KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 192 - Author: Patrick Alan Green

Match 192: King Kong vs. Kamacuras (Millennium)
Banner: Jackson Morris

It didn't take long for Kamacuras to bring the Big Apple to its knees. The ginormous mantide stood unopposed over a burning New York City. Its jaws dripped with saliva as its compound eyes fixated on the hellacious fires that raged on for what seemed like an eternity. The creature shook the ash from its body, and let out a piercing screech before continuing its path through the city.

After the jets and tanks proved useless against the deadly mantis's exoskeleton, the military, in a last ditch effort to rid themselves of the overgrown pest, fire bombed the city. The strike completely wiped out city blocks in a sea of fire until everything was destroyed... but the monster flew fast through the streets evading the blast without even a scratch. Every attempt was futile.

It seemed like nothing could stop this menace... until something flying in the distance caught Kamacuras’ attention. Helicopters flying alongside giant balloons approached-carrying the enormous ape: King Kong!

It seemed the military had one last trick up their sleeves.

Kamacuras screeched and hissed furiously as the thrashing gorilla drifted closer and closer. As Kong hovered directly over the giant mantis, the balloons supporting the great beast instantly burst, and the gigantic ape dropped from the sky, colliding straight onto the mammoth insect! Both giants crashed to the ground hard, but Kong managed to kick the enormous mantis away as he scrambled to get back to his feet. Kong snarled and violently pounded his chest as Kamacuras rose to its spiky feet to meet its new mortal enemy.

Military officials nervously watched from the helicopter windows at the battle that was about to ensue, as the helicopters flew from the battlefield, they watched as both monsters circled each other. Kong had to win, he was their last hope...

Amongst the burning ruins, both monsters clashed with animalistic fury. Kamacuras raked its spiked scythes deep into Kong's chest, tearing fur and flesh with every quick swipe. But Kong quickly caught one of its spiky limbs and swung the deadly mantis into a burning building, causing it to collapse and swallowing the green monster in a blanket of rubble. Kong puffed out his chest and let out a triumphant roar--

--Suddenly Kamacuras erupted from the debris. With blinding speed, he flew directly at Kong, knocking the brute into a sea of flames!

Kong howled in pain as he sprung to his feet, patting out his burning fur. Kamacuras tilted its head and curiously watched the monster ape as it frantically tried to put himself out, terrified of the fire that burned his skin. Then an idea formed in its head. Kamacuras expanded its wings and furiously fanned the flames toward Kong, who let out another panicked roar as he jumped back. He quickly turned around and attempted to retreat, but the predatory monster wouldn't let its prey escape that easily.

Kamacuras sprung into the air and latched onto the oversized gorilla, clinging to his back and instantly sank its gnashing jaws into King Kong's shoulder. Ripping huge chunks of flesh from his body, Kong howled in agony. He tried to smack the monster bug off him, but Kamacuras jumped off and slashed at Kong from nearly every angle until Kong's fur was stained with blood.

Kong had superior strength, but what did it matter if his enemy was too fast to hit?

The lone Kamacuras strategically used its speed advantage against Kong to beat him down, swooping in for hit-and-run tactics before Kong could smack the bug away. Victory seemed to be in Kamacuras's reach. Kong was quickly growing weak from the blood loss, the emerald monster had almost completely overwhelmed the legendary giant... then suddenly a flash lit up the sky, and the sound of thunder echoed across the city. A thunderstorm had just rolled in! Kong had a chance...

A downpour of rain worked well against the fires, Kamacuras seemed to not notice the storm. Kong wasn't even putting up a fight anymore, he had collapsed to the ground. Now Kamacuras stood over his unconscious body and began to gorge itself on the brown monster's flesh. But suddenly, with a roar of thunder, a lightning bolt crashed down and struck Kong's motionless body, blasting Kamacuras away.

Electricity surged through the monster ape’s body; his veins coursed with unfathomable power, completely rejuvenating him.

Kong's eyes flashed open. The battle wasn't over yet! Kong climbed to his feet and charged the dazed Gimantis, who was slumped over a building. Without a moment of hesitation, he grabbed the insect by its hideous head and slung the monster into the pavement. Without a moment’s notice, he raised its body back up and flung it through the air, smashing into the asphalt with an earth shattering echo!

Kamacuras snapped out of its daze, but only to be elevated and sent hurtling into the earth once again! Every moment Kamacuras tried to get away, Kong was already back on him, hammering its lighting charged fists repeatedly into the mutant's exoskeleton, cracking it with every blow.

Kamacuras desperately knocked Kong away just enough to separate itself from the angry beast. Kong snarled and pounded his chest violently before charging again, but Kamacuras sprung into the air and instantly vanished!

Kong, bewildered by its enemy’s sudden disappearance, smelled the air as it scanned the entire area for his foe. The rain had taken care of the fires, but the downpour made it difficult to see clearly, which made matters worse.

Kong let out a frustrated roar as he cautiously searched for his target. Then something caught his attention; it appeared rain was trickling off an invisible object, giving Kamacuras's camouflage away like a sore thumb!

Kong tore a chunk of rubble off a smoldering building and threw it directly at the cloaked monster, knocking the Gimantis to the ground. Kong had had enough of this pest. Looking to finish his enemy off once and for all, he proudly approached his collapsed enemy, reaching out to snap its neck.

That proved to be a mistake.

Kamacuras sprung up and with lightning speed, swung its spiked scythe-like claw into the nape of Kong's neck. The teeth buried into the thick mammalian hide, pouring the blood from the ape-beast. But it didn’t end there. The appendages continued to apply pressure, burrowing deeper into King Kong’s fur and flesh, penetrating the bone of his spine. Before Kong could react, Kamacuras effectively snapped his spinal cord, paralyzing him.

Kong's limp useless body slumped to the ground in a heap of flesh and fur. The legendary beast was dead. The military's last resort had failed, and now Kamacuras truly stood unopposed.

The young Xilien commander watched from his ship, nodding in approval. A smirk formed on his face, which quickly turned into hysterical laughter. With a snap of his fingers, Kamacuras let out a loud shriek and took off into the sky. New York was in ruins. The next target: Paris.

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