Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 142:
By: Isaac Altenbach

The predator stalked its prey.

Kamacuras slowly and quietly made his way through the trees, making certain to stay hidden. His large bulbous eyes glared at a group of grazing cows. The herd was in a large field next to the ocean. The large mammals did not notice Kamacuras’ presence even as the giant insect moved out of the trees and onto the field. Kamacuras raised one of his giant spiked claws into the air, ready to spear one of the cows and devour it.

Right as he began lowering his claw, the insect heard a boom and felt something hit his armor. With an annoyed screech that sent the herd of cows darting in the opposite direction, Kamacuras turned his head to see a man loading a shotgun. The gun had done no damage to his exoskeleton, but it was enough to annoy the insect. He took a step in the direction of the man. The human turned around and broke into a sprint before he screamed, “Gimantis!”  

Kamacuras gave another screech and speared the man with the tip of his claw, silencing him forever before the insect tasted his new prey. The human tasted rather good, but a bit too crunchy for the insect’s tastes. Far from finished, Kamacuras turned back toward the herd and zeroed in on a cow fleeing in the direction of the nearby beach.

Kamacuras gulped down what was left of the man and spread his wings. In only a second, he was upon the cow and had it in his mandibles. The giant insect gave a happy screech as he munched on the mammal but something caught his attention in the water. Kamacuras trained his compound eyes on the surface of the ocean, just past the breaking waves. Something was moving under the water, something fast. Before Kamacuras could respond, the surface of the water erupted with motion. Out of the water flew Manda, jaws parted for the killing blow. Kamacuras screeched in surprise, moving out of the way just in time as to not have his head struck. Manda landed on the ground behind the monstrous insect. His long body curled up as he lifted his head and let out a loud angry hiss.

Kamacuras brought up his sharp spiked claws in a defensive posture, remaining cautious of its new foe. Manda grunted at the act as he slithered forward, occasionally using his legs to give him an extra boost. The large serpentine monster first moved to Kamacuras’ side, hoping to spot an opening. Before he could find it though, Kamacuras attacked first. The insect lashed out with a claw and raked it against part of Manda’s large body, drawing a small trickle of blood. The serpent hissed and grunted with anger before he quickly wrapped his body around the arm that attacked him. Kamacuras screeched in surprise as Manda began slithering up his right arm and around the top half of his body. Manda parted his jaws around the back of Kamacuras’ head, preparing to bite a hole into it, but that was when he felt a sharp claw enter his body. The serpent grunted with pain while Kamacuras screeched with joy. The insect pulled his left claw out of Manda’s body and slid it back into the open wound again. Manda hissed from the agonizing strike and quickly slithered away from his opponent.

Free from the serpent, Kamacuras charged forward with lightning speed. His right claw jetted down into the ground, narrowly missing Manda’s head. The serpent reared back, putting his head even with his opponents. Kamacuras screeched loudly and sent another claw for Manda’s head. The serpent easily dodged, but the claw just barely cut into his hide, drawing another small stream of blood. Manda hissed as he jettisoned forward, biting down on Kamacuras’ arm and digging his teeth into the insect’s exoskeleton. The giant insect squealed before lifting his arm up and slamming into down upon the ground. Manda refused to let go, even as he body was sent into the air and brought down into the ground.

Realizing his strategy wasn't working, Kamacuras brought one of his feet up to stabilize Manda’s coiling body. He opened his mandible and leaned forward, digging his multiple jaws into Manda’s side. Manda’s maw parted to unleash a thunderous screech, releasing his hold on the giant mantis. The giant serpent reared back while Kamacuras continued digging his mandibles into the dragon’s body. Manda grunted with anger as he found he couldn't escape Kamacuras’ grasp. The serpent then aimed at Kamacuras’ head and with one quick snap of his jaws, Manda severed one of the giant mantis’ antennae. Kamacuras remained undeterred though and propelled his jaws deeper into the serpent.

In agony, Manda began to panic. The snake like monster hissed and snapped off Kamacuras' other antennae. The giant mantis finally released Manda as a screech of pain echoed from his mandibles. Free of the insect’s hold, Manda began to slither away from Kamacuras, intent on escaping to the ocean. This fight had been too costly and was no longer worth the time.

Seeing his foe escaping, Kamacuras brought up his right scythe-like claw and brought it down on the end of Manda's body. The sharp claw easily sliced deep into the serpent's body, creating a squirt of blood and stopping the serpent’s movements. With a loud grunt, Manda turned with lightning fast speed and slithered up the giant mantis' body. Filled with rage, he coiled around Kamacuras’ arm and neck then began to squeeze as hard as his muscles would allow. In return, the mantis lifted up his left claw, intent on bringing it into Manda's body, but instead it as well as his form suddenly fell limp. The question of why was answered with a crunching noise as Manda finally crushed Kamacuras' neck, popping the insect's head off. As the giant mantis fell to the ground, Manda hissed with satisfaction as a good meal had just been secured. The massive serpent sunk his fangs into the body of his deceased foe and slowly began to swallow Kamacuras’ entire form, thoroughly satisfied over its hard won meal.

Manda (Millennium)