Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 174:
Match 174: Anguirus (Showa) vs. Titanosaurus
By: Jerry Hobson

Winter descended upon the wilderness of Canada, encrusting the forests in sparkling white snow for as far as the eye could see and stretching all the way to the coast, engulfing a long forgotten lumberjack sawmill in its midst. Animals had taken refuge within the surrounding trees and even inside the age-old buildings themselves, looking to hibernate till spring, but they were in for a rude awakening…

Rearing his head over the hillside, Anguirus bellowed a triumphant roar, rocking the trees that hadn’t been bulldozed on his arrival around him as he saw the glistening water ahead. He had trekked for weeks, but his destination was within reach. Just like his smaller peers below, Anguirus was preparing for the winter and across the stretch of water was the Canadian mainland, his chosen place of slumber.

As he loomed closer to shore, a huge wave erupted from the channel and a towering red devil emerged, shrieking and cackling into the sky. It then laid its eyes upon Anguirus and its upper lip slowly curled...

Titanosaurus gazed upon the world for the first time in countless centuries. It had been millennia ago since air has breezed upon his thick scales, his fins had swayed in the wind…or his appetite had been so big. After having woken from a deep freeze of 75 million years, Titanosaurus looked upon the shore, spotting his first meal in sight. He flexed his muscly arms and shrieked at Anguirus, challenging the smaller kaiju to battle, to which he accepted. If defeating this behemoth was Anguirus’ only way of passage through, then so be it. Standing on his hind legs, Anguirus let out a defiant roar, determination and fury raging within his eyes.

Titanosaurus set foot on shore, bearing his full height upon Anguirus. While refusing to show it, Anguirus was taken aback as to how large his opponent was, he stood taller than even Godzilla himself. Showing no signs of backing down, Anguirus pounced, lunging for his bigger opponent, but his efforts were swiftly met with a blow to the face. Titanosaurus cackled gleefully and closed in on his dazed opponent.

Anguirus was stunned shortly after Titanosaurus’ heavy blow, but recovered quickly. He was used to this sort of beating, but knew he’d have to give far more than he could take if he wanted to claim the victory. He stood up to his full height and roared, taunting the dinosaur that his blow was nothing to him. Eager to put the smaller kaiju down, Titanosaurus’ fist flew again towards Anguirus but it was met with the monster’s own four-fingered claw. Anguirus met the other hand before it could reach him and the monsters fiercely wrestled with each other. Anguirus was small but he could hold his ground, although against savage opposition such as Titanosaurus, he had to act quickly if he wanted to gain the upper hand.

Hunger was driving Titanosaurus mad, his instincts quickly overwhelming his situational awareness. Without even thinking, the monster tore his hands away from Anguirus and lunged for the armoured kaiju’s neck with his jaws, being too quick for Anguirus to react to and sunk his teeth into his throat, drawing first blood.

Luckily for Anguirus, Titanosaurus’ teeth were small for his size as he mainly fed on sea life during his reign in the Mesozoic Era and so weren’t as lethal as they would be if another kaiju was in his position. Taking advantage of this, Anguirus clawed and battered Titanosaurus’ face and cheekbones until the monster let go. He wasn’t used to his prey fighting back and grew frustrated by Anguirus’ refusal to submit. Almost as soon as he was released, Anguirus charged head on, racing into the monster’s body and ripping flesh from his torso, his front horn piercing through Titanosaurus’ skin. Instantly reacting out of shock and pain, Titanosaurus bellowed a shrieking cackle and booted Anguirus’ jaw; stunning his attacker and sending him careening into the side of one of the old sawmill buildings.

Making his moment count, Titanosaurus followed up by kicking Anguirus over to his soft underbelly, his one point of exposure, and dug in with his teeth and claws. The snow beneath their feet gradually became redder and redder as Titanosaurus’ fury continued, tearing at his opponent’s skin till there was none. The dinosaur monster cackled with triumph as he sliced away. However, Anguirus persevered and endured the pain, retaliating by using his spiky tail to pierce his opponent. The spikes slashed at the dinosaur’s back and tail until he withdrew. Anguirus saw the opportunity to get back up. Rolling onto his gashed stomach, he attempted to stand back up, but Titanosaurus wasn’t finished yet...

As Anguirus tried getting all four of his feet back on the ground of the blood-soaked snow, Titanosaurus seized the monster’s serrated tail, overcoming the pain with sheer will and anger. He dragged Anguirus’ tail round in a circular motion until his four legs were off the ground and was spinning considerably fast. Finally releasing his grip, Titanosaurus hurled Anguirus, sending him soaring to the other side of a nearby mountain. The blood from Titanosaurus’ hands dripped continuously onto the ground, but he wasn’t bothered by that. This meal had shown tenacity and spirit in its fight for survival against the prehistoric titan. He was sure that Anguirus wasn’t out for the count that easily. Snarling as he made his way to confirm his kill, Titanosaurus was disturbed by rumbling tremors in the ground...

As he looked around him, the ground shaking ever so furiously, Titanosaurus couldn’t see anything beneath the thick snow that covered the surface. The thought of treading back to his aquatic home occurred to him, yet he couldn’t let a meal like this pass up. Undecided by his own thoughts, he left himself open and was horrified when the ground erupted from beneath him, snow-covered spikes revealed themselves and Titanosaurus was toppled onto his stomach as Anguirus emerged from the snow, the monster’s foot grasped in his jaws.

With the titan in his power, Anguirus loomed over Titanosaurus, pinning his arm down and grabbing the beast’s head, slamming it into the ground repeatedly until the snow turned red and the wails of the ancient monster grew weaker and weaker. When Titanosaurus stopped howling, Anguirus’ beatings stopped along with it. Grabbing his head by the fin, Anguirus claimed victory and roared triumphantly in the kaiju’s face, tossing his opponent aside and made his way towards the shore. To Titanosaurus, however, this was the perfect opportunity to counterattack...

As Anguirus paddled into the bitter, cold sea, Titanosaurus dragged himself across the blood-soaked snow, his hands still weak from the spikes on Anguirus’ tail. He slipped nose first into the water and took off after his opponent, slowly being reinvigorated from his familiar surroundings. While Anguirus was a capable swimmer, he was no master of the sea. What was about to happen would put him at a huge disadvantage. Titanosaurus’ jaws dug into Anguirus’ foot and dragged the smaller kaiju underwater before he could react.

Anguirus gathered that both his opponent wasn’t defeated just yet, and that they were fighting on his turf now. Titanosaurus’ streamlined body made him an adept swimmer, allowing him to swim at fast speeds and attack his prey swiftly and fiercely before they could react. Anguirus’ round body made him very vulnerable in the water. The dinosaur monster surged towards Anguirus, dashing past his enemy, but his wide tail caught him smack-bang in the jaw. Seizing the moment, Titanosaurus thrust himself at his smaller opponent, his small teeth again grasping his neck and through sheer force, dragged the kaiju deeper and deeper beneath the waves in an attempt to drown him.

The water around them was quickly becoming coloured like the bloodied snow above as the two kaiju tussled for power over the other. Anguirus knew he had to act fast if he was to have any chance of survival. Clawing away at Titanosaurus’ face, the determined kaiju saw his chance. Reaching his bleeding neck over just enough, Anguirus bit down onto Titanosaurus’ head fins. Taken by surprise, Titanosaurus retracted his mouth and claws as he gurgled in pain.

Helpless against Anguirus’ stronger jaws, he lost his skin as it was ripped from his head by his ferocious opponent. Further not letting this golden chance at victory be wasted, Anguirus lunged for Titanosaurus’ neck. Unlike his sea dwelling adversary, his teeth were well equipped for digging into the rough and thick skin of other kaiju. Sinking his teeth deep into the dinosaurs’ throat, Anguirus began pushing upwards towards the surface as his larger opponent struggled for his life. With his gills ripped to pieces, Titanosaurus needed immediate air to breathe if he was survived, but unfortunately, fate had other plans. When Anguirus felt Titanosaurus had stopped struggling, he released his grip, letting his opponent sink into the red abyss, his home, below. Titanosaurus disappeared beneath the mighty waves again just like he had 75 million years ago, only this time it was for good.

Anguirus surfaced onto the nearest piece of land he could find. He was bruised, battered but ultimately triumphant. He’d conquered his foe and laid the titan to rest in his own domain. Rearing up on his hind legs, Anguirus bellowed a mighty howl for all to hear, rocking trees and sending gulls and other birds scattering in all directions. Settling back down, Anguirus turned, dragging his tail along the sparkling white plains and plodded forward, continuing his journey south, leaving bulldozed trees and a trail of faint red snow in his wake.

Anguirus (Showa)