KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 189 - Author: Michael Menei

Match 189: Gamera (Heisei) vs. Dagahra
Banner: Andrew Sudomerski

Atlantic Ocean, 12,000 B.C.




That was the only thing happening right now between two ancient advanced civilizations in the Atlantic Ocean.

Atlantis and the Nilai Kanai.

The two civilizations never met until now, though both were aware of each others existence from hearing stories from one another. The Nilai Kanai had heard of Atlantis' ever growing power and grew in fear of them spreading and conquering the world, possibly even overthrowing them if given the chance. A chance they didn't want to take. So they took action and the sent their greatest warriors in the hundreds as they traveled half-way across the world where they pulled an ambush catching the ancient city off guard

Atlantis, however, would not go down that easily and in turn had their warriors fight back. The king had all the innocents, like women and children, go into the sanctuary while the men of Atlantis fought back.

Blood was shed as both armies clashed with one another. It was to the point both sides were losing such numbers that some of the leaders had to come to drastic measures in order to win the war. Little did Atlantis know the warriors of Nilai Kanai under their kings order brought with them a gargantuan leviathan created from their own hands to aid them.

Erupting from below the surface of the sea. A reptilian creature with emerald hide and a yellow underbelly made its presence known. It sported three spikes on its head. A long swishing tail that allowed it to swim at astounding speeds and a set of wings with shoulder cannons in front which held a deadly menace. It was the Nilai Kanai's creation Dagahra.

Coming to aid his people, the green leviathan began making his way to his creators' enemies. Unknown to Dagahra and the Nilai Kanai, Atlantis too had a creation of their own.

The sea dragon reached the shores of Atlantis as he began smashing forth, buildings and fleeing natives who were crushed under his feet. That was all put to a halt when he heard a thunderous roar that echoed through the skies. Turning his head, he found the source as it rose to its full height. It too was reptilian like Dagahra, resembling that of a giant turtle with two tusks on each side of its lower jaw. Gamera set his eyes on his foe, ready for battle.

Starting off the match, the Guardian of the Universe belched forth three fireballs, blazing at the dragon. Dagahra quickly managed to evade one that trailed off into the distance, while two others managed to strike the dragon sending him pummeling into the ocean.

Gamera roared to any surviving natives to go to safety as he headed toward the ocean water where his adversary was.

Erupting from the waves below, Dagahra shook his head and regained his conscious before opening his maw and firing an Poisonous Jet Stream Shockwave at the terrapin, hitting his target. He glanced the beam until striking the guardian's face with full force, knocking the guardian off his feet as he fell on his back. Before he could get up, the dragon was on him, pummeling him with a series of blows with his front paws. He continued his assault until Gamera fired another fireball, striking the dragon in the chest, forcing him off.

Shaking his head again, Dagahra regained his cognitive senses before being punched across the face by Gamera, causing him to stagger back. Whipping his head back, the dragon released crimson energy beams. Some managed to hit the guardian, some missing. Gamera closed in and struck the dragon once more, only for Dagahra to bite down on his arm. Locking his jaws hard, Gamera screeched in pain as Dagahra kept firm as he began pulling, hoping to rip the terrapin's arm right clean off.

However, Gamera revealed an elbow blade from his other arm before he sank it into the dragon’s flesh, forcing the green leviathan to let go as it screamed in agony. Gamera began to push the blade deeper and deeper, hoping to wound the sea dragon as much as possible. But that was stopped when Dagahra blasted an Poisonous Jet Stream Shockwave right into the giant turtle's face, sending him flying meters away.

Crash landing back on the earth, Gamera pulled himself up and stood up on his two legs. He knew if they kept fighting here the city he was born to protect would end up being destroyed in the process. He had to get his enemy out of here. Without any second thoughts, the legs of the terrapin were replaced with what seemingly looked like rockets and as he came blasting toward Dagahra. Before the sea dragon had the time to react, he was propelled off his legs as the terrapin grabbed him leaving the ancient city behind, where the two civilizations continued to duke it out.

Dagahra panicked as he tried gnawing at Gamera to get him to release him. When that failed, he fired his Poisonous Jet Stream Shockwave at the top of the terrapin's head. Gamera roared in agony as he the pain of the beams force resorted him to release Dagahra. Both kaiju went pummeling into the waves of the ocean below.

As soon as the guardian sank to the ocean’s bottom, various sea-life around him swam off, trying to not get in the crossfire between him and Dagahra. Gamera got back up and looked around at his surroundings, noting that his foe seemed to have vanished. That was when something struck him on the back of his head, quickly turning around the Guardian of the Universe saw his culprit. Dagahra gave a pleasuring smirk. Gamera was on his turf now, as the dragon had the advantage. Dagahra fired a barrage of crimson energy rings along with parting his jaws, releasing a Poisonous Jet Stream Shockwave, all striking Gamera at once. Dirt and rocks of the ocean floor went flying. Upon clearing up, he was in for a surprise.

Dagahra saw that Gamera crouched down, bringing up his defenses by positioning himself and allowing the majority of attacks to assault his armored shell instead.

Being an amphibious creature like Dagahra, Gamera could utilize his weight in the water just as great as he did on land. Rearing back up to his height, the giant turtle fired another fireball directly at Dagahra. This caught the dragon off guard, shocked that Gamera's fire tore through the ocean without being extinguished. Little did Dagahra know that Gamera's so called fireballs were actually made of superheated plasma.

Dagahra went crashing into an ocean cliff from the blast, rocks breaking off and toppling over him. The dragon had no time as Gamera reached him and smashed his fist against the sea dragon’s face, dazing him. Gamera then pulled out of one his spike elbows and jabbed the blade deep into Dagahra's body. Blood came pouring out as it began flowing up above the two monsters. The sea dragon released a gurgled scream of pain.

Gamera continued to deepen his blade more into the green leviathan's body as Dagahra began to struggle. It was then that he decided was time to reveal his ultimate weapon.

With enough strength he still retained, out of Dagahra's shoulder sacs came red starfish-like creatures that latched onto Gamera, who had to pull the blade out of him as a result from this surprise attack, forcing him to stagger back. Gamera felt the little creatures releasing a deadly acid that was eating away his flesh. Gamera tried to shake them off, but they held on. Fortunately there were not too many of them as he used his hands to scrape them off.

Staring at his wound, Gamera could see the flesh burned nearly to the exposed muscle. The damage wasn't that heavy; he would live. Looking up, the last thing Gamera saw was Dagahra swimming at full speed, ramming into him.

Luckily for Gamera, he was able to react fast enough to stop the charging sea dragon, managing to slow him down as he anchored his feet to the ocean’s bottom, kicking up an undersea dust cloud. Using his strength, the terrapin tossed the dragon several hundred feet away, colliding with the ocean floor on its side, rearing back onto his side on all fours. Dagahra began quickly rotating his body, firing energy rings at his foe. Gamera felt the attacks strike him, but did his best to shrug them off as he blasted two fireballs from his mouth.

The sea beast tried to cease his rotation, but it came too late as the volley of fireballs crashed against him, scorching his flesh. Dagahra pulled himself together and shot another beam from his parting jaws. Gamera again puts up his defense using his shell, the beam glancing across him. Deciding to pull a trick on Dagahra, he remained crouched as Dagahra came swimming at full speed. He waited for the right time, the moment Dagahra was within reach.

It was now.

Gamera quickly raised his upper body in great haste, knocking Dagahra off course. Blue flames boiled the surrounding water, replacing his natural legs. He grabbed his foe and began heading back up to the surface. Once they both broke the out of the waves below and left the so called underwater world. Gamera held on tight to the struggling Dagahra, who was fighting back to get the terrapin to release him. Instantly spotting a nearby island, Gamera released his grip allowing Dagahra to fall to the island below, crashing with immense force. Trees or anything that was in the way did not withstand the impact.

As Gamera came rocketing toward his foe, firing rounds of flaming plasma one after another, Dagahra was quick to flap his wings and take to the air, shooting crimson energy rings back at the terrapin. Gamera managed to evade them and send another row of fireballs at Dagahra, who in turn dodged them, striking the island instead setting the trees and surroundings ablaze.

Both monsters continued to fire their attacks at one another until Dagahra finally struck Gamera with both a Poisonous Jet Stream Shockwave and crimson energy beams, sending the terrapin pummeling into the ocean. Dagahra had other plans for him. His fight with the Guardian of the Universe had delayed the inevitable destruction of the ancient city, and he wasn't going to let that go to waste. He knew Gamera wasn't defeated. But he knew that the terrapin would have no choice but to follow him as he made his destination back to Atlantis, in hopes that their battle would destroy the very city as a result.

Erupting from the waves, Gamera noticed his foe trying to reach back to Atlantis. He knew he couldn't let him make it. Retracting his head and limbs into his shell, the guardian began to spin like a flying saucer and followed in hot pursuit.

Dagahra turned his head. He saw Gamera hot on his trail. Smirking, the dragon-beast built up speed trying to increase the pace before the terrapin could reach him. Back at Atlantis, Dagahra turned as he landed on all fours, waiting for Gamera. He would continue where he left off; destroy, as his creators would say. A few minutes later, Dagahra sensed the arrival of his nemesis who retracted himself out of his shell. Gamera roared in fury, a warning to get out of the city and fight outside of it, or else.

Dagahra refused. He didn't back down as he barked a thunderous roar of his own.

Gamera knew that this meant personal business. If his enemy was unwilling to get out of the city, even if he tried to remove Dagahra again, chances are he'd just go back to it. So there was no point in doing so. It was at this moment he'd then have to do what he could not to destroy as much since this was the very civilization he was made to protect.

The green leviathan answered with a Poisonous Jet Stream Shockwave. Despite the pain that was inflicted on Gamera, the guardian kept moving toward his enemy. Even though he kept assaulting him with his attack, Gamera got in close. The energy beam Dagahra shot ceased to exist as Gamera swiped his claws at the dragon, scraping skin off and leaving bloody claw marks on Dagahra. The sea dragon was about to attack before being canceled out by another swipe of his hand, knocking the dragon's face to the ground.

Gamera began to stomp his foe’s head, hoping to pummel it to nothing but paste. Little did the guardian realize that their earlier battle here in Atlantis, due to their massive sizes, shook the very foundations of the weakened structures, down to its core. It was a starting to slowly sink little by little; it would only be a matter of time until he'd notice.

Dagahra groaned from every stomp Gamera delivered to his skull. Acting quickly, he lashed out and chomped on the giant turtle's leg, pulling at it and forcing the guardian to topple over. Getting on top of Gamera, the draconic cretin pummeled the terrapin with blows from his front legs, striking him each time in the face. Soon, Dagahra sank his jaws into the guardian's neck and ripped flesh off, causing massive quantities of green blood to come gushing out.

Gamera, however, was a monster with a determined will. No matter how much pain he endured or how close he was to dying, he would have the willpower to fight until he could no longer. Overcoming the wound, despite the blood loss that began eating away his life, the terrapin quickly rammed his head sideways and sank one of his tusks into Dagahra's neck, hitting a vital spot.

Eyes widening, Dagahra screamed with agony as he tried to remove Gamera's tusk out of his neck. With a final push, he managed to, but not before the tusk broke off, now forever embedded into his flesh. With his foe distracted, Gamera used the force of his arms and pried Dagahra off of him, crashing into the city several blocks away.

Still unbeknownst to them as they fought, the ancient city was still slowly collapsing. They were so focused on their battle that the Nilai Kanai warriors were actually retreating to avoid being victims of the sinking city. Despite a hollow victory, Atlantis was meeting its end. The warriors knew this was it for their once great civilization and it was all thanks to the Nilai Kanai. The Atlanteans hoped maybe one day, they too would suffer a fate similar to them for their arrogance.

Despite the Nilai Kanai warriors leaving onto their boats, Dagahra was too caught up with the fight and too weak to even escape and follow his creators. He saw his foe coming his way ,despite also dying, but his will was to keep fighting on. Both monsters still had enough strength to deliver one final assault on one another.

Opening his shoulder sacs, multiple Barem were shot at the guardian, while at the same time Gamera parted his jaws, fire crackling between them as he was about to summon an enlarged fireball.

Gamera managed to fire it as the Barems glued themselves all over his body, unleashing their acid and leeching on his armored skin. Gamera dealt with a few of them, but he was too weak to get the rest off as they crawled all over. Dagahra meanwhile witnessed as the enlarged fireball consumed him in a bath of flames. He felt the blaze scorching his flesh as some parts of his scaly exterior set aflame, whilst others were scarred with burns.

Despite being on the verge of death, Gamera still wouldn't go down. Slowly reaching his dying opponent, even if the Barems were draining his life away, the guardian collapsed on his adversary and jabbed a blade into him. Dagahra retorted by biting down onto his foe's arm. The two continued to battle, even if they were moments away from dying. As their never-ending clash kept on, the very city was replaced with ocean waves submerging everything in its wake and their surroundings. Atlantis continued to sink more and more until it was out of sight. And along with them, the very two monsters that wouldn't surrender defeat.

Atlantis, a once mighty civilization, was no more. Gone from existence forever. On the other hand, whatever would come to the Nilai Kanai was a mystery, but it was supposed that corruption is what perhaps eventually lead to the other ancient civilization's downfall as well. It would perhaps never be known. It was a mystery that will be as old as Atlantis.


Atlantic Ocean, Present Day.

A submersible, manned by a group of marine biologists, traversed to the bottom of the ocean. As it continued its descent, it found something at the ocean’s bottom; an amazing discovery that would possibly change the world: the ruins of Atlantis. And alongside, the fossilized remains of Gamera and Dagahra locked onto each other still in battle.

Gamera (Heisei) Dagahra
Gamera (Heisei) Dagahra