Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 167:
Match 167: Cyber-Godzilla® vs. C-Rex
By: Tyler Trieschock

[continued from Match 164]

“I am telling you this is a mistake!” Cameron Winter yelled as he was forcefully escorted into a prison transfer truck by two guards. “You Neanderthals need to take me back!”

“You mean that rich hotel suite you call a cell?” retorted an old guard as he shackled Cameron into his seat. “I have orders from some officer to have you moved to the Sing-Sing Correctional Facility so if this is a mistake it should be fixed in a few months. Maybe a year considering I am a Neanderthal.”

“Wait one second!” Cameron exclaimed merely for his voice to fall on deaf ears as one of the officers exited the back of the truck and shut the back door while the other sat down to watch over the inmates. “I am being set up!”

“Shut up before I make you!” one of the other six inmates in the van yelled as the vehicle began to move.

“You don’t know who you are talking to do you?” Cameron questioned to the inmate that had insulted him. “Unless you want to disappear, I would recommend you remembering your place.”

“I would listen to him,” the officer asserted as he secured himself to his seat. “Last guy that spoke back didn’t walk again.”

The bald inmate formed a sadistic grin at the guard’s remark, contemplating his actions as he scanned over Cameron’s relatively smaller form. As the inmate returned his gaze to Cameron’s face, he found a confident grin and a look that showed no sign of fear.

“That’s cute. I had three people that disappointed me too oh… a decade ago. Sadly, they weren’t walking or talking too much after that.”

The guard looked back at Cameron with a new sense of danger, but the mogul’s stern demeanor faded and he rose his hands with a playful smile now glistening to everyone.

“Of course unlike yourself, I was cleared of all wrongdoings.”

Cameron then went silent as the transport began its journey. Hours passed as the vehicle grinded through New York’s traffic. Sirens wailed, horns screeched, yet something unique caught Cameron’s attention. A few high pitched whistles that gradually drew the focus of everyone else.

“What is that?” the old officer riding in the back questioned until Cameron answered, “Multiple objects of incredible speed decelerating to below Mach 1.”

“What does that mean?” the officer inquired as the high pitched sound increased.

Cameron, without notice, grabbed hold of his restraints behind him before he said, “To put it in your intelligence grade, it means trouble.”

Before the officer could ask to elaborate the vehicle suddenly started swerving until an explosion detonated in the driver’s seat. Flames burst through the back window before the truck was hit again and forced on its side. Cameron hung on for his life but the impact’s force proved too much as he smashed the back of his head against a wall.

The sound of moaning awakened Cameron from his unconsciousness to discover the vehicle was on its side as well as everyone else was still down. Luck was with the genius as the officer lay right in front of him with his keys within reach. Cameron stretched, grabbed the keys, and unlocked himself before he stumbled out of the back of the flipped transport. Cameron’s loud actions caused everyone else in the vehicle to awaken and yell at the fellow prisoner.

“Get back here! Free us!” the other inmates demanded only for Cameron to disregard the pleading cries and move to the sidewalk.

Burnt cars, people running in all directions along with copious amounts of carnage lined every angle in Cameron’s sight. As the genius made his way into a close by structure a blinding light appeared and caused everything on the streets to disappear.  Cameron looked up to see a Xilien UFO and smiled as he realized what had just happened before he was blinded by another burst of light.


“Wake up sir,” the female helicopter pilot yelled as Cameron awoke from his sleep. “Sorry to wake you but the island is in range along with the facility.”

“Excellent, land immediately,” Cameron remarked as the chopper pilot radioed in that it would be descending.

Two dozen men in full military uniform wielding machine guns surrounded the chopper as it touched down on the facilities helicopter pad. Cameron confidently strode out the vehicle and glanced at all the men, their red bamboo insignia drawing his full attention.

“Do we really need all the guns? My name is Cameron Winter and I wish to speak to the person in charge.”

The soldiers unflinchingly kept their gun sights on the white haired man until someone from behind them ordered, “Stand down!”

In mass, the soldiers stood to attention before allowing an older officer of higher rank through. With a scowl on his face, a patched eye and short dark hair, the officer appeared as rigid as he acted in his full military outfit.

“I am Captain Tamaki of this Red Bamboo facility,” the officer proclaimed before the Captain scanned Cameron. “Though if you are who you say you are then shouldn’t you be dead? Your death was one of the major stories during that invasion of New York a few months ago. If I recall they even found your body.”

“Well as you can see my death has been greatly exaggerated,” the mogul laughed. “Though Mr. Tamaki if I may call you that, can we discuss some matters in private?”

The Red Bamboo officer nodded in approval before he stated, “Of course just follow me. Call me Captain however or I will order my men to shoot you.”

“Fair enough,” Cameron commented before he began to follow the Red Bamboo Captain. 

The duo ventured throughout the Red Bamboo base until the Captain lead the mogul into a structure and then his personal office.

“If not for your high status, I would have ordered my men to kill you the second you landed, but now that we have privacy what is your reasoning for coming here?” Tamaki questioned as he sat down at his desk.

Cameron continued to stand and explained, “Before I reportedly died I was forced to stay at a luxury penitentiary. I unfortunately met a Japanese executive who to put it squarely could not shut up. He mentioned, among numerous other things, his friend who left his government to work for a terrorist organization. So unless there is another Ren Tamaki here I would assume this is you. Which leads me to ask if I can have the coordinates for where Japan keeps all items of national security?”

The Captain shook his head in understanding before he exclaimed, “I am who you are looking for and I left due to the nation not fully understanding my authority. In any case I know where such a place exits so what are you offering for its location?”

“I was hoping an anonymous contribution to your business would suffice,” Cameron countered. “To the public I may be dead but, Solstice Industries, my company or specifically its board knows I am alive so any monetary demand I can supplement with ease.”

“Do you not worry about them informing officials?”

Cameron’s light hearted demeanor faded as a sadistic grin formed across his face. “They and their family know what would happen as I assume your soldiers know. Though enough about me. Let us return to my… offer.”

“I would have said yes if it was four months ago but our business is currently booming thanks to the Xilien invasion,” Tamaki explained arrogantly. “Affordable nuclear weapons are in demand at ten times the average price so any offer you would give is change compared to the percentage I make per sale. Right about now my facility is in need of pest control not cash.”

Curious at the implications Cameron inquired, “What do you mean by that?”

“A sea creature killed our bodyguard Ebirah a few days ago and is currently off our coast. Crustaceous Rex is the creature’s name.”

“I must sympathize as I controlled an Ebirah at one point and it died quite easily,” Cameron stated almost apologetically. “Though let me make you another offer. I shall quickly kill this creature and you will tell me where to find the storage facility. A fair trade for a man in such a position, no?”

An evil smile appeared on Tamaki’s face before he exclaimed, “I can agree to those terms but how would you kill the creature?”

“Oh, I have just the weapon. A little side project I personally financed to kill a pain in my side. After thirteen years in reassembly and with some recovered technology of the Invasion of New York, I think it will perform nicely in this situation.”

“How long would it take for this weapon of yours to get here?” Tamaki asked, extremely curious about such a device. “My depth charge shipment is not to arrive for a week.”

The mogul then chuckled before he rhetorically asked, “Do honestly think I would come to an island filled with terrorists by myself without some protection of my own?”

Before Tamaki could respond, an explosion detonated in the distance. The Red Bamboo Captain turned around to look out his window to see C-Rex attacking the edges of the facilities’ perimeter.

“Kill C-Rex and you shall receive the coordinates!” Tamaki shouted before he watched Cameron pull out of his pocket a small touch pad. The mogul typed onto the pad orders for his creation before he said, “He is on his way. I am going to head back to my chopper if you don’t mind. I have a timetable to keep, and it will provide a far better view.”


Crustaceous Rex scanned the local soldiers as they unleashed their respective arsenals. Bullets and unslung grenade rounds impacted the oblivious creature before C-Rex grabbed multiple soldiers with its tentacles and consumed them with ease. As the monster searched for more food, the sound of buzzing grabbed its attention but not soon enough. Four powerful rockets impacted on C-Rex’s body knocking the creature off balance. The crustacean stumbled away from the base and turned to his attacker to discover a monster similar to a creature it had faced many years ago…

Green eyes scanned Crustaceous Rex before the cyborg unleashed a shrilling cry. Reborn thanks to Cameron; Cyber-Godzilla readied to combat his master’s newest foe. 

Now faced with a bigger meal than what he could receive at the Red Bamboo facility, C-Rex turned to face his new opponent. The four parts of the creature’s mouth separated to unleash a horrible screech at Cyber Godzilla before he charged forward causing miniature quakes with its large footsteps. As the sea creature neared his foe, the android retaliated with a barrage of rockets. A large detonation of sand stopped C-Rex cold giving Cyber-Godzilla an opportunity. Blue flames swirled in its maw then propelled at C-Rex merely for the creature to jump high into the air. With an earth shattering thud, Crustaceous Rex stomped his opponent into the water. With Cyber-Godzilla helplessly dazed from the impact, C-Rex ensnared the cyborg in its grip before tossing him farther out into the sea. 

As Cyber-Godzilla lifted his head up above the chest high water, C-Rex quickly rushed the reptile and swiped it with its right leg. The cybernetic creature dodged under the waves and swam behind the giant crustacean before he unleashed his atomic ray. The massive blue blaze engulfed the crustacean forcing it to recoil in pain even after it ended. With his foe still disoriented by the heat blast; Cyber-Godzilla slammed its armored head into C-Rex sending him farther from the coast. As C-Rex remained hidden under the ocean’s depths, the android followed close behind. 

C-Rex gradually floated to the bottom of the sea. The crustacean readied to fight Cyber-Godzilla but the crustacean noticed the leftover corpse of Ebirah nearby. The dead creature’s own massive claw still protruded through the lobster’s face while the rest of its body lay hollow. A muffled screech alerted the undersea crustacean of the cyborg’s descent prompting C-Rex to stealthily send his tentacles at the claw. Then as the cybernetic being came into range, Crustaceous Rex swung the decayed claw upward.

In response to the pincer’s movement, Cyber-Godzilla swung his metallic arm at the incoming appendage. The two appendages impacted each other but to the shock of C-Rex the lobster’s claw cracked to pieces against the metallic arm. As the pieces of claw fell to the ocean floor, Cyber-Godzilla lunged at his opponent. The cyborg rammed into the crustacean before chomping down on its left leg joint. The exoskeleton in the cybernetic creature’s maw cracked under the force causing C-Rex to shriek in agony.

With his foe helplessly in his grasp, Cyber-Godzilla propelled himself toward the beach at an incredible speed. Using it’s built up momentum; the cybernetic reptile tossed Crustaceous Rex high out of the water and into the air. C-Rex screeched during its flight while flailing until he crashed back onto the sandy beach a few hundred meters from the Red Bamboo Facility.

Slowly C-Rex rose to its feet as the android exited the water. A cybernetic cry echoed from Cyber-Godzilla before it unleashed its spine rockets. Explosions covered C-Rex causing the sea creature to stagger backward and discharge tar at the android. 

Cyber-Godzilla jumped away from the tar, barely missing the hideous ooze, before skidding across the beach. After stopping its slide, the cyborg unleashed its atomic ray on the sea monster. C-Rex bathed in fire yet stood strong against the intense blaze. As the ray faded, the android watched its foe weakly turn toward it, a fighting spirit still present in its eyes. The crustacean screeched in defiance and as it did, Cyber Godzilla hunched over and fired a single rocket. 

The projectile glided through the air and shot down C-Rex’s throat. The crustacean’s body a few seconds later violently expanded yet remained whole. As smoke slowly began to exit out of the crustacean’s mouth, C-Rex echoed one last gurgled screech before the creature fell to the ground. Tar in addition to blood oozed from its mouth from the paralyzing internal wound.


“Your creature has done it!” Tamaki surprisingly remarked as he overlooked the carnage. “Congrats Mr. Winter, I must say I am impressed.”

“Hold on one second,” remarked Cameron as he typed a command into his controller.

Cyber-Godzilla immediately walked over to his fallen foe and placed its right foot on the downed creature. The cyborg took a deep breath before it unleashed a tremendous roar into the heavens.

“How easily those of a lesser mind can be amused” Cameron commented as he left the Captain’s side to stand at the entrance of his chopper. “Now where can I find the facility I am looking for?”

“Go to these coordinates,” the Red Bamboo captain asserted before he handed Cameron a piece of paper. “I left seven years ago but the facility should be relatively the same?”

“Good doing business with you Captain,” Cameron declared and turned to enter his chopper.

“Mr. Winter there is one last thing,” the Captain stated.

Cameron turned around merely to discover the Red Bamboo officer now holding a gun aimed directly at his head. Dozens of soldiers flooded onto the roof, and lined up behind their commanding officer. A firing squad ready to eviscerate Cameron upon a simple command.   

“Exit the chopper now or I will shoot. Did you honestly think I would allow you to leave? After your little story, Solstice Industries will pay a fortune for your return to cover up the fact you did not die.”

“Did you falsify this position?” the technological mogul inquired while he ignored the guns aimed toward him.

“Of course not, I am a man of honor,” the Captain retorted. “I do not recall though you asking to depart safely in our offer. Now move!”

Cameron stood motionless and as Tamaki was about to grab him, an electric ray struck the officer from behind. The Captain fell to the ground, dazed by the energy blast. Cameron smiled an evil grin as he walked over to the downed man; the men behind the Captain screaming as metallic robots tore them apart. Blood pooled across Tamaki who struggled to raise his gun at Cameron merely for him to kick his gun away. Tamaki looked up to see the mogul, his chopper and three flying metallic insects behind him. As his men’s screams faded, more robots flew behind their master.

“What are…those…things,” the Captain feebly questioned.

Cameron bent down to the Captain, and grabbed the hair on his head. Ren moaned, but the sound did little to faze Cameron.

“You and I are similar. We both like to deceive. We both want power, and we both know when to capitalize on an event. Unfortunately, I am in a far higher league then you.”

Winter stood up and left the downed officer, but stopped as he was about to enter the helicopter. The mogul kept his attention on the craft, ignoring Ren as he struggled to crawl away.

“Well thank you for the information, and if you don’t mind I think I’ll take your pest too.”

Cameron waived the Captain off then boarded the chopper. In a few seconds the helicopter flew into the air and away from the island while the metallic insects flew toward Cyber-Godzilla as well as C-Rex.

Cameron relaxed in the back of his vehicle, and pulled out his universal controller. The mogul manually planted a neural receiver onto C-Rex with one of his Cyber-Flies then looked back at the island as it faded away in the distance.

“I don’t remember you asking to live in our deal either,” Cameron silently noted and then sent new orders to his pawns.

Captain Ren Tamaki of the Red Bamboo, feeling slightly better, rose to his feet by supporting himself on the helicopter pad’s guard rails. The Captain regained his breath simply to look up and see C-Rex along with Cyber-Godzilla dashing toward the base. The Red Bamboo officer grabbed his gun and fired wildly at the beasts before the monsters crushed him as well as the facility under their footsteps.

C-Rex Cyber Godzilla®