Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 171:
Match 171: Mechagodzilla® (Showa) vs.Gomora
By: Jacob Haas

London was under siege. Godzilla had invaded the city and rampaged throughout, leaving only a path of death and destruction in his wake. The British military had deployed a battalion of tanks and jets in hopes of stopping the monster but the behemoth quickly annihilated them with his fiery breath. The monster king didn't spare anyone who dared cross his path, be it tanks, jets, soldiers and even civilians.

At an unknown location, a group of mysterious people in silver jumpsuits were monitoring the chaos. Their leader was watching the destruction with a smug look on his face.

"It won't be too much longer and London will be nothing more but rubble," mused the Leader to himself.

"Sir, something is coming toward the monster from underground," said a technician.

As Godzilla continued on his path, the ground began to shake with tremendous force. Suddenly, a horned monster burst forth from out of the ground and slashed Godzilla's leg. Surprisingly, Godzilla didn't bleed despite the fact that the burrowing saurian did harm him. Underneath the monster king's wound was not flesh and blood, but metal. This Godzilla was not the real Godzilla, this Godzilla was an imposter! The burrowing monster roared angrily at the fake Godzilla.

Back at the hidden base, the mysterious group witnessed the monster's attack on the phony Godzilla.

"Sir, our database says that this monster is called Gomora. It appears that it knows that this isn't the real Godzilla!"

"Have Mechagodzilla lose its disguise. There's no use for it anymore. That monster must've found out that we've killed the real Godzilla and it came here to avenge its fallen comrade. No matter, he can join his friend in Hell! Mechagodzilla, kill Gomora!" ordered the Leader.

A bright flash of light engulfed Godzilla and blinded Gomora temporarily. As soon as the horned beast's vision returned, his face turned to shock at the sight before him. The imposter Godzilla had revealed its true form, a mechanical replica of the King of the Monsters! The machine hissed menacingly at the horned saurian. The horned goliath was angry that the mecha slaughtered his friend and he wanted revenge. Gomora snorted and started charging at the mechanical fiend but Mechagodzilla rocketed out of the way and took to the skies. Gomora smashed through several buildings before finally coming to a halt. As soon the goliath stopped, a pair of rainbow-colored lasers struck Gomora from behind. Gomora grunted in pain and stumbled a few steps forward. As soon as Gomora turned around, he saw Mechagodzilla's foot coming at his face! The robot kicked the dinosaur and sent the kaiju crashing to the ground.

Once Mechagodzilla touched down, he began rotating his hands rapidly just as Gomora pushed himself up. As soon as Gomora was about to stand up, Mechagodzilla unleashed a barrage of missiles at the kaiju. Gomora's eyes widened in fear as he was bombarded by the salvo of missiles. As the missiles exploded all over his body, he let out a high-pitched scream. Droplets of Gomora's blood rained throughout the streets of London as the missiles kept hitting the saurian. After the bombardment of missiles ended, Gomora found himself laying on the ground right beside Big Ben. The machine quickly formulated another tactic once it saw Gomora next to the massive clock tower.

The hatch on Mechagodzilla's chest opened, revealing a gem-like object. A lightning-bolt like beam shot out from the object and struck the base of the clock tower. The monument couldn't stay balanced for long and toppled over Gomora, burying the monster. Mechagodzilla continued his assault on Gomora’s grave and fired more finger missiles at the saurian. The numerous missiles began exploding all around the fallen monster. After the robot ceased its attack and the smoke cleared away, Gomora was nowhere to be found.

The robotic juggernaut scoured the city in search of its opponent, its head slowly creaking as it scanned the destroyed cityscape. Mechagodzilla knew that Gomora couldn't have gotten too far. The machine soon felt the ground shake and Gomora shot out of the Earth like a rocket and slammed his fist underneath Mechagodzilla's jaw. The force of the punch sent the alien war machine into the air but Gomora quickly did a front flip; bringing his tail down on the robot and spiking Mechagodzilla toward Westminster Palace. The Houses of Parliament were obliterated when the mecha collided into it, leaving the machine partially buried in rubble.

As soon as Gomora landed, he charged at the alien mecha and started pounding its face with his fists. This did not last long however as Mechagodzilla blasted Gomora in the chest with his eye lasers. The burrowing beast rolled off of the robot and clutched his chest wound. Blood started oozing through the dinosaur’s hands and dripped over the debris. The sadistic robot got back up and kicked Gomora in the ribs repeatedly. Gomora eventually managed to roll away from the machine's attacks and rise to a familiar fighting stance. The machine tilted its head back and hissed, almost as if it was laughing at Gomora. Gomora snorted in anger and charged at the mecha while extending his arms. As soon as Mechagodzilla stopped laughing it moved to counter but it was too late to avoid the monster’s attack. Gomora clotheslined Mechagodzilla and the robot fell to the ground almost instantly. Gomora quickly swung his tail as hard as he could at Mechagodzilla sending the war machine flying into several buildings. The kaiju roared gleefully at the fallen mecha. Now he had turned the tables on his mechanical foe.

Gomora began his advance toward the fallen robot and started stomping on the robotic doppelganger. Just as the saurian was about to stomp on its head, Mechagodzilla rolled away and used his rockets to rise quickly. The machine hissed at the meat bag to which Gomora snarled back in retaliation. The two kaiju rushed at each other and started exchanging blows. Gomora slashed Mechagodzilla’s face while the robot karate chopped the reptile in the throat. The two monsters stumbled back but each continued the assault with an unmatched frenzy.

Mechagodzilla used his finger missiles to blast Gomora in the gut. The explosives went deep into Gomora’s stomach and punctured one of his kidneys. Gomora groaned but he quickly retaliated by head-butting the mecha, crumpling its snout and sending the machine stumbling a few steps back. Mechagodzilla hissed at Gomora and was about to fire his eye lasers when suddenly he scanned Gomora’s tail a meter from his face. A loud clank echoed from the strike as the force of the attack literally made Mechagodzilla’s head spin but as soon it stopped spinning, he fired his eye lasers. The attack blasted off one of horns on the side of Gomora’s head. The dinosaur grumbled at the loss of one of his crests, but he knew it would grow back eventually. Mechagodzilla tried to hiss at the burrowing monster, but Gomora’s tail swing did considerable damage to the mecha’s jaw. The war machine started moving away from the kaiju. It was obvious that the robot was calculating a battle strategy.

The mecha’s head started spinning wildly, much to Gomora’s surprise. He wasn’t sure what it was doing, but he wasn’t going to let it get the chance to attack him! The saurian’s nasal horn started glowing with energy. Gomora discharged his Super Oscillatory Wave at the alien war machine but Mechagodzilla projected his energy shield just in time. The wave harmlessly deflected across the swirling cylinder of neon alien energy. Gomora was enraged by this and rushed at the shielded machine like a mad bull. Gomora rammed the shield, but failed at doing any damage to it. Instead, all the monster did was harm himself. Several small burn marks were riddled throughout the saurian’s shoulder. Mechagodzilla dropped his shield and started firing countless missiles at his foolish opponent. Several missiles struck Gomora while some of them flew past the giant dinosaur and destroyed any buildings that were still standing. Gomora tried to ignore the pain and marched through the barrage of missiles. Gomora’s wounds were getting worse from the numerous missiles blasting him, but his persistence still proved greater. The beast managed to grab one of Mechagodzilla’s forearms and pulled on it with all his might in hopes of ripping off the mechanical titan’s arm off.  Mechagodzilla flipped his chest hatch and was about to fire his chest laser but Gomora kicked the hatch back to its original position. The chest laser blasted apart the hatch and damaged its firing mechanism. The force of the blast sent Gomora flying, but he left with his prize. Mechagodzilla looked down to see part of his arm missing. A flurry of sparks shot out of the machine's stump. Mechagodzilla wasn't going be able to fight for too much longer, but neither was Gomora. The horned kaiju was breathing heavily and oozing out blood from across his body.

“Damn Gomora. You’re mistaken if you think you’re a match for Mechagodzilla! Finish him!” the Leader yelled as if Gomora could hear his very words.

Mechagodzilla fired every single weapon he had at Gomora causing the massive saurian to scream in agony as the various beams and missiles detonated across his form. A painful screech echoed from Gomora who couldn’t take any more damage from his foe. As much as he hated to do this, he knew he had to retreat. The dinosaur started burrowing into the ground to escape from the mechanical titan’s onslaught. He couldn’t defeat the robot and London was now nothing more than a burned out husk. The machine’s mysterious owners celebrated their victory over Gomora and their successful assault on London.

“Heh, Gomora ran away from Mechagodzilla. I knew he couldn’t withstand Mechagodzilla’s awesome firepower. Have Mechagodzilla return for repairs. I don’t think this is the last we’ve seen of Gomora,” the Leader muttered with contempt.

"Should I inform the others of this?" a technician hastily inquired. .

"Yes and tell them to return to the base immediately!"

The Leader was right about Gomora. Although the monster lost this battle, he wasn't going to lose the war. Gomora knew who Godzilla’s killer was and he wasn't going to stop until the war machine was crushed. Despite the severe injuries he sustained, the horned monster started traveling toward Monster Island. He knew he couldn't defeat the mechanical titan by himself, so he was going to gather several allies to defeat the doppelganger. This planet was about to become a warzone between the mysterious men and the inhabitants of Earth.

To be continued…

Mechagodzilla® (Showa)