Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 166:
Match 166: Bagan vs. Hedorah (Showa)
By: Kristian Zatkoff

Bagan roared up at the blood red sky. The city of Shanghai was on fire. After regenerating from his last bloody fight he swam from Japan to China, his homeland and birthplace. He would kill everything. He will find the ones who killed him before. The world would burn in an inferno of hate! Bagan heard a strange noise. It was nighttime and the city was covered in a heavy smog, so despite the fires, he had a hard time locating the source. When he realized the sound was coming from the bay, he turned his head just in time to see the surface bubbling. Earlier, he had sunk an oil tanker with his plasma beam, causing the bay to not only be filled with oil but also light the waters on fire. Suddenly, a large, disk-like object flew out of the water. A strange pulsing noise was heard as he watched the thing fly over people while spewing out a toxic cloud that made them fall over dead, melting into nothing but bones.

The UFO landed and transformed into its final form. Hedorah stood up and held out his arms, gurgling. All the smog in the area was sucked into his body in mere seconds. Bagan formed his hands into fists and cracked his knuckles. Hedorah fired twin jagged red beams. They merely missed and hit the building next to him. Bagan couldn't believe he could miss him when he was this close. Its aim was almost as bad as its smell. But Hedorah didn't miss as Bagan would soon learn the hard way. Bagan had been in smoke hundreds of times before, so it was a shock for the demon when this particular cloud caused his lungs to burn, his eyes to water and his skin to itch. He coughed and sneezed. Hedorah shot more beams which hit the same building again. Bagan held his breath, only to have the skyscraper fall on him. Hedorah laughed.

He learned that was a big mistake.

Bagan exploded out of the rubble and charged Hedorah. Before the Smog Monster could even blink, Bagan slammed his fist right into his face. Hedorah went flying several hundred meters before splattering into a large building that collapsed from his weight and the force of the impact. Hedorah lay there blinking as he stared at the sky. He was in shock. Monsters have punched him before and it never hurt unless they hit something vital such as his eyes. But Bagan punched so hard he not only felt the shock from it, he went flying as well. The shock from the blow was so intense that it actually hurt! Hedorah transformed into his flying form and unleashed a toxic cloud that covered the area in minutes. Bagan was too busy looking at his fist to notice this. Being a creature that can regenerate from even the worst of injuries, he was confused at the fact that, not only did his fist still hurt, but it was healing slower then it normally did. He didn't know what this thing was made out of, but it burned to touch it.

He made a mental note of that, choosing not to grapple with him unless he felt he truly needed to. Bagan began to choke as soon as the Smog Monster flew past him. The pain was unbearable! Hedorah circled around and blasted Bagan with a barrage of his eye beams, causing the demon to fall to the ground and let out a roar of rage and pain. He has fought entire armies of monsters. Gods, robots, mutants, aliens, guardians... He has fought the so-called King of the Monsters and several of his clones and the so-called Destroyer of Worlds. It took all of them to kill him. Twice! How was this one creature already sending him crashing into the ground? The wing-like protrusions on his back lit up as lighting danced on them. Bagan opened his maw and shot his plasma beam. The beam and lighting on his back started off as blue and white but soon turned a pure, blinding white. Hedorah dodged the beam but Bagan refused to be denied, still pouring the beam out of his mouth he readjusted his beam and hit two buildings before hitting Hedorah. After being sent soaring a few miles away, Hedorah crashed into the ground. Hard. Bagan rose back to his feet. He needed to find Hedorah before Hedorah found him.

Back in his final form, Hedorah got to his feet and turned around to see that even buildings that were not hit were on fire simply from the heat the plasma generated in the air nearby. His skin was burning. It felt like lava. Where was Bagan? As if to answer his question, the ground shook as Bagan slowly lumbered toward him. The wings on Bagan's back lit up again. But Bagan didn't open his mouth. Confused by this, Hedorah tilted his head, wondering why. Then he sensed something and looked up into the sky. Giant diamonds made out of energy. Hundreds of thousands of them! As if aware of him spotting them, they rained down upon him. Entire city blocks exploded as if hit by an air raid. Hedorah screeched out as the burning hot energy kept slicing into his body and scorched him.

By the time it was over, Hedorah had steam rising from his body. He saw dried chunks of himself falling away. Bagan watched as one chunk fell into a puddle. As soon as it was re-hydrated, it took a life of its own and flowed back into its owner. The Smog Monster was not happy about this at all. Bagan charged another blast when a blob of sludge fired from Hedorah himself hit Bagan right in the face, who fell over and hit everything with his beam but Hedorah. Hedorah moved towards Bagan and body slammed him. Bagan was many times larger and heavier, but when one was blind he was easily caught off-guard. He fell right into a huge hole that his Diamond Storm attack had caused earlier.

Bagan's vision was blurred, but he could see enough to know Hedorah was standing right on the edge of the pit. What was he doing? Bagan felt something cold and wet splatter on him. What started off as a cry of disgust quickly turned into a howl of pain as the large amounts of waste Hedorah was dumping began to burn him. Bagan struggled to climb out of the pit. It was rather difficult as his grip kept slipping. Eventually, he managed to climb out. Red, jagged beams hit his back and legs. Even when the beams ceased it still burned. Hedorah made that disgusting noise again that Bagan swore sounded like a mocking laugh.

When he turned around, Hedorah flew by him while unleashing sulfuric acid and shooting more of his eye lasers. Bagan screamed out again. His armor-like plating had fallen away, the acidic attacks had finally become too much. Bagan felt his armor slide off. He refused to lose to this... thing! Hedorah landed in front of him, transforming again. Bagan saw something flash before his eyes. Was that a memory? Bagan never left earth. How could he remember killing life on other planets? Was that King Ghidorah's memory? Legend had it that Bagan was already a powerful creature, a super monster in fact. Seeking to make the ultimate anti-kaiju bio-weapon, humans supposedly fused the cells of two already highly powerful super monsters, King Ghidorah and Godzilla, and made Bagan into what he is today. Their idea was to make the most powerful monster and have it kill all the others. At least, that's how the story goes.

Bagan was too angry to care at the moment. He wanted to destroy Hedorah. He had to act quickly, he could sense that a storm was coming. Killing Hedorah in the rain would be even harder. Bagan's fists generated energy shields. Bagan charged forward. Hedorah fired his eye lasers only to have Bagan block it with his fist. Hedorah blinked. He fired a whole barrage of the beams, but most of them were blocked with Bagan's fists, the energy shields completely neutralizing the bolts. The few that found their mark stung Bagan, but he kept coming. Hedorah panicked as Bagan got near him. He shot a volley of his sludgy flesh but Bagan ignored the pain. He had been humiliated, he stunk, he felt like one giant bruise, his armor fell off and the acid was slowing down his regeneration. Bagan stopped using his shield. He was going to need all the energy for this attack.

He slammed his claw down and cut Hedorah right in half! When he reformed, Bagan swung his body to the side and delivered a sluggish, clumsy, but powerful kick. It was like watching a large burly man kick a teenager as Hedorah was sent flying. Hedorah got up, only to have Bagan grab him by the tail, slamming him into the ground several times. After that, Bagan spun around as fast as he could and let go, letting Hedorah crash to the ground. Bagan charged again, this time hacking and slashing him as fast as he could. Bagan ignored the pain of his arms being eaten away. After a while, the arm that had chopped Hedorah in half before fell off, now nothing but bone. Bagan resumed clawing him with his other arm.

Hedorah didn't understand the ferocity of Bagan's attack. That is, until he saw Bagan approach him. Hedorah realized he was smaller now! He had lost large amounts of himself from being clawed and thrown. Bagan's Diamond Storm rained down on all of the city, drying out all the missing parts of Hedorah. The Smog Monster was about to fire a beam when Bagan punched out his eye and responded in kind by firing his plasma breath. White hot energy burned into Hedorah. The combined attacks were too much. Hedorah turned into his flying from and tried to fly away, only to be shot down by Bagan.

Hedorah changed back into his final form. He was too weak to fly. Almost completely dried out, Hedorah's movements were now slow as he attempted to make his way back into the sea. Bagan remembered the piece that had fallen into the puddle from before. He knew Hedorah would heal if he got back into the sea. He limped his way towards the harbor and cut him off. Bagan fired his plasma beam while Hedorah responded by firing a beam from his last remaining eye. The two beams clashed, pushing back and forth. Bagan was too weak to win this beam war. He summoned his Diamond Storm, the area once again filled with explosions. Many of them hit both monsters. One diamond fell right where the beams were locked together, causing a massive explosion.

Bagan fell into the cold waters of the bay. Another memory flashed in his mind, another harbor like this. Was this Godzilla's memory? Bagan closed his eyes as he sank to the bottom. Hedorah was dead... for the moment. Several hours passed before it finally rained, resurrecting the Smog Monster. He got up and scanned the area. Bagan wasn't there anymore. Hedorah promised himself that if they were ever to meet again, he would defeat his foe. Until then, both would have to settle for a draw.

Bagan Hedorah