Kaiju War Chronicles
Match 153:
Match 153: Dogora vs. Mothra Leo
By: Andrew Sudomerski

Several weeks ago, something made its descent from the atmosphere. Gloomy storm clouds reflect the hearts of the fear-stricken peoples of eastern Russia as an otherworldly entity consumed its wealth and minerals. When the space monster was pleased with the offering, it made its way to the south. Its next victims fell one by one; New Kirk, Pyongyang, Busan, Hiroshima, Shanghai, Taipei. Many prayers were offered to repel the abnormal lifeform, yet all for naught. All except for a few that had their prayers heard.

It followed its instincts, plaguing the world with its presence. Many of the predators-turned-prey that approached with gleaming inorganic flesh, who sought to dominate him only for them to sate its hunger. For the following time, the cycle would continue as it traversed the world; consume, fight, move on. Between the island of Taiwan and the Philippines, ravaging winds toss the waves in savage fury and the heavy downpour bombard the ocean’s surface. The space jellyfish swims through the oceans of clouds with unnatural grace, looking to consume more and more unceasingly. Yet it was not until a new kind of hero made its presence known; one who would bring peace to the millions of restless souls who died at its hand.

Mothra Leo would be sure to fight to the end for all of humanity; a valiant knight in the brotherhood of the vanguard who protect earth and its inhabitants from all threats. So as the guardian monsters are kept occupied by other worldly problems reigning throughout, Leo would go to tackle the uninvited guest gorging itself on the planet’s natural resources. Had she lived long enough to witness his life post-metamorphosis, his mother would have been proud. His supersonic flight booms past the tidal waves as he beelines toward the celestial organism. Humanity, and even the rest of the world, rests on his shoulders.

Dogora ignored the insignificant moth and proceeded to traverse the set course he was already on. Mothra Leo, however, would let himself be known to the extraterrestrial titan. The emerald moth assails the invader with strands of multicolored lights from the tri-oculi on his forehead, each ripping into Dogora’s form. This does not go unnoticed. As the leviathan swims under the sea of clouds with malicious intent, it whips out its grasping tendrils. It hopes to either grapple or strike the body of the airborne deity. The arms lash out, only for Leo to evade them with agile maneuverability and press the assault with jade bolts from his wings. Dogora’s fleshy anterior blackens with every strike, but the trillions of cells rejuvenate the damaged skin in a quick manner of seconds. More Cross Heat Laser beams and energized bolts explode against the alien’s body, each shredding parts of its form and decapitating two of its tentacles which fall into the ocean below. Instead of repairing its lost limbs, another tentacle sprout from Dogora’s body and lunges for Leo. Unable to react in time, the son of Mothra is consumed with acidic cells, scalding his body with vicious burns. The grip tightens and Leo’s furry abdomen is slowly eaten away until an illuminating yellow light erupts from his chest. With the lithe arm dispersed, the moth deity incinerates the nearby clusters with jade-colored bolts from his wings.

Nutrients flow through the celestial being’s cells; it was unlike anything the alien fought before. It was far from the carbon minerals he would normally feast upon, yet the pulsating energies served as a great substitute for his journey. He needed more. Expanding the gaping hole underneath its form, everything began to be vacuumed; from the dark electric clouds to the heavy droplets of water to the powerful gusts of typhoon winds. Mothra Leo was no exception. Fumbling with the airstream, the great moth struggled to regain balance. His life hung in the balance of a mere couple of seconds, yet it was enough. His form is bathed in an aura of bright green light and equalizes with the vacuumed air passing by. With all of his might, Leo pushes his body against the pulling force, loading his body with intense stress. Eventually, he reaches the peak of his speed in the form of the Excel Dash. Escaping the grasp of the vacuum with velocity that long exceeds the sound barrier’s limits, Leo navigates through the air and marks Dogora as his target once more. He elevates to an altitude above the space monster, hidden by the remnants of the thunder clouds. As he passes, he unloads another yellowish Mega Breast Cannon unto the jellyfish at a rate beyond supersonic. Although it emits no vocalization known to any earthbound organism, it jerks violently upon being nearly torn in half from the assault and stops inhaling at skies around him. Mothra Leo came to a steady slow as the effects of the Excel Dash began to fade. It would be inevitable that the space fiend would try to consume him once more, and he couldn’t let that happen. For the sake of the people who lost their lives, he must end this here and now.

Few options were cut short, much to Leo’s dismay. Given the high altitudes where his foe resides, the Sparkling Pyre Road would be relatively ineffective; dividing into the much smaller moths for wider attack range would be suicidal due to the acidic properties; and he felt uncertain to whether his reflective green powder would be of any good against his enemy. Hopefully, what he has available will be able to suffice.

He nosedives down near the ocean’s raging surface, and then banks a hard turn to attack Dogora from the underside. Upon launching up from the water at a sharp ninety-degree angle, a coat of jade energies cover his form. His body rotates to perform an aileron roll as the amount of energy intensifies. Bypassing the entity would be no easy feat while keeping continuous ascent and Dogora would not make it easy for him. Though still recovering from the rip through its body, the two pieces meld together as a single whole once more. Branches of tentacles lash out at the twirling moth, with very few of them making tears to his wings. Because of the instability with his flight, Leo had to unleash his Excel Pileload prematurely. A dozen jade rings pulsate behind him as they pound against the tentacles and some of its form, nearly shattering the limbs after the first few waves. Repairs would take a while; for Leo, it might be all the time he’s got.

Mothra Leo burst from the sea of clouds like a flying fish. The moments it took to calibrate with his torn wing forced him to sacrifice precious time. But as soon as he was ready, not a moment was put to waste; circling the area in approximation where the jellyfish space beast rests, a hue of green that rivals the brightness of sunlight trails behind him. In a perfect circle, the mythical shape takes on a form; one which many who seen it feel both the fear and awe of its awesome power. After the ritual is performed, a massive flux of energy piles to the center of his lethal attack and fires the Sun Strike Buster with all of his might.

Deep in the dwelling place of aquatic life, abnormalities stir. Large writhing arms sprawl on the seafloor, trying to feed on material of sustenance. Much of the depths contain many unreachable mineral deposits, so it supplied the limbs with the necessary nutrients to thrive, even underwater. Quickly, they grew at a disturbing rate, consuming everything else in their path. It no longer became just a hunt for minerals; organic and inorganic objects became a part of their diet, and they sought more. While the duplicate offspring lacked the gargantuan scale of their forefather, they would certainly find that their expansive taste for all of Earth’s natural resources will satisfy their monstrous appetite. Thus, the Dogoras made their ascent to the world beyond the murky depths.

The thunder clouds broke apart as a shining beacon of hope, for the few that witnessed it, sliced the dark skies in two. Sunlight revealed the form of Dogora, whose core has been struck by the dazzling holy light. Immediately, the celestial being dissipated when consumed by the searing beam of energy. Anything that was spared from divine judgment fried from the intense solar-like heat, killing the last of Dogora’s cells. Clumps of charcoal flesh plummet to the evaporated ocean below, where it will be buried for the rest of its days. From the opening, where illuminating sunlight shines, Mothra Leo descends like an angel sent by God. He oversees nature restoring balance and harmony as the storm continues to blaze. The tidal waves collapse, filling the hole where the Sun Strike Buster left its mark; the clouds repair the dark skies, blotting out the sunlight once more. Leo was about to return to his birthplace of Infant Island, but decided to scan the area one more time. His forest green compound eyes saw rumbling of white foam disturb the stormy seas. Then a second one followed. From the Pacific Ocean, the great emerald moth saw two ever-so familiar figures emerge. The jellyfish-like space creatures sought to feed, and feed they shall.

Mothra Leo knew his limits; the final blow against the previous Dogora sapped his energy cells dry and the majority of his options were still unavailable. To perform the Excel Pileload once more would be risky with his injury sustained from earlier; additionally, the massive stress on his body and wings is taking a toll on him. So the best he can do is shred them with what energy he has left. Though grateful that the duo is nowhere nearly as large as their colossal parent, they still pose a threat if left alone. Yet, his determination to fight for humankind lifted his spirits, giving him the incentive to continue this dragging fight. This time, he will be sure that nothing remains of the Dogora threat.

Diving right for them, Leo fires his multicolored beams from his oculi; like before, they pierce and shred the creature’s anterior. The Dogora clone spastically jerks in reaction, yet echoes no cry of agony. For Leo, who has fought kaiju of various strengths in the past, this is unsettling. The feeling had been nagging at him since his encounter with the first Dogora, but now it haunts his sentient consciousness. Never once did he think he could find a sense of comfort and reality with the roar of another, good or evil. The first of two creatures is assailed by the streaks of light, nearly tearing it asunder; the second projects many tendrils from its body and stabs the emerald moth with its many hand-like appendages. The chemical properties of Dogora’s flesh take effect, eating away at Mothra Leo’s abdomen and wings. The great moth redirects his energies into his wings, now with exposed holes from the corrosive flesh, which spark with harsh bolts and fries the tentacles. The jade energy hardens and dries out the icky skin, but the newfound tears bring him to a slow panicking descent to the ocean’s surface. Even with his winged bolts of lightning reduced in strength, Leo would continue to try with his might. The Cross Heat Lasers lay waste to the duplicates as they advance, yet it wouldn’t be enough to permanently stop them. His body crashes into the rough sea and his wild holey wings beat uncontrollably in vain. The Dogoras, though torn and disembodied from the declining wrath of the beams of light, drift toward him.

What came after was a feast they would never forget.

Simultaneously, they constrict their regenerating tentacles around the guardian moth, burning away his insect hide and fluffy exterior. Every time Leo resisted, they would tighten their grip and embed their arms into his body. His nutrients flowed through their forms, growing larger with each passing moment. One last valiant attempt was made by the heroic kaiju with a Mega Breast Cannon, but it was all for naught. Soon, Mothra Leo’s beautiful forest green eyes dimmed, yet they still feed on his corpse. There would be nothing left of the last offspring of Mothra after their feast. Both Dogoras, now nearly half the size of the original, return to the embrace of the clouds once more, traveling south.

When the world learned the loss of their guardian, despair struck their hearts. Now the fate of the planet was uncertain; will Earth’s other mighty heroes rise and repel this threat? Or will the Dogoras signify the end of all life on the planet?

Only time will tell.