Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 139:
Match 139: Ultraman and Anguirus (Showa) vs. Bemular
By: Christian Salabert

Anguirus let out a low, soft sound as he casually trudged through the forest surrounding Mt. Fuji. It wasn't quite a growl. It was more... content. The spiked quadruped was thankful to have a moment in his existence that wasn't filled with fights to the death with fellow kaiju, or with endless assaults by the humans and their weapons. Not that he didn't love a good tumble, helping Godzilla kick the backside of whatever evil creature was attacking that week, but even a warrior like Anguirus needed his downtime.

Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. Anguirus' peace was suddenly shattered, a high-pitched noise piercing the air as something plummeted from the sky. The ground quaked as the object - a glowing red orb - smashed into the earth, exploding on impact. Out of the smoke and flame, a large creature began to rise.

The trees began to part as Anguirus approached the crash site. He saw large, burnt chunks of the red orb as he got closer. He tilted his head in curiosity. What now? Was this another monster to deal with? He quickly got his answer as a high-pitched scream filled the air, a monstrous figure emerging from the smoky debris. Anguirus cocked his head again. That roar. It sounded like---

The spiky beast's thoughts were cut short as the creature stepped away from the smoke, its appearance no longer obscured. The beast was plainly reptilian, and was quite tall and skinny. Jagged spikes poked out in every direction from its neck, back and head. A short tail swung behind it. Its buggy eyes scanned the area as small, tyrannosaurus-like arms dangled at its sides. Before he could be noticed by this strange new beast, Anguirus ducked to the side, hiding behind a small mountain. He wanted to get a good idea of what this beast was capable of before engaging it, if he had to.

Shrieking wildly, shaken by the crash landing of his vessel, the monster let loose with his heat ray, blasting a nearby boulder to rubble. The reptilian creature decided he needed something to smash to vent his anger on. Before he could get very far, however, another cry pierced the air.


The silver foot of Ultraman struck the beast between the shoulder blades as the mighty defender fell from the sky, sending the spiked creature tumbling to the ground. Striking a pose, Ultraman got ready for whatever move his old foe made next.

Anguirus relaxed once he saw Ultraman arrive. Anguirus had fought along the warrior from M78 before and knew he was a capable fighter. He'd let Ultraman handle this.

Rising back to his feet, Bemular howled in rage as he turned to face his attacker. Unleashing a heat blast, Bemular instead ignited a tree as Ultraman leapt out of the way. Flexing his claws, Bemular charged, but Ultraman grabbed hold of the reptile's arms, wrestling him to the ground. Getting back to his feet, Bemular slashed out at Ultraman with his claws, this time hitting his mark. Ultraman's leg shot up, kneeing Bemular in the side and knocking him away. Grabbing the monster's long neck, Ultraman heaved him over his shoulder, judo-flipping him to the ground. Bemular thrashed about on the dirt, squealing in fury.

Placing his hands on his hips, Ultraman laughed triumphantly at his foe. It wouldn't be long before he had Bemular subdued. He approached the fallen beast, but Bemular lashed out with his legs and tail, knocking him back. Reacting quickly, Ultraman grabbed Bemular's feet, then fell backwards, catapulting the alien creature through the air and sending him crashing to the forest floor once again. Getting back to his feet, Ultraman turned to see Bemular laying down face first, stunned. Marching over to the motionless creature, Ultraman prepared to lift Bemular into the air and fly him away, far from any human population. Bemular was waiting for him, however, and quickly rolled over onto his back, firing a burst of his heat ray, blasting Ultraman in the face! Ultraman stumbled back as Bemular quickly rose to his feet, shrieking evilly. Ultraman posed and charged, but another blast from Bemular struck him directly in the Color Timer, causing the mighty warrior to stagger, then drop to one knee. Advancing quickly, Bemular spun around and slapped the red and silver warrior across the face with his tail, sending Ultraman spiraling to the ground. Bemular cried out gleefully as Ultraman lay there, stunned. The reptilian villain flexed his claws as he approached, ready to destroy his foe once and for all.

A sudden howl caused Bemular to halt in his tracks, turning to see the source of the noise.

Barreling towards the evil creature, Anguirus barked angrily, ready to get the monster away from the fallen Ultraman. Having surprised Bemular with his sudden appearance, Anguirus gashed the beast's legs with the spikes on his shell as he passed, knocking Bemular to the ground. Turning back to face him, Anguirus lunged forward, biting down on Bemular's throat as the space beast tried to rise. Sinking his fangs into Bemular's skin, Anguirus shook his head back and forth like an angry dog. Bemular managed to reach out with one of his tiny arms, slashing Anguirus across the snout and causing him to let go. Standing up at his full height, Bemular tried to attack, but was driven back as Anguirus snapped at him with his jaws. Bemular turned and smacked Anguirus with his tail, but the quadruped ignored the blow, charging forward once again. Briefly standing up on his hind legs and lashing out with his forearms, Anguirus once again knocked Bemular to the forest floor. Roaring angrily, Anguirus charged, but this time Bemular was ready for him. Opening his maw, the frog-faced monster belched forth his heat ray, detonating it against Anguirus' snout. With a sharp cry, Anguirus leapt back, smoke rising from his nose. With Anguirus distracted, Bemular rose to his feet and fired another blast, striking Anguirus on the top of his head, at the base of his crown of horns. As Anguirus reeled from that second beam, collapsing flat onto the ground, Bemular walked up and kicked the four legged creature in the side of the head, toppling Anguirus and knocking him onto his back.

Suddenly, the Specium Beam zapped the side of Bemular's long neck, forcing the creature away, then to the ground. Having recovered from the shot to his Color Timer, Ultraman approached the downed Anguirus, helping him back onto his four legs. Clearing his head with a few quick shakes, Anguirus looked up to the kneeling Ultraman and nodded, howling gratefully. Surprised by the sudden, furious shriek of Bemular, the two heroes turned to face the beast, simultaneously deciding to attack together.

Taking to the air, Ultraman began to circle Bemular as Anguirus charged head-on, roaring fiercely. Bemular quickly unleashed his heat blast at the advancing dinosaur, but Anguirus easily dodged the blasts, running past the resulting explosions. With his attention on Anguirus, Bemular didn't even notice as Ultraman fell from the sky, kicking him hard in the middle of the back. As Bemular fell towards him, Anguirus turned and raised up, slamming the entirety of his spiky shell against Bemular's body, sending the evil creature crashing to the ground. As Anguirus returned to all fours and turned to face the fallen monster, Ultraman landed next to the quadruped, nodding slightly.

Shrieking wildly, Bemular shakily managed to return to his feet, stunned and injured. Reaching out with his small arms, he prepared to attack, but the heroic pair would not give him the chance. Bringing his two arms together, Ultraman fired his Specium Beam once again. The blue and white blast struck Bemular square in the chest, and this time, the evil beast exploded, sending flaming chunks of his body across the countryside.

Anguirus reared his head back, roaring triumphantly. Nodding his agreemnt, Ultraman turned and patted Anguirus on the head, then turned and leapt high into the air.


Anguirus watched as Ultraman flew higher and higher into the atmosphere, until he disappeared from sight completely. His sudden battle with the strange Bemular monster done with, Anguirus turned from the battlefield and wandered off to find a quieter forest.

Anguirus (Showa) Ultraman