Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 182:
Match 182: Gorosaurus and Titanosaurus vs. Desghidorah
By: Joshua Reynolds

65 Million years ago, the Earth was at a time of the reptiles. Ferocious beasts roamed far and wide, spanning the entire globe in a variety of shapes and sizes. From the colossal sauropods to the super predatory theropods, it was a time the Earth would never be able to replicate in the coming millennias. But the two mightiest of dinosaurs were unique. The first and last of their kinds. They towered over every other animal and even mountains. They could stand in the massive lakes and their heads would still peek over the water.

One was an olive green behemoth, not unlike the extraordinary Tyrannosaurus Rex or Allosaurus in body structure. Its head was vaguely arrow-shaped with beady eyes designed to scan the horizon for suitable food. Unlike its smaller brethren, this creature dragged its tail across the ground in order to remain balanced due to its utterly gigantic size. Its arms were short and ended in three stubby fingers. Its feet were large and powerful, strong enough to shake the ground with each footstep. Running down its back, a row of triangular spines ended at the tip of its tail. This beast would be known as Gorosaurus.

The other lived in the waters amongst the Spinosaurus and Mosasaurus. It was also bipedal and dragged its tail, but its tail was shorter and ended in a fin that it could open and close like a fan. It was a dark red with black warts adorning it head to toe, except for its orange-tinted chest and stomach region. Its head was more like a fish’s, namely a barracuda with needle-like teeth. Surrounding its face, whiskers dangled and fins waved. A larger set of fins ran down its head and back before ending just at the base of the tail. Its arms were longer than Gorosaurus, much more proportionate to its titanic body. This creature was Titanosaurus.

Very rarely did these two gargantuan dinosaurs cross paths. But every blue moon, every century or so, fate would bring them together. And it would be a battle unlike any before. When they fought, the very Earth cried. Canyons were cracked open and mountains leveled to form entire plains. But neither could kill the other. Over their days of combat, the dinosaurs would simply drift apart and their rage for one another dissipates. They would return to their regions, their kingdoms, of domain…


Gorosaurus remained on the ground, allowing various Pterosaurus and smaller dinosaurs to crawl upon his godly form. They cleaned him, picking off the smallest of God’s creations that called the spaces between his scales home. He had been asleep for several weeks now, meaning an entire ecosystem was starting to form across his body. As several dinosaurs had climbed onto his head, Gorosaurus’ eyes opened up. His head shook, causing a few Allosaurs to fall dozens of meters. He snorted, causing a hurricane-like blast of wind to sweep the trees. Dozens of smaller flying reptiles soared upward. His upper body leaned up, eyes scanning the sky. He could sense something.

The dinosaurs around him could tell the living God was about to stand. In every direction, stampedes broke out. The king of all theropods climbed to his feet, slapping the lush trees with his tail as he began to march. He kept his eyes locked on the horizon until, finally, it became visible.

A black streak zoomed across the cloudy sky. Then a trumpeting roar followed. Gorosaurus snarled. This wasn’t a normal event. This wasn’t a mere shooting star or overly large Pterosaur. No, this was something else. An intruder into his domain. Gorosaurus stormed across the landscape as fast as his gargantuan size would allow. As the object grew nearer to the ground, its details became more apparent. It was alive. And it flew on a pair of ghastly red wings. It had not one, but three serpentine-like heads and four muscular limbs that acted as legs. Its tail split just before the midsection, branching out into two.

One of its burning eyes peeked down, locking onto Gorosaurus’ own gaze. The hydra spun in the air, its center maw opening up as wide as it could. This thing, Desghidorah, breathed a blast of utter hellfire. From the distance fired, Gorosaurus was able to dodge. The flames touched where he once was and splashed like water, sending a wave of fire in every direction. The trees were ignited, shooting black smoke skyward. His forests were on fire. Gorosaurus howled, stomping the ground and daring the abomination to land. Instead, it circled far out of reach like a scavenger waiting for its food to die…

A new sound caught Gorosaurus’ attention, but Desghidorah didn’t seem to hear it. Or it didn’t care. The mighty saurian instantly recognized the sound that wasn’t much unlike Desghidorah’s own. Something exploded from the trees several hundred meters away. It was Titanosaurus. The aquatic predator leapt upward, propelling himself with his muscular legs. The dinosaur spiraled, crashing into the underside of the three-headed destroyer. The hydra cried out in rage as it was knocked off balance. Both Desghidorah and Titanosaurus fell, impacting the ground with a mighty thud.

Gorosaurus snorted and walked forward. Before he could get too near, a sudden blast of fiery power tore through the dust cloud. It hit him, making him stumble back. He howled in rage before charging again. Desghidorah emerged, charging like a wild Triceratops. Blasts of energy erupted from its side jaws while its center muzzle breathed a stream of flames. Gorosaurus jumped to the side, but Desghidorah swiped its flamethrower. He continued to dodge the fire until Titanosaurus leaped onto its back, using his weight to slam all three heads down.

Gorosaurus called out to his unexpected ally and charged forth once again. His jaws shot down, clamping at the base of Desghidorah’s right skull. Its left head leaned back and turned, firing upon Titanosaurus with its lava blasts. The red dinosaur fell to the side, allowing Desghidorah to fully stand. It reared up, pulling Gorosaurus off of his feet. In response, he let go of its neck and balanced himself with his powerful tail. He lashed out with both feet, smashing them into Desghidorah’s exposed chest and shoulders. The blow caused the monster to flip back with a thunderous roar. It fell flat on its back, smashing dozens of trees under its girth.

Gorosaurs fell back onto his feet and his beady eyes instantly turned to Titanosaurus. The king of the seas climbed back to his feet as well. The two titans of the prehistoric age glared at one another for but a second before turning their attention back to this stranger. Desghidorah rolled over onto its feet. Its entire body began to radiate with alien power. The air around its darkened body began to blur as its temperature increased. The grass and trees surrounding it began to wither. Dinosaurs caught in the war zone collapsed. Then the ground erupted like a volcano had been summoned. A great split ripped across the landscape, shooting a mixture of fire and molten lava skyward. The opening raced to the pair of saurians.  Gorosaurus was able to dodge, but Titanosaurus’ ankle was tripped by the splitting ground. A blast of magma hit him point blank. His hide, adapted for the water, began to boil. The dinosaur cried out in pain, falling directly onto the split ground. He thrashed about as his body was cooked by the stranger’s powerful ability. Gorosaurus’ mighty call echoed for hundreds of miles. He then ran forward, but Desghidorah’s center skull pointed directly at him. Its maw opened, breathing fire. Gorosaurus closed his eyes and continued to push onward. The flames ate away at his form, charring his green scales. But he did not stop.

Desghidorah reared up once more, but Gorosaurus lunged. His jaws clamped around Desghidorah’s left neck at the midsection. The super saurian dragged it back down, yanking at its neck with all of his might. Its other heads began to bite and burn away at him, but Gorosaurus was resilient. He kept it up, fighting through the pain as Desghidorah’s blood began to flow freely into his tooth-lined mouth.

Not far away, as the ground burned around him, Titanosaurus began to stir. The beast pushed himself off the ruined landscape with a whine. His tail opened up, revealing his fan-like fin. He began to wave it, generating gusts strong enough to douse the inferno around the battlefield. He then spotted Gorosaurus mauling Desghidorah’s neck, trying his best to shrug off the constant biting and flames of the other two heads. Titanosaurus’ tail snapped shut and he began to move forward with a limp. The aquatic dinosaur took Desghidorah’s flank by surprise, gripping the right head with his hands. The head roared in defiance as Titanosaurus began to pull Desghidorah down.

Gorosaurus eyes rolled in their sockets as he watched Titanosaurus replicate his actions. The center head cackled in a furious sound, spitting fire upward. Its tails beat the ground and wings flapped, generating wind that uprooted trees all around. The pair of super saurians could feel the flesh of the space demon increasing. The center head ceased its thrashing and carrying on and its wings outstretched as far as they could. A burning blast of power ripped through every fiber of its twisted frame. The energy surged through both Titanosaurus and Gorosaurus, hurling them back with flames and smoke following in their wake. Both dinosaurs hit with a mighty thud. Gorosaurus groaned, his entire body steaming. Titanosaurus, with his flesh being suited for the depths, faired even worse against the fiery nature of their foe. His skin was literally baked. It was dried and cracked, like a fish that had been left in the sun for hours.

The three-headed monster trumpeted its unearthly noise again. Its side heads hurt, but they remained alive. Its center head began to spit fire, bathing the landscape in an inferno in no less than a second. Gorosaurus began to stand. Titanosaurus began to climb to his feet, but was much slower. The fire stung. However, only the aquatic dinosaur noticed that the sky overhead was darkening. Only he heard that throughout the battle, the rumbling of thunder was growing closer. And only he had the keen senses to smell the scent that was followed by a hefty spring shower.

It was the wet season, after all…

A crack of lightning flashed overhead and a boom of thunder, even greater than all three of their war cries, sounded. Desghidorah looked around, expecting another entrant of this great battle. But the entrant couldn’t be seen. It didn’t have a physical form like them. No, this entrant was nature itself. The very Earth had answered the call to fight. And it had picked a side. Rain began to fall. In amounts far greater and faster than either Titanosaurus or Gorosaurus had ever seen. It fell in literal sheets, pooling in the craters caused by their falls and impacts. The flames that stretched for dozens of meters were drowned in but a few seconds.

Titanosaurus looked upward, closing his eyes as the rain washed over his wounds. The water felt good, almost taking the sting of the burn wounds away. His long neck tilted to the side as he opened his mouth, taking in a big gulp of the rain.

Another crack of lightning was followed by Desghidorah sending forth another stream of fire. The rain boiled in midair and dried upon the ground directly underneath the flamethrower. However, the vast amount of the shower weakened the fire. It hit Titanosaurus, but at a fraction of the strength and heat. Titanosaurus’ eyes opened. He began to move forward.

Gorosaurus howled with the sounds of nature and ran in from the side. He leaned back, kicking out with his feet. The blow took Desghidorah by surprise, throwing it to the ground on the opposite side. Titanosaurus pounced, leaping into the air and coming down with a colossal impact. His hands clenched into fists and he began to clobber the alien intruder. Desghidorah cackled, firing wildly but missing every shot. The crimson saurian punched away. Gorosaurus lifted his foot, bringing it down on Desghidorah’s flailing necks. He stomped each one of them, delivering impact after impact.

As the rain washed over Desghidorah, it rapidly cooled its high temperature. Steam began to spread outward. It opened its mouths to fire again, but the attacks that launched had been severely weakened. Thunder boomed over and the rain began to fall even harder, if that was even possible. Gorosaurus even stopped in his assault and looked up into the sky. In his millions upon millions of years of life, never had he seen a storm like this. The sky overhead was spinning. Winds were picking up and lightning danced. This was the storm of the century happening in the battle of the century.

Water was starting to flood the jungle. Already it was ankle deep for the green saurian. Desghidorah took advantage of his distraction and lashed out with all three maws. His left and right clamped on his hands, the center on his throat. Gorosaurus was dragged down as he stood up, causing Titanosaurus to fall away. Desghidorah’s lengthy tails lashed outward, slapping the leviathan. It then tossed Gorosaurus away. As the water got deeper every passing second, Desghidorah could feel its power fading. It wasn’t suited for such a battle. Especially against such determined opponents.

Desghidorah’s wings spread far. Titanosaurus and Gorosaurus took a stance next to one another as their opponent flapped its crimson wings. It took off, bellowing its hatred for them in the process. Its three sets of eyes looked down upon its earthly adversaries. Its jaws cried aloud once more as its nightmarish wings carried it higher into the heavens, out of their reach. Titanosaurus and Gorosaurus kept their eyes locked on Desghidorah as it flew into the darkened storm clouds until it vanished into the darkness of mother nature’s wrath…

The demon alien retreated.

With their enemy gone, the two primal Gods turned to face one another. Their gazes narrowed as lightning crashed in the skies. Rain continued to pelt them in thick sheets and winds blew harder than ever before. Both colossuses unleashed their terrific roars of victory in unison. Today, for this short period of time, the giants co-existed. Gorosaurus was first to turn away, limping back into the thickness of the prehistoric forests to find shelter from the storm. Titanosaurus then did the same, only heading back to the coastline. They’d meet again. The world was far too small for them not to.

Gorosaurus Titanosaurus
Gorosaurus Titanosaurus