Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 181:
Match 181: King Caesar (Millennium) and Sanda vs. Rodan (Heisei)
By: Patrick Alan Green

The Azumi Royal family was thrown into utter panic as a hungry red-colored Rodan circled the sky over the beach, preying on whatever had the misfortune of being spotted. Rodan had devoured many people on the beach as Nami, the Azumi princess, watched in horror. She tightly held the statue of her people's guardian in her arms as she slowly exited the temple she had been hiding in with her grandfather. Something had to stop this disaster monster before it was too late! Nervously, she approached the shrine, careful not to alert the ravenous monster who was now roosting on the rocks over the glistening ocean. One wrong move is all it would take for the hungry reptile to spot her and it'd be over. But she knew she was the only one who held the key to unlocking the divine monster. The fate of her people rested on her shoulders.

As she reached the shrine anxiously, Nami placed the statue on the roof; the sun was just now setting over the beach, the statue's jewel eyes began to shimmer with a lustrous red glow.

Nami bowed her head and said a silent prayer. Suddenly, a red beam fired from the gems, whizzing across the ocean, and blasted apart the side of a mountain over the sea.

With a ground shaking explosion, the mountain erupted, sending a cascade of rocks and dirt into the sky and sea, fog and dust mostly veiled the mountain. But as it slowly dissipated, an enormous figure became visible; King Caesar had been freed!

An earsplitting screech echoed like thunder in the sky. Rodan, alarmed by the explosion, had taken notice to the princess. With a menacing snarl, the radioactive creature took to the air and swooped down from the sky, the princess dropped to her knees and covered her face with fear, she was totally helpless-

And suddenly a miracle happened…

Without warning, a new roar bellowed out from the beach as a Frankenstein-like giant suddenly sprinted across the beach and swung his massive fist in the flying monster, sending Rodan to the ground with a BOOM!

Nami's savior came in the form of the brown Gargantua, Sanda, who had been living undetected in the hills and mountains around the area. With Rodan and Sanda locked in battle, Nami quickly ran across the beach and dropped to her knees. Hastily she began to sing, frantically crying out the words of her people's song as she stared at her protector's sleeping body in the distance.

The downed Rodan violently thrashed, battering Sanda with his wings without mercy, slapping the brown giant repeatedly. The bigfoot-like monster released his tight grip on the pteranodon to cover the blows. Rodan kicked Sanda away and tried to take flight, but the hairy giant grabbed onto one of the flying creature's legs. With a mighty heave, he swung the predatory monster to the sand below with a loud thud, knocking all the air out of Rodan. Sanda leaned over to attack again, but Rodan flew up and began pecking Sanda's face, causing the giant to thrash and screech as he angrily swatted at the speedy mutant.

"KIRU RYUU, SHISA!" the lyrics traveled across the beach as Nami had finally finished her song. Red eyes flashed like headlights through the mist of dust, and another explosion blasted rocks and dust high into the sky. The sound of the rocks avalanching into the ocean was soon deafened by a thunderous roar.

Nami grinned with relief as she stood back up and then quickly turned to her grandfather who was watching her from the shrine with a smile.

King Caesar had been awakened just in the knick of time!

Shaking rocks and dirt from his fur, the legendary King Caesar stood majestically amongst the ocean's crashing waves, like an angry king looking over his land. His bright glowing ruby eyes locked onto the two fighting monsters on the beach before fixing on his target, Rodan. King Caesar's ears sprung up and he bellowed out another ferocious roar before hastily making his way inland…

Rodan watched the demon-like creature approaching and began to thrash wildly, trying to free himself from the brown Gargantua’s grasp. Rodan's beak sprung open and fired a purple, fiery beam straight into Sanda's face, sending the brown monster crashing to the ground in clutching his face and howling in agony.

The dinosaur lifted himself off the ground and took flight, and in a fit of rage, went soaring toward the Okinawan guardian and opened fire without warning! Which then set up a rather peculiar chain of events; Rodan's beam struck one of King Caesar's gem eyes, and with a flash of light, the beam ricocheted back and struck Rodan! The irradiated monster squalled in pain as it instantly took a u-turn and quickly maneuvered away from the menacing demon-god. Yet as he reached the beach, Sanda sprung up and struck Rodan with a palm tree he had uprooted, batting the avian monster to the ground like a fly.

"It's too dangerous here…" the old man feebly shouted. Nami simply nodded. She and her grandfather fled the beach, looking back to see their mighty guardian as they ran. He had finally reached the beach and was making his way toward Rodan…

Sanda backed away as he warily watched the lion dog-like monster approach, something didn't seem right to him. There was an unnatural scent to him. The monster didn't smell alive, yet this "thing" behaved exactly as if it were, and that somewhat unnerved him. He just watched as this mythical beast loomed over his enemy and let out a primal roar before drove his four-toed foot right into the head of the unconscious monster, driving the winged beast farther and farther into the sand with every stomp, over and over again without mercy. Rodan awoke and thrashed under the mighty beast’s foot, pinned to the ground, Rodan cried out in frustration and rage.

Sanda shook his uneasiness and quickly rushed in and joined the battle, King Caesar looked up at the brown giant for a moment before shifting his attention back to Rodan, and both King Caesar and Sanda began kicking and beating Rodan into the ground.

Rodan attempted to fire off a beam at his attackers, but Sanda quickly grabbed the prehistoric bird's jaws and held them tightly shut, stripping him of his only weapon, and leaving the radioactive pterosaur completely defenseless!

In the midst of the battle, a familiar shriek suddenly cracked the sky. Another heat beam blasted King Caesar and Sanda overhead, sending them both crashing to the ground simultaneously.

A second Rodan, this one brown, had arrived to save its mate!

The red Rodan flapped his wings furiously and took off into the sky, joining its brown colored mate as they both unleashed hell on the two brown beasts. Without letting up, the flying monsters soared overhead, bombarding the brown monsters with their heat beams over and over again. King Caesar and Sanda howled in agony, echoes could be heard for miles as they ran for cover across the beach. Blisters formed on Sanda's skin as King Caesar's singed hide smoldered and smoked as he cried out in pain. The guardian monster returned a couple of shots back, but for the most part, the two Rodans managed to dodge every ricocheted beam with their superior speed.

The male Rodan's roar echoed through the sky as he dropped from the sky with a staggering speed and crashed his body hard into King Caesar with a violent impact, driving the ancient protector into the ground with vicious force. Kicking and thrashing, the male then descended on him like a worm, aggressively pecking at the mythical demon's eyes in an attempt to bust the gems and render him blind. King Caesar reared back and delivered a devastating headbutt, his crown impacted Rodan's skull and shattered it instantly, causing the red monster to drop to the ground, twitching and flopping as it died; this Rodan was no longer a threat…

The brown female Rodan watched from the sky in horror and let out a furious shriek as it dived down to lash out with its all its fury. Rodan descended on King Caesar, talons shredding as she tore into his body, ripping tufts of hair out in the process. Sanda came rushing in, but Rodan was on guard, she kicked off King Caesar's chest and flew back, shooting a barrage of heat beam directly into Sanda's chest, badly burning his skin as he was sent crashing back, holding his wounds in pain. Rodan shifted her attention back onto the monstrous relic, who was already rising back to his clawed feet. She scowled and began flapping her wings, sending gusts of wind and sand buffeting across his body, the sand splashed his red eyes, but it didn't seem to bother him. He began charging toward her, sand slapping his body hard as he ran. This was no normal animal Rodan was facing…

Suddenly, Sanda drove his mighty fists into back of Rodan's skull, dropping the prehistoric creature, then watched as the charging King Caesar kicked into the air and pounced on the downed dinosaur like a lion. Sanda stumbled back and watched as the two monsters tumbled on the ground, violently biting and clawing each other as they rolled on the beach.

Rodan struck King Caesar's gem with her beak, managing to crack it as the Okinawan protector wailed out in pain. Swiftly kicking Rodan off him as he held his claws over his shattered eye, the brown Rodan snarled with aggression as she flew in for another assault on her mate's murderer, but Sanda quickly intercepted her, pushing King Caesar out of the way, the Gargantua slammed Rodan to the ground, and standing over her downed body, Sanda sank his teeth deep into her throat, and tore it out!

Gagging on her own blood, and bleeding out badly, she managed to blast Sanda away one last time before feebly flapping her wings and rising back into the air. She flew over to her mate's body before collapsing over him. King Caesar and Sanda looked up to watch their enemy's last moments of life. She let out a weak chirp as she nuzzled her lifeless mate, the brown Rodan could feel her life slowly seeping away, and then, her eyes weakly closed. Both monster's had fought for their lives, but fate was not on their side, and here, she died as her body caressed her mate's… King Caesar reared his head back and roared triumphantly as Sanda grimly watched in silence, but suddenly something caught his attention-

The female's lifeless body began to surge and glow with a heavenly light that blinded both King Caesar and Sanda who watched in confusion. Finally, her body began to dissipate into a shimmering cloud of dust-like energy that washed over her mate like a blanket of energy as she faded away, and instantly, the male's body began to erupt and surge with red electric bolts, his body radiating a newfound power as his eyes flashed open. He had been revived!

The fiery red Rodan rose to his feet like a phoenix and let loose a powerful roar that cracked the sky! The fight was not over yet.

Astonished, Sanda charged in to finish off the last of these horrible birds once and for all. But Rodan was ready. The creature scowled as his body surged with red bolts and a devastating heat beam, far more powerful than before, blasted from the reborn monster's beak. And before Sanda knew what hit him, the beam ruptured through his chest and pierced through his body! Sanda slowly dropped to his knees and fell, slumped over on the ground…

King Caesar watched as the poor Gargantua let out a few weak gasps before finally dying on the sand in a pool of blood. Rage filled the ancient beast as he let out a furious roar, challenging the mutation to make a move. Rodan fired a shot of energy, but the giant shisa caught the super beam with his eye and reflected it right back, striking Rodan's spiked chest and sending him crashing into the ocean.

Enraged, King Caesar began approaching the water. He wanted to rip this creature to shreds. But another beam erupted from the waves and struck the giant shisa's chest, blasting the monster back and sending him collapsing to the beach with a loud BOOM!

Rodan exploded from the crashing waves and soared high into the sky before turning and dropping back down. King Caesar watched as the winged beast soared toward him, quickly rolling back to his feet right as the red colored monster collided into his body, sending him crashing back to the ground. Pecking the demon's menacing face without mercy, he knocked the flying reptile away. But Rodan was showing no signs of letting up. Rodan flogged the Okinawan protector, who in return, raked his three sharp claws down Rodan's battered face causing the death bird to shriek in agony. But the mutant dinosaur fought through the pain and, in a desperate act to kill this beast, fired a blast of its super heat beam at point blank range! The beam struck King Caesar and a fiery explosion washed over both monsters sending them flying backward.

The beach was covered in a sea flames as both monsters were already climbing to their feet again as they eyed each other from the opposite sides of the beach in a standoff. Hellish fires raged all across the battlefield as both creatures simultaneously let out bellowing roars, challenging one another to make the next move. Standing amongst the flames, Rodan's eyes narrowed and quickly released a final heat beam that whizzed across the beach, hoping to blow his enemies head off. But the divine monster was faster, rearing his head back, King Caesar caught the beam and bounced it right back, exploding the red Rodan's head clean off with a powerful explosion! King Caesar let out a mighty roar as he watched Rodan's lifeless, decapitated body slowly fall back.

Rodan was no more.

Letting his ears drop back down, King Caesar let out another triumphant roar before turning his attention to his fallen allies' body; grief overcame him. He had once again protected his land and people, but the cost was this innocent creature who had given his life to protect Okinawa. As a sign of respect, King Caesar dug a deep hole in the sand and buried the brown giant's corpse deep in the Earth. He slowly made his way back out to sea, and to his mountain tomb to rest until he was called on again…

King Caesar (Millennium)
King Caesar (Millennium)