Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 172:
Match 172: Anguirus (Showa) & Baragon (Showa) vs. Mechagodzilla® (Showa) & Monster X
By: David Click

The ground shook upon his approach. One of the most powerful creatures on Earth, Anguirus, smashed his way through the thick wall of trees adorning Monster Island with no effort. His muscular legs, made powerful from years of supporting his tonnage and carrying him into battle time and again, brushed trees hundreds of years old away.

Some distance away, a similar rumbling could be felt. As with Anguirus, Baragon's mighty legs plowed through the dense forest with ease, the trees not slowing him down in the least. Today was a day both of these beasts had been looking forward to for some time now. There were no other kaiju around. No humans or their damned machines either. No one to interrupt them. Something inside both creatures made them yearn to engage in combat the moment they first laid eyes on each other. Now nothing was going to deny them their destiny...or so they thought.

As both quadrupedal combatants neared each other, an eerie sound was detected from above by the both of them. They stopped, and groaned. It appeared as though they weren't alone after all. Anguirus looked towards the heavens to catch a glimpse of the third party, and his eyes widened. Likewise, Baragon looked up and was startled by what he saw.

Floating in the air above them was a metallic harbinger of death. The single greatest weapon the Black Hole Aliens, the Simeons, had ever produced.


Its electronic screech hearkened its arrival to the battlefield as it landed in between both kaiju. Both Anguirus and Baragon roared at Mechagodzilla, demanding it leave the area at once. Though they both knew such an act was going to be fruitless. Anguirus put his head low the ground, and prepared to charge. Baragon bared his teeth and steadied himself for his own offensive flurry. But before either could begin their attack, several bolts of energy razed the ground before them. Levitating to a position next to Mechagodzilla, was the fearsome Monster X.

Meanwhile, within the confines of an underground base, the leaders of the Xiliens and the Simeons watched the impending battle, sinister smiles across their faces.

“Those two pathetic monsters don’t stand a chance.” Laughed the Xilien leader.

“Indeed. Even alone, either Monster X or Mechagodzilla could destroy both of those creatures. Together, this battle will be over within minutes.”

However, Anguirus and Baragon didn’t see it that way. They knew the truth. That together, they could probably take down either of these enemies, or any other kaiju that dared cross their path. But these two together posed a problem. Cooperation between the two quadrupeds was now vital to coming out on top. Baragon and Anguirus looked at each other, and both let out their distinctive cries.

The alliance was forged.

Without any more hesitation, both kaiju charged in, choosing to focus on Monster X first. Baragon went high, Anguirus low, both hitting their target at the same time. Monster X toppled over while punching at both his enemies, whose jaws were now latched to his throat and left thigh. His blows seemed to do little to deter either kaiju, and it took a few well-placed beams from Mechagodzilla to finally force them to let go.

But it seemed all Mechagodzilla truly succeeded in doing was attracting the attention of his targets. Anguirus turned his back to the mechanical terror and reared up on his two hind legs. Mechagodzilla fired his eye beams, but they just washed harmlessly over Anguirus’ armored carapace. He leaped backward and slammed his bulk into Mechagodzilla’s body, throwing him off his feet. Baragon pressed their offensive with his own beam, striking the body of the mechanized Godzilla.

But by now Monster X had recovered, and grabbed hold of Baragon’s tail, lifting him clear off the ground and throwing him in the opposite direction. Anguirus prepared to intervene, but was struck by a volley of missiles, courtesy of Mechagodzilla.

Anguirus figured that Baragon could take care of himself, and focused his attack on the metallic menace. Letting go a war cry that would strike fear into the hearts of nearly any creature on Earth, Anguirus charged at full speed. Mechagodzilla attempted to defend himself with a volley of eye beams and finger missiles, but Anguirus’ carapace faithfully deflected the vast majority of the attacks, allowing him to crash into Mechagodzilla without taking much damage.

With Mechagodzilla on the ground, Anguirus pounced on top of him, sinking his fangs into the neck of the machine. Urging his jaws to bite down with all their considerable might, Anguirus finally felt his teeth punch through the durable armor. On an organic opponent, this would be the death blow. But on Mechagodzilla, it was just damage. But Anguirus’ position made it difficult for him to bring his beams to bear. Carefully aiming his hands, the machine launched a group of missiles, each one finding their mark in Anguirus’ underbelly.

He groaned at the pain, but held steadfast, and began whipping his head back and forth, much as a pit-bull would, further damaging the armor. Mechagodzilla responded with another volley of finger missiles from his other hand. Anguirus was finally forced to let go, and Mechagodzilla quickly rose to his feet, blasting the kaiju with his eye beams. The attack struck Anguirus directly on his head, and the ensuing explosion disorientated and blinded him. Following up, Mechagodzilla slammed his foot into Anguirus’ side, sending him flying across the battlefield and landing in an unceremonious heap.

Meanwhile, Monster X and Baragon were giving each other hell, ripping into each other with vicious assaults. Monster X used the humanoid design of his body to his full advantage, launching a flurry of punches and kicks to wear down his opposition. Baragon preferred a more feral move set, biting down on X whenever he could, and raking his claws across his flank on a number of occasions.

But X’s bony armor proved to be a deterrent to much of Baragon’s strikes. Regardless, the horned quadruped refused to back down. He let out a thunderous roar and charged in, his next move already planned out in his head. Monster X saw his foe charging in and responded with a flurry of Gravity Beams that lanced across Baragon’s hide, eliciting a few painful cries from the kaiju.

But they didn’t stop him.

He lined his horn up to where it needed to go, and leaped in, his powerful legs serving to propel him forward. His aim was true, and his horn managed to skewer Monster X in one of the small locations where he lacked armor, right in his gut. Baragon’s finely-tuned battle instincts knew that this would not be enough to bring a beast such as X down, despite his shrill cries of pain.

He clamped his paws down on both sides of Monster X’s hip, and shook his head from side to side, further damaging the internal workings. Finally, for good measure, Baragon unleashed his beam into X’s wound. This had the unwelcome effect, unwelcome for Baragon at least, of cauterizing the wound.

But now Monster X had enough. He was angry. Both at himself and at Baragon. Baragon was beneath him. Weak. An easy victory. At least that’s what he should be, so why was he able to harm him like this?

Monster X grabbed Baragon by the neck with both hands, one directly under the front and one by the back and squeezed. Hard. He summoned all his great strength and forcibly removed Baragon, and his accursed horn, from his mid-section. He snarled at the sight of his blood dripping from Baragon’s horn.

Still choking the life from his foe, Monster X bathed him with his Gravity Bolts, then harshly tossed him to the side. Monster X clutched his side in pain. His breath came in sharp spurts, and each one caused him to wince a little.

Before he could move in to further damage Baragon, the metallic body of his partner flew at him and slammed into his side, causing the wound on his side to explode in pain as he fell to the ground. The immense tonnage of the two caused the ground to shake for miles.

Mechagodzilla picked himself up first, howling his eerie screech as he aimed his finger missiles at Anguirus. The dents in his armor from Anguirus slamming his carapace into him were quite evident. Now Mechagodzilla aimed to put some dents of his own into the enemy. But it was not to be. Just before he launched his attacks, Baragon leaped in and clamped his jaws down on his forearm. With all of Baragon’s weight on his arm, Mechagodzilla’s aim was thrown completely off, and the missiles fired and exploded harmlessly elsewhere.

With Mechagodzilla dealing with Baragon, Monster X and Anguirus looked at each other, and charged. Monster X fired a few Gravity Bolts to try and soften Anguirus up, but his aim was off and the blasts struck the carapace, effectively causing the armored kaiju no damage. Anguirus leaped in, clamping his powerful jaws shut on Monster X’s right forearm. X hollered in pain as Anguirus sunk his fangs down. Repeated blows to the head forced the Earth-born beast to let go, and Monster X followed up by firing another volley of golden-hued Gravity Bolts. With Anguirus not charging in, Monster X’s aim was much better, and all of them struck home on his head.

Anguirus bellowed in pain and backed off. Thankfully, his eyes had been closed, as had his jaw, so the damage was only external. But still, those beams hurt. More so then the ones fired by Mechagodzilla. Anguirus shook his head and let loose his signature honking bark before turning his back to X, then rearing up on his hind legs. Before the Xilien kaiju could react, Anguirus flew back and slammed his bulk right into his body.

X was thrown back, a few shallow punctures in his body, but nothing major. But the blow did aggravate the wound on his side, and X clutched his ribcage for a second after landing, his eyes alive with pain. This was enough for Anguirus to climb atop him and slash at him with his clawed feet several times. The blows were unable to cut through X’s bony armor atop his head, but they still disorientated him. He ended the offensive by getting his feet under Anguirus’ belly and shoving him off with them.

X stood back up, but saw that Anguirus had reared up to his full height and was preparing another assault with his carapace. But Monster X was ready this time. As Anguirus propelled himself back, X leaped into the air, spun and slammed his foot as hard as he could into his foe. The gambit worked, and Anguirus was sent flying away, landing hard on the ground.

But X’s counter-attack had forced him to pay a price. His foot had gotten impaled on a few of the carapace spikes. X groaned and kept his wounded foot off the ground as he fired another volley of Gravity Bolts at the downed Anguirus. Anguirus cried out as his prone body was assailed by the deadly energy bolts.

X’s eyes narrowed. Yes, he’d gotten a number of good hits in on his enemy, but how long could he keep this up? His side was still screaming in pain from the stab wound, and now his foot was out of commission. He’d have to rely on his ability to levitate from here on in to get around.

Meanwhile, Mechagodzilla was having a somewhat easier time with Baragon than he was with Anguirus, mainly due to the former’s lack of armor. But what Baragon lacked in defensive capabilities, he made up for with sheer aggressiveness. He seemed to know that Mechagodzilla was a long-range fighter. He had multiple ways to harm his enemy from afar, but he was nearly helpless in close range combat.

Baragon snorted, and committed himself to his charge. With a deafening roar, he charged in, tearing up soil and rock as his feet propelled his body forward. Mechagodzilla responded with a metallic screech and opened fire with his finger missiles. Three of the missiles scored direct hits, one right in Baragon’s neck, but it only succeeded in slowing him down momentarily. Baragon continued charging with a steely resolve, and made it to his target, crashing into the Simeon weapon and grappling with it. Mechagodzilla attempted to shove the beast off, but with no opposable thumbs, this proved to be a nearly impossible task.

Baragon bit down on the damaged area Anguirus had worked over earlier, and continued to shred into the inner workings of the mechanical Godzilla. Mechagodzilla finally was able to bring his hand up hard into Baragon’s neck, which was still tender from Monster X’s throttling earlier. Baragon quickly backed away a little, but not enough. Mechagodzilla stabbed his hand into the quadruped’s open mouth, knocking him onto his back.

Wasting no time, Mechagodzilla opened fire with his eye beams, eliciting a screech from Baragon as the multi-colored attack razed his flank. Thinking quickly, Baragon countered with his own beam, aiming it square for Mechagodzilla’s damaged neck. His aim was true, and the inner-workings of the machine were badly damaged.

A roar came from Baragon’s side, and he turned to see his rival-turned-ally Anguirus coming to aide him. In the distance behind them, Monster X lay on the ground, temporarily overcome. Both monsters roared and prepared for a full-on assault.

Seeing the danger he was in, Mechagodzilla quickly prepared to activate his impenetrable force-shield. His head very slowly started to turn around a full 360 degrees. But clanks could be heard as he did so, and sparks shot out from his wounded area. Suddenly, just as his head was facing directly behind him, it locked up!

The damage to his neck had been too severe, and several pieces of his inner workings had broken and gotten jammed. His head was now stuck looking behind him. Baragon and Anguirus were just about to charge in when the heard Monster X roar behind them, and looked to see him levitating toward their position.

They then looked at Mechagodzilla, and saw him clanking his missiles into firing position, and the flap on his gut open. Thinking quickly, or perhaps just letting instincts take over, they both started furiously digging into the ground. Within seconds, both kaiju were gone, hidden beneath the Earth.

But Mechagodzilla didn’t know this, being unable to see, he simply fired, unleashing his mighty All-Out Assault, minus his eye beam. But with his intended targets both gone, the only one left to bear the full brunt of this hellish onslaught was Monster X.

Missiles and beams assailed his body and he roared in pain. One of the missiles struck directly into his stab wound, reopening it and introducing X to a level of pain he had never known. Unable to keep himself aloft anymore, Monster X crashed into the ground, and was quickly swallowed up by the Earth!

Both Anguirus and Baragon had tunneled deeply under X’s position, probably knowing this was going to happen. Monster X was buried beneath countless tons of dirt and rocks. Even if the crushing pressure didn’t kill him, he wouldn’t be bothering anyone anytime soon.

As Mechagodzilla stopped his All-Out Assault, he turned his back to the area, inspecting the damage. If a machine could be confused, he surely would be, for he didn’t see either of his targets, nor his ally.

The silence was suddenly broken as both Anguirus and Baragon burst forth from the ground to Mechagodzilla’s right side, and charged in before he had a chance to attack. They knocked him over and began a ruthless assault, intent on finishing this foe off.

Baragon backed up a few steps, then charged in, impaling Mechagodzilla’s neck wound with his horn. Sparks shot from the area, and a fire started within his neck. Baragon backed off and roared, calling for Anguirus to finish the job.

Anguirus reared to his full height on his hind legs, then brought all his weight down on Mechagodzilla’s neck, his front legs slamming into the critically damaged area. It was too much for the mangled area to withstand, and Mechagodzilla’s head was freed from his body, rolling away as both Anguirus and Baragon let out long, defeaning victory cries to the heavens.

Back within the underground base, both the Xilien and Simeon leaders stared at the screen in absolute disbelief. What was supposed to be a showing of their supreme power, what was supposed to be the slaughter of two simple Earth kaiju, had turned into an unmitigated disaster!

“This...this is all your fault!” The Xilien commander yelled.

“My fault!?” the Simeon commander roared.

Both side pulled firearms on each other, with at least three on each side pointed at both commanders.

“That incompetent machine of yours was what ruined this fight! He hit his own partner!”

The Simeon commander was about to retort, but then stopped. Then sighed. What did it matter? They were now stuck on this planet. They had put so much stock on Mechagodzilla and Monster X being able to smash the planet’s defenses that they had used up all their resources. It was over. They were all doomed no matter what. Either a slow death down here, listening to this raving maniac, or....

If one was listening to the confrontation outside of the door, one would hear several moments of silence, then laughter from the Simeon Commander. And then...laser fire, and the dying screams of two Alien races.

Meanwhile, above ground, Baragon and Anguirus were coming down from their adrenaline highs, and were feeling the after-effects of their battle. Looking each other in the eyes, they both knew their battle would have to wait. They needed rest, and lots of it. Nodding to each other, they laid themselves down, just a few hundred meters away from Mechagodzilla’s body, and closed their eyes.

When they woke, they would settle their feud, once and for all.

Anguirus (Showa) Baragon (Showa)