Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 176:
Match 176: Godzilla® (Legendary) vs. Manda (Millennium)
By: Patrick Alan Green

A peaceful night in Tokyo had quickly turned into a horrible disaster when a horrifying demon surfaced from the depths below, setting its menacing yellow eyes on Tokyo: the perfect place to hunt. Soon as the sun sets on the horizon, the ocean began to churn and a horrible sea dragon reared its hideous face from the depths.

The monster slithered onto land, laying waste the streets of Tokyo and slamming into anything it came across. The first flames exploded into the night sky when the green leviathan crawled out of the harbor, sending everyone into a frenzy. As citizens fled, Manda loomed overhead, slithering like a cobra on the hunt. The giant dragon devoured all it could see, its body zoomed through the lanes and avenues, snatching up every man, woman, and child fleeing from the hideous creature.

The military had quickly been called in to combat the creature, but even with snipers on rooftops, docks, and hillsides, fleets of tanks, and what seemed like an endless amount of jets, nothing could to stop the creature. It flexed with its tiny talon-like claws and grabbed all the scattering soldiers, crushing them. Whomsoever were fortunate enough to be spared from its claws were devoured instead. It wasn't long before Manda busted through the military’s firepower, disappearing into the cloud of smoke covering the city, slithering through the buildings and causing a trail of fire that licked the sky.

Miles away from the fires erupting through the city, something peculiar began to happen in the ocean... The tide had begun rapidly retreating from the bay. The water quickly ebbed back, almost as if it too was trying to escape the mayhem caused by the emerald monster lurking behind the buildings in town.

Manda, who was busy fighting off a fleet of tanks, was unaware that far in the distance, jagged protrusions had just broke the water's surface, slicing fast through the churning waves like a shark sailing after prey. A soldier looked on from the dock through a par of binoculars, watching the row of gigantic fins coming closer and closer towards him. Utterly frozen in fear and awe, the one the media called the "King Of The Monsters " was approaching the city of Tokyo...

Manda crushed a tank under its talon like claw, as its serpentine body continued to slither further into the heart of the city. The clouds of smoke and dust had made things almost impossible see. The city would have pitch black if it weren't for the fires that littered the collapsed structures, leading in a trail of flames that spanned from the harbor.

Almost like a hell on earth.

Skyscrapers that the squirming leviathan had managed to bring down laid scattered in ruin across the streets. Bridges burned as a couple jets came zooming in to confront the monster yet again. Firing a barrage of shells and everything they had against the beast, all upon his slithering form, sending mists of blood exploding into the air. But the monster merely hissed and lunged, snatching it right out of the air, snapping it in a fiery explosion that fled the corners of its fanged maw.

The giant green snake slithered across the streets, plowing through abandoned vehicles and retreating tanks, and anything it came across. The military tried to fire at the rampaging dragon before they met their fiery demise.

They had to stop this thing, no matter the cost.

Streets echoed with the deafening sound of crashing and hissing as the green leviathan approached an enormous building, the serpent rose up, coiling itself around the structure. Its body swiftly scaled the tower fluently; its tiny spiked claws pushing into the building as it climbed. As its scowling spiked face reached the top, the creature opened its fanged jaws and let out a long, ear-splitting roar into the night sky that shook the air around it. Perched upon the skyscraper, as if it was issuing a challenge to humanity to beat it down.

The giant dragon looked fierce; as if an evil god, sat high upon a throne above a sea of fire and destruction. Hissing and tasting the burning air with its forked tongue, Manda seemed almost content with the destruction it had caused thus far. It then positioned its horned head upon the top of the tower and began to rest.

The sound of jets zipping by was soon deafened by the sound of crashing water that began violently busting through the streets, completely submerging the trail of fire and destruction that had been caused by the green leviathan. Suddenly, a loud grumble resonated through the air. Almost as if time stopped, everything went silent. Something from pure myth rose up from the bay to tower over Tokyo.

Torrents of cascading seawater veiled the sea monster's hulking form so that only the titanic size of the reptilian beast was visible. Standing upright on two stout legs, the monster stood nearly two hundred feet tall and was solidly built; it had a reptilian shape with a broad chest, powerful forearms and an enormous jaws lined with jagged teeth resembled that of some prehistoric dinosaur.

The creature stood high amongst the waves, its jaws opened wide and it let out a bellowing roar as the urgent wail of screaming citizens shook the escaping out of the subways like ants erupting out of a hole.

The gigantic tidal wave surged onto everything. Those still hiding in subways were instantly swamped by the roaring water, on the streets, crowds of fleeing citizens and military personnel alike ran in sheer terror from the crashing wave behind them. Chasing them like some kind of slasher, the raging water washed over block after block of shops and nightclubs. Power lines snapped one after another, causing a total blackout in the city.

Finally the merciless wave died down over a few final blocks, sparing just a few lucky people from drowning. But the sound of the roaring water was soon replaced by a series of thunderous footsteps, slowly impacting into the earth below. The booming sounds were joined by the deep rumble of a massive creature breathing.

In the darkness stood a monster from before time could even remember. Its huge brontosaur-like feet stomped through the swamped streets and past the ruins of a destroyed Tokyo, his enormity almost too big to take in at once. Three rows of jagged, rock-like fins ran down the monster's mountainous back ending with spiny whip-like tail that seemed to do on for miles.

His clawed hands grasped the air as they hung, he marched on through the devastation. A jet opened fire from the sky, bullets split the darkness, and broke the silence. But it did nothing to halt the giant sea-monster as he kept moving forward obliviously, squashing small buildings and tanks beneath his mighty feet. His mammoth tail whipped back and forth, wiping away anything that wasn't already demolished by Manda's trail. The massive dinosaur paid no mind to the furious barrage of jet and tank fire refused to let up, Godzilla continued on with his path which seemed to be in the direction of the other monster, uncaring to whatever lay in his wake. The lumbering beast passed on, shrugging off explosions as it passed.

Manda began to stir at this point as a sound had managed to wake it up and catch its attention. His horned head hunkered down, as if it was almost startled by the noise. Manda let out a fearsome roar as it twisted its head to see a series of jets flying in and opening fire, trying to shoot the green snake off the tower!

Jets zoomed from all over, blasting Manda with all they had. Nothing seemed to faze the monster, snapping at jet after jet. The huge creature brought down every enemy, bursting into flames. Manda hissed as billowing fireballs erupted from the destruction. The light from the newborn inferno joined the rest of the hellfire that helped light up the night, revealing the source of the sound that unnerved the giant serpent. The ground cracked and rumbled under the tread of a massive clawed foot that came crashing down to the street below with a cacophonous boom. A force of nature barley known to mankind had risen up once again to restore balance.

Godzilla had returned.

The massive dinosaur towered over the city, even standing so high as the building Manda had coiled its body around. Staring down the serpentine monster with ferocious eyes that peeked out from beneath the creature's heavy brow, he let out a deep, warlike roar that climbed to a terrifyingly chilling crescendo that rang all across the air.

Hissing and squirming, Manda reared back at the legendary monster as the giant dinosaur approached the tower. Manda partially unwrapped itself and lunged quickly, latching to Godzilla's throat, its teeth clung to his rough skin. Manda bit down harder, sinking his fangs down deep, sending blood trickling down the monster king's chest.

Godzilla let loose a howl, but muscled through the painful bite and slammed his strong clawed hands into the side of the tower. With a mere shove, it was sent crashing to the ground along with Manda. As the tower slowly collapsed to the ground in a heap of of fire and smoke, the shrieking dragon was instantly buried in rubble

Godzilla stared down his opponent, who was quick to rise up from the wreckage. Shaking off debris as it stared at the enormous being before it with such animalistic hatred. Before Manda even had time to let out a roar, Godzilla pressed his mammoth foot onto the green creature's scowl, returning it to the ground with a thunderous thud.

He drove his massive clawed foot into the serpent's squirming body over and over, trying to crush Manda like a helpless worm. Manda hissed and thrashed in agony before managing to swing its feathery frilled tail onto one of the legs of Godzilla. The gigantic titan was sent toppling over from his sheer mass, scattering clouds of dust, smoke and fire from the impact.

Manda slithered toward its downed enemy, who was already trying to get back to his feet. The giant sea dragon slammed its body into the side of the primeval god with aggressive force, sending him falling back to the ground. Working fast, Manda began to coil its python-like body around the mountain that was the saurian leviathan. The serpent monster swiftly slid its long body around and around Godzilla's bulk, carefully maneuvering to avoid the jagged fins that protruded out of the downed monster's spiny back. Godzilla snapped in aggression, but was helpless to Manda, who had already began applying pressure. The terrible dragon would attempt to squeeze the life out of its prehistoric enemy, or die trying!

Godzilla slowly huffed and puffed as he began rising to his feet, heaving Manda high above him. Manda hissed and dug his claws into Godzilla's chest. But using his immense brute strength, the King of the Monsters went charging towards the nearest building, crashing into it and causing both to be swallowed up by debris and rubble yet again.

Rolling on the ground, Manda released hold of Godzilla. Both monsters began to rise from the wreckage, instantly going at it again. The two kaiju took turns furiously ripping at each other, showers of blood raining down into the streets below in huge car-sized scarlet droplets.

Neither leviathan refused to let up until the other was dead. Godzilla and Manda continued to lash out, both beasts shoving each other back and forth through the roads, ripping the ruins apart with their weight. Manda reared up and rammed its body into Godzilla, pushing the armored beast back. But the great dinosaur lumbered on.

Clouds of smoke and dust continued to billow up from the war zone. Fires blazing within the demolished buildings around them as they fought with such animalistic fury, grappling furiously as they disappeared amidst the wreckage they’re creating.

Surrounded by a sea of flames, Godzilla clawed at the underbelly of the enormous snake, which was met with Manda sinking its razor-sharp talons into Godzilla's face. They only got angrier by the minute. Godzilla lets out a dominating roar as he grabbed on to Manda's small shoulders and slammed the green dragon straight to the earth and asphalt.

Using the dense smoke as coverage, Manda’s serpentine form shot out of the smoke and latched on to Godzilla's gills. Godzilla grumbled and howled in excruciating agony as the giant serpent yanked Godzilla's enormous body down with tremendous power, dorsal fins snapping off from the force of scrapping against fallen structures.

A cloud of dust completely engulfed the mountainous reptile, covering his form and making it impossible to see the fallen monster. Manda let out another ear-splitting roar that echoed throughout the city. Checking for any movements, Manda went in for the kill. Manda snarled and flicked his tongue, tasting the air around it, Manda moved in to expect the body.

Suddenly a bright blue color illuminated from the smoke and fog, making a whirling sound as the blue color began to grow brighter and brighter, silhouetting Godzilla's smoke shrouded bulk. Manda's jaws opened, ready to strike. Godzilla took a deep breath, and as Manda lunged, mouth wide open, a blue flash sparked in the back of Godzilla's throat. A blast of bright flames erupted from his jaws, spraying down the lunging eel's throat!

Manda let out an ear-splitting shriek as it thrashed and twisted violently, its body instantly burning from the inside out. The sea dragon screeched out in agony as its body uncontrollably jerked and seethed. Blood curdling wails resonated throughout the streets as its body burned and withered away, the flesh melting from the bone. Godzilla puffed out his chest and released another shot of atomic breath at the dying monster's slithering, burning body, completely bathing its corpse in a blue wash of fire.

The battle was over, and Godzilla stood over Manda's squirming, smoldering corpse and let out a triumphant roar into the heavens.

He towered above the second city he had claimed from the vicious serpent. His enemy's mangled body lay smoldering below his massive feet. He rose and stood dominate over the world, like the alpha predator nature had designed him to be. Once again, he prevailed and vanquish another terrible abomination that had returned to earth. The King of the Monsters had claimed his title once again.

The soldiers watched from helicopters, hillsides and rooftops as Godzilla slowly lumbered his body back towards the bay. Shaking the ground with every footstep from his massive stomps, loud booms resonating through the city as he trudged on. They fell into silence as he waded back into the sea.

Moonlight gleamed over the calm sea as Godzilla sank beneath the ocean's churning waves. His jagged fins remained above the tide for a few seconds before sinking down. Godzilla had returned to the depths below, perhaps to never be seen again.

Godzilla® (Legendary)
Godzilla® (Legendary)