Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 147:
By: Joshua Reynolds

Three years. That is all it took. When Godzilla returned from the endless fathoms of the ocean on Christmas day of 2019, it was the dawn of a new era in Japan. Some monsters, loyal defenders of the country itself, appeared. But it was all in vein. The so-called "King of the Monsters" obliterated anything and everything that dared challenge his awesome power. When armies failed and cities crumbled, the people began to evacuate. In one year's time, Godzilla, a virtual walking radioactive plague that scorched the land with atomic fire, decimated Tokyo. When the great megalopolis fell, so did the country's government.

For all intents and purposes, Japan was a wasteland.

With over eighty percent of the entire country evacuated to Korea, China, and the United States, the United Nations stepped in. Godzilla wouldn't stop at Japan. It was feared he could hit any country next. The Koreans did the impossible – a joint defense by both the North and South backed by the militaries of China and the United States. Even the Pacific Islands, including Hawaii, were on Red Alert. When the nuclear saurian was spotted, either out at sea or wandering the vast wasteland that he had turned Japan into, it wasn't rare for the nuclear superpowers to unleash their atomic arsenals.

But it never worked.

Bombing the tyrant kaiju with such firepower was like trying to douse a forest fire with a flamethrower. Some experts argued this, but as the megatons increased, others believed the sheer force of the blast would rip him apart. But it never did. In time, if Godzilla's nuclear properties didn't put the final nail in Japan's coffin, surely the nuclear strikes did. Not just the government and society of Japan, but the land itself was dead...

Just four-hundred miles south of the motherland, Okinawa had been Godzilla-free since his mighty resurrection. However, even then, most of the island had evacuated out of sheer fear of the close proximity of Godzilla's stomping grounds. Only a few thousand decided to remain out of the original million plus population. Among those, a famous family – the Royal Azumi Family. They were renowned for their vast wealth, but even more so for their faith to an ancient religion. They believed this land, not so much Japan itself but Okinawa, belonged to a feral guardian – a true God King amongst mortal men. They continued to believe that Godzilla's reluctance to invade Okinawa was out of his fear of their protector. And as long as they remained faithful, Godzilla would never touch Okinawa soil...

The lands burned. Fresh fields were turned to radioactive ash. It took a while, but Godzilla made landfall in Okinawa. The titan's demonic roar echoed for countless miles as he unleashed blasts of his nuclear breath. Overhead, jet fighters launched missiles and bombers dropped barrels of napalm, but this had all failed before. The monster king paid no mind to their attacks. The skies darkened and the lands remained illuminated by the sea of hell that he brought.

In the distance, the Azumi priestess looked on in horror. This was the apocalypse. Where was their protector? Had he grown tired of civilization in the same way Godzilla had? What could they have possibly done to deserve such punishment? Even from the distance of over a mile away, she could see the hatred in Godzilla's eyes. The beast served no purpose other than carnage. His very presence brought death to the land and she knew it. Where his radioactive foot touched, the ground was tainted. Even now, with every breath she took, she could taste the staleness as the air died. If something wasn't done, Okinawa would be turned into the same graveyard that the rest of Japan had been.

She fled down the castle steps, her ears deafened by the booms of war and Godzilla's thunderous roars. In her rush down the stairs, her draping dress wrapped around her foot. She stumbled and fell, falling past other frantic followers of the religion. Then the castle began to shake. A blue light blinded her, followed by the scorching wave of heat. Godzilla hit the castle with his atomic ray. Her ears flowing with blood, she looked up through the burning hole in the ceiling. Overhead, the moon shined brightly, even more so than normal despite the rolling clouds of smoke.

"Please," she gasped, coughing on smoke as pebbles of debris fell from above. "Don't let this happen," she begged, crawling to her knees, "I give my life willingly. But please, do not let this demon go unopposed."

Above her, a large slab of the castle's marble interior began to sway back and forth. She looked back at it, realizing that it was soon to fall. Turning her gaze back to the moon, she closed her eyes tightly. "My God, I give my life to you. The ultimate sacrifice to grant my only wish – save these lands."

... "Save these lands."

The castle collapsed in on itself. Godzilla snarled, his upper list twisting to reveal his rows of dagger-like teeth. His cruel eyes blinked as he leaned his head back and roared his victory over mankind to the skies above. The Azumi Castle was obliterated like everything else he saw.

A crack of lightning and boom of thunder rang out.

The smoke-filled skies opened up with a rain of lightning. Godzilla's roar ceased as his eyes followed their trail, watching as they smashed into the distant mountains. Bolt after bolt struck the same area, carving into the mountain like a drill. For nearly a minute, the saurian watched intently. Then the bolts stopped. They left a blanket of dust in their wake, as well as a massive hole. Godzilla looked on, head tilted as he tried to pierce the darkness of the opening...

Red eyes flashed in the darkness. Then a roar. A great roar just as, if not louder, than Godzilla's own. The light cast by the flames cast a shadow of a figure emerging from the mountain. A titan of equal size to Godzilla! Clad in overlapping, brown scales and golden fur, the beast was unlike that of anything Godzilla had witnessed. Its face like that of a lion and crowned with a golden display of jewels and large, flapping ears. Its three fingers tipped in large claws, the creature looked at its hands for the first time in eons. Then, it looked at Godzilla!

Already, Godzilla's spines flashed with atomic light. A blue blast erupted from his maw, shooting straight at King Caesar. The lion-like guardian ducked low, but didn't even try to evade the shot. Instead, he met it face-first. Godzilla's beam was swallowed by the red jewels that acted as his eyes. Immediately afterward, it fired back at Godzilla! Taken off guard, Godzilla was hit by his own beam. He was pushed back and a howling boom came from his muzzle. As the explosion spread about his form, King Caesar charged in. He leapt and spun, slamming the side of his foot into the abomination's snout.

Godzilla staggered to the side, shaking his head. King Caesar's other foot came up, striking his mid-section with a thud. As the monster king was forced to the side once more, his muscular tail thumped the Earth and then lifted like a demonic cobra. It swung out, striking King Caesar. The guardian was hit full-force and fell low while stepping back. Spinning his body around to face the protector, Godzilla's spines flashed again and he opened fire once more.

Like an agile feline, King Caesar rolled away, but kept his face in line with Godzilla's beam. Like before, he caught and reflected it right back. Godzilla ducked his head low, allowing his beam to fly passed him. This brief amount of time is all King Caesar needed. He lunged, ramming his crown into Godzilla's gut. His arms wrapped around the saurian, squeezing tightly. He was strong, but to lift the mountain of mass that was the King of the Monsters, not even the Royal God King possessed that strength. He struggled, growling and roaring.

Godzilla's back surged with a radioactive glow. His maw opened and a faint glow flashed. An internal blast of nuclear energy blasted out of every inch of Godzilla's build. The atomic energy surged through King Caesar's body, making patches of his golden fur combust. He was sent backward, landing hard on his back on the remains of the castle. Immediately after, Godzilla's atomic ray catapulted from his fanged jaws. This time, the blue and white blast of nuclear annihilation struck its target. A titanic fireball blossomed across King Caesar's majestic body. His roar was muted by the roaring explosion of the blast.

Godzilla nodded, enjoying the sight of the flames building where King Caesar was once visible. It was another victim to the living embodiment of sin. His tail slapped the ground and his back lit up once more. This land would burn like the rest of Japan.

From the blaze, as Godzilla turned his back on it, King Caesar stood. His fur was gone, revealing not blood nor skin… but a primitive form of machinery. One of his jewel eyes was gone, no doubt shattered into fragments that now burned. His ears torn apart and many areas of his overlapping armor gone, all too reveal brick-like material and grinding gears underneath. King Caesar was not an organic being!

Godzilla continued to blast the landscape, unaware of his opponent's fiery rebirth. The golem's hands clenched into fists as Godzilla made patches of land infertile for centuries within a second's worth of his atomic flame. King Caesar leaped, coming down and bringing his full weight onto Godzilla's spine. The saurian was taken by surprise and fell, collapsing by the weight of the protector of Okinawa. King Caesar's hands grabbed the sides of his skull and began lifting and smashing the monster king's head into the ground. He grinded and smashed, doing his best to make the menace's head one with the stained soil. Godzilla's tail lifted up, striking the back of the golem numerous times, but it was no use. Each blow only infuriated the guardian, causing him to smash Godzilla's head even harder.

By now, small pools of blood and shards of broken teeth lay at the bottom of the deepening crater. Pushing up with his hands, Godzilla began to rise with King Caesar on his back. Unable to smash Godzilla's head, the protector began pounding the sides of his head with tremendous, brick-like hands. Reaching behind, the saurian managed to grab the ankles of his attacker. With one quick yank, he pulled King Caesar off. The guardian was tossed away, but landed on all fours like a cat. Immediately, he stood tall. Once more, they started off, Godzilla's head tilting as he examined King Caesar's mysterious inner workings.

Godzilla's maw opened wide, another blast of atomic hatred firing. The lion-like guardian ducked low, catching the attack and quickly firing it from his remaining eye like before. The blast hit Godzilla's fanged muzzle, pushing him back yet again. King Caesar trucked forward, charging with his head low. His roar echoed before he collided, ramming Godzilla with the ferocity of his own. The tip of his crown tore into Godzilla's abdomen, pulling out and then thrusting in again.

Godzilla stomped his feet and bellowed. He pushed away with his arms, forcing King Caesar back after a third thrust. As the guardian merely lunged once more, Godzilla's arm shot up, grabbing his throat. He squeezed, causing numerous exposed bricks to break. King Caesar's muscular legs kicked, each blow causing a muffled growl of annoyance from the King of the Monsters. Godzilla's grip tightened while his other hand came up, grabbing the face of the golem protector. His claws dug into the brick that lay underneath King Caesar's fake flesh. The beast screamed in agony as Godzilla's hand continued to crush, fingers penetrating the jewels and brick easily.

Godzilla's roars drowned out King Caesar's cries of horror as he crushed his face. A sickening scowl crossed the abomination's snout as his hand, once crushing the guardian's image, smashed into a fist. The entire face of King Caesar shattered into ruin! All four of his limbs fell limp. His body fell, dropping to its knees and then into a slump as if bowing to the superior kaiju.

Lifting a foot, he placed it on the back of the fallen hero's skull. Godzilla's own leaned back, bellowing in absolute victory yet again. The atomic demon won. His roars of laughter were followed by the scorching heat of his radioactive fury. Okinawa would soon be ash... who knows what will follow.

Godzilla® (Heisei)