Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 168:
Match 168: Godzilla® Junior vs. Maguma
By: Harley Jameson

The frozen tundra of Antarctica was calm, the penguins flapping along the ice and the frigid ocean rocking back and forth slowly. That is until an emerald skinned claw rose from the surface, gripping the ice and causing it to crack under the grip. The penguins started flapping and sliding away as Godzilla Junior slowly clambered onto the ice, shaking off the cold water as he rose to his full height, belting out his younger version of the cry his father made famous.

The Prince of Monsters had finally found a land to call his own after searching for a lengthy period of time, the young monster was scouting farther up north, where few other monsters dared come. Junior continued his trek on the icy continent, his sharp eyes scanning the surrounding area for any signs of life. There were none.

Godzilla Junior roared in triumph, he had finally found land to claim as his own and start his own kingdom. It was only a matter of time after this that eventually, he would challenge his own father for the title of 'King'. But first, he had to make sure his new territory remained his.

Weeks had gone by, and so far nothing had come to challenge Godzilla Junior's claim on his new icy territory, which suited him just fine. With a dead killer whale in his mouth, the son of Godzilla made is way to his cave, finishing his meal and settling down to rest up a bit.


Maguma had crawled up on the shore, its mouth bloody from the seal it just ate. While it rarely stayed in one place, it often found the cold winds of the arctic more comfortable, and it waddled further inland, its blubber protecting it from the harsh winds as it continued on its set path toward the caves.


Junior awoke to the sounds of another monster approaching, and he rose instantly, eager to prove his dominance over his new land. The Prince of Monsters marched out into the freezing cold, easily spotting the brown colored walrus within the thick white. Junior lets out a roar of warning toward Maguma, making his presence known that it's in unwanted lands.

The walrus kaiju promptly ignored said threat. It didn't really care about things such as territory or the like. Instead the giant mammal continued along its set course, causing Godzilla Junior to give a shriek of rage. That would be the last mistake this blubber laden creature made. His immature dorsal spines lit up, and Junior sent a blast of his undeveloped version of the atomic ray. The blast carved into the ice, forcing Maguma to the water below with a loud bellow.

With a nod, Junior turned around and started heading back to his cave, satisfied that the other monster got the hint. In doing so, he failed to acknowledge the shadow under him until Maguma burst from the ice, using his massive girth to body slam the Prince of Monsters with a loud war cry. Junior flailed under Maguma as it started biting on Junior's head, its massive tusks bashing against the younger monster's skull. Junior used his claws and slashed at Maguma's side, forcing the walrus monster to ease up on its attack.

Using this as an advantage, Junior let out a roar as he fired another atomic ray at Maguma. The force of the blast sent the other monster sliding along the ice, smashing into the side of the iceberg. Junior advanced upon the fallen walrus, ready to end this fight. Maguma trumpeted out as it charged Junior, head butting the Prince of Monsters and forcing him to double over with a shriek of pain. Maguma reared up and bit down on Junior's shoulder, it's massive tusks piercing his thick hide. Junior screeched in pain as he desperately tried to shake the walrus monster off, grabbing at its mouth and beginning to pry the monster off of his shoulder, ignoring Maguma slapping him with his flippers.

Junior heaved off Maguma and sent it sprawling back to the ice, this time going on the assault himself as he moved over to the downed walrus. The smaller Godzilla mounted his opponent and began raining blows onto the giant mammal's head, aiming to cave its skull in. Maguma howled in pain as it writhed and squirmed, trying to get the monster prince off him.

By chance, the ice couldn't handle the combined weight of the two monsters, and it splintered, sending them plunging into the icy depths below. Both of them cried out as they hit the waters. Maguma managed to regain its senses faster and, turning around, darted away in the dark waters. Junior shook his head as he looked around for his foe, his eyes able to pierce the darkness the water brought. Upon seeing no giant walrus, Junior began to clamber back out of the water, until Maguma swam forward and clamped down on Junior's tail, dragging the adolescent Godzilla back into the water. Junior flailed as he tried to claim his tail free, but Maguma only clamped down tighter. Finally, Junior grabbed his tail and ripped it free, giving a mute cry of pain as a chunk was removed.

Godzilla Junior quickly attempted to get out of the water again, back onto a more even playing ground. His regenerative powers already working on his poor tail. Junior managed to actually get above ground this time. Not being fooled again, Junior waited and watched Maguma's shadow under the ice as it approached the hole in the water. Just as the walrus jumped out, though, Junior wheeled around and caught the mighty beast with his bare claws.

Giving a bellowing roar similar to his father's, Godzilla Junior took a page out of his dad's playbook and lifted Maguma high over his head, slamming the massive creature into the ice with a bellow. Maguma rose again as Junior's spines lit up, and the walrus charged the Prince of Monsters, leaping up as Junior fired an atomic ray, sinking his tusks into his neck.

Maguma groaned as the atomic ray practically disintegrated its tusks, but the damage to Junior's throat was greater. In fact, the atomic ray ripped a hole through the neck wound, causing Junior to give a mangled roar of pain as it fell over on the ice as he blacked out in pain.

After recovering from the assault, Maguma began dragging the unconscious prince back into the caves, Godzilla Junior providing a much better meal than the seals he previously ate. Maguma managed to drag Junior's body into the cavern, and bit down at his side.

Junior's eyes snapped open at this, and with an enraged roar, he fired off an atomic ray at Maguma, forcing the surprised walrus back against the cave walls and damaging his partially healed throat. Junior rose as Maguma did the same, and the two titans charged at one another, colliding in a test of strength, Maguma and Junior pushing at each other. Junior reared his head a bit and forced Maguma higher, before clamping down on its fat neck, shaking his head like a rabid dog. Maguma howled in pain and tried to push Junior away, but Junior only tightened his grip on Maguma's neck, spilling more of the walrus' blood.

Maguma finally managed to bat Junior off, and seeing that it was now on the losing end of things, started retreating back to the cave's entrance. Junior gave a renewed roar of fury, his dorsal spines lighting up and firing at the roof of the cave's entrance, causing it to cave in and trap Maguma. Nowhere to run now.

Maguma turned around as Junior reared his head back for another atomic ray. Deciding to try the same tactic, the giant mammal began charging at Godzilla Junior. Maguma again managed to tackle Junior as he fired his ray, sending the beam slamming into the roof. The impact assured snow, ice, and rocks to come tumbling down on both monsters as they continued their epic clash until both were buried in the cave in.

The battlefield grew quiet as the monster's fight died down, the wind howling gently as seconds turn into minutes. Then an ear-splitting roar sounded out, followed by a bellowing one. The entrance to the cave exploded as Maguma and Junior come tumbling out, both smoking as Junior blew the entrance open. Both monsters, now charred and tired, stand and have a stare down, Maguma's neck still bleeding from Junior's previous attack. The two monsters roared at the same time, and charged at one another. Only one of them will leave this place alive.

Junior bends his head, forcing Maguma's neck wound to open even more with his razor sharp teeth, causing a strangled cry to come from the walrus' neck. Junior forced Maguma to the ground, keeping the wound open with his claws. As he roared to the sky, the smaller Godzilla's spines lit up and he fired his atomic ray at the open wound. The blast exploded out the other side of Maguma's throat, finally killing the walrus once and for all. Godzilla Junior roared in victory as his first territorial fight proved to be a success. Grunting, Junior began dragging the dead Maguma off to another cave, so the Prince of Monsters can feed on his prize.

Godzilla® Junior