Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 173:
Match 173: Mechagodzilla® (Showa) vs. Gomora and Moguera (Heisei)
By: Kenneth James

The night scene in Hong Kong was once more turned into a deadly cavalcade of horror as a juggernaut tore through the city, leveling all in his wake. But this destroyer seemed to be none other than Godzilla himself! The towering titan smashed buildings to rubble under his massive feet or with his claws. Despite the military’s best attempts to stop him, nothing had so much as halted his advance.

As Godzilla approached the financial district, his foot suddenly sank into the ground. He let out a strangely mechanical roar as he toppled over and smashed through a skyscraper next to him. The King of the Monster’s roared again, once more not his iconic roar but a mechanical screech, as he rose to his feet to face whatever challenger dared oppose him. Before him rose from the Earth the ancient kaiju Gomora, roaring in challenge. Godzilla let out another oddly mechanical screech and prepared for battle.

Gomora roared back, sensing this wasn’t the Godzilla he knew, this one sounded and smelled odd. Gomora was friends with Godzilla, even if they’d clashed at times, and he knew Godzilla’s scent. This wasn’t Godzilla. Gomora let out another roar and charged, horn lowered, barreling down the street straight for Godzilla. However, he found his horn caught and a hail of blows sent into his head. The prehistoric creature refused to be beaten so easily and snaked his long tail around, wrapping it around Godzilla’s ankle and tugging it out from under him, sending the King of the Monster falling backward through a small market. Not wanting to let up, Gomora sent slash after slash from his claws into the atomic saurian’s hide, each strike sending a shower of sparks. Before he could continue his onslaught, Godzilla let loose a ray of heat from his mouth, staggering Gomora back off of him…but something wasn’t right about it, Godzilla’s atomic breath was blue, and this was orange. Gomora was now 100% sure he wasn’t fighting the real Godzilla, if the strange atomic ray didn‘t give it away, the fact he‘d uncovered glimmering silver metal with his claws did.

Godzilla rose to his feet and swiped Gomora’s head several times, staggering the kaiju back before doubling him over with a kick to the ribs. Godzilla got himself in position and wrapped his hands around the kaiju’s upper and lower jaws, using his leverage to hold Gomora’s head down and trying with all his might to snap his jaws like twigs. However, right as he was about to succeed, a pair of yellow energy streams struck him in the back, sending off explosions and forcing him to release Gomora, sending the Ultra Kaiju to the ground as the King turned to view his new challenger.

Moguera descended from the night sky and landed a few meters away from Godzilla. “Yuki,” said Koji, looking at the database in Moguera’s computers. “According to G-Force database, Godzilla and Gomora are normally on good terms back on Monster Island.”

“That doesn’t make sense,” replied Kiyoshi, confused. “If they’re friends, then why would Gomora attack Godzilla?”

Yuki waited to reply, looking the ‘Godzilla’ in front of them over carefully. He had Moguera’s computer zoom in on a spot in the monster’s chest, revealing the silver metal that Gomora’s attacks had uncovered. “It’s not the real Godzilla, it’s just an imitation,” explained Yuki, he knew Godzilla better than most people, he didn’t need that metal to tell this one was a fake, but it gave him proof for his teammates. “Fire Plasma Cannon,” he ordered.

Moguera’s chest opened up, revealing a massive dish which suddenly let loose a powerful beam of rainbow colored energy. The beam slammed into Fake Godzilla with tremendous force, but the juggernaut remained standing. However, the resulting explosion blew off chunks of fake skin, the smoke clearing to reveal and massive spot of silver metal.

Koji gasped. “You’re right! It’s just a robot!”

Suddenly, the screen before them activated, showing a man wearing a silver suit. “You’re quite right,” he explained. “I am Kuronuma, leader of the aliens from the third planet of the black hole, I see you’ve already met our Mechagodzilla.”

Yuki growled. “Let me guess, you’re here to take over the world? Well everyone has tried, they always fail.”

Kuronuma laughed. “But they didn’t have a war machine like this, allow me to show you the true power of Mechagodzilla!” he said, pushing a button in front of him, his image disappearing.

Suddenly, Fake Godzilla’s body was covered in flames, burning away the fake outer skin to reveal the true mechanized monster beneath them. Mechagodzilla quickly let out a mechanical screech and fired lasers from his eyes, slamming into Moguera’s chest and driving it back, sparks flying from its body and controls. Moguera tried to counter with its own eye lasers, but Mechagodzilla’s Space Titanium armor was too strong and withstood it. Mechagodzilla raised its arm, the hand revolving around before locking into place and firing a barrage of missiles from the fingers. The projectiles slammed into Moguera’s form, rocking the mecha with explosions before it toppled over to the ground, sparks flying from its form.

Mechagodzilla screeched and approached to finish the job, only for a recovered Gomora to grab him from behind and send blows raining into its armor. Unfeeling, the alien killing machine launched an elbow backward, smashing into Gomora’s nose, staggering him back. Mechagodzilla quickly turned around and smashed its arms into Gomora's skull repeatedly, metal meeting flesh with showers of sparks until Mechagodzilla’s assault finally knocked Gomora to the ground. Mechagodzilla kicked Gomora repeatedly, rolling him over so he could stomp on his throat, trying to choke the life from the heroic kaiju.

“Status report!” yelled Yuki.

“We can get movement back online, but it’ll take time!” replied Koji.

“Gomora doesn’t have time, and we‘ll need his help to stop Mechagodzilla,” replied Yuki. “Can the arms move?” he asked, getting a nod from Kiyoshi. “Then fire Spiral Grenade Missiles,” he ordered, the other two complying.

Moguera’s cone-like hands sprung open, the missiles inside spinning to life and firing. The two massive rocket slammed hard into Mechagodzilla’s back, but the alien metal composing him held with minimal damage. Mechagodzilla’s head spun around on its neck, facing backward and preparing his eye lasers, only for Gomora to take the opportunity to charge energy into his nasal horn and fire the Super Oscillatory Ray. The sheer force of the beam forced Mechagodzilla back and did some minor damage, but more importantly, allowed Gomora to regain his footing. Gomora began charging the beam again, but Mechagodzilla took the opportunity to begin spinning his head around rapidly, a blue force field spreading out around him from his head. Gomora’s beam slammed into the force field but didn’t have the strength to penetrate, even when the downed Moguera tried adding its eye cannons to the assault, ultimately proving a waste of time and energy. Realizing this, Gomora charged forward and slammed into the barrier with all the force he could muster. Gomora was quickly repelled, roaring in pain as the areas of his body that made contact smoked from the force they had encountered.

Mechagodzilla finally lowered his barrier, hands rotating into position and firing his finger missiles. This time, however, the missiles merely lodged deeply into Gomora’s chest and shoulders instead of exploding, drawing blood and a roar of agony from the ancient monster. As blood poured down Gomora’s body, Mechagodzilla opened the panel on his chest and locked all weapons on him. Mechagodzilla unleashed his entire arsenal on Gomora’s body, sending massive explosions of smoke and fire high into the night sky. When the onslaught finally ended, Gomora bellowed in pain and fell to the ground, unconscious.

“Systems back online!” reported Koji.

“Good, let’s show Mechagodzilla what a real robot can do,” said Yuki.

Moguera took off with its rockets, sailing through the air and smashing its bulk into Mechagodzilla, sending the alien death machine crashing to the ground for the first time the entire fight. Moguera landed before Mechagodzilla could stand up and let loose with its auto lasers, but the Space Titanium armor withstood the attacks as the war machine stood up and fired a jigged beam of energy from his chest. Moguera barely managed to evade the beam by flying upward, the beam tearing through the International Finance Building, slicing it clean in two and sending the top half toppling over into a row of buildings. Moguera lowered its arms and fired the Plasma Cannon once again, but while Mechagodzilla was staggered, his armor held up, barely missing with a counterattack from Mechagodzilla's eye lasers.

“Sir, none of our weapons are doing any good!” reported Kiyoshi. “It’s armor is too thick!”

Yuki thought things over. “…Get in close, drill attack,” he ordered.

“But sir, then we’ll be left wide open for a counterattack!” replied Koji, earning a ‘do as I say’ look from Yuki.

Moguera landed and rolled full speed at Mechagodzilla, nose drill revving up to top speed. When they reached Mechagodzilla, the drill tried with all its might to tear through the armor to no avail. Mechagodzilla opened its chest panel, intended to fire its chest beam through Moguera.

“Got you, you hunk of hardware!” yelled Yuki, pressing pulling a trigger.

Moguera’s still opened chest cannon suddenly let loose a powerful stream of plasma, blasting Mechagodzilla point blank. Mechagodzilla staggered back, sparks flying from damaged areas of its body, most importantly, the crystal in its chest cannon had been obliterated and the door crippled, leaving a hole in its armor. However, before Moguera could exploit it, Mechagodzilla’s hand missiles spun into place and fired, strike Moguera’s exposed plasma cannon and obliterating it in a huge explosion, Moguera’s systems crashing from the sudden damage, allowing Mechagodzilla to fire his eye lasers through the hole, erupting out the back of Moguera’s upper body. Badly damaged, Moguera toppled over to the ground.

The robotic Godzilla screeched in victory, only for its legs to suddenly be torn out from under it by Gomora erupting from underground, having recovered from the all-out attack earlier. Gomora quickly took advantage of the grounded Mechagodzilla and wrapped his hands around the robotic killer’s stub of a tail. With all his might, he lifted Mechagodzilla off the ground and spun him around, letting loose and sending him plowing through a skyscraper and burying him under rubble. Gomora roared and charged, wanting to reach Mechagodzilla before he could recover. Gomora’s efforts were for naught, as the alien war machine’s eye lasers launched out of the rubble, striking him in the knee and tripping him, knocking him to the ground. Mechagodzilla rose out of the smoldering rubble, he didn’t need to recover, he was a machine, he knew no pain, and he only delivered it. He marched over and lowered his finger missiles at Gomora’s head, preparing to finish him off.

Moguera suddenly flew in, sparks flying from its damaged form, colliding with Mechagodzilla and driving him backward several meters. Moguera finally came to a stop and drove its cone shaped hand into the hole in Mechagodzilla’s armor and opened it, tearing the hole open deeper. Gomora, recovered, got back to his feet and slammed his tail into Mechagodzilla repeatedly as Moguera’s managed to hold it in place, however, Mechagodzilla swiftly swung his head around behind him and fired, shooting Gomora in the head with his eye lasers and staggering him backward.

“Alright, bail out!” ordered Yuki, seeing this as a perfect time to do so while Mechagodzilla's attention was on Gomora.

“What, why?” asked Koji, confused.

“One more hit and Moguera’s finished,” Yuki explained, pressing buttons. “We don’t want to be in here when that happens, do we?” he asked, his co-pilots nodding. They ran to the escape pods, but Yuki momentarily stayed behind and set Moguera’s weapons system on a timer before joining them.

As the escape pod launched from Moguera’s body, Mechagodzilla tried hard to tear himself free. However, in moments, Moguera’s body lit up as it fired every weapon it had that was still functioning into Mechagodzilla point blank. The resulting explosion obscured both of them from view.

“Holy crap!” yelled Kiyoshi. He looked to Yuki. “What did you just do?”

Yuki just smirked. “Set Moguera to fire all its weapons at once after we’d escaped.”

Koji shook his head. “You’re crazy…and I’m glad you’re on our side.”

Mechagodzilla staggered through the smoke, his systems sparking and his chest torn wide open. He could still function, but he’d been badly damaged. However the much less durable Moguera was left laying crippled on the ground from the huge blast, large parts of its form blown clean off, but it was still salvageable. Mechagodzilla’s controllers ordered him to retreat to base for repairs…but Gomora had other ideas.

Gomora grabbed the damaged Mechagodzilla by the legs and pulled him back to the ground as he tried to take off. Mechagodzilla, realizing it had to get away by any means possible, drove his mechanical fingers into Gomora’s right eye, stabbing it out. Seeing Gomora in agony, his controls had second thoughts and ordered him to finish off Gomora before returning, realizing the powerful monster could indeed pose a threat if left alive. Mechagodzilla complied by wrapping one arm around Gomora’s head and shoving his other into Gomora’s mouth, trying to shove them up through his mouth and into his brain.

Gomora struggled as the metal fingers of the robotic Godzilla began drawing blood in his mouth. Gomora looked for a way out and noticed the hole in Mechagodzilla’s chest. Knowing it was his only chance, Gomora swung his tail up and smashed the side of Mechagodzilla’s arm that was holding his head in place. It took several hits but finally, he forced the arm to loosen its hold, allowing him to knock both arms away. Seizing the opportunity, he drove his horn forward, driving it deep into the exposed circuitry of Mechagodzilla before letting loose a Super Oscillatory Ray through it. Mechagodzilla screeched as its systems began overloading and exploding from the energy being launched into his form until finally, Gomora, with a great deal of effort, swung his head up, launching Mechagodzilla through the air and smashing into the ground, the energy coursing through him causing the alien death machine to explode in a huge fireball, Space Titanium raining down from the blast.

Gomora panted, clutching the bleeding hole where his eye had previously been. He may have lost an eye, but he’d certainly won the battle. He turned to see Moguera’s crew on a building, safe and sound, Yuki giving the monster a salute for fighting alongside Moguera this day. Gomora roared, showing respect of his own, before plowing into the ground and burrowing off, heading back home.

Gomora Moguera (Heisei)
Gomora Moguera (Heisei)