Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 148:
By: Christian Salabert

"What are these damn things?!" Cmdr. Carl Nelson fired his machine gun again as he and his crew fell back, trying to escape from the creatures that advanced.

"I don't know, but they're tough as nails!" Lt. Cmdr. Nomura spat, firing his own gun in the same direction. "Just keep Susan safe!"

"Excuse me, I am not some little girl that needs protection!" Susan Watson snapped, firing a handgun she had stolen from one of her fallen comrades. "I am perfectly--- DUCK!"

The three of them dove to the ground in various directions as a bolt of purple energy pierced the air. Had they been even a fraction of a second later, they would have been cleanly sliced in half by the blast. The trio quickly regrouped, keeping their guns trained on the beasts.

"We have to get back to the raft," Nelson said as they backed away. "The ship is our only chance!"

"Look out!" Susan cried.

Another of the hideous creatures emerged from the brush, flexing its jaws as it approached the trio. Another member of the group leapt out in front of the monster and opened fire with his rifle, but the beast simply bent down and opened its mouth, sending out a secondary set of jaws flying out and impaling the man's face. Susan cried out in horror as the man's bloodied body collapsed to the jungle floor. Unfortunately, her scream gained the monster's attention. More and more of the creatures approached the last few members of the group, ready to tear them apart...

When suddenly a roar filled the air.

The monsters all stopped and looked up, trying to see what had caused such a noise. The ground shook. The sound of trees crashing to the ground could be heard. Suddenly, a gigantic reptilian form stepped out of the tree line, roaring at the disturbance it sensed crawling through the jungle.

Gorosaurus looked down, his predatory senses zeroing in on the creatures below.

"Quick, let's go!" Nomura said. The group quickly got to their feet and headed for the beach.

Immediately forgetting about their human prey, the spiky creatures began to march toward Gorosaurus, shrieking as they advanced. They quickly realized the error of their ways, however, as the dinosaur began to kick and stomp, crushing several of them underfoot. Disappearing in a cloud of mist, the beasts were suddenly gone. Gorosaurus looked down, confused. Just then, he found himself surrounded - The monsters were back, and this time they were as tall as the dinosaur's knees! Gorosaurus turned around quickly as he attempted to keep an eye on them, which was slightly easier to do as there were only four of them now. One was taken out almost immediately by an almost casual swing of Gorosaurus' tail as he turned around to look at another one. The second was taken out by a good kick, causing it to implode in on itself. The third one attempted to attack the reptile head-on. It learned too late what a costly mistake that was as Gorosaurus bent down and ripped its head off with his jaws.

Gorosaurus turned to look at the fourth and final creature, but before he could make a move, the shelled creature dissolved in another cloud of mist. Looking around, he found that the bodies of the ones he'd killed had disappeared as well. The dinosaur narrowed his eyes. The creatures may have left his line of sight, but he could still sense them. Their scent was strong.

With a shriek and a flash of light, another of the monsters appeared in front him - And this one was as large as Gorosaurus himself!

Gorosaurus reared back in surprise, but this creature would make sure to not give the predator a chance to attack. Swinging its newly-formed tentacles, it slammed them against the dinosaur's head, sending Gorosaurus crashing to the ground. He quickly returned to his feet and roared a challenge at the crustaceous beast, unwilling to retreat. Reaching up, Gorosaurus snatched one of the tentacles in his jaws, shaking his head back and forth. His teeth began to sink into and shred the armored flesh, causing the creature to scream in pain as its limb spilled yellow blood. Turning its head to face the reptile, the monster spat out a beam of violet energy, strafing Gorosaurus' legs. The dinosaur immediately released his toothy grip and staggered back, letting out a roar as he felt his skin burn. The hideous beast lunged forward, its body slamming Gorosaurus and sending him once again to the ground.

Returning to his feet once again, Gorosaurus growled in fury at the yellow-eyed monstrosity before him. The creature advanced, ready to attack with its tentacles once again. But this time, Gorosaurus was ready for it. As soon as the beast was within reach, the reptile leapt up onto his tail and lashed out with his powerful legs. The blow was strong enough to send the creature skidding backward, the momentum causing it to tip over and crash to the ground. The beast struggled, straining its many limbs, but could not right itself. Gorosaurus roared victoriously, seeing his opponent helpless.

Unfortunately for Gorosaurus, the creature was not out of options, and it disappeared just as its smaller forms had done. Gorosaurus stopped and stared at the spot where the creature had lain. He was frustrated, but he knew the beast was likely to reappear.

Suddenly, something slammed into the back of Gorosaurus' head, knocking the oversized allosaurus flat. Gorosaurus was eventually able to get back to his feet and scanned the area, immediately spotting his attacker - The creature hadn't changed size this time, but rather its shape! It now resembled some sort of demonic bat, flying through the air, screaming like a banshee as it flew toward Gorosaurus. The dinosaur roared defiantly and advanced, but the creature wouldn't have it, spewing another purple blast of energy. The beam exploded against Gorosaurus' legs as well as the ground, bringing the predator down once again. Another blast scorched Gorosaurus' side, eliciting a cry of pain. Just as Gorosaurus managed to get back to his feet, the creature flew past and wrapped its tail around his neck. Gorosaurus choked as the flying beast dragged him across the island, sending trees and boulders everywhere. Finally, the creature released its grip, sending Gorosaurus crashing into a nearby mountain.

Gorosaurus struggled, dazed as he tried to pull himself back up. The flying monster grinned, knowing it had the reptile on the ropes. It flew in, ready for another attack. Just as it lowered its tail, ready to lasso it around the dinosaur's throat, Gorosaurus lunged up, sinking his teeth deep into the creature's tail. His enemy trapped, Gorosaurus stood up and swing his head around, using his grip on the monster's tail to swing it around and slam it hard into the mountain. The demonic thing cried out, stunned from the sudden blow. Gorosaurus immediately began to stomp and kick the beast, breaking off the horn that stuck out of its forehead. When Gorosaurus brought his foot down next, it struck the ground, its intended target having disappeared into a cloud of mist. Gorosaurus turned around, scanning the area, ready for another attack. The mighty monster heaved deeply. He was tired and hurt. He wasn't sure if he would be able to survive another bout with the relentless creature.

Another bolt of violet energy bounced off Gorosaurus' back, searing his flesh and causing the dinosaur to cry out in agony. Wearily, the reptile turned to face his foe, who had returned to the stage previous to its flying form. The creature swung its tentacles up and down, bouncing them off Gorosaurus's snout, dazing the beast. The monster's grasping claws sliced at Gorosaurus' flesh. The evil creature knew the dinosaur was on his last legs and decided to finish it then and there. Opening its mandibles, the hideous thing sent forth a secondary set of jaws, aimed directly between Gorosaurus' eyes.

It was then that Gorosaurus' survival instincts kicked in, granting the reptilian warrior one final burst of energy. Adrenaline surging through his body, Gorosaurus opened his maw and bit down on the monster's tube-like jaws. The monster's eyes widened in surprise just as Gorosaurus tore the jaws from its mouth, sending yellow blood spewing everywhere. Gorosaurus wasn't done yet, reaching up and sinking his teeth into the nearest tentacle. Shaking his head like a wild dog, Gorosaurus shredded the tentacle worse and worse, until he finally ripped the limb in half, sending the torn end crashing to the ground. The creature's head reared back, shrieking in agony. Rising up on his tail, Gorosaurus lashed out with a powerful kick, instantly crushing the creature's face in. Another kick shattered the abomination's skull and sent it crashing backward into a nearby mountain, covering it in an avalanche of rocks and dirt.

At last, Gorosaurus let the effects of the fight sink in, and the mighty dinosaur was tired. He staggered in place for a moment, making sure that the creature would not return again. Nothing. No signs. He sniffed the air, and even that turned up nothing. Exhausted, burned, and bleeding, Gorosaurus was victorious, letting out a cry of triumph.

A cry that was answered by a terrifying shriek.

Before the dinosaur even knew what was happening, a powerful beam of energy slammed into his side with enough power to level an entire city block. Even the might of Gorosaurus could not withstand such a blast and instantly crumpled beneath its power, his charred body toppling to the ground.

With a thunderous sound, a massive, unholy beast descended from the sky and set foot on the island floor, its narrow yellow eyes glaring at the burnt remains of Gorosaurus. A sadistic smile crept over the creature's mouth. An abomination such as him was enough to bring even Godzilla to his knees.

A mere dinosaur never had a chance against the power of Destoroyah.