Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 180:
Match 180: M.U.T.O. vs. Bagan
By: Connor Clennell

In the ruins of a once great city, two ancient creatures made their home. Survivors of a bygone age where life was fuelled by the planet’s radioactive conditions. The high levels of radioactivity gave birth to colossal beasts, whose size made the mighty dinosaurs seem like ants in comparison. Dependant on nuclear material to survive, the beasts went extinct when the levels of radiation went down. Only those who entered hibernation or retreated to the depths of the ocean escaped the Great Dying, as their fellow beasts died of starvation. But with their extinction came the opportunity for new life to begin, life that would evolve into the beings that ruled the modern world. But as humanity looked into using nuclear power to power their great cities they created the perfect conditions for the sleeping giants of the past to awaken and retake their old world. An accident with a nuclear submarine had awoken these two creatures, and now they sought to repopulate their race in the ruins of mankind.

A low rumbling sound escaped the MUTO’s throat as she hunched over the pit she had dug. With every clench of her abdominal muscles her egg sac loosened more and more from her belly. The process was excruciating, but it would be worth it. With a final push the sac detached and dropped into the pit. A breath of relief escaped the female’s mouth. The worst was over. She maneuvered herself lower to the ground to deposit the item in her tiny arms: a nuclear reactor, acquired from the submarine that had awoken them. This would be the source of nourishment for the eggs and newborn young. The female MUTO peered into her nest, crooning softly at her unborn brood. She could hear their tiny calls, even from within their eggs, as they communicated with her and each other, practicing their skills with echolocation. They would need it to survive in this harsh cruel world.

Not far away, perched atop a large skyscraper, her mate surveyed the area. Unlike the female, the smaller male MUTO did not care as much for his brood. He only sought to pass on his genes and continue his lineage. He would guard the eggs until they hatched, then he would leave to locate food for himself or find another mate. Hours ago his senses were alive with the sounds of the bustling city below, picking new, alien sounds that confused and interested him. Now the city was quiet. The presence of the MUTOs prevented anything electronic from functioning, a side effect of their echolocation abilities. The male did not understand the effect he was having on the area, nor did he care. He stretched out his wings, ready to take off and do a sweep of the area for intruders.

Suddenly his senses were assaulted with new stimuli. The male froze, processing the new information and determining the point of origin. Unfamiliar energy gathered in the sky above. The MUTOs looked up as dark clouds formed above them and streaks of lightning lit up the darkened sky. The clouds parted as a large mass rapidly descended to the ground below, towards the nest and the female. The urge to protect her brood was strong. The urge to survive was stronger. The female MUTO bolted out of the way as the strange fleshy mass came down and crashed into the ground, crushing the nest and the eggs. The female wailed in grief at the loss of her young, while the male chirped sadly and turned his head away. Seconds later the orb exploded into a blinding white burst of light. Both MUTOs covered their eyes with her arms to shield them from the light. The ground shook violently around them as the force of the explosion devastated the surrounding area. Buildings crumpled like wet tissue paper and crashed to the ground, but the two insectoid creatures remained unharmed. As the light finally faded the two uncovered their eyes to survey the destruction. The section of the city they were once in was now nothing but a smouldering crater coated with thick black smoke. Small fires served as the only source of illumination in the gloom.

Unfamiliar energy filled the air. The MUTOs could sense it more clearly now. It was unlike anything they had encountered before. Their echolocation detected a foreign entity in the vicinity. A huge imposing figure could barely be made out standing in the middle of the crater. It clicked in the MUTO’s minds that this creature was responsible for the loss of their eggs. Vengeance clouded their minds as the pair let loose with screeches of rage. The male took to the air as the female charged the creature, intent on tearing it apart.

Within the smoke, Bagan smirked and cracked his knuckles.

The wing-like protrusions on his back lit up as energy crackled over them. Energy built up in the dragon’s maw before he fired his plasma breath at the approaching duo. The MUTOs separated as the beam approached, avoiding a deadly fate. Bagan’s sights were firmly on the female as she barreled towards him. Big mistake. As Bagan prepared to engage the male MUTO tackled him from behind. Bagan roared in irritation as the male stabbed into his hide with his clawed arms. He reached behind him to grab the male, but the winged beast released its grip and flew out of his reach. The female rammed Bagan from behind, catching the dragon off-guard. Bagan stumbled forwards and lashed out with his tail, forcing the female back. As he turned to face her the male MUTO stabbed into his shoulder as he flew past, dragging the Super Monster to the ground.

The female wasted no time and ran up to Bagan, bringing her front-most arms down atop the dragon and piercing his hide. Bagan howled in rage and pain and tried to kick the female away, only for the insectoid creature to slam her arms into his head. As her front pair of arms pinned him down the second pair stabbed into his chest, piercing his lungs. She removed her arms and brought them down again as the male swooped in, swinging his hook-like arms into Bagan’s neck and ripping open his throat. The two clawed and stomped on Bagan, but the Super Monster merely chuckled at their efforts. His throat stitched itself together within seconds, allowing him to fire his plasma breath at the female, sending her flying across the battleground. The female MUTO shrieked in agony as she crashed to the ground and one of her arms snapped like a twig. She flailed her remaining limbs wildly as she tried to get to her feet. Bagan reached out and swatted the male MUTO away as he got up. The male agilely twisted his body in the air to remain airborne and swooped around to assault Bagan again. The Super Monster fired his plasma breath again, but the male dodged it with ease and ascended rapidly, then came down, stabbing his arms into Bagan’s eyes. The dragon roared in pain as his world went black, with only the calls of the MUTO to guide him. He lashed out, swiping at the air, but missing the male completely, who removed his arms from Bagan’s eyes and moved behind him, latching onto his back and stabbing him repeatedly. Bagan growled in annoyance as his eyes regenerated and the male MUTO clamped his jaws around his shoulder.

His horns lit up as energy danced over them. The male MUTO paid no attention to this phenomenon, until he sensed energy collecting above him. Bagan’s Diamond Storm came down atop the male before the creature even had a chance to react. The MUTO cried out as dozens of star-shaped energy projectiles rained down upon him, piercing his wings and shattering his hardened skin. Fear and pain filled the male’s mind as he tried to escape the assault, but Bagan denied his retreat by grabbing his leg and slamming him to the ground. The male MUTO weakly called out to his mate, begging for assistance as Bagan’s hands closed around his neck. The female shakily rose to her feet, struggling to support herself evenly on five limbs. She heard the male’s cries become more and more distressed, motivating her to get up faster.

The male’s calls stopped.

The female froze, confused and afraid. She looked over at the male, unmoving in Bagan’s grasp. She called out weakly to him, hoping to get a response. Bagan released his grip, allowing the male MUTO’s headless corpse to fall to the ground. The dragon shook his hands, dislodging chunks of bone and gray matter, and snorted with boredom as he kicked the corpse aside. The female’s eyes and arms pulsed with red light as her anger grew. Her brood and mate were now dead at the claws of the abomination before her. Nothing else mattered except the dragon’s death. The female shrieked in rage at Bagan, announcing his demise. Bagan roared back, daring her to try her luck.

Bloodlust clouded the female MUTO’s mind as she charged Bagan. The dragon made no attempted to stop her as she bore down on him. Just as the female MUTO was about to collide Bagan planted his left hand on her chest and stopped her in her tracks with ease. The female MUTO swung her arms at Bagan, but the Super Monster’s attack was faster. Energy coursed through his arm as he swung it and sliced the female MUTO’s left arm clean off. Bagan shoved the screaming parasite back and delivered a powerful tail swing to her right side. All the limbs on that side crumbled under the force of his tail and the female MUTO slumped to the ground, unable to support herself. Lost in a world of agony, she barely registered Bagan reaching down to grab her severed arm. With great speed and force Bagan thrust the appendage into the female MUTO’s gut like a spear, the leg going all the way through the female and erupting out her back. The MUTO went into shock, unable to process what had just happened. Bagan rammed his head into her chest and impaled her on his snout horn. All the female MUTO could do was moan as Bagan hoisted her above his head and summoned his Diamond Storm again. The female didn’t even scream as the star-like projectiles rained down on her; she no longer had the strength or the will. All she could do now was wait for the end. One of the diamonds landed on her neck, decapitating the parasite in an explosion of gore.

Bagan grabbed the female MUTO’s corpse and tossed it aside before incinerating it with his plasma breath. Such pathetic creatures were foolish to test his power. Although he’d taken great satisfaction in tearing them apart, they had not been his target. In his pursuit for Godzilla, Bagan had mistaken the radiation the MUTOs emitted for the Monster King himself. The Super Monster’s revenge was yet to be fulfilled. He’d just have to keep searching.

Bagan left the crater behind, marching towards another city to try and lure out Godzilla or any other of Earth’s defenders. Failing that, he would at least take joy in crushing mankind beneath his heel.