Kaiju War Chronicles
Match 152:
Match 152: Gaira (Showa) vs. Manda (Millennium)
By: Patrick Alan Green

Moonlight illuminated the ocean's turning waves, lighting the way for a Japanese fishing freighter making its journey in-land after a long night of work. Fog had rolled in, the thickness of it made it a little difficult to see, but the low visibility was nothing the ship's captain couldn't handle.

The crew continued on, blissfully unaware of the large human-like figure that had just slowly risen from underneath the ocean's churning waves. The giant, using the fog as coverage, watched as the ship sailed through the ocean.

The creature's mouth began to water; he had been stalking the ship all night, and he couldn't stand the wait any longer. All he could think about was the delicious taste of the crew members aboard the freighter before him, and his thirst for flesh was insatiable, he had to strike now!

One of the crew members, a little drunk on sake, stepped outside on the deck for a cigarette. He took a deep drag and exhaled as he looked up to admire the moon's gleaming light that was beaming down on his face. He blew a sigh of relief, for he was now on his way back home to his wife and children, whom he hated being away from.

Suddenly he heard a loud shriek coming from the distance; he quickly turned around to see a large figure, shrouded by fog, slowly approaching the ship!

"Frankenstein!" the man shouted as he quickly ran back into the ship to warn the rest of the crew. But it wasn't Frankenstein; it was a creature far worse. It was the Green Gargantua, Gaira!

The monster continued making his way through the water toward the ship, thick threads of drool leaked from the hell that was Gaira's mouth as he grew closer and closer. The giant could hardly stand it any longer, his helpless prey was literally almost in his hairy grasp, but before he was able to grab his long waited prize, something big began to stir under the depths behind him.

Before Gaira even had a chance to react, he felt a sharp pain in his mammoth right leg; something had latched on to him! Gaira barely had a chance to let out a cry before he was instantly pulled under water. Gaira began kicking violently at his attacker, trying everything in his power to free himself.

The green giant managed to pull off a lucky shot, kicking his attacker right in its snout, giving him the opportunity to break free, and managed to identify the creature that had dared to attack him: the leviathan, Manda!

It had seemed that as Gaira stalked the fishing freighter, he had wandered into the territory of the hissing dragon-like monster, and it was going to make its hairy green enemy regret it!

Gaira threw his arms up, trying to intimidate the snake-like creature, but it only made Manda angrier.

Before Gaira knew what hit him, Manda was already right back on him, this time coiling its long, serpentine body around Gaira's bulk in an attempt to squeeze the very life out of him.

Its small claws digging into the green giant's flesh as it continued to squeeze harder and harder. In response, Gaira sank his jagged teeth into the body of Manda, who hissed in agony and relinquished its grip ever so slightly, just enough for Gaira to slide his arms out.

Gaira quickly grabbed on to the horns atop the snake's head, and using his superior strength, began lifting the serpent colossus right out of the water!

By the time both monster's had surfaced, the entire crew of the fishing ship were now all standing on the dock, awe-struck by the epic, behemoth versus leviathan war that was going on before them.

Gaira let out an ear-splitting shriek as he managed to hoist Manda's entire body out of the water, and before the crew even had a chance to jump ship, Gaira threw the terrible dragon right at them!

The entire freighter exploded as if it had been hit with a bomb when the serpent's body collided with it, leaving Manda's limp body floating atop the water along with the rest of the debris from the ship.

It had seemed that the battle was over, and now Gaira had an even bigger meal on his plate.

Gaira licked his lips as he moved closer to claim his kill. But as he leaned over to collect its prize, Manda, with blinding speed, lunged at Gaira! Before Gaira even had a chance to let out a screech, Manda's razor sharp fangs latched around Gaira's throat and it began coiling itself around Gaira's bulk once more.

The serpent monster was only playing dead, and Gaira fell right for the leviathan’s trap!

As Manda constricted more and more, Gaira's shrieks were silenced, the mighty giant thrashed, but Manda only squeezed tighter and tighter with every movement made by the hairy monster. Gaira was virtually helpless, he knew he was slowly being killed, and there was nothing he could to about it.

Just then, the morning sun had began to rise, and a brilliant shine illuminated Manda's scales, causing them to appear as if the dragon was glowing.

After five minutes of helpless thrashing, Gaira's convulsing body finally stopped, signaling the golden dragon to release its hold.

The battle was over, and the war for this Gargantua had been lost. Manda then began to drag the oversized giant back down to the lower depths of his territory. 

Manda (Millennium)