Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 143:
By: Thomas Echkert

[continued from Match 56]

Destoroyah glared at the beast that stood before him. He heard this creature had been slain by Earth’s defenders, but they clearly failed. Despite the horrific assault Earth’s mightiest champions bestowed upon him, Bagan was alive. Although his strength paled to what it once was, the demonic beast was still a terror to behold. After his defeat, Bagan spent weeks rebuilding his full power while challenging any beast that came his way. His latest challenger was Destoroyah, a creature who shared many similarities to Bagan. Like the creature standing before him, Destoroyah was a kaiju who enjoyed slaying others while taking pride as Earth’s deadliest entity. Destoroyah and Bagan would have been perfect allies but their previous engagement created a deadly rivalry. If not for the others’ interference, Destoroyah would have shown Bagan his true destructive power. Now that he had fully recovered and with Bagan’s true strength removed; Destoroyah decided it was time to exact his revenge and take back the title of the planet’s ultimate killer.

Destoroyah shrieked fearlessly and fired a Micro-Oxygen beam onto Bagan. Unlike in their last battle, the attack caused Bagan to howl in pain. His eyes glared and the dragon sprinted toward Destoroyah. Bagan’s powerful claws slashed into Destoroyah’s armored hide like tissue paper. The Precambrian terror shrieked painfully while his chest erupted with blood. Bagan then turned around and bashed Destoroyah’s chest with his tail. The winged demon crashed into the ground with an earth-shattering thud. Bagan laughed as Destoroyah tried to recover. Even with diminished power; he managed to wound Destoroyah without much difficulty. His laughter made Destoroyah grit his teeth furiously.

Faster than Bagan could respond, the winged crustacean opened his wings and took off, bashing Bagan in the chest with his powerful legs that sent him down onto his back. Destoroyah landed a few yards away, shrieking tauntingly at his fallen opponent. Bagan did his best to stand, but Destoroyah’s assaulted him with Micro-Oxygen beams. The explosions forced the dragon to remain down. Destoroyah then turned around and wrapped his tail around Bagan’s horn, conducting energy into the dragon. As a moan echoed from Bagan’s jaws, Destoroyah sent Bagan soaring through the air with its tail. The ground quaked when the gray-colored kaiju landed onto his stomach.

Destoroyah’s laughter filled the air. Suddenly, the spurs on Bagan’s back sparkled with electricity. Destoroyah followed the sparks as they ascended up into the sky to discover several diamond-shaped objects forming in the air. The diamond storm crackled with energy as it finished forming and plummeted onto Destoroyah. The armored damnation shrieked in pain as the diamonds carved into his body, even severing a wing to pieces. Bagan arrogantly stood up to see Destoroyah partly damaged by his diamond storm. He grinned wickedly as his mouth glowed white. By the time Destoroyah saw Bagan, it was too late. A powerful plasma beam spewed out of Bagan’s jaws and slammed into Destoroyah’s chest. The living Oxygen-Destroyer shrieked in agony as he was blown backward. Destoroyah crashed into a heap of buildings. His chest smoked from the hot plasma. Bits of his exoskeleton hide were broken off. Even with his injuries, Destoroyah still wouldn’t succumb to defeat. He slowly righted himself while Bagan charged forward, each step he took causing the earth to tremble. Bagan lashed out with his tail, striking Destoroyah’s back and flooring him. Bagan repeated the attack only for Destoroyah’s tail pincer to clamp onto it and stop it from landing.

When Destoroyah rose with a furious shriek, he and Bagan were locked in a showcase of strength. Their tails turned toward opposite directions, trying to tear the other from the stumps. Both monsters glared at each other, neither showing their foe mercy. Then Bagan’s tail finally succeeded and tore Destoroyah’s own tail from its owner. Destoroyah shrieked in agony from the loss of his tail while massive amounts of yellow blood sprayed wildly out of the wound. Bagan roared victoriously and whacked Destoroyah in the right cheek with the creature’s own severed tail. While Destoroyah fell to the ground, Bagan ripped the pincer’s end off his tail and tossed the maimed appendage aside like garbage. Destoroyah tried to stand, but a vicious kick by Bagan sent him soaring through the air before he landed on a nearby section of streets. Destoroyah shrieked at his injuries. His tail was gone. His left wing was badly broken. His chest was still wounded.

Bagan laughed at his foe’s injured state and more so at his struggle to stand. Most would have found Destoroyah’s determination to keep fighting inspiring. Bagan however thought it was a pathetic excuse to delay his eventual demise. He should just accept his doomed fate. Destoroyah glared at the approaching demon. Bagan merely took his time to approach, knowing the Precambrian terror’s time was up. Bagan’s arrogant stride made Destoroyah more furious. For him, this wasn’t a challenge of survival. It was a test of pride. A challenge he refused to fail. But as strong as his will was, Destoroyah’s body was badly wrecked. He needed a new plan of attack.

Bagan approached Destoroyah with his claws clutching each other. He couldn’t wait to dig them into this lesser beast’s hide and tear it open. Suddenly, Destoroyah’s body disappeared underneath a blanket of white mist. Bagan bellowed furiously at what his foe was doing. His mouth shined white and his powerful plasma breath raced from his throat, striking the cloud of smoke. The ground exploded from the attack causing the mist to vanish. Bagan glanced over the sight with curious eyes. A wicked smile moved across his gruesome face. Destoroyah was completely gone. He raised his head and bellowed toward the heavens. He had won! With his foe vanished, Bagan turned away from the grave he burned, ready to take his vengeance on the world.

But then, the ground exploded all around him, taking him by surprise. Dozens of Destoroyah Aggregates surrounded Bagan, dumbfounding the beast as they crawled toward him. This creature can become smaller versions of himself? He never saw this ability during their last match. Bagan fired his plasma breath at the nightmarish creatures, but the army of Aggregates simply crawled out of the way. One of the mini-beasts crawled onto Bagan’s sides, piercing his hide with its top legs. Bagan growled in frustration from his failure to dislodge the creature. The Aggregate crawled onto Bagan’s mammoth head and sprayed a Micro-Oxygen beam into his eye, completely dissolving it. Several Aggregates then crawled on top of Bagan while the rest disappeared back into the soil. One by one, their Micro-Oxygen beams covered Bagan from head to toe. Eventually the demonic titan was forced to the ground from the assault. With their foe down, the creatures then retreated back into the ground. Bagan snarled and grabbed one unlucky Aggregate with his claws. The helpless beast shrieked and squirmed as it tried to escape. Bagan simply bit into its head and crushed it.

The corpse of the dead creature fell as Bagan stood and looked around. Where did the beasts go? Bagan then roared with such a rage it made the world shutter in fear. How dare this beast attack him and run like a coward! A second roar commanded Destoroyah to show his cowardly face.

Suddenly, Bagan shrieked in pain when a Micro-Oxygen beam carved into his back and forced him to kneel. An all-too familiar shriek mocked Bagan from behind sparking the dragon into a rage. He looked behind him and saw Destoroyah, now in his final form, charging right toward him. The creature was back in perfect health and ready for round 2.

Destoroyah cruised into Bagan at such a speed that the dragon had no time to dodge his attack. Destoroyah smashed his left hand into Bagan’s cheek, knocking the monstrous killer down. Destoroyah landed a dozen yards away and shrieked toward Bagan to come get him. Bagan snarled and charged with his claws extended toward Destoroyah. Destoroyah grabbed Bagan’s claws with his own and stopped him. The two beasts grappled with each other until Destoroyah’s horn charged with energy. The newly-revived monster tilted his head down onto Bagan’s own and carved it clean in half. With his head split, Bagan's body stumbled backward.

Destoroyah unleashed another laser horn which sliced Bagan's head cleaned off his neck, letting crash to the ground with a massive thud. With the head severed off, Destoroyah fired a Micro-Oxygen beam into the neck stump. The purple-colored beam erupted out Bagan’s back and nearly tore the dragon in half. Destoroyah watched Bagan’s mutilated corpse crash to the ground and with his foe dead; Destoroyah unleashed a cry of victory.

However, it was cut short by a sudden realization. Destoroyah stepped back and shockingly watched as Bagan’s back healed and his head regenerated slowly. The living Oxygen-Destroyer realized what was happening and readied to move. He opened his wings and grabbed Bagan’s newly-forming head with his tail then slowly dragged the larger kaiju along the ground before he found his destination, a large body of water. It was the perfect place for his plan. Before he could reach the water, another diamond storm cut into his body. Destoroyah shrieked in pain as the projectiles carved into his torso, wings and tail. Destoroyah released Bagan who had fully healed from his injuries and landed onto the shoreline. With his new eyesight, Bagan charged into Destoroyah at full speed, knocking him into the water.

Destoroyah tried to stand, but a swipe from Bagan’s tail sent him crashing farther from shore. Bagan stepped into the water, his rage fully taking control as white particles formed in his maw. The dragon fired a plasma beam into the water and onto Destoroyah, causing him to shriek in pain as a large eruption of water followed the beam’s impact. Bagan arrogantly snarled before he leaped into the air and landed on top of the beast. Destoroyah cried out as his wings were crushed underneath Bagan’s mammoth weight. Bagan then raised his claws, ready to carve Destoroyah’s head in half when another mist appeared signaling the breakdown of Destoroyah. The disappearance of his foe caused Bagan to crash face-first into the water.

Bagan’s eyes and mouth were open as the beast gasped for air, allowing Destoroyah’s swarm to enter his body. Before Bagan could lift himself out of the water, he felt the billions of microscopic Destoroyahs dissolving his eyes, flesh and muscles. Bagan raised his head out of the water and bellowed in pain. The flesh on his face and neck disintegrated in seconds leaving only the neck bones and skull in their place. His eyes were completely gone and thanks to some of Destoroyah’s swarm being inside their sockets, they couldn’t regenerate.

Just then, an entire army of Destoroyah Aggregates leaped out of the water and landed on top of Bagan. Their combined weight and Bagan’s agony pushed him back into the water. The Aggregates rejoined the swarm and entered into the exposed areas of Bagan’s neck and head. The microscopic army ran amok throughout Bagan’s body, dissolving every piece of muscle and flesh they could touch. Soon all that remained of Bagan’s body was a massive skeleton.

For the moment, the area remained silent and continued to be as a red horn rose from the water. Destoroyah in his final form wandered back onto land with his tail carrying the skeleton of Bagan behind him. Destoroyah tossed Bagan’s skeleton onto land and with a mighty shriek, he made his way toward it. The victor crushed Bagan’s skull with his feet, snapped the dragon’s horns with his claws and sliced apart Bagan’s spine with his Horn Katana. When Destoroyah finished, Bagan’s skeleton became a pile of dust that blew away in the wind.

Destoroyah parted his wings and shrieked victoriously toward the heavens. The title of Earth’s true bane of life was his. With Bagan truly gone, he was free to slay whatever he pleased. Perhaps he could even get a rematch with Earth’s mightiest creatures, especially Godzilla.