Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 177:
Match 177: Zone Fighter vs. C-Rex and Cyber Godzilla®
By: Tyler Trieschock

[continued from Match 167]

Hikaru Sakimori, wanting to see how Japanese society changed since he left Earth, strolled down the streets of Tokyo. With long black hair and a youthful composure, Hikaru appeared the same as he did in the seventies. Near light speed travel and alien DNA assisted this youthful appearance yet beneath his young form lye a scarred veteran. As he continued walking down the sidewalk of the city, a trio of siblings walked by him catching Hikaru’s attention. The hundreds of other walkers seemed to fade as he focused on the group. The oldest of the three held his younger brother on his shoulders while both brothers talked to their sister. The sight stopped Hikaru in his tracks. A tear slowly formed on Hikaru’s face and his right fist clenched but with a swift breath, the pain the alien felt vanished along with his tightened hand. 

With a heavy heart Hikaru refocused on the stunningly advanced city around him. After scanning the area Hickaru noticed a small corner shop and picked up a local magazine to read the world news.

A nuclear disaster on Japanese soil thanks to a tsunami, Middle East wars, and the recent Xilien invasion of New York brought a new fury into Hikaru. Continuing to read, the alien noticed an article about a giant creature near the Okinawa Islands.

An unknown monster was attacking remote islands in the region with an unparalleled aggression. Two small tourist destinations destroyed so far with no survivors. Ninety total inhabitants found dead including 45 men, 37 women and 8 chil…

Hikaru’s fist clenched again but this time he had a target to unleash his fury upon. With a new goal, Hikaru put down the magazine and hurried to the closest back ally.


In his powered form, Hikaru flew through the sky above the Pacific Ocean before he noticed the island he was searching for. Some minor calculations allowed him to deduce the landmass would be the creature’s next target. Whatever this creature was, it was moving across islands of migration for giant creatures. Places that during his time tourists would watch the likes of Kameobas, or in rare instacnces Godzilla as they peacefully made their way west for better feeding grounds. Now the island appeared to be this new creature’s source of consumption as a massive yellow crustacean ripped apart a tiny coastal town.

C-Rex looked for any more prey in the small shacks it destroyed after its appearance. The once bustling island seaport lay in ruins after the crustacean’s visit. With no more food in his sight, the sea creature moved inland to search the island merely for a loud fighting cry to cause it to look up. 

Confused at the sudden appearance, C-Rex remained stagnant. An action the crustacean regretted as Zone Fighter dashed toward the beast. The mighty alien hero unleashed its Uzi Punch forcing C-Rex to retreat backward. Its carapace cracked from the earth shattering blows. 

Zone Fighter charged to deliver another salvo of blows merely for the crustacean to discharge a copious amount of tar onto the hero’s chest. The substance burned the Meteor Man’s protective skin distracting him as C-Rex kicked the hero to the ground. Zone Fighter rolled across the ground at high speed causing the tar to fall off him. With the substance gone and able to focus, Zone Fighter recovered and flew into the air. 

C-Rex watched the figure perform multiple loops in the air before his foe, using the built up momentum, flew directly at him. The aquatic beast sent its tentacles to stop Zone Fighter but the hero dodged the appendages with ease and impacted the crustacean. C-Rex skidded across the ground, sending trees in addition to dirt in all directions, before rising to face Zone Fighter. The crustacean screeched in anger and propelled its tentacles toward the hero.

“Arrow-Beam!” Zone Fighter exclaimed causing red arrows of energy to discharge from his fingertips. The attack sliced all of Crustaceous Rex’s tentacles in half causing the sea creature to moan in agony but charge toward his foe.

Zone Fighter took a defensive stance and caught C-Rex’s leg as the beast thrusted it upon the hero. The Meteor Man slid backward slightly yet remained standing and spun the surprisingly light foe in his grasp. After multiple rotations, the alien hero released his grip. The Crustacean flew high into the air before it impacted the ground far from its launch site. A massive explosion of debris fallowed the impact which left C-Rex in a dazed as well as painful state. 

“Meteor Missile Might!” Zone Fighter proclaimed summoning his infamous deadly duel bracelets to his wrists. The Meteor Man unleashed one gauntlet of missiles on the sea beast as he ran toward the creature. The volley of projectiles detonated over the crustacean with each explosion causing the sea monster to cry in pain until the bracelet emptied its clip. With one gauntlet still full, Zone Fighter brought the missile filled attachment to C-Rex’s side before unleashing the gauntlet’s entire arsenal simultaneously at point blank range. The shotgun like blast ripped a massive hole though the sea creature and stopped Crustaceous Rex completely. C-Rex’s large wound oozed a strange substance and the beast gradually fell to its side as death swiftly accepted him.

With his foe defeated and justice delivered for the islands the creature destroyed, Zone Fighter stood a heroic pose before he readied to take flight; however, two large green eyes as well as an intrigued individual watching far away could not allow it. A blast of atomic energy impacted Zone Fighter’s backside sending the hero stumbling forward. Zone Fighter quickly turned around to discover a large cybernetic reptile emerge from the ocean. It looked similar to Godzilla but it did not share his sense of intelligence as it challenged the hero to a battle to the death.

As the Meteor Man prepared to act, he glanced at his color buckle which shined a bright yellow. “That will have to do,” Hikaruthought as he raised his fists to his enemy. 

Cyber Godzilla’s spines flashed before it discharged another atomic ray at the hero. Zone Fighter countered with a hyper barrier which not only blocked but reflected the attack back at the cyborg. A large cloud of smoke engulfed the reptile after the ray’s detonation. 

As the smoke dissipated around him, Cyber Godzilla readied to counter with his own arsenal; however, he quickly discovered his foe was not wasting his precious time as Zone Fighter dashed through the smoke toward him. Within range, the Meteor Man unleashed a powerful series of punches upon his cybernetic foe. Under constant attack, the cyborg backed away from his foe and swiped his long tail at Zone Fighter. To the surprise of Cyber Godzilla, the hero caught the appendage with ease and threw the lizard far into the air. 

Cyber Godzilla landed further inland before lifting itself up and refocusing on his enemy. To the cyborg’s surprise, Zone Fighter was charging toward him again with a blue trail behind him at an incredible speed. With little time to react, the lizard hunched over and discharged its spine rocket launchers. 

Zone Fighter, unable to dodge due to the severe closeness of the launch, befell the volley of rockets causing him to trip. The Meteor Man rolled at high speeds across the ground until he impacted a large hillside a quarter mile away from Cyber Godzilla. Rocks, dirt in addition to debris went flying into the air after the impact and covered the hero before he gradually emerged from the rockslide. 

The Meteor Man looked at his color timer to see how much longer he had merely to discover its color not yellow but red. With even less time to waste, Zone Fighter dashed toward the lizard while Cyber Godzilla unleashed its shoulder rockets. The alien hero jumped over the projectiles effortlessly causing the ground behind him to detonate in a blaze of fire before he tackled the creature to the ground. 

Zone Fighter and Cyber Godzilla rolled across the ground as each tried to gain the upper hand in their battle. The pair stopped their movement just for Cyber Godzilla to receive a vicious beating from Zone Fighter who hammered away at the cyborg’s metallic cranium until the cyborg grasped the alien hero’s right arm in his maw and flung him high into the air with a snap of his head. After a hard impact thanks to the cybernetic reptile, Zone Fighter quickly recovered and began to channel energy into his arms. 

With his enemy motionless and back on his feet, Cyber Godzilla charged toward Zone Fighter. The mechanical lizard rapidly closed the distance between the pair but then the Meteor Man’s hands turned yellow.

“Arrow-Beam!” proclaimed Zone Fighter as two yellow triangles of energy flew at the cyborg. The alien hero’s strongest arrow beam glided through the air before one sliced off the android’s metal arm and caused a massive gash in its side while the other destroyed two rocket launcher units attached to the reptile’s spines. Cyber Godzilla immediately cried in anguish, fell to the ground and slid to a stop. Zone Fighter prepared to take advantage of his enemy’s situation yet stopped as his light timer began to beep while it flashed red, alerting the hero he did not have much time left. 

Deciding to destroy his foe in a single attack, the Meteor Man focused all of his remaining power into the jewel on his head. Zone Fighter’s upper forehead flashed from the compilation of energy just as Cyber Godzilla edged himself back onto his legs. 

“Meteor Proton Beam!” Zone Fighter shouted as he discharged the powerful ray.

Cyber Godzilla in response opened its chest cavity to reveal a large dish, a strange sight for Zone Fighter as his beam neared. The alien hero’s beam impacted the satellite but instead of detonating the beam reflected back at the stunned warrior. The ray’s detonation and following fiery explosion blasted the hero off his feet and sent him to the ground where he lay stagnant on his back. 

Unable to lift himself up or use any more energy, Zone Fighter helplessly listened as his light timer beeped the few final seconds he had left and watched Cyber Godzilla near his near powerless form. Blue flames first glowed in the cyborg’s jaw, informing Zone Fighter the cause of his approaching death; however, Cyber Godzilla inexplicable ceased charging his ray. Zone Fighter watched Cyber Godzilla walk past him but before the hero could raise his head back to see what it was doing, the cybernetic creature’s tail slammed against his head rendering him unconscious. 


“Rise and shine!” declared an unknown voice to Hikaru.

The hero slowly awakened from his unconsciousness to discover he was tied down to a steel chair with a piece of cloth over his mouth so he could not speak. Hikaru tried to look around only to realize he also could not move his head. What he could see was a white haired man with glasses who held a coffee mug in his hand and that both of them were in an empty concrete room.

“Good to see you are alright,” explained the mysterious figure. “I hope my creatures did not harm you too badly. I can’t say the same for them. Cyber Godzilla is going to need a lot of work thanks to you and that is not even mentioning what you did to Crustaceous Rex who might I say is not going to be helpful in this lifetime.”

Hikaru tried to talk but the act proved useless with the gag in his mouth. 

The figure sipped his drink before he said, “Where are my manners? My name is Cameron Winter and I am in need of your services.”

The alien scowled at Cameron with an unmatched rage though the mogul just smirked at the sight.

“This is truly a boring one sided conversation so let me remove that gag,” Cameron stated before he pulled the cloth from Hikaru’s mouth.

“Zone Fight…ah!” screamed Hikaru as electricity coursed through his body from his restraints. 

“Do you honestly think I would allow you to transform into your other form? The chair you are strapped to will send electricity through your body if you mention those three words. Don’t even ask how much it cost to find out that information.”

The alien panted after the electrical shock before he asked, “Why were you after me?”

Cameron sipped his drink again and honestly replied, “I wasn’t. The two monsters you faced I control and I sent them to investigate old migration trails. I was simply looking for monsters to take control of since its much easier scouting islands with my pawns than raiding Monster Island which would send up multiple red flags. Anyway, after over two dozen failed attempts I almost gave up hope. Well I did find a Kameobas but honestly who would want to control a turtle that can’t breathe fire. Then you came along and proved far more than anything I ever would have expected. I even had to do a little bit of research on you so you wouldn’t be able to escape your incarceration. Again, it really cost me but I think it will be worth the investment.”

“You killed innocent people!” Hickaru yelled. “Why? What is worth that cost!”

Cameron smirked at the comment. “For someone your age you are pretty naive. To answer your question though you can think of my actions as…insurance.”

“For what end?” inquired the alien hero.

“To get back something that was taken from me,” Cameron asserted as he set his empty mug down on a nearby ledge. “A mission you are going to help me achieve.”

“I will never help you!” Hikaru declared. “When I am free, you will regret what you have done!” 

“Maybe, maybe not,” Cameron responded as he pulled out two small spherical devices from his back pocket. “These are Neural Stimulators. One can bend a monster’s mind to my will. These two in particular are electromagnetically shielded versions with some special modifications. You see, usually a complex mind is difficult for my machines to modify. Past test subjects couldn’t handle the mental strain but… they were all human. Let’s see how you fare.”

“No…No…NO!” Hikaru screamed as the mogul placed the stimulators on each side of his head. After a full minute of struggling Hikaru’s movements finally ceased as the neural stimulators took control.

Four body guards rushed into the room and detached Hikaru’s restraints. The alien warrior remained stagnant in his chair until Cameron casually pulled out a small I-pod like screen and ordered, “Stand.”

Hikaru stood up and Cameron smiled an evil grin. 

“Now Hikaru, I need you to acquire something for me,” Cameron explained to his newest pawn. “Do you understand?”

Hikaru gradually looked at the mogul, pure hatred emanating from his eyes but his body unable to showcase his rage. “What…is it?”

Cameron placed his arm around Hikaru and continued showcasing his arrogant smile. “Nothing more than a simple crystal.”

Cyber Godzilla®
Cyber Godzilla®