Kaiju War Chronicles
Match 154:
Match 154: Monster X vs. Gabara
By: Joshua Reynolds

[continued from Match 64]

The Xilien leader held his hands at his sides. His temple pulsated in rage as the remains of Monster X were drawn back into the ship. “This is impossible.” He spat through gritted teeth, turning away as circular ships began to swarm the broken body of the space beast.

“Sir, he’s alive!”

The leader turned around, eyes wide with joy as Monster X’s dull eyes flashed with crimson light…

- 4 weeks later –

The Earth was saved. The latest alien invasion had been thwarted thanks to the combined efforts of Godzilla, Rodan, Anguirus, and Mothra. It was a hard fought war, but worth it. Only a few cities and several hundred thousand human lives lost. Now they earned their time of rest. None of the island’s inhabitants dared to disturb their sleep which was lasting for weeks now.

"I want Godzilla… I want Gorosaurus… I want them ALL killed!" The Xilien leader screamed at his crew as their ship circled the Earth. "Attack Monster Island, bring it and those pathetic monsters to their knees! Show humanity they stand no chance!"

A screen loomed overhead, showing Monster X standing on his own. The aliens had to use all of their technological powers, but the skeletal kaiju had been regenerated. It appeared it had never been defeated in the first place. Its cruel eyes surged with hate and a fine mist escaped its maw as it breathed. The bones in its fingers popped as it clenched its hands into fists. It was ready. It wanted this fight. It needed it.

Gabara was on the beach. Sitting. He had tormented the weaker residents of the island enough today. Though, Minilla was now nowhere to be seen. He leaned back, placing his arms behind his head and looking up at the sunny sky. He blinked, his red eyes growing tired. It was a boring day. Boring victims. Boring life...

Then it happened.

All of a sudden, without warning, the fluffy white clouds began to swirl. Gabara began to stand, head tilting as the clouds turned gray. A circular object fell, shooting down from the heavens as if a demonic cannon. It hit the water. A plume of sizzling steam flew high and a wave of water spread out. Gabara braced himself as the tidal wave collided with the beach. The ogre growled, eyes narrowing as a twisted figure began to emerge from the water.

By now, other kaiju began to peek out of the surrounding forest. Baragon, Varan, and Gorosaurus watched curiously. The green saurian sensed the return of his previous opponent. He let out a low growl and lazily turned away, swaying his tail behind him in a show of boredom. Varan and Baragon, however, remained. They both fell low, eyes watching as Monster X began to wade to the shore.

Gabara lowered his hands. His horn began to surge, sending power to his clenched fists. The skeletal demon didn’t waste any time. His arms shot to the sides, bolts of power erupting from his red orbs. They took Gabara by surprise, sending him flying back. He landed on his back, cackling in fury. Another blast of bolts followed, but he rolled away. The blasts struck the sand, sending geysers of it upward. The ogre got to his feet just as another volley of beams fired. He ducked low, avoiding the gravity beams a second time. He leaped forward, his arms stretching out. His fingers dipped into the water and his horn began to buzz with power. Electricity raced down his forearms, into his fingers, and then through the water.

Monster X’s body went rigid as electricity raced through it. The alien warrior groaned, struggling to move as tremendous power brought all the fish to the surface, dead. Every muscle in its dark body ceased up, the thing’s eyes flashed again. It fired. It struck Gabara’s back, making the bully yelp. The generation of electricity stopped, allowing Monster X to charge forward. It lunged, jumping in mid-air and spinning. Its long tail lashed out like a whip, cracking into the side of Gabara’s skull. The ogre stumbled away, nearly falling. The alien balanced on one leg and lashed out with the other, delivering a kick to the green giant’s chest.

Gabara finally fell again, landing with a thud. Pressing its attack, X came down with its foot like a man dropping an axe. Gabara’s hands reached up, catching the foot mid-fall. He pushed out, forcing the alien back. He rolled to the side and quickly climbed to his knee. X snarled, moving in close. The ogre’s horn flashed again, surging power through his upper torso. His right arm came back and thrust forward, colliding with Monster X’s groin! The alien moaned loudly in agony, but couldn’t fall back. Gabara clenched its crotch and continued to surge, electrocuting the pride of the Xilien Empire. Firing blindly, X attempted to dislodge the ogre. Several bolts raked the back of the warty beast, but he refused to let go.

Finally, after several grueling seconds, X’s beams hit Gabara’s face. The ogre screamed, falling back as chunks of his green flesh flew outward. Monster X stepped away, body twitching from the electrocution. It growled, stepping forward and lifting a foot. He began to kick and stomp the ogre. Gabara cackled, struggling to escape until he lashed out with a foot, kicking Monster X’s shin. It bought him enough time to roll away and stand up. He charged, body lowered. His arms wrapped around X’s waste and hoisted it across his head and shoulders. He spun and dropped, slamming the extraterrestrial’s head face-first into the sand.

Gabara quickly turned around and leapt onto the chest of Monster X. He clenched his fists and like a crazy chimpanzee, began to pummel the alien. X flailed about, kicking and clawing as blow after blow battered its skull. Sparks began to shower from each impact as Gabara surged electricity through his flesh, adding to the damage. A blinding flash of light erupted from X’s face as he fired point blank, launching Gabara like a cannon and throwing him to the side.

The alien staggered to its feet, slapping the sand with its forked tail. It hissed, rolling its shoulders and charging once more. It closed the distance and launched upward, floating to the ogre. Gabara ducked, keeping low as X passed overhead and landed. Reaching down, the warty bully grabbed its split tail. He began to shock it and drag it back, pulling Monster X to the ground. As its body twitched from the untold voltage, Gabara lifted the tail up and bent it back, using it like a noose. He roped Monster X’s throat, tying the twin tips like a knot. Holding steady, he kept the power turned up to the max as Monster X’s tail strangled itself.

Stepping away, Gabara began to chuckle as Monster X kicked and clawed at the sand. Its tail tugged, but it only made the knot tighten. The alien’s burning eyes began to fade. Foam built within the confines of its jaws. The ogre crossed his arms and nodded, turning his back as Monster X’s movements began to weaken until no sign of life existed.

Looking at his audience of Baragon and Varan, the ogre narrowed his eyes. The two beasts scurried away before a louder set of footsteps caught the ogre off guard. Godzilla and his son appeared. The monster king looked upon the tied up body of Monster X and grumbled. The nuclear saurian nodded and then looked at Gabara. His snout curled into what could be a grin before turning around. Minilla gave the bully thumbs up before quickly following behind his mighty father…

“Sir, Monster X has–”

“I saw.” The Xilien Leader snarled in absolute hate. “Recover him. By God, I will claim the life of ONE of the Earth’s kaiju! I swear…”