's creation charged forward, jumping again on Battra's back and giving it pounding blows. Battra screeched in fury and channeled its energies again as Mothra began flapping her wings. The combined attack again forced the monster off, even damaging its hands. But the gale force winds also forced Battra to skid and bump along the bottom of the mountain, Mothra chirping an apology.

Unfortunately for her, that was the final straw for Battra's short temper, and he let loose a war cry, firing his prism beams at his fellow moth, causing Mothra to swerve out of the way, screeching in alarm at this. Not to be outdone, Battra flashed from his larvae form to his imago stage, taking off into the sky after Mothra. Mothra juked and jived, avoiding Battra's purple prism beams as she flipped around, flapping her wings and spreading her pollen all around in the air. The rest of the purple beams re-directed back at Battra, causing the black moth to screech in fury.

As the two moths continued their dog battle up in the sky, Dr. Frankenstein laughed a bit, a grin on his face. "They...they can't work together! Do you know what this means Do you, you twins!?" He looked up at the moths, Mothra now firing her own golden beams, clashing with the purple ones in the sky and causing sparks to fly out. "It means that our monster can win!" The Doctor laughed with glee, slapping the stone. "Go my creation! Win!!"

Frankenstein felt groggy, it gave a soft moan in pain. It brought its hands up to inspect the damage, and much to its surprise, they were already healing up. He could even move a few fingers. He slowly got to his knees, looking up at the battling moths in the sky. Battra, however, had noticed the monster rise, and gave a furious screech. Why won't this abomination stay down!? Battra dive-bombed toward the near defenseless creature. Frankenstein lifted its arm to shield itself as it was assaulted with prism beams, its flesh and blood ripped out of its body and it cried in pain, forcing it to stand and start scrambling away, an explosion knocking it to its front. Battra cackled with glee as Mothra watched, an uneasy feeling in her mind.

Was this creature truly worthy to be exterminated? Yes, that was why she came here. But she was having doubts. This creature displayed intelligence, it felt pain. She knew that the creature didn't choose to be born, her twins had informed her it was the doctor's doing. She watched as the creature wailed in pain, desperately trying to get away from the black moth's assault of Prism beams, clawing with its broken hands. Mothra had a choice to make, and her decision would decide the entire battle.

Battra screeched, ready to end this miserable abomination of earth. This creature was a spit in the face of everything Battra fought to protect, humans had no right to play with things they didn't understand. Battra's eyes lit up again, but a pair of golden beams slammed into the black moth, and it was forced aside by Mothra ramming into him. The protector of earth shook his head, screeching in confusion at Mothra, who hovered over the broken creature protectively, screeching in warning. No more harm would come to Frankenstein.

"You’re lucky, Doctor."

The scientists wheeled around, seeing the twins again. "Lucky? How?" The twins indicated the standoff. "The creature you created is not yours to control, Mothra has decided to give it a chance at life." His eyes widened, and he looked out at the stalemate.

Frankenstein looked up at Mothra in confusion, before nodding and grunting in thanks. It was smart enough to know ally from foe. Mothra chirped in return, before Battra's beams tore through the air, back in its larval form. It forced Mothra to swerve away, with the larvae chasing after the divine moth, back toward the castle. Mothra circled around Frankenstein's castle, firing her golden beams and her winged lightning at the black moth. Battra screeched in fury. How dare Mothra betray him!? He fired his prism beams into the sky, again forcing Mothra to swerve higher in the air until she did a little loop and flapped her wings, the hurricane like winds forcing Battra to slam into the mountain, the tremors forcing the good doctor to grip the sides, looking down.

Once the dust cleared, there revealed no Battra. The doctor scrunched his nose in confusion. "What is it... Why is there no black butterfly?" He stared down, perplexed himself. "Perhaps it... Hmm." Mothra flew low, as if inspecting something, giving a curious chirp. "Maybe it's checking to see if its companion is dead?"

The castle quaked, and with a shrill shriek Battra erupted from the top of the mountain, crumbling parts of the castle as it landed on top of the divine moth, copying the tactic used on him minutes ago by Frankenstein. Mothra screeched in pain as Battra body slammed her, and again as Battra super-charged his body with his energy, the pulses rocking Mothra's very core and eliciting another screech.

A few meters away, Frankenstein heard the cries of pain of Mothra. Its first thought was to take this opportunity to flee, to get away and survive. However, he felt himself standing, looking over as Mothra was tortured by Battra's touch. The moth creature had save its life, when it could've let Battra kill it. Frankenstein felt its hands turn into fists, a burning fury inside it starting to be fueled. It was given a second chance to live, and it would protect the one who protected him.

Battra screeched, ready to end Mothra once and for all, until Frankenstein came charging out of nowhere, shoulder tackling the larvae and bellowing in fury, standing protectively over Mothra. Mothra slowly rose back into the sky, giving a chirp at Frankenstein. Battra stood, shaking the cobwebs out of its head, before screeching angrily at the two monsters, firing more prism beams. Frankenstein lifted its arms to shield itself from the beams, its flesh burning as the beams raced across his skin, and Mothra started dousing the base with her pollen again, including Frankenstein. The beams were reflected back at Battra, the smoke curling off its hide as it screeched in pain.

The pollen covered Frankenstien charged forward, again gripping Battra by the horn, this time moving back and wedging it's foot cleanly into Battra's back, and gave a sharp yank. Battra screeched in alarm, and attempted to channel his energy into his body again. Mothra saw this, and knew that Battra wouldn't relent until he was knocked out or killed, and she couldn't let Battra kill this creature. She began spreading her pollen on Battra himself, re-directing his energy from his body back into him, causing him to screech in pain as yellow blood began oozing out of his mouth, followed by a sick cracking sound as Frankenstein successfully yanked the horn from Battra's crown.

Battra elicited a screech of pain, and Frankenstein bellowed, using the broken horn like a makeshift dagger and ramming into Battra's back. The dagger broke through the exoskeleton and sliced into the black moth's insides causing more of its yellow blood to ooze out.

Mothra watched sadly as Battra squirmed and writhed with its injuries, and screeched for Frankenstein, who looked up and gave a slow nod, dropping the horn. The creature stepped back to Mothra, and watched as Battra's writhing slowly died down, and the light in its eyes died out. Mothra emitted a gentle sorrowful chirp, but was surprised when Frankenstein placed a hand on her abdomen, noting how sad his eyes were. She gave a little nod, indicating she'd be alright, and began flying off into the distance, the monster waving goodbye.

Frankenstein turned, and walked past Battra's corpse, heading in the opposite direction of Mothra, to the deep mountains and forests. Isolation. The doctor watched as his creature continued walking to its solace, and he sighed out. "It's gone… It's gone… My only creation, gone. I couldn't replicate it even if I wanted too..."

Suddenly, his eyes widened, and a fire burned in them as he nearly vaulted himself over the castle wall as he looked down at Battra's corpse. "Maybe we can do it again... maybe we can..."

Frankenstein Mothra (Heisei)
Frankenstein Mothra (Heisei)