Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 169:
Match 169: Baragon (Showa) vs. King Kong
By: Thomas Eckert

The natives of Faro Island hollered threateningly at the reptilian beast that intruded upon their home. They tossed their spears angrily at the monster, but Baragon simply looked at them with hunger. The red-colored beast managed to escape from Monster Island and was on his way back to Japan. His ravenous hunger drove him to this island for a pit stop. Baragon crawled all over the village on all fours. Huts were crushed underneath his mighty feet. The natives threw more spears at the advancing kaiju who responded by opening his jaws. Baragon swallowed several screaming villagers whole like they were flies. Many other natives screamed and ran for their lives; their actions only emboldened Baragon to follow them. With his teeth exposed, he was ready for another snack.

That’s when a thunderous roar came from behind a wooden gate. For the natives, it was a sign of good fortune. For Baragon, it was the promise of a much bigger meal. Two hairy hands grabbed hold of the gate’s pillars; pulling them apart with great ease. The entire gate fell to pieces in seconds. The island’s shore rumbled from the wooden pieces falling onto it. King Kong emerged from the other side of the island with a threatening sneer. This puny monster picked the wrong island to terrorize. Baragon was first intimidated by Kong’s superior size; then snarled in hunger. This massive primate’s meat could last him for a few days. The two beasts roared at each other; baring their teeth to showcase their aggression.

Kong growled before charging with the beach quaking underneath his four powerful feet. With a snarl, Baragon ran toward his opponent. The two giants growled as they crossed into each other’s paths. Baragon had his jaws open, ready to take a bite out of Kong. The great ape grabbed Baragon by his mouth with both hands and chucked the smaller kaiju over his head. Baragon crashed into a collection of huts; their frail structures easily snapping underneath his mass. Kong snorted in disappointment. Is that the best this creature can do? With that thought in mind, the mighty gorilla charged toward Baragon.

The dinosaur squealed in pain when Kong pounded him on the right side with his fist. Baragon could feel his bones almost breaking. Before he was smashed into a pulp. Baragon crawled away to escape from King Kong, allowing the ape to hit the ground instead. Baragon quickly turned around and leaped into the air. The great primate had no time to respond before Baragon smashed his claws into the primate’s face. Kong roared furiously before crashing onto his backside. The subterranean monster landed a good few feet away. This ape was very strong. Baragon needed to be smarter with his attacks. With King Kong still getting back up, Baragon moved in for an ambush attack. Unfortunately for him, Kong heard him coming and rolled over fast enough to stand. Baragon paused; a big mistake.

Kong furiously bellowed before slamming his fists onto the beach. The slight tremor rattled Baragon, making him fall. King Kong moved in closer, ready to beat the living daylights out of his intruder. Baragon felt the ape deliver one vicious punch to the side of his face and breaking a few teeth. Baragon landed onto his side with his mouth bleeding from the shot. Kong beat his chest furiously before closing in. When he got too close, Baragon’s horn glowed brightly. The gorilla growled in fury as he was blinded by the attack. With his foe distracted, Baragon extended his claws and slashed into Kong’s legs, leaving deep marks. Kong roared painfully before collapsing into his back.

Baragon’s ears folded outward with excitement as he roared in success. He took a leap toward King Kong, hoping to rip apart the ape’s chest with his claws. Kong grabbed Baragon by his throat with one of his feet and tossed him backward. While Baragon crashed into a rocky wall, King Kong stood back up with a painful snarl. Baragon’s claws had left a few nasty scars on his legs. He’ll crush Baragon’s skull for giving him such pain.

Baragon heard Kong charging toward him. This ape was proving to be quite the challenge. Time for him to break out his best weapons. King Kong roared, ready to pummel the subterranean monster into mush. Baragon simply opened his jaws and unleashed a fireball from his throat. Kong roared painfully when the fire ball struck him in the chest, causing it to smoke. Baragon roared furiously before unleashing more fire balls. Each projectile exploded around Kong’s chest, legs and torso. With his fur badly burnt, King Kong did his best to put out the flames growing on his body. When the pain subsided, his gaze turned to Baragon.

But the red-colored saurian had vanished. Only a hole was visible. Kong inspected the hole, trying to catch Baragon’s scent. The ground exploded from behind the gigantic ape and before he could attack, Baragon leapt toward him. Baragon extended his claws and sank them deep into Kong’s mighty back. The ape shrieked in agony from his enemy’s claws tunneling into his body. Baragon worsened the pain by biting into Kong’s right shoulder; prompting another furious roar from the ape. Kong did his best to shake Baragon off, but the subterranean beast was locked firmly onto his body. Baragon’s teeth dug deeper; nearly breaking Kong’s muscles and tainting them red with the primate’s blood. King Kong’s right fist smashed into Baragon’s face; bloodying him, but didn’t make him surrender his grip. A second punch broke more teeth and weakened the beast’s bite. A third and final punch forced the subterranean monster to surrender his grip.

But Kong wasn’t out of the woods yet. Baragon’s sharp claws were still buried deep in his back, digging into his muscles and bones. The ruler of Faro Island needed a plan. He spotted a rocky wall that was taller than even him. With a grunt, he rammed Baragon as hard as he could into the mountainside. Baragon squealed as he felt the mountainside and Kong’s full weight sandwiching between him and was forced to let go. Baragon crashed onto the ground; badly hurt, but still alive. But Kong wasn’t planning on letting him live. The giant ape's back was badly bleeding from Baragon’s assault, but he was still able to fight. King Kong plowed his fist into Baragon’s side; cracking a few bones. The subterranean monster responded by breathing a fireball into Kong’s face; forcing the ape back as it smoked. With his foe distracted, Baragon then noticed the mountainside that Kong smashed him into.

King Kong removed his hands from his face and then saw Baragon’s tail disappearing into the mountain. Kong charged and tried to force Baragon out, but the creature’s tail was already gone. King Kong then decided to chase after his foe by climbing up the mountainside. Baragon could hear The Eighth Wonder of the World’s fists grabbing hold of the rocky wall. Due to his great strength and climbing experience, Kong managed to make it on top of the mountain. To the ape’s surprise, Baragon hadn’t surfaced yet. Where was he? Then, he heard a sound coming from beneath the mountain’s rocky surface. He smashed his fist, hoping to drive Baragon back. His fist cracking the rocky texture easily. He then heard something surfacing behind him; causing the giant primate to charge and slam both fists into the rock. Kong stood up and found he only hit the surface; nothing else.

Suddenly, the mighty ape saw something tunneling closer to the surface; forming a circle around him. He tried hitting his tunneling opponent, but Baragon was moving too fast for him to hit, making the gorilla snarl in frustration with each missed hit. Baragon then started tunneling deeper and closer to the mountain’s ledge. King Kong growled nervously. The ground beneath him was becoming unstable. Baragon tunneled back up to the surface a few yards away from Kong. He stood back to watch his plan work. King Kong spotted Baragon, but before he could move, he felt the cliff side crumbling apart. He let loose a terrified roar as the terrain gave way. Baragon watched in pleasure as the roaring Kong fall off the cliff and onto the beach. Kong groaned with his back badly hurt from the impact. He looked up in horror as a massive landslide soon followed and buried him head to toe in rocks.

Baragon stood overhead; roaring in triumph at his foe’s burial. Just then, a few rocks stirred. Baragon watched as King Kong slowly crawled out from the rock pile. He groaned painfully from his injuries. His back was severely hurt. Several of his wounds had sharp rocks embedded inside them. Kong collapsed onto the beach; breathing weakly. Baragon then leaped down and landed right next to the ape. King Kong was in too much pain to fight back. Baragon decided to end the ape’s misery. Opening his jaws, Baragon grabbed hold of Kong’s throat and with a violent jerk, he tore it clean open. The reptilian creature, with a mouth filled of fur and blood, watched as his opponent bled out of his wounds. King Kong, the once powerful ruler of Faro Island, is dead. After a long battle, Baragon unleashed a victorious roar before settling down to enjoy his well-deserved meal.

Baragon (Showa)