Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 178:
Match 178: Mechagodzilla® (Heisei) vs. Kumasogami
By: Joshua Reynolds

Crimson rain fell from the darkened skies. The streets of Tokyo had become flooded with blood. Across the entire city, thousands flocked. They had been fooled by a creature. A demon of unknown power and origins. In the cockpit of the machine, a young man sat in silence. He had been in this position before. Only before, his opponents had been generic monsters. Kamoebas, Manda, Maguma, Rodan… he had faced them all. Some he had killed, others simply retreated. But now, since this devil had come and brought Hell upon the world, Jason Izak had come to believe that he, and G-Force, had made a tremendous mistake. Perhaps the monsters they had been wiping out were a sort of natural defense against such evil. Perhaps if humanity hadn’t been in such a rush to destroy what they didn't understand, then the evil they faced now wouldn’t have had the time to grow so deadly right under their noses.

Perhaps if G-Force didn’t kill Godzilla, then Kumasogami would have been destroyed already.

Kumasogami… It took G-Force over a year to fully understand what they were up against this time. And in that year, its power grew tenfold. It was once the God of Kumaso, an ancient kingdom in Japan centuries ago. Legend says the Warrior of the Gods vanquished it. Only now it has returned. And it returned with a vengeance, heralded into this world by a cult that believed it to be the true God. With its resurgence, Mount Fuji became active again and completely wiped smaller communities around it off the face of the Earth. With each soul destroyed, Kumasogami grew more powerful…

G-Force intervened when it became large enough to become a kaiju threat. Moguera was deployed… and destroyed. Kiryu followed suit. Now Mechagodzilla was humanity’s last stand against the evil that could enslave the population.

Jason sighed, remembering the brutal war in which humanity destroyed Godzilla. Now, ironically, he stood poised to save the world in a machine modeled after the nuclear menace. And he found himself wishing Godzilla was here.

A crack of lightning broke his thoughts. Thunder followed. Thunder so powerful and loud that windows in surrounding structures shattered. The crimson rain fell harder, pounding the advanced armor of the mechanical saurian with the force of a hurricane.

“Come out, come out wherever you are.” Jason spat, gripping the controls of his robot. “If you want this planet, you need to go through me.”

The mechincal titan stepped forward, its yellow-glowing eyes scanning the environment. He could see dozens, if not hundreds, standing on top of roofs. They were chanting, but not for Mechagodzilla. With the biblical plagues that came with Kumasogami, they’ve actually begun to believe it is a God. Jason shook his head, “Fools.”

Even if he believed in God before, he questioned how anyone could believe such blatant evil should be worshipped.

“Come out, devil. Let me expose what we both already know. You’re not a God. You’re just a monster, and I’ll put you down.” Mechagodzilla scanned the city again. “I know you’re here.”

Then, suddenly, something answered back. It spoke directly into his mind. “And we know you’re here.” Jason’s brow lifted. A shiver was sent down his spine. The controls of the weapon began to sputter and computer screens flashed: “We’ll swallow your soul.”

“Who are you?”

The lights in the cockpit became extinguished. The generators died. Jason began to feel for the various switches, trying to reboot the systems to no luck. A faint glow came from several feet in front of him. It began to grow brighter and larger, expanding into arms, legs, and a head. It was vaguely human. “You humans brought us back to this world. From Amaterasu to this modern world of science. Your blood will feed us.”

Jason remained vigilant. He struggled with what he saw of the ghostly apparition. He swallowed, forcing himself to fight fear. “I will give you so much blood that you will drown it. Go to Hell.”

The vision, the featureless shape of a ghostly human, tilted its head. “Sometimes Hell comes to you.”

The entity vanished into thin air, allowing the lights within Mechagodzilla and its controls to come back online. Jason gripped the controls tightly, ready for whatever was coming. Warning lights flashed as the heated blood rain fell. It boiled and sizzled on the armor. Balls of fire joined it, smashing into the flooded streets and structures. Those on rooftops were slain by the very evil they thought was divine, either burned by the sizzling blood or destroyed by the fiery orbs that fell. Giant plumes of fire sprouted around the city as the ground shook. A massive fracture appeared, acting like a drain. It swallowed up the blood that had filled entire city blocks.

A robotic voice began to repeat in the cockpit, “Kaiju detected. Kaiju detected. Kaiju detected.”

Jason grinned, “Finally, you show up.”

A colossus emerged from the heart of the fracture. The flames split like the Red Sea. A demon, straight out of Hell, spread its arms. On its back, a pair of wing-like appendages grew. Its jaws parted, releasing a grotesque sound. Its eye, a weird, three-pointed shape, burned brighter than the sun. Kumasogami emerged for a fight. The final fight that would determine the fate of the human race.

“You’re right. Sometimes Hell comes to you. Let me show you exactly how that works.” Jason spat as if the demon could hear him from within the controls of Mechagodzilla.

The glowing eyes of the machine surged with power. Its jaws opened wide, revealing a golden light. Then, together, the optic beams and Mega-Buster launched. The beams cut a path through the raining blood and fire. They smashed into Kumasogami’s chest, pushing the demonic thing back. It crashed through several structures, sending the buildings crumbling into dust. The demon wailed, bringing up its arms. Each one shifted, expanding into circular shields. It braced itself and pushed forward, allowing the beams to detonate repeatedly on the shields.

Mechagodzilla advanced. So too did Kumasogami.

Ending its assault, Mechagodzilla roared. Kumasogami’s shield arms flung to the side, each one morphing into twisted, serrated swords. The demon swung, smashing one of them into Mechagodzilla’s chest. The armor sparked, making the robot stumble back. Its other sword thrust forward, bouncing off of Mechagodzilla’s belly and leaving a dent on the advanced NT-20 Diamond Armor.

Mechagodzilla fired point blank with its eye beams, blasting Kumasogami’s head. The fiend fell back, groaning as it fell. No sooner than it did, its legs swept to the sides. It kicked Mechagodzilla’s feet out from underneath it. The robot fell to the side, smashing into a surrounding building. The machine growled as it lay next to the demon. Instantly, Kumasogami swung down with a sword. It smashed into Mechagodzilla’s neck, causing its oral lights to flash and spark. Its head rotated, facing the demon as it sat up. A blast of the Mega-Buster fired, striking the devil’s side before it could completely stand. The beast flew back, falling into another series of smaller buildings.

The boosters on Mechagodzilla’s back and feet kicked to life. It lifted off the ground and into the air for several dozen meters. It righted itself and dropped to a standing position. Its mouth and eyes flashed again. It opened fire on where the devil had fallen, blasting the area with beams. In addition, its shoulders launched rockets, emptying its ammunition. A colossal explosion expanded like a blossoming flower. Large chunks of burning debris flew through the air, mixing with the blood and fireballs that fell onto the battlefield…

Several objects struck Mechagodzilla’s flank. They detonated like rockets, making it stagger. Mechagodzilla fell to a knee as another volley impacted it. Its head rotated to the side, just in time to see Kumasogami launch another round of explosive arrows from its transformed hands – now in the shape of a bow and arrows.

The robot’s eyes fired, shooting the arrows out of the air. Two of the three of them detonated in midair, but the third hit the machine’s face. Its head flung back, its left optics popping out of socket. The marvelous machine staggered, nearly falling into the ruins of a demolished building. Its remaining eye fired wildly, cutting paths of destruction into the city as its body spun uncontrollably. Lowering its form, Kumasogami charged. It kept its body just low enough to allow the random beams to pass overhead. Then it collided like a raging bull, wrapping its arms around Mechagodzilla’s midsection. It pushed the robot back, bulldozing mankind’s last resort through another line of structures.

Massive walls of fire sprang up in their wake as Kumasogami continued to push. The machine’s leg began to give. It dropped to a knee, causing the demon to cease its rush. Knee-deep in rubble, Mechagodzilla’s head hung low as it seemed to bow to the Hell spawn. From the violence, Jason had banged his head against parts of the cockpit. A trickle of blood rolled down his blue eyes and right cheek. He groaned, shaking his head as he looked through the live-feed of Mechagodzilla’s remaining eye. Kumasogami loomed over it, both hands extending into swords. It lifted the weapons over its head, readying to cleave Mechagodzilla’s torso.

Then he saw it.

As Kumasogami loomed over him, behind the demon, Tokyo Tower loomed over it. Mechagodzilla lifted its arms. Instead of blocking the dropping swords, from its wrist, the famous G-Crushers launched. The cables, notorious for being the weapons that ended Godzilla’s life, flew past Kumasogami’s head. They clanged around the metal frame of Tokyo Tower, locking into position after wrapping around the structure. At the same time, Kumasogami’s swords fell in a swift motion. One dropped into Mechagodzilla’s shoulder, cutting deep into the armor. The other struck the left arm, cutting it off at the elbow. Sprays of sparks and smoke geysered from the wounds. Immediately, deafening alarms sounded in the cockpit.

The demon raised its blades, allowing the severed arm to drop to the uprooted streets. With its other arm, Mechagodzilla yanked. The tower buckled, but refused to collapse. Jason could tell the demon was mere seconds away from another strike that would surely end the war. Its mouth parted, firing the Mega-Buster just as its arm pulled again. The beam hit its mark, blasting just over seventy-meters from the structure’s base. Pieces of it flew in every direction as the G-Crusher cable pulled it in their direction.

A grin crossed Jason’s face.

Kumasogami turned its head just in time to see it.

Tokyo Tower fell like the world’s largest tree. The demon lifted its arms to protect it, but the structure was horrendously huge. It came down on both of the fighters. A deafening boom echoed throughout the distraught metropolis. Every standing structure around the pair caved, falling into the Earth as a wall of smoke, fire, and dust spread for over a mile…


Jason’s eyes remained closed. He thought he was dead, but more warnings came from the weapon. “Warning. Reaching terminal velocity. Reaching terminal velocity. Reaching terminal velocity. Warning..” It repeated over and over.

He opened his eyes and shook his head. He, and Kumasogami, were falling – along with tons upon tons of rubble. The impact of Tokyo Tower had shattered the ground. Beneath them, Jason could see a burning glow. On the ground far below, it appeared entities were moving about. He activated Mechagodzilla’s boosters, allowing the machine’s descent to slow. The demon continued to spiral uncontrollably, falling into the glow.

“Where the Hell…”

The voice from before answered him, speaking directly into his mind with a sadistic hiss. “Exactly.”

The machine landed after several minutes. Jason scanned the area. It was rocky and barren. Vast lakes of boiling lava bubbled. Creatures of various sizes scattered about like insects. They seemed to hate one another, committing unspeakable acts against the smaller entities. Some of them began to cling to Mechagodzilla’s feet like ants, trying to claw through the advanced armor. The robot’s head looked up. There was no sky. Just darkness. And in that darkness, a tiny hole in which had been broken open.

This is Hell.

“Warning. Fuel low. Fuel low. Fuel low. Warning.”

Jason sighed. The battle and the descent here had devoured Mechagodzilla’s fuel supplies. The machine was running on empty…

Kumasogami’s unmistakable war cry pierced the volcanic landscape of Hell. Jason’s thoughts of escape were brought back to the fight as the demon emerged from a sea of molten rock. The demon was horribly wounded, half of its face crushed and an arm twisted into a mangled shape. It tried to transform the sword into a new weapon, but it refused to move. It hung uselessly. Its other hand twisted and morphed, becoming a roundish shape and growing triangular spikes. The demon lunged with its new mace. Jason tried firing the eye beam, but only a flash of light followed. It no longer had sufficient fuel.

The blow from the weapon came hard, striking Mechagodzilla’s jaw. In a single hit, the jaw shattered like glass. It flew off into the distance, a trail of circuitry and metal teeth following behind it. Another impact crushed its throat. Jason tried making it back up, but Mechagodzilla didn’t move. Instead, it fell. It fell back-first into the sea of lava. The molten material swallowed it up. Quickly, the cockpit began to heat up. Jason wanted to scream as the temperature rapidly increased. Magma flooded the open wounds and would be only a matter of time until it reached the cockpit,

… “Power refueling. Power refueling. Power refueling.”

Those words from Mechagodzilla’s systems brought him back yet again. His head tilted as all lights returned to the machine. The NT-20 Diamond Armor which had been specifically designed to absorb heat and energy was feeding off of the lava’s temperature. It was converting this heat into power…

“Warning. Armor melting. Armor melting. Armor melting. Warning.”

Even while it could absorb the heat, this amount of it was starting to work against it already. Mechagodzilla’s boosters kicked to life, shooting the machine up through the lava. The machine exploded from the burning depths with a broken roar. Its entire body glowed bright red. Pieces of its armor hung from its limbs like sheets for the armor had begun to melt.

It landed behind Kumasogami, causing the demon to turn. The fiend snarled, lifting its mace. It readied to charge once more. Ready to destroy Mechagodzilla once and for all…

“As you said.” Jason declared, tilting his head and moving his hand to another trigger, “Sometimes Hell comes to you.” He squeezed the trigger, “PLASMA GRENADE!”

A circular port on the machine’s midsection spiraled open. A flash of golden light was followed by a colossal boom. The ground beneath the beam erupted as a charged particle cannon – as wide as Mechagodzilla is tall – erupted from the cannon. It hit Kumasogami with the force of nothing it had ever endured before. Its feet lifted off of Hell’s landscape and thrown back. Its entire body flipped several times as explosions tore in and out of it. It landed with a thud, several hundred yards away from where it once stood.

“Oh no, we’re not done yet.” Jason spat, pressing the trigger yet again.

The Plasma Grenade fired for a second time, hitting the twitching demon’s side. Its body was pushed across the landscape, digging tremendous trenches in the rocky ground. Its limbs began to fall off, disintegrating into ash in the process. First its ruined arm. Then a leg. Then the other leg. By the time the weapon ceased again, Kumasogami was nothing more than a torso, a fractured skull, and a broken arm.

By now, Mechagodzilla’s armor had cooled. It turned into a lighter shade of orange. It began to approach the defeated Kumasogami. The demon barely moved when the machine reached it. It merely looked up and tried to reach its feet with a fingerless hand. Jason had no remorse. He lifted the robot’s leg and then dropped it… straight on the demon’s head! The brain matter of the demon sprayed across the ground as its face popped from the monstrous stomp…

Jason breathed a sigh of relief. The Plasma Grenade had drained much of his power. He didn’t know if he had enough to reach the surface again. But he had ended the invasion of Kumasogami. The boosters of the machine activated, slowly carrying the robot upward. As he looked up, it seemed as if the crack that had opened into Hell was starting to close like a mouth. He didn’t know if he would reach it. He pressed another switch, turning communications back on with his superior officers. Something he hadn’t done since he stole Mechagodzilla to do this himself. After all, it was he who helped bring Kumasogami to Earth. It was he who helped partake in those ancient ceremonies that he and his friends thought were just drunken myths.

“To Commander Aso and anybody else listening. Kumasogami is dead. I repeat, Kumasogami… is dead.”

Jason closed his eyes as he realized there was no way he could reach the opening of Hell before it fully closed.

“And so too… am I. I am sorry for what I helped bring upon this world.”

He turned off the boosters, allowing Mechagodzilla to fall. “But as long as I am down here, maybe I can prevent it from happening again.”

… Mechagodzilla plummeted back into the boiling lava.

“This is Jason Izak. And I have just come to Hell.”

Mechagodzilla® (Heisei)
Mechagodzilla® (Heisei)