Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 187:
Match 187: Monster X vs. Krystalak & Obsidius
By: Michael Allen

Queen Vorticia did not like the prospect of allying herself with any other race. It was broadcasted to the universe that the Vortaak had "lost their edge," so to speak. But then again, being bested three times said the same thing and more. The Queen stood taller than the Xilien opposite her, her pupil-less, almost insect black eyes never left his human ones. And as usual, X wore the same, smug grin that he always did. Her urges told her to tear it right off, but she kept her composure.

"So those are your terms?” he remarked haughtily.“I think we can manage."

She cocked a fleshy brow at that statement, his confidence surprising even her. She knew he was a young, arrogant little worm. But this?

"It won't be as easy as you think," she replied, turning swiftly, her purple cape flowing behind her to look out the window and down to the inhospitable hellhole that was her kind's homeworld. Barren rock and ash as far as the eye could see, dotted with a few small bases here and there, volcanoes erupted every few minutes to spew lava. The sky was a fiery orange and the atmosphere itself was thick and unbearably hot.

"My people need a new world to call their own-"

"Obviously," X cuts her off with blatant amusement in his voice, strolling up beside her. Once more,Vorticia had to sooth herself into not attacking him. Arrogant as he was, his own special powers and his race's technology would make him a worthy partner in a re-invasion of Earth. The monsters they had were just an added bonus. But still, she knew better than to just ally herself with some random race she'd only heard of, rather than seen in action. The last being who'd put blind trust in X had gotten a laser bolt through the back of his skull for his trouble.

"Very well then." With a single, long finger she tapped a button on the wide control panel before them.


Krystalak perked up when the green barrier that had enclosed him suddenly vanished. The monster's yellow beady eyes observed with suspicion, his claws tensed. Ever since the apparent end of their respective "father," he and his brother willingly tagged with the Vortaak to ensure their survival, but that didn't equal trust. Dozens of crystals covered his back, his digitigrade legs keeping him low to the ground like a coil ready to spring in a moment’s notice. His thoughts were interrupted by Obsidius pounding his barrel chest with his stony fists, a guttural roar rubbing from his throat. Krystalak glanced over at him. Despite having no eyes,Obsidius looked back at him for a moment before turning his gaze to the landscape before them. Unlike his brother, he was right at home in this wasteland of lava and rock.

There was little time to dwell on that, as a brilliant light poured from the hellish skies, catching their attention. It swirled with a distorted image that gradually became more solid, like a desert mirage, until a humanoid, but terrifyingly monstrous shape stood in the light's place. With black muscles clad in bony armor, it was the skeletal and hideous Monster X. Its narrow, triangular maw parted in a ghastly growl of battle. Then the orders of his master echoed in his conscious.

"Monster X, get them."

Krystalak and Obsidius moved in first, Monster X following suit seconds later. Obsidius began to roll into a ball, Krystalak bounding on all fours. Monster X sprung to the air, high above the two charging beasts. Krystalak digs his gleaming claws into the ground to halt himself, whilst Obsidius rolled a few seconds longer before uncurling and resuming a standing posture, confused.

Monster X's red eyes flashed, heralding the coming of his deadly gravity bolts. Splashing against his rocky exterior, Obsidius bellowed as they knocked him into a mountainside, his great frame obscured by dust and ash. Krystalak snarled in irritation as he swiped at the taller kaiju, claws narrowly missing his face, then another inches from his stomach. Monster X roared back at Krystalak, keeping his balance light as he dodged the flurry of talons, waiting for the right moment. In an instant, he delivered a solid punch into Krystalak's jaw to stun him and a firm knee square in his chest to further weaken the crystal fiend.

Unfortunately for him, he had neglected Obsidius' presence in the duel. A stream of concentrated magma lanced into Monster X's back. Though his armor protected him from the scorching heat, the kinetic force alone sent him tumbling, screaming in fury at being caught off guard. He wheeled around to return fire, but was stopped by Krystalak's crystalline clubbed tail smacking into the side of his cranium. Rock and soot launched into the air as the ground trembled from the impact of the collapsing Monster X.Taking full opportunity of this, Krystalak lunged in with a panther-like snarl. But the skeletal-clad monstrosity was quick to give the spiny alien a backhand for his trouble. When Monster X looked up, he was greeted by Obsidius. Though he was taller and outweighed the rock and lava monster, he was hauled straight off the ground with a single, colossal hand.

Obsidius bellowed in Monster X's skeletal face, drawing an arm back for a punch. With a concise blow, Monster X flew like ragdoll, smashing through a volcano before finally meeting solid ground in a stunned heap.


Queen Vorticia felt her lips curl into in a smile, a rare thing for her these days. "You're Monster X doesn't seem to be doing too well."

X’s smirk faded as he looked at the battle playing out below the mothership. His jaw working and a gloved finger twitching. Were he any more agitated, there would've been a vein bursting from his forehead.

He finally conjured a response. "Give him time, it is two on one after all."


Monster X kept his two foes in his sights at all times. They were gaining ground quickly and he'd made a mistake in getting too confident. Krystalak wasn't as strong, but he was faster and clearly the brains of the duo. Obsidius was all muscle and little else. Monster X howled at them to bring it, and Obsidius took the bait. Perfect!

In a staggering display of agility, Monster X leapt to the side with a graceful twirl, twin tails whipping the brute across its broad chest as he was sent soaring away. His eyes aimed at the other foe, a round of gravity bolts pelting Krystalak's ghostly white flesh. Aside from a growl and a wince, he was disappointed to see Krystalak was mostly unharmed. Being spawned from energy crystals had its perks. Krystalak backflipped sky high, his tail discharging two energy orbs that struck Monster X's chest, staggering him, but did little else.

Obsidius was back on his feet, charging blindly into the fray. His hands outstretched to grab Monster X, who opted only to shift to the side and perform a sweep kick that sent Obsidius falling face first onto a small Vortaak base. That enabled him to be ready for the nearby Krystalak, engaging and locking into a contest of strength with him. Monster X grunted and promptly twisted his wrists, Krystalak howling in unexpected pain. But he was not defenseless. His crystals lit up brightly with shades of purple and white. From experience, Monster X knew that was not a good sign for him. But he did not react as Krystalak's prism beam struck home squarely into Monster X's face, sending him careening back.

The crystal monster grunted and made a gesture to Obsidius, the rock monster following his brother's order. To Monster X's surprise, rather than attack, he turned tail and ran towards a lava bank! Without hesitation, Obsidius jumped in, effortlessly breaching the layer of black stone that covered it, magma slopping the shore. Krystalak grined with delight as he darted at Monster X once more, finally yielding a roar of pain himself as his sharp talons ripped the Xilien champion's muscled side open. Coating them in pitch black blood that flowed freely down Monster X's flank, the skeletal beast stumbled back. Crimson eyes looking at the wound and then at Krystalak's claws; he was not accustomed to being injured.

And that gave Krystalak an opening, one that he exploited to its fullest. A prism beam to the shoulder sent Monster X spinning uncontrollably. Dazed, the Xilien monster blindly fired off some gravity bolts. They exploded harmlessly on some rocks a good distance away. Swiftly, Monster X swung around with a punch, but Krystalak, already being naturally low to the ground, made it ever so easy to evade. This time, he utilized his claws like stabbing weapons and plunged them into the open gashes.

Monster X howled in agony as Krystalak skewered him, spitefully twisting the claws inside him before withdrawing them; black blood spurted from the awful wounds. A final strike with his tail sent Monster X sprawling dangerously close to the lava bank. Close enough for Obsidius to spring out like a crocodile from the depths of the Nile River. Lava splashed everywhere and dripped from the beast that dwelled perfectly within it. Roaring mightily, he descended upon his downed opponent, ready to beat him to death and rip him apart alongside his brother. Monster X did the only thing he could think off... Fire his bolts.

Straight into Obsidius's open mouth.

Rock and magma exploded out the back of Obsidius's rocky skull. Death was instant. The monster went limp before falling uselessly on his back. Krystalak shrieked in rage. Not out of concern for his brother; he couldn't give less of a damn about him overall, it was more akin to a worker his favorite piece of equipment had been broken beyond repair. And now, more than ever, he wanted to kill the bastard responsible for it.

Again he lunged, but this time Monster X was ready. He nimbly evaded the swipe, his knee colliding with Krystalak's jaw, then a kick to the left kneecap, throwing him off balance. He avoided a clumsy tail swing. Krystalak roared in frustration as his foe evaded the attacks, Monster X catching his wrist as his claws attempted to worsen his injury once more. He responded by breaking Krystalak's arm.

Crystalline bone jutted from the damaged appendage, Krystalak's thoughts of murder replaced with thoughts of agony and fear. He did the only thing he could do: surrender. Or rather, it was an attempt to. But Monster X would have none of it. Brutal punches and kicks rained upon the helpless crystal monster, pitiful swipes easily deflected.


Queen Vorticia was silent as the beating of Krystalak continued, X giggling the whole time. She could hardly believe it. Her monsters had Monster X beaten, she was so sure of it! Then Monster X's lucky shot ruined everything! Now all she could do was finally say the words that would hopefully spare Krystalak's life.

"Call him off, you've made your point." She barked bitterly.

It didn't escape her notice that X waited a few long seconds before he made an odd gesture with a hand as he spoke aloud. "Alright Monster X, that's enough."

Monster X instantly ceased all motion, stepping away from the brutalized Krystalak as an Xilien ship collected him. He felt quite satisfied with himself. He'd bested not one, but two opponents and had guaranteed his master an alliance with the Vortaak.

It'd been a long time since he had felt the sweet taste of victory.

Monster X
Monster X