Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 140:
By: Kenneth James

[Continued from Gabara vs. Megalon - Round 2]

Godzilla and his allies continued to march forwards, the sounds of Gabara's war with Megalon behind them. Godzilla wasn't certain that Gabara could beat Megalon, but the ogre-like kaiju had demanded the fight be his, and the Monster King respected that. He looked ahead, seeing a Xilien Ship float down from the sky, he snarled, looking it over. Suddenly, a beam of energy descended from its front, and the volcanic form of Obsidius materialized from it. The molten monster roared his challenge to the heavens and beat his chest, commanded by his masters to block the kaiju’s path.

Anguirus and Rodan prepared to charge, but Godzilla let out a brief roar, looking back at them, telling them to continue on. He’d handle Obsidius. He'd never seen Obsidius before, but to him, the beast didn’t seem enough of a challenge for him to need their assistance to take down. His fellow kaiju, knowing better than to question him, nodded and headed forwards, Rodan taking off after the retreating ship.

Obsidius turned to try and block Anguirus' path, only for an atomic ray to tear into the surface of the water beside him, sending a cascade of water high into the air. Obsidius slowly turned his attention back to Godzilla. The Monster King let out a long, bellowing roar of challenge and Obsidius roared in response. The brutish golem charged forwards, Godzilla surging to meet him, the two titans colliding with one another. Godzilla slashed and bit Obsidius’ hide, but the lava monster’s stony skin resisted his attacks, allowing Obsidius to bash Godzilla several times with hammer-like blows before staggering him backwards with a headbutt. Before the Monster King could recover, Obsidius swung his hands under Godzilla’s feet, lifting and flipping the King of the Monsters backwards into the surf. Before Godzilla could get up, Obsidius was upon him, slamming thunderous blows into the saurian’s face.

Godzilla managed to counter by kicking Obsidius in the chest, forcing him back. Rising to his feet, the Monster King’s spines lit up before he let loose his atomic ray on Obsidius, nailing him in the chest and driving the molten behemoth backwards, sparks flying. Godzilla emitted a roar of surprise as Obsidius merely shrugged it off and rolled into a ball, plowing through the surf and slamming into Godzilla’s chest, toppling him again. Obsidius grabbed Godzilla’s ankle and swung him around, slamming him into the water with a great impact, sending a geyser high into the air. Enraged, Godzilla quickly emerged again, only to be greeted with a stream of molten rock slamming into his chest. He’d been submerged in lava before, but this was different. This was being launched at high pressure directly into him, the force of it driving him back and tearing his skin, allowing the heat to cook the flesh under his thick hide. Godzilla brought up his arms to block and charged through, reaching Obsidius and slamming his full weight into the lava beast’s body, driving Obsidius into the water.

As Obsidius tried to rise, Godzilla swung his tail around, smashing it into the molten abomination’s head. Godzilla repeated this twice until Obsidius caught his tail, holding on tight as he rose to his feet. Godzilla tried to pull his tail free, but Obsidius’ burning grip was too powerful. Realizing he could suffer severe burns if he didn’t do something to dislodge the kaiju, he prepared his atomic ray, but swallowed it, letting the energy loose from every part of his body in a powerful shock wave. Obsidius let out a surprised roar as the force of the attack blasted him off his feet. Godzilla spun around, another beam already charged, which he let loose into Obsidius’ chest, blasting him backwards through the surf. Dazed by the sudden offense, Obsidius was left open to another atomic ray to the face, slamming him hard into the water.

As Godzilla approached, Obsidius roared, swinging his tail around and slamming in into Godzilla’s legs, knocking them out from under him. Obsidius rose as Godzilla did, but struck first, gripping Godzilla’s face in his powerful hand, squeezing as hard as possible. Godzilla roared in pain as his snout and head were compressed by Obsidius’ powerful grip. Before Godzilla could counter attack, Obsidius spun to the side, using his momentum to toss Godzilla into the surf. Obsidius quickly followed up by slamming his fists down on Godzilla’s back with heavy blows, earning a roar of pain from the Monster King. Godzilla retaliated by swinging his tail around, bashing Obsidius in the side and stagger him sideways.

Godzilla snarled, getting frustrated as Obsidius simply shrugged off the tail whip and tried to bash him with one of his massive arms. Godzilla ducked and bit down on Obsidius’ shoulder. He was beginning to wonder just what it would take to put Obsidius down for good. The lava monster was strong, but it was his resilience that was wearing away the Monster King’s patience. None of his attacks could put much of a scratch in Obsidius’ hide. He discharged energy through his bite, causing Obsidius to start pummeling him to try and dislodge him. Finally, a powerful clubbing blow to the side of the head managed daze Godzilla enough for Obsidius to break free, then blast Godzilla in the face with a burst of his lava breath. Godzilla, closing his eyes before the hit, managed to avoid being blinded and countered by firing a point blank blast of his atomic ray, driving him back. Before Obsidius could recover, Godzilla charged forwards and swung his tail around into Obsidius with all his might, managing to drive Obsidius onto his back.

Godzilla stomped his foot down on Obsidius’ head, driving it underwater. At first, Obsidius began to struggle normally as steam poured up out of the water from his molten body, but then suddenly began panicking and flailing wildly, managing to strike Godzilla in the knee, weakening his stance enough to throw him off. Godzilla watched Obsidius rise to his feet, choking out a bit of dried magma. Then it hit Godzilla as to what scared this creature before him. Godzilla waited for Obsidius to charge him and sidestepped, grabbing him by the tail. Godzilla lifted Obsidius off the ground with all his might, then pulled down, slamming Obsidius into the water with a massive impact. He repeated this twice to make sure Obsidius was stunned before swinging him around. After a rotation, Godzilla let go and sent Obsidius flying out deeper into the bay. Obsidius let out a roar of shock as he smashed into the surf, sending a massive geyser of water high into the air. He got back to the surface quickly, but found his feet no longer on the bottom. Godzilla swam up behind him, grabbing his ankles and diving down, dragging Obsidius downwards, the lava beast vanishing beneath the surface.

Obsidius struggled madly, steam bubbling up from his body, but much more from his mouth. Godzilla reached the bottom of Tokyo Bay and slammed his opponent full-force into the ocean floor. He landed nearby and watched Obsidius desperately try to swim back towards the surface as soon as he got up. Godzilla simply grabbed his tail and slammed him back to the sea floor. This was why Obsidius had panicked when his head was kept submerged. Most of his body was covered in rock, the glow from the lava shining through, but when his head was submerged, water could flow directly into his mouth, cooling and hardening the lava making up his body. Now all Godzilla needed to do was keep him under long enough, and this was his element.

Godzilla smashed his tail down on Obsidius’ back, driving him back to the ground as he tried to rise. Obsidius’ movements were already beginning to slow as a result of his body hardening, allowing Godzilla to grab him by the tail and slam him through a rock formation. Obsidius threw a punch at Godzilla to try and knock him off, but he’d slowed too much to even stagger the Monster King. Knocking Obsidius away, Godzilla decided now was the time to finish it.

He grabbed hold of Obsidius’ jaws, prying them open as his dorsal spines lit up. As the glowing portions of his body began to fad, Obsidius was too weak to resist now, leaving him helpless as Godzilla let loose an atomic ray straight down his throat. Within moments, blue light radiated from Obsidius’ body as its structure began to lose integrity. Seconds later, he exploded, sending chunks of rock and dried lava sailing through the water in all directions before losing momentum and drifting lifelessly to the ocean floor.

Godzilla held Obsidius’ now severed head by the jaws. Without a second thought, he tore the jaws apart, splitting the head in half. Dropping the two halves to the sea floor, he headed back to the surface.

Gabara blinked, watching the steam rise from the water after he’d dealt with Megalon. Moments later, Godzilla rose to the surface, wounds slowly sealing up. Godzilla looked at Gabara, seeing the bully kaiju wounded slightly, but victorious and nodded, motioning him on as the Monster King head towards shore, where Rodan and Anguirus were fighting their own opponents. Gabara sighed but followed, wishing this had been over then and there.

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