Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 165:
Match 165: Grand King Ghidorah vs. King Ghidorah (Heisei) and Mecha-King Ghidorah
By: Harley Jameson

The year was 2204 A.D, and Earth had fallen into chaos. The planet once known for its formidable monsters, unbeatable to all threats that came across its path was now in ruins. Stories of a powerful monster from the heavens with bolts of yellow lightning and an aura of gold were told. Those survivors picked up the pieces of humanity, and were re-christened Futurians.

The Futurians started rebuilding, the old cities were abandoned, new cities with fresher atmosphere, better resources, and stronger defenses were built. The people of Earth had managed to again survive near destruction, with science increasing tenfold. New medical techniques made disease all but gone, and time travel was in the making. They were surely unstoppable.

Peace was brought again to the near-dead planet, and they all swore that if the golden dragon of old came back to their home, they would defend it with every last breath. Little did they know such an oath would be tested.

The skies were clear over the ruined city of Tokyo, a few birds were singing as some animals walked across the grass-covered streets. A mighty achievement of man was now a paradise for animals to call their home. It was a peaceful day for all involved, and New Tokyo was enjoying the relaxation of a day off from work, nothing could ruin this peaceful day.

In the Global Defense Force base, one of the soldiers frowned as his spacial radar began beeping. "Uh...sir?" His commander walked over, raising an eyebrow. "Yes, Spielberg?"

"There... appears to be something headed toward earth..." The commander's face paled a bit, and he sharply turned around. "This is an emergency people! I want all eyes on that object! Call G-Force, we need those projects they've been working on!" He sprinted toward his command console, switching on the video conference with Ghidorah Force co-commanders Chuck and Glen. "Commanders! An unknown object is heading its way toward Earth!"

The two glanced at each other, leaning back. "Let's wait a bit commander, we don't know if it's the golden dragon or not..."

"Sir!!" The commander turned at the sound of his panicked rookie. "It broke through the atmosphere!" The clouds swirled around the meteor as it was quickly engulfed in flames from its descent, a long trail of smoke followed it as it streaked over New Tokyo.

"Sir, it's headed straight for the old city!" They all watched on the screen as the meteor smashed into the ground, dirt and concrete flying everywhere. The birds flew into the air and the deer scattered. The Futurians watched with baited breath to see if something would come out of the meteor, if anything would. "Maybe..." The nervous rookie suggested. "Maybe it's just...a meteor?"

A loud bell-like cackle was heard, and in a flash of golden light, Grand King Ghidorah landed with a loud crash back on earth. Its three heads waving back and forth as it cackled maniacally. It had come to this planet once to feed on it, and nearly succeeded if not for the humans stupid attempt at mind control. Now it was back, ready to finish the job it started decades ago. It was time to end Earth.

Screams were heard in the base, and Chuck's grip on his chair tightened. "So...the Golden Dragon has returned then."

Glen nodded. "It's time we send our new weapon to slay the dragon, wouldn't you think?" Chuck nodded, and spoke into a radio, where G-Force scientists heard their commander's voice crackle over. "Send King Ghidorah."

Grand King Ghidorah cackled happily, spewing Gravity Bolts wildly, sending explosions and dust rocking up the abandoned street, a few decrepit and rusted buildings toppling over. Grand King Ghidorah knew that no one would oppose it.

A bell-like cackle sounded, and Grand King Ghidorah shrieked out as it felt pain for the first time in eons. He turns around, wanting to know who dared attack it! King Ghidorah gave a mocking cackle at the other Ghidorah. Its mission was clear: kill it. Grand King Ghidorah was outraged, how dare these lowly creatures make a copy of him! They would pay for such an insult, but first to deal with this clone.

Grand King Ghidorah gave a bellow of rage, lifting off into the air and firing Gravity Bolts at the other King Ghidorah, who responded in kind and lifted off, firing its own Gravity Bolts at the destroyer of worlds. Grand King Ghidorah just cackled as his energy barrier flared up, his own beams washing harmlessly off the shield. He fired his own beams again, smacking into King Ghidorah and causing a shriek of pain to erupt from its three heads.

The two Ghidorah's landed, and King Ghidorah fired more Gravity Bolts wildly at its counterpart, destruction blowing across the landscape and what few that hit just washed off the shield. Grand King Ghidorah gave a mocking cackle, the tips of its wings shooting pure electricity at its counterpart, King Ghidorah gives a little shriek of pain as the lightning hit its golden body.

King Ghidorah flapped its wings, flying up into the air and landing in front of Grand King Ghidorah, its heads snaking around and biting at its necks. Two could play that game. Grand King Ghidorah took this chance and chomped down on its counterpart's necks in return. A vicious tug of war ensuing as both of them tried to rip the other's heads off.

King Ghidorah fired its Gravity Bolts against Grand King Ghidorah's necks, causing a shriek of pain as blood splattered over the two. Its wings again fired lightning at King Ghidorah, forcing it to let go. King Ghidorah stumbled back, and Grand King Ghidorah opened fire with its Gravity Beams. Each one found their mark and slammed into King Ghidorah, forcing the dragon back with a wail of pain.

The Futurians watched the fight, Glen Chico commenting to Chuck Wilson, "It appears King Ghidorah isn't strong enough to defeat the Dragon." Chuck nodded. "At least on its own. Emmy."

At another section of G-Force, Emmy switched on the radio. "Yes boss?"

Chuck just smirked. "Release Project Mecha."

Project Mecha was the first attempt at making a Ghidorah. Unfortunately, one of the Dorats escaped the testing zone, and the finished product was a deformed and dead mess. Instead of three heads, it had two; its wings were broken and its tails were incomplete. This abomination would've been left for dead if Emmy hadn't decided to suggest a radical idea. Use the resources the Futurians had acquired over the years and turn it into a cyborg.

The idea was approved, and construction had begun and the project had just been completed. Emmy motioned for the technicians to prep Project Mecha for launch, pursing her lips. "Are you sure this is a good idea sir? We've never had Project Mecha without a pilot before, and never against an actual monster."

Chuck just gave a lazy hand wave, as if she could actually see her. "Consider this a test run then. Unleash Project Mecha."

Emmy just sighed, and walked up to her station, putting her headset on. "Is Project Mecha ready?" After getting all the green lights, Emmy just pressed a few buttons. "Launch Mecha-King Ghidorah."

Grand King Ghidorah cackled with glee as he saw his inferior clone bleeding and on the ground. Did these stupid people really think they could win with a copy of the King of Terror? Grand King Ghidorah stepped forward, ready to end this abomination's life. That is until Mecha-King Ghidorah made his entrance, using its teleportation abilities, it was able to arrive at the battlefield instantly, and it just so happened to land right on top of Grand King Ghidorah, who shrieked out in surprise as the cyborg Ghidorah landed on top of it.

King Ghidorah flapped its mighty wings, rising again as Mecha-King Ghidorah got off Grand King Ghidorah. While it did not know what this other Ghidorah was, it knew that it was an ally. King Ghidorah fired off its Gravity Beam as Mecha-King Ghidorah did the same, adding Laser Triple Beam to the mix and causing smoke and explosions to rock up. Grand King Ghidorah howled in pain at the combined assault of the Ghidorahs.

Grand King Ghidorah used its abilities with gravity to lift it in the air, channeling its protective barrier and having the Gravity Bolts and Laser Triple Beam wash off of it harmlessly. It roared in anger, now there were two abominations to its name. This was unacceptable! Grand King Ghidorah fired its Gravity Beams and wing lightning down at the other two, who each gave screeches and split apart to avoid the two. Perfect.

As the two were split apart, Grand King Ghidorah gave a loud roar as its whole body shined a bright gold, and soon a large gold-colored energy domed caged Mecha-King Ghidorah. The Futurians leaned over in shock, eyes wide. Glen pursed his lips. "I've never seen that before..."

Mecha-King Ghidorah tried to fly out of the dome, but it quickly fell back to the earth with a shriek of pain as its corrosive effect ate away its three heads. Mecha-King Ghidorah sat there silently, while the Futurians tried to think of a way out of this. But Emmy was prepared this time, and flipped a few switches. They weren't out of this fight yet.

King Ghidorah, however, was not going to wait for its mechanical ally to move and tore off into the skies. Spewing Gravity Bolt after Gravity Bolt at Grand King Ghidorah, who also took to the skies and mimicked King Ghidorah's movements, the two circling in the air and firing wildly, each trying to get a hit off.

The Futurians studied the golden barrier as the Ghidorahs had their dog fight in the air. Chuck leaned over. "It seems like it's touch is corrosive to those who try to leave..." Glen glanced over at his comrade. "Even the Golden Dragon?" The two smirked, and relayed an order to Emmy.

Grand King Ghidorah was furious, these two copies of himself were still alive! He gave a frustrated screech, ready to end this until he felt a sharp jerk, and with a surprised cry felt it being pulled toward his own energy dome! Mecha-King Ghidorah shrieked out, firing Gravity Bolts at Grand King Ghidorah as it kept pulling the King of Terror in with its green tractor beam from the central head. King Ghidorah takes this chance to fly around and plant its two feet on Grand King Ghidorah.

With a mighty clash, King Ghidorah drop kicked Grand King Ghidorah closer to the energy dome, and with the tractor beam, was yanked into the very dome it had created to trap Mecha-King Ghidorah! The mechanized Ghidorah gave a cry, a Laser Triple Beam firing from its middle head and slamming into Grand King Ghidorah, forcing it to slide back and causing a roar of pain as its barrier's own corrosive ability washed over it.

Thinking fast, it quickly dispelled the energy barrier, and King Ghidorah swiftly swooped down again, slamming Grand King Ghidorah into the concrete. Mecha-King Ghidorah's middle head opened, and it spewed out a frosty mist. Its ice spray coating one of Grand King Ghidorah's wings, and with two Gravity Bolts, shattered it.

Grand King Ghidorah howled in pain, spraying Gravity Bolts like a madman and again, forcing the other two to back up. Manipulating gravity to its advantage, Grand King Ghidorah quickly rose up, body slamming King Ghidorah and using its longer and more powerful necks to wrap around King Ghidorah's, intending to suffocate the clone.

Foam began leaking from King Ghidorah's maws as it tried to fight off Grand King Ghidorah. Gravity Bolts fired wildly into the air as its heads bite down on Grand King Ghidorah's own powerful necks. But the King of Terror would not let go for such weak bites, and clamped down harder, writhing its heads like a rabid dog.

Mecha-King Ghidorah fired the combination Laser Triple Beam and Gravity Bolts, only for Grand King Ghidorah's energy barrier to flare up and have it wash them all away. It's chest port opened, and Mecha-King Ghidorah moved closer, and fired its Machine Hand and Capture Cables, ensnaring Grand King Ghidorah as the Machine Hand clamped around the King of Terror's midsection. Giving a surprised shriek, Grand King Ghidorah finally let go of King Ghidorah, and tried in vain to shake the capture cables and machine hand off.

Mecha-King Ghidorah gave a loud cry as it began pumping electricity into Grand King Ghidorah, who gave the loudest shriek of sheer agony. As it was electrocuted, King Ghidorah began firing Gravity Bolts at the smoking Grand King Ghidorah, who was now shedding blood from the cuts along its golden skin and the blood trickling out of its mouths.

But no one would ever kill the King of Terror so easily. Flapping its one good wing, Grand King Ghidorah took off into the air, the Machine Hand and Capture Cables groaning, but doing their job. As soon Mecha-King Ghidorah was dragged into the air, giving a surprised shriek, it released its hold on Grand King Ghidorah. Using its own flight systems, it pursued Grand King Ghidorah.

Mecha-King Ghidorah ultimately proved to be faster than Grand King Ghidorah. When it was close enough, it fired its ice spray against the hydra’s back. Soon Grand King Ghidorah's back, tails, and other wing were frozen solid. It gave a shriek of pain as the cold became overwhelming. King Ghidorah flew underneath Grand King Ghidorah, firing its Gravity Bolts up and shredding into the King of Terror's stomach. Blood rained down upon King Ghidorah, who gave a cackle of glee as it injured Grand King Ghidorah.

Using this to its advantage, Mecha-King Ghidorah flew ahead of Grand King Ghidorah. Turning off its flight systems and let gravity take hold, he performed a move previously used by King Ghidorah. Slamming into Grand King Ghidorah and forcing it to veer off course, crashing it into a skyscraper. The mighty building toppled down on top of Grand King Ghidorah with a loud cry.

The two Ghidorah watched the wreckage patiently, waiting for the inevitable rise. Gravity Beams shot out from the toppled building, taking Mecha-King Ghidorah by surprise as sparks and explosions forced it back. Grand King Ghidorah, bleeding from the cuts on its back, its tails and other wing gone, and its vertebral column a different color due to the frostbite, gave an enraged roar. It fired more and more Gravity Beams at the two Ghidorah, blowing one of Mecha-King Ghidorah's wings off. Sparks flying in the air as Mecha-King Ghidorah screeched in pain.

King Ghidorah roared in fury, and charged at Grand King Ghidorah, who happily met its clone in combat. Both being assaulted with Gravity Bolts, one of King Ghidorah's wings got shredded but in return. Grand King Ghidorah's already injured stomach was torn into more. The blood coated them with red stains as the Ghidorahs tangled up their heads, each trying to suffocate and bite the other to no avail.

Mecha-King Ghidorah rose. It was weak, but not out. Its power was running dangerously low due to the battle and the recent injuries. It needed to end this, or else revenge would be out of its grasp.

Chuck and Glen stared at the battle long and hard, before Chuck spoke. "I have a plan. It's not the greatest plan, but it may just win us the fight."

Giving a bellowing cry, Mecha-King Ghidorah lifted off into the air, charging at both Grand King Ghidorah and King Ghidorah. It fired off its ice spray, coating both Ghidorahs in ice, to which both began shaking, trying to free themselves. Its Machine Hand crunched through the ice and latched onto Grand King Ghidorah. Its mechanical maw opened, the Laser Triple Beam lancing into Grand King Ghidorah's upper body, with chunks of its flesh exploding as it couldn't concentrate enough to bring up his energy shield on the front.

Grand King Ghidorah felt a burning rage. It was the most feared being in the universe. It couldn't lose to these defected clones of itself. It WOULDN'T lose to them! Grand King Ghidorah gave an angered roar from under the ice, firing Gravity Bolt after Gravity Bolt, trying to chip away the ice containing it.

King Ghidorah broke free from its portion of the ice and began raining Gravity Bolts down on Grand King Ghidorah, echoing a mighty cackle. Mecha-King Ghidorah started electrocuting Grand King Ghidorah again, a loud scream of pain echoed throughout the deserted city as the Laser Triple Beam and Mecha-King Ghidorah's own Gravity Bolts joined King Ghidorah's. The combined quintuple assault of beams combined with the electricity running through Grand King Ghidorah's body with the ice encasing him was too much to bear for its body.

With a final cry, Grand King Ghidorah's heart finally gave out, or to be more accurate, it exploded thanks to all the electricity and the combined assault. With nothing left to support its life system, Grand King Ghidorah was finally dead, and the universe was free of his tyranny. King Ghidorah was not satisfied with just a corpse, and continued to fire it's Gravity Bolts at the dead King of Terror until nothing was left but black burn marks on the dirt.

Mecha-King Ghidorah and King Ghidorah stepped back, screeching their own cries to the heavens. Chuck and Glen just grinned happily. "Our test run has been complete." Glen nodded.

"And all we need now is to master the science of time travel..." Chuck nodded, and grinned as Mecha-King Ghidorah and King Ghidorah lifted off and flew back to the base to be repaired by the scientists at the Futurian base. "And then we can finally have the revenge we've been patiently waiting for."

Emmy took off her headset and wiped her brow, happy that the Ghidorahs had won. Silently though, she wondered what this meant for humanity now that they have two weapons of mass destruction at their beck and call.

King Ghidorah (Heisei) Mecha-King Ghidorah