Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 175:
Match 175: Godzilla® (Heisei), Anguirus (Showa) and Rodan (Heisei) vs. Monster X
By: Joshua Reynolds

Rain fell in sheets and thunder boomed loudly. In the dark and empty streets of New York City, six eyes burned red as fire. An evil force was on the attack. From each of its six red orbs, bolts of extraterrestrial power launched. They struck nearby buildings, carving destruction in the monuments of men. Glass and debris added to the rain that fell, pulverizing the vehicles that had been left behind during the mass evacuation done in record time. It stepped onto Time Square, striking the famous landmarks with clenched fists as it raised hell.

The thing was humanoid in shape. The flesh that was exposed underneath ivory, bone-like armor was jet black and glistened in the downpour and lights of the city on fire. It had a tail that forked into two tips at the midpoint and ended in a mass of boney plates. Its entire visage was protected in skeletal armor, giving it the appearance of some sort of mythological demon. On each of its shoulders rested a sort of draconic half skull and its primary skull was crowned with two large, intricate spikes.

It was Monster X.

The demon of space was on a mission. Humanity was its target and this city would be the first of many to fall. One-by-one, populace-by-populace, Monster X would claim the Earth for its unearthly masters. Humanity fought back, but no weapon of man could stop this creature. Weapons made to destroy man were nothing compared to the raw savagery of the intergalactic abomination. Now it was alone, left to ravage the beautiful city of New York while humanity tried to dream up new ways of combating it.

Then off in the distance, a powerful booming ever so familiar roar. It was a sound that stretched as far as the city’s most outer limits. Monster X, in the midst of destroying downtown, lifted its head and turned around. Its thin, whip-like tail slapped the devastated city as it peered through the vast clouds of smoke and walls of fire. The noise came again. The alien tilted its head. It could feel the tremors in the ground as something even heavier than it approached. Then a faint blue glow gathered in the churning clouds of violence. A blue and white lance of energy erupted from the fires. It struck Monster X head-on, taking it by surprise. The alien fell back from the impact, its mask-like, skeletal armor sizzling. However, it was only down for a brief second. Monster X quickly climbed to its feet and kept low, looking into the hellish blaze as a gargantuan form emerged.

It was a form it did not expect. A living leviathan from a bygone age. A dinosaur by any other name. It was gigantic. A charcoal gray mountain of flesh and muscle. A saurian head with burning eyes looking at the alien as maple leaf-shaped spines generated an atomic power that danced between them. The monster roared, revealing two lines of serrated teeth hidden behind its lips. A long tail lifted and fell behind its body, hammering the ground with tremendous thuds.

Godzilla had arrived!

Monster X’s four eyes flickered with energy. It fired back, striking the kaiju king in the chest with its gravity beams. They exploded, pushing the mutated saurian back several steps and giving the invader enough time to charge forward. Its agility took Godzilla by surprise. The alien drove its knee up, smashing it into Godzilla’s stomach. Despite the impact, Godzilla remained standing. He pushed out with its hands, summoning his godly strength and forcing Monster X back. The alien lifted its hands and lashed out, forcing Godzilla’s hands apart and away at the same time. Monster X then jumped up and back at the same time, driving both of its feet into Godzilla’s snout. The monster king stumbled away, snarling in rage as Monster X rolled onto its stomach after landing on its back. Its eyes flashed again, firing point blank at the nuclear saurian.

As the giants rumbled, the streets began to shake once more. Vehicles across the battlefield began to sound as their alarms began to go off from the intense shaking. The pavement began to split, shooting geysers of dirt and rock that had been buried since the metropolis had been crafted by man. Spikes emerged from the expanding sink hole, followed by a crocodilian-like head tipped with a crest of curved horns and a single spike tipping its nostrils. Massive tusks hung low from its mouth as the thing climbed out of the hole, shaking its body like a dog would to dry itself.

It roared, its sounds catching both Godzilla and Monster X’s attention. The monster king roared back, causing Anguirus to call out once more. The prehistoric giant tore through surrounding buildings on a mission to join the fray.

At the same time, another cry came from up above. Monster X looked up, scanning the stormy clouds with its blood red eyes. A flying form was silhouetted by the flashes of the storm. It was gigantic, a wingspan as wide as Monster X was tall. It flew down, breaking the sound barrier with a loud boom.

In Monster X’s distracted state, Godzilla took advantage. He swung his tail, clubbing it across Monster X’s midsection. The alien fell back with a growl, striking the streets and falling into the subway underneath. As the surrounding structures gave way and fell, Anguirus came out of no where. He pounced the fallen invader like a mad dog, barking and roaring as it dragged tooth and claw across the alien’s armored form. Monster X reached out, catching the saurian’s jaws mere meters before they could close on its face.

Rodan swooped in low, circling around Godzilla before landing on a rooftop. The fastest flyer in all of the kaiju-dom cried aloud, his calls mixing with that of the thunder.

Monster X managed to bring its feet up and push out, catapulting Anguirus off of it. The spiked quadruped flew past Godzilla, impacting the building Rodan had landed on. The flying monster launched back into the air as the structure came down like a house of cards, burying Anguirus in countless tons of rubble. Monster X began to stir, growling softly as its eyes burned with power. Rodan’s beak opened up and violet energy gathered in his throat. A beam of pure radiation launched, filling the area Monster X stood in with fire. Godzilla added to the assault, firing wildly with his beam.

As a titanic ball of fire grew in size, Monster X leapt from the blaze. It spun in midair, whipping its forked tail across Godzilla’s face. A small trickle of red began to flow from the monster king’s nostril as the alien invader landed right before him. It then brought both of its armored forearms up, smashing each on either side of Godzilla’s skull with a resonating thud. Godzilla fell to a knee from the collision, eyes rolling and head ringing.  Monster X lifted a clenched fist and brought it down, smashing it over and over on Godzilla’s forehead.

Rodan called out from behind and fired once more, striking Monster X’s back. As a shower of sparks fell all around, the alien’s upper torso turned. Its eyes fired back, striking Rodan with several gravity bolts. Despite the impacts across its shoulders and wings, the massive pterosaur flew in fast. His talons outstretched as he came down, slashing at Monster X’s face. The alien reached up, grabbing Rodan’s ankles with ease. It then dragged the winged monster down, hammering the ground with his body. A purple blast of nuclear energy fired up, missing Monster X by several meters, but causing the alien to release his ankles.

Godzilla grabbed Monster X by the back, squeezing the extraterrestrial with all of his strength while pulling him up, lifting its feet off the ground in a kaiju-sized, reverse bear hug. Monster X’s limbs began to flail about as it growled, shooting bolts of alien power in every direction from its eyes.

As if answering Godzilla’s calls, Anguirus burst from the rubble of the collapsed building. His arms, legs, tail, and head quickly tucked into his body as he formed a ball of spikes with his armadillo-like carapace. The ankylosaur-like kaiju struck Monster X as Godzilla held it tight, hitting once and then bouncing off only to repeat the process. Each impact chipped and cracked the alien’s skeletal armor and some spikes penetrated its dark flesh, causing streams of dark ichor to flow from the wounds.

After several impacts, Godzilla spun his body and let go of Monster X, throwing it. The alien called out as it crashed through numerous buildings, rolling to a stop at the base of one of New York’s largest. It remained on all fours, chest heaving and mist escaping its mouth. Every inch of its body hurt. But the alien remained valiant on finishing its mission of human extinction. Godzilla stormed in with a mighty bellow, spines flickering once more. His atomic ray launched, engulfing Monster X in a spiraling explosion. Rodan lifted up behind the monster king, firing himself once more. The alien was swallowed up by the expanding blast. The building looming over it began to sway as the support was burned and blasted away. Windows began to break, sending glass falling into the fire until the entire structure came down, and entombing Monster X like it did Anguirus earlier.

As the dust cleared and rubble settled, the three kaiju champions stood side-by-side. Their alien opponent was seemingly vanquished. All three leviathans let loose their iconic roars, proclaiming their victory to the entire world and the countless organisms within it…

But as their drawn-out, booming calls slowly ceased, something else was also making noise. A soft, muffled noise was coming from the mountain of ruin that was once a skyscraper. It was as if some sort of twisted, low pitched laughter. Then the rubble began to slowly pulsate, like a giant heart was underneath. An avalanche of debris rolled down it as it began to part and a hand emerged, clenched in a fist. Monster X was far from dead. It was very much alive. Now its eyes burned even brighter with malice. With every breath, white mist escaped both its mouth and the jaws on each of its shoulder-mounted half-skulls. Its deadly gaze was locked on its earthly adversaries and its arms extended outward. Suddenly, a pair of gigantic wings ripped from its back!

Rodan cackled and took to the air, lavender lightning dancing between his three cranial horns. Monster X growled and lifted gently into the air before speeding up, meeting Rodan as he charged. The two collided with such force a shockwave blew craters into the structures below. Rodan’s beam fired, missing completely as Monster X used the inertia of his charge to swing behind the pterosaur. Its left arm wrapped around Rodan’s throat and right hand clenched his skull. The pair fell.

Godzilla and Anguirus charged in as Monster X remained standing above Rodan’s back, holding the winged kaiju’s head in his hands. The reptile’s wings flapped like mad, but he had not the strength to free himself. The alien then looked at Godzilla and Anguirus, eyes burning with hate before twisting the hand holding Rodan’s head. The pterosaur’s neck was twisted instantly, a sickening crack echoing. At that moment, both Godzilla and Anguirus stopped dead in their tracks. All movement from Rodan ceased as its head and wings went limp. The invader let go of its head and moved its arm, allowing the broken neck to fall the ground.

Rodan, the mighty pterosaur, was dead.

Anguirus screamed in rage. The brawny saurian tucked his body tight and rolled, bouncing off the streets with immense force. Monster X’s thunderous roar echoed throughout the valley’s of the concrete jungle. It remained steady, standing over Rodan’s carcass as its opponent ran blind with anger. Mere seconds before the rolling kaiju made impact, Monster X’s right arm lifted. Its flesh pulsated and muscles expanded. Across its entire body, the armor began to shift and become thicker, turning a bizarre mixture of golden and dark blue. The thickened limb, nearly three times the size it was before, hit the bouncing Anguirus like a bat. The armored kaiju squealed as he was struck and sent flying back at tremendous speeds. Godzilla ducked his head, barely dodging Anguirus as his ally vanished deeper into the city.

Godzilla growled, turning his head from where Anguirus vanished behind the skyline and back toward his unearthly foe. The nuclear saurian bellowed in fury. Atomic power surged throughout his entire form, but this power wasn’t the usual blue. It was red. A burning force as powerful as the atomic bomb itself. The energy channeled into Godzilla’s muzzle and the kaiju king let loose with his spiral fire ray. The air around Godzilla’s spines, mouth, and beam began to warp. The streets and rubble beneath the burning ray of fiery plasma melted into slag.

A sickening, parrot-like laughter came from Monster X as the beam quickly closed the distance.

The alien’s body fell onto all fours and from its shoulders, serpentine necks rapidly grew. Snapping jaws fired as horns emerged from each. A trio of golden beams caught    Godzilla’s immensely powerful ray. It was pushed back. Godzilla struggled, his feet digging trenches into the ground as he refused to relent until the unthinkable happened. His own ray was pushed down his throat by this new form of his adversary. Godzilla fell, his entire body blanketed in the explosion generated by his own, super-powered beam. Parts of Godzilla’s upper torso were burnt and peeled off, but the nuclear saurian was still alive. He rolled over with a groan and bore witness to the final transformation of Monster X.

It was different, but also familiar. It was reminiscent of one of his greatest foes. It was a Ghidorah, but not a King. This was something more. Something bigger and even more deadly. A Keizer. A Keizer Ghidorah.

The giant of giants was far larger than anything Godzilla had ever encountered in his sixty-plus years of existence. It began to march toward him, the very ground shuttering with each foot step and cratering underneath its gigantic feet. The nuclear saurian growled, weakly pushing himself off the ruined ground. The thing’s unholy shrieking made Godzilla’s woozy head come to. He shook his skull and radiation coursed through his spines. An atomic ray fired at point blank, but Keizer Ghidorah’s left head fired. It caught the ray, throwing it aside with ease.

The three-headed abomination reared up on its hind legs, shrieking loudly. It then came down, driving its tremendous feet and massive girth into Godzilla’s ribcage. A sickening crack came from Godzilla’s side as his bones cracked and gave way, piercing his inner organs. Crimson blood began to seep from Godzilla’s jaws as Keizer Ghidorah pushed off of his body only to come back down with a crashing thud and shrieking calls.

Suddenly, Anguirus’ booming roars came from the side. The much smaller, but extraordinarily brave, kaiju rushed in to save his longtime friend. Keizer Ghidorah’s center head fired, striking the ground before the brutish reptile. Anguirus paused for a moment before charging again, ripping through the smoke and fire generated by the gravity bolt. The monster lunged, leaping from the ground with his fangs bared. He came down, pressing his weight into Keizer Ghidorah’s left neck and sinking his teeth into the serpentine neck. His jaws squeezed as hard as they could muster, but his teeth just weren’t sharp enough and jaws just not strong enough to draw blood from the living nightmare.

Keizer Ghidorah’s other heads wrapped around his limbs and their jaws clamped onto his shoulders. Anguirus was peeled off of Keizer Ghidorah with ease. The dinosaur whined, but his surprise attack allowed Godzilla to recover. His regenerative powers were already at work repairing the damage done by Keizer’s assaults. The monster king growled and moved in, grabbing Anguirus’ tails as Keizer Ghidorah held him tight. He pulled with all of his strength, causing Keizer Ghidorah’s teeth to tear through Anguirus’ flesh and hold chunks of his meat. The dinosaur fell onto all fours, looking back at Godzilla and nodding.

Keizer Ghidorah shrieked, rearing up once more.

Still holding Anguirus’ tail, Godzilla used his friend as a weapon. Anguirus’ limbs and head tucked into his body as the kaiju king transformed his body into a spiked club. A thunderous blow caused Keizer Ghidorah to nearly flip backward as it stumbled away. The hydra crashed back down from the impact, knees buckling. Godzila readied to strike Keizer Ghidorah again, but the alien’s three jaws spat gravity beams once more. All three hit Anguirus in midair, catching him instantly. The abomination used its beams to rip Anguirus out of Godzilla’s hold and throw him aside. Snarling in disbelief, Godzilla rushed once more. Keizer Ghidorah’s trio of snapping jaws shot down, the center on the top of his head and the other two on each shoulder.

A faint blue glow began to gather in each of Keizer’s throats as he gorged. Godzilla’s eyes began to roll in their sockets as he could feel his very power being siphoned like a sponge does water. He reached up, grabbing Keizer Ghidorah’s necks and holding them tightly. A blast of atomic fire appeared in Godzilla’s throat before vanishing back down into the depths of his body. That energy then detonated within him and exploded out of every square inch of his frame. Keizer Ghidorah’s jaws were forced off, tearing chunks of bloody meat along with. It backed away as Godzilla collapsed, gasping for air. A lot of his power had been drained in but a few short seconds. He’d surely have to raid a nuclear plant in order to recharge after this intense battle.

Keizer Ghidorah shook its three heads before moving in again, ready to drain Godzilla dry. However, Anguirus suddenly clamped his jaws around its left, rear ankle. Its head looked back, firing a gravity bolt that quickly knocked it away. Anguirus lifted on his hind legs, but another quick blast of alien power caused him to fall onto his back. His limbs flailed as he tried to right himself, but his spikes had become impaled in the upturned streets. Keizer Ghidorah cackled in ravenous glee before lifting up onto its hind legs. Anguirus’ eyes opened wide in terror. He called aloud and Godzilla fired onto Keizer’s back, but the atomic ray went without notice. The titanic thing came down. Over a hundred-thousand tons of raw alien muscle mass smashed into Anguirus’ exposed chest. Instantly, Anguirus’ jaws exploded into a mixture of blood and gore. Chunks of Anguirus’ lungs and other organs shot forth from his tooth-lined mouth as the impact crushed his chest cavity like a grape. All movement from the smaller kaiju ceased and his head fell limp, flooding the landscape with a wash of blood oozing out of his mouth.

Godzilla pushed himself to a stance, bellowing in absolute rage. Keizer Ghidorah turned around, dragging its feet across the ground to rid itself of Anguirus’ innards that clung to them. The nuclear monster touched his chest with his arm, still feeling the tremendous loss of energy due to Keizer Ghidorah’s draining hold. The hydra shrieked, its three heads then opening wide. Godzilla readied himself, but the gravity beams that fired didn’t exploded on contact. Instead they generated a gravitational force that held him fast. He was lifted off the ground and spun. He was then dropped, smashing hard into the ground. Keizer Ghidorah didn’t stop. He used his beams to lift the monster king once more, this time dropping him on the bloodied remains of Anguirus.

Keizer Ghidorah seemed to chuckle as Godzilla looked down in horror at the lifeless, bloodied face of his oldest ally and most trusted friend. He refused to relent. He didn’t have much power left. A crimson flash erupted from Godzilla’s spines as he pushed himself to a stance and turned, firing his spiral fire ray point blank at Keizer Ghidorah. The beam struck just beneath the hydra’s trio of necks, blossoming into a colossal ball of fire that sent chunks of the alien’s flesh raining across the battlefield. However, as the smoke and fire dwindled, Keizer Ghidorah remained standing. It was the last bit of power Godzilla had in his body…

Keizer Ghidorah’s three heads shot down, gripping Godzilla by the throat and his hands. With ease, the monstrosity hoisted him up off the ground, leaving only the tip of his tail to dangle and touch the ground. The blue glow returned to Keizer’s body as he began to devour the very essence of the King of the Monsters. Foam began to roll from Godzilla’s mouth in sheets as his muscles shrunk in size. His energy was being drained, from every part of his body. Every muscle and cell, every fiber of his being was being drained of every last bit of energy. His eyes sunk in and skin began to hug tightly at his bones. The bulky frame of Godzilla was becoming thin and wiry. His lips sucked up into his face, exposing his teeth that began to drop as the moisture within his mouth vanished entirely. Godzilla’s claws began to fall from his feet and hands. His spines became loose and flakily, some cracking and others falling from his back entirely.

After several moments, Godzilla was but a husk of semi-transparent skin clinging tightly to dried bones. The three jaws released their quarry. Godzilla’s body fell, bones cracking and breaking upon impact. The monster king was dead. Keizer Ghidorah cackled in glee, kicking the shrunken skull of Godzilla with its left foot. The skull disintegrated into dust upon impact. Now, there was not a new king of the monsters, but a Keizer. And now it could finish its mission totally unopposed...

Monster X
Monster X