Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 179:
Match 179: Battra and Mothra Leo vs. Orga
By: Harley Jameson

[continued from Match 102]

Battra awoke sharply from his eternal slumber, his eyes glowing with power as an enraged chirp signaled the return of the black moth. Mothra had fallen prey to an outsider, and the earth was calling Battra to take care of her killer.

He would do so happily. Battra ripped out from his resting place in Siberia, ice and dirt flew in every direction as the fallen guardian roared at the heavens, wasting little time as his energy sizzled and crackled, a bright purple flash as it already transformed into his imago form. Using its powerful wings, Battra flew up into the sky, uprooting trees and blowing back animals and snow as it made a beeline towards Infant Island. Mothra's killer would pay dearly.

Orga was resting, still unable to track down the damn creature that took its brother down in 1999. It decided to make its home on Infant Island. Of course the people all rejected Orga, but it cared not for such things. It had all the power it needed after absorbing the DNA of that moth creature. Its hide once an ugly brown was a beautiful rainbow color and fuzzy, two fuzzy antennas stuck out of its forehead.

Mothra's former home was now Orga's. And once it rested up, it would resume the hunt for Godzilla. But Orga woke screeching in pain as a volley of prism beams rained down, causing smoke to curl up from the resting home. Battra had other plans.

The Shobijin looked up in awe as Battra continued the relentless assault on Orga, silently grasping their hands together in prayer. Battra would need an ally or all hope would be lost. They knew how powerful Orga was. Battra's mission became clear to him: hold Orga off until back-up would arrive.

Orga rose from its resting place, giving an angry howl. Its warped voice mixing in with Mothra's chirp, further enraging the fallen guardian of Earth. Battra gave a war cry and dived down, his purple energy forming him back into his larval form. Goring Orga with his horn, he funneled his power into it and fried Orga with unfiltered prism beam energy.

Orga lifted up a single claw and batted Battra away. It gave a roar as it charged forward, knocking into the creature again. The damage Battra did was already healing. Battra swung his head like a sword, firing his prism beams as he gashed at the mutated Orga's body, greenish-blood spewed out of an open wound as Orga roared, charging up its shoulder cannon.

Battra charged in unafraid, and Orga shoulder-blocked it. Firing its beam, it sent the dark moth blasting out of the cave's wall and onto the mainland, giving a pained screech as yellow blood oozed from his mouth and wounds. Orga leaped out of the hole, and Battra reared up, ramming its horn through Orga's mouth and out the back of its throat, causing the monster to give a pained gasp.

Orga quickly grabbed onto Battra's body, pushing it further into its mouth it started the process that would mutate it further. Orga's colorful eyes started turning red, its fuzzy skin being replaced with hard endo-skeleton, a yellow horn starting to sprout from its forehead. It was turning into a Mothra/Battra hybrid!

Not on Battra's watch. With an almighty screech, he focused his energy and exploded Orga's hands off of his body. Battra continued ripping out his horn and watched as Orga resumed his Mothra-like appearance, not able to get enough DNA from Battra.

Orga gave a roar of anger, and began clubbing Battra with its claws. Thinking fast, Battra dove down and kicked up a mighty dust storm, forcing Orga to shield its now larger and more sensitive eyes.

When the dust cleared, there was no Battra in sight. Orga looked left, then right. Where did its foe go? Did it run away knowing it wouldn't win? Orga turned, intent on heading back to its cave to rest until Battra exploded from underneath him, sending the hybrid toppling to the ground with a mighty roar. Battra once again took to the skies and transform into his imago form, circling around the island. Waiting.

Orga roared out, charging up its shoulder cannon until it paused. Tiny golden moths were flying around the island, an eerie calm washed over the place as the inhabitants all began dancing and chanting, much to Orga's confusion. Were they chanting for it?

A bright light began forming and the moths swirled around in a circle, getting closer and closer to one another, blue energy zipping and sparking all around as the golden moths became closer and closer. The ground started shaking and Orga roared in confusion.

Finally, the golden moths all formed into a shining bright light, the earth splitting open and assaulting Orga with bright blue beams of energy, roasting its furry body and causing it to shriek in pain as its eyes were assaulted with the bright light.

The light died down, and a familiar chirp struck Orga's auditory sensors. Its eyes widened as it looked up. There, flying above him, was Mothra Leo, the son of Mothra.

Battra roared at Leo, who chirped back. Now it was time to avenge his mother's killer and restore balance to this earth. Leo charged forward, jade bolts erupting out of its wings and striking Orga, who roared in pain and fired back with its own lightning from its antenna.

Leo dove to the left, swiftly avoiding the lightning as Battra swooped above Orga, once again raining his prism beams down on the mutation, causing even more damage that began healing. Orga roared in fury, his shoulder cannon charging up, before firing out a burst of reflective pollen. That should stop the beams.

Or so it thought. Leo circled Orga, raining his own pollen down onto the existing pollen, causing Orga to roar in pain and confusion. Battra fired down his Prism Beams and Leo reared up and fired his Mega Breast Cannon, wasting no time to add his Cross Heat Lasers into the action.

The resulting chaos of the three beams with the two sets of pollen was a fantastic light show. The beams bounced back and forth rapidly between the two sets, slashing and gashing Orga who was caught in the middle. Battra poured more beams into the mix, purple flashes of light could be seen from the ocean as the beams cut and tore Orga's flesh, until finally the pollen subsided.

Orga's body, blistered, cut, and bleeding, was already beginning to heal the damage. They had to end this now. Leo rose up into the air, spreading more pollen in a circle as Battra distracted Orga with its prism beams, doing a neat aileron roll to avoid a shoulder blast.

Two jade colored rings entrapped Orga, forcing it to struggle as the circle of pollen was completed. The ground began shaking and trembling as the heavens parted. A thunderous emerald beam rocketed towards the trapped Orga, who gave a howling wail as the Sun Strike Buster began disintegrating it.

Battra added its own beams to the mix, until there was nothing left but a black scorch mark on the earth. No hint of Orga survived the encounter, smoke curling in the air. Tired, Leo flew down and rested where his mother once lay, using his presence to help revitalize Infant Island.

The two moths shared one last parting before Battra flew off to places unknown to rest again until he was needed. Both parties, however, completely unaware of a brown and white egg in the caverns of the island.

The egg's shell cracked a bit, and a giant, claw like hand burst from the shell. An infantile version of Orga's mutated cry echoed around the caverns, and the cycle began once again...

Battra Mothra Leo
Battra Mothra Leo