Kaiju War Chronicles
Match 156:
Match 156: Orga vs. Hedorah (Showa)
By: Thomas Eckert

It was a dark, cold night in Detroit. Skeletons of street gangs, police officers and other citizens littered the streets and in the middle of bloodshed stood a dark, shapeless giant. Many idiotic humans tried to fight the insidious beast, but died from the toxic fumes released from its body. Hedorah cared little for the carnage he caused. All he wanted to do was feast on the harmful byproducts of mankind’s civilizations. The Smog Monster closed his bright red eyes, savoring the vehicles and the smog they produced.

A loud bellow surprised him, snapping him out of his bliss and making him turn his head. He noticed another giant approaching him. One with leathery skin as gray as his own with massive fists sporting dagger-like claws, a strange-looking hole on its shoulder and a reptilian like head.

Orga waded through the buildings, crushing them carelessly with his giant hands. He let loose a few low bellows from his maw at Hedorah. The Smog Monster narrowed his eyes. Something about this creature looked familiar. But a closer inspection showed it wasn’t the beast that defeated him. Nonetheless, he unleashed a threatening gurgle toward the newcomer to leave his new home. Orga merely bellowed back, showing his refusal to depart. Hedorah gurgled threateningly and leapt through the air.

Orga squealed in surprise as the Smog Monster’s slimy bulk rained down on him. He then hollered painfully from the acidic properties of his foe’s wet flesh. It easily burned away his skin. Orga’s massive fists sank into Hedorah’s body, his clawed fingertips sticking out of the pollutant feeder’s back. The Smog Monster had no time to scream before Orga tore himself free from Hedorah’s slimy clutches in a showcase of his tremendous strength. Orga bellowed his freedom while Hedorah’s pieces littered the city’s grounds. The goliath took a few moments to collect his breath as his remarkable healing factor did its best to heal his chemical burn wounds. He looked at his hands in shock; his healing ability regenerated so slowly bone still gleamed across his claws.

Then something caught the alien’s eye. The dozens of scattered pieces that made up Hedorah oozed along the ground and met each other on the main street. Orga hissed as the pieces converged and slowly rebuilt Hedorah’s body, but his anger gradually vanished. This beast could reform itself when destroyed. The alien’s eyes shined with intrigue while Hedorah opened his and focused on his opponent.  

Hedorah acted first and spewed a ball of acidic sludge onto Orga’s mug. The Godzilla clone shrieked from the burning sensation on his face. He wiped the sludge away, and he snarled revealing part of his skull from the acidic grime. Hedorah gurgled and stepped forward, preparing to bombard Orga with more sludge merely for the hunchbacked alien’s shoulder to glow. Hedorah couldn’t resist staring at the yellow brilliance. Orga bent over and unleashed a powerful concussive beam from his shoulder. The Smog Monster shrieked from the blast striking his chest. A concussive shockwave rippled across the city while Hedorah toppled over a few buildings, crushing them under his weight. Orga stepped forward, watching his opponent trying to right himself.

Hedorah’s body glowed purple and to Orga’s surprise, the amorphous creature transformed into a saucer shape. The Smog Monster immediately took flight, emitting sulfuric mist from his body. Orga watched the now airborne beast approaching him. Before he could attack, a crimson bolt sprang from Hedorah’s eye and struck Orga’s backside causing the howling beast to collapse onto his side in pain. Hedorah soared around the fallen Orga and unleashed more red beams onto him. Each blast that hit created a large, thick cloud of toxic gas that shrouded the wailing Orga. The toxins inside the smoke caused Orga to cough in pain as his healing factor raced to keep up with the chemical damage.

The trembling from the ground signaled Hedorah to cease his attack and land. Another glowing purple flash bathed his body and Hedorah reverted back to his full height. The villainous sludge gazed at the toxic vapor he created. It slowly began to disappear. When Hedorah caught a glimpse of Orga, he saw the beast had passed out from the poisonous mist entering his system. Hedorah wandered over and echoed a victorious gurgle, eager to reduce his opponent to bones.

Hedorah wandered closer to his fallen enemy, spewing out chunks of his acidic slime onto his foe. The burning stirred Orga out of his unconsciousness and he groaned in pain. He did his best to fight the crisping agony, trying to stand erect. Hedorah simply laughed at his foe’s pathetic recovery. When Hedorah was close enough to Orga, he unleashed a torrent of vile sludge onto him. Orga was covered head to toe in the putrid liquid, making him grunt in disgust as he struggled to stand up. When Orga was able to slowly rise, Hedorah lashed out with his hand and struck his head, forcing the alien back face first into the grime. Orga raised his head from the sludge with gallons of it dripping off, revealing the nasty scar he received from the Smog Monster's hit. Hedorah stood over his enemy, surprised how quickly the scars on its head were healing. The living sludge's eyes glowed with energy, ready to finish the job.

Suddenly in a burst of speed, Orga leaped into the air and smashed his bulk into Hedorah! The Smog Monster squealed in surprise as the alien pinned him down. Orga unleashed a mighty bellow and sank his teeth into Hedorah’s body. Hedorah shrieked in surprise as Orga teeth sunk into its form. Hedorah quickly knocked the beast away, but a piece of his body detached and remained in Orga’s maw.

Hedorah gazed at Orga with pure fright. The time the Millennian mutant spent siphoning away some of his traits were put to good use. Orga’s body became slimier with his legs joining together while his eyes became bright red. Hedorah unleashed his acidic slime onto Orga, but instead of burning him like before, Orga’s body absorbed it. Orga pounced onto Hedorah with a vicious bellow. The Smog Monster thrashed around, trying to escape. His acidic touch having no effect on Orga. Orga’s mouth opened widely and sludge poured onto Hedorah. Normally, Hedorah welcomed more sludge into his body. But this sludge was different and for good reason.

Because Hedorah’s traits became a part of Orga’s genetic code, Orga was now made of microscopic organisms. Even worse for Hedorah, these infinitesimal creatures carried Orga’s ability to absorb DNA. Now, Orga’s swarm of tiny Millennian hybrids were absorbing Hedorah’s own.

Feasting on the creatures that made up Hedroah, Orga's swarm quickly multiplied and spread throughout the helpless kaiju. Hedorah stopped his struggling as he felt something troubling happening inside him. Then, to his horror, he was beginning to lose density. Orga’s swarm was actually eating him alive! His organs, his flesh, his eyes; Orga feasted upon everything! His eyes were quickly devoured by Orga's swarm and they exited out the empty sockets. His microscopic army returned to their home and emerged with the mutated alien, passing on more traits and making him bigger and stronger. The process continued but when it finally ended, Hedorah had been completely absorbed by Orga.

Orga unleashed a bellowing gurgle from his maw before his body flashed purple. He transformed into his new flying stage and took off, ready to take on the world.