Kaiju War Chronicles
Match 163:
Match 163: Baragon (Showa) vs. Ultraman
By: Tiago Cardosa

It was quiet and calm night in London. A warm wind bathed the area and the famous Big Ben, an iconic symbol all over the world, stood proudly. But today that would change. The mighty building began to shake and so did the ground around it. People ran in fear as the floor cracked and the foundation gave away, falling into oblivion.

Something else emerged, letting out a mighty roar; a behemoth of destruction showed his face to the world of man. Baragon observed the impressive city lights and saw a feast waiting for him. The creature slowly made his way out of the ground to inspect the fleeing people. He hated having to go after his food. After smashing some cars, Baragon brought his mouth down on a small crowd, eating part of the pavement and swallowing dozens of people. The beast gulped down the mangled fusion of metal and flesh before he belched fire on what remained of the Palace of Westminster.

As the crowds flooded the streets, one man remained seated at a tea shop, taking a final sip from his cup. A fifty year old Japanese man wearing a brown jacket and jeans with black shoes looked on at the destruction. His name was Shin Hayata, and what he was witnessing he knew all too well. Placing his cup down, the old man rose and reached into his left pocket, pulled out the Beta Capsule, and lifted it above his head. Within seconds he was covered in a bright light.

Baragon smashed through the buildings surrounding him with blissful ignorance until a meal entered its view. A bus caught the monster’s attention, so the beast placed its mouth close to the ground and opened wide, waiting for the vehicle to simply drive into it. It was then, out of nowhere, a giant made completely out of light grabbed the bus and placed it on a safer street. Baragon looked up, and as the light vanished, he saw Ultraman standing between him and the rest of the city.

Ultraman was quick to act and went for a spinning kick, hitting the subterranean monster right in the lower jaw. The beast howled in pain and took a few steps back, firing his heat beam wildly from the pain. Ultraman quickly summoned his barrier to stop the barrage, but as the rays ended a smokescreen filled the area. The hero warily walked through the haze merely for a low growl to echo and Baragon to lunge through the smokescreen. Ultraman barely rolled out of the way, causing Baragon to angrily crash into some nearby structures.

As the beast recovered, he felt Ultraman land right on top of him. Baragon roared in pain and anger as Ultraman's right arm wrap around his neck. Punches started striking his snout, but the dinosaur was not going to go down that easily. Baragon got up on his hind legs and leapt backward, smashing the hero under him.

Ultraman let out a painful grunt as the kaiju rolled onto all fours, but the hero did not let go. Baragon let loose an irritated growl at the hero’s perseverance and crunched his jaws around his left arm. This time Ultraman yelled.

Ultraman rolled in front of the beast and began furiously punching Baragon in the face, but even under such fury the monster was not going to let go. The beast’s jaws were like steel and they would not let this prey get away. After a sixth punch, Ultraman stopped and went for a more drastic solution. He raised his hand in the air and brought it down with all the power he could muster on Baragon’s head.

As soon as contact was made with the kaiju, Baragon roared with immense agony while Ultraman shuffled away. Baragon watched his horn fall to the ground, and as it struck the pavement he moaned with irritation. He had lost too much for little return. The monster turned his back on the Ultra, and ran back to the hole he originally emerged from. The red dinosaur jumped into the air to dive into his emergency hole merely for a beam to discharge underneath him. The energy burst detonated around the hole causing it to collapse as Baragon landed. The monster looked back at Ultraman with its teeth threateningly displayed. No if this giant wanted to fight, then Baragon would end him. He was not a scared animal, he would fight back.

Leaping in the air, Baragon landed on top of Ultraman, and the beast unleashed several slashes and bites upon the hero. One such bite managed to strike the color timer causing it to blink red. Ultraman let out an alarmed grunt and kneed Baragon in the gut causing the beast to fall over on his back. Getting back to his feet, the fighter grabbed the monster’s hind and front right legs and used his amazing strength to lift Baragon up from the ground. The pair began to spin and as the attack ended; Ultraman watched Baragon fly straight into the Thames River.

The Ultra looked over the water waiting for Baragon to emerge. As the silence fell, only the color timer could be heard and the hero for a second let out a sigh of relief that the terror was over, but his foe held other ideas.

Baragon erupted from the body of water and charged at the giant of light. Ultraman braced for the impact, but the kaiju outsmarted him with a slap across the face with his tail, sending Ultraman colliding into the nearby pier. Baragon let loose an angry roar before charging at him once more. Being a seasoned fighter, this trick would not affect him, so he looked right at Baragon and delivered a powerful punch to the place where the beast’s horn use to be. Baragon roared in anger, and rose to meet Ultraman’s height.

Energy pulsed across Ultraman’s right hand. 

The stub on Baragon’s head pulsated with immense light.

Then the silence ended. Baragon fired his heat ray, Ultraman discharged an Ultra Slash. The two attacks collided causing an immense flash, yet as the light faded Ultraman stood unharmed as Baragon’s head fell from his shoulders.

With victory achieved, Ultraman looked over the landscape of London and the beheaded body of the dead kaiju.  Sensing his time to be at its end, he looked up into the sky and took flight. Then as if to inform humanity of their continued protection, a familiar phrase echoed from the heavens,