Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 136:
By: Kenneth James

“So the creature has matured after all this time?” asked the female who'd been directing the invasion.

“Yes,” replied X over the monitor. “Our sensors confirmed it, SpaceGodzilla's spawn has fully matured and is ready to be unleashed.”

“Good,” replied the other alien. “Send your ships to awaken him, our mind control devices will take matters from there.”

“And tell me, when can we set loose our new pet?” asked X, smiling at the thought of setting loose the monster his ally had so kindly provided the Xiliens.

“Soon, my friend, let's just concentrate on awakening Krystalak from his slumber for the time being.”

* * * * *

Quite some time before, the city of Fukuoka fell under siege by the intergalactic demon called SpaceGodzilla, who'd turned the city into his own personal fortress, seeding it with a powerful cluster of crystals from which to draw power. What no one knew is the crystal cluster hidden underground hadn't just become dormant and died. Over the years that crystal had become something else.

The city was thrown into panic when a group of Xilien ships appeared in the skies over the city, hovering above what had once been the center of SpaceGodzilla's crystal palace. They soon fired on the ground below, tearing open the earth with their powerful weapons and revealing a pulsating crystal core deep below the crust. They then launched energy beams into it, slowly cracking its surface until it finally split open like an egg. Energy crackled about it until a crystalline claw burst forth, the crystal-borne monstrosity known as Krystalak tearing his way out of his 'egg.' Bellowing to the heavens, his crystal mane lit up purple and he let loose a beam of energy and crystal shards from his mouth, blasting several of the ships who had awakened him from the sky before a trio of flying saucers appeared above him and managed to subdue him with mind control. The order was then given to the crystal titan: Destroy.

Roaring in fury, Krystalak slashed a building to bits with his sharp claws, following up by smashing a skyscraper in two with his long tail. The military was quick to arrive, but missiles did nothing to his crystal hide, masers even less. Another energy beam was all it took to silence his opposition. However, this was merely a distraction to allow his real challenge to arrive. As Krystalak finished off the last of the military sent to assault him, a robotic foot was planted in his back, managing to stagger him forwards. The crystal abomination spun around to see the humanoid robot Jet Jaguar standing before him, ready for battle. Furious, Krystalak roared in fury and slashed the air to threaten him but Jet Jaguar refused to back down. The fight was on.

Jet Jaguar was first to attack, charging forwards and trying a spinning kick to Krystalak's skull but the surprisingly agile kaiju leapt over him and swung his tail around, smashing Jet Jaguar in the back with his tail and toppling him to the ground. Jet Jaguar quickly rolled out of the way to avoid getting impaled on the monster's tail and managed to kick Krystalak in the gut, forcing him back slightly. Jet Jaguar got back to his feet and sent a barrage of punches into Krystalak's stomach, but his crystal hide protected him from harm. Krystalak counterattacked with a slash of his fierce claws, cutting a deep gash in Jet Jaguar's chest and leaving a sparking wound. Realizing he was in trouble, Jet Jaguar backpedaled as Krystalak viciously slashed at him, missing by mere inches. Jet Jaguar managed to grab Krystalak's wrists and managed a barrage of chops and kicks, managing to chip Krystalak's hide but doing little otherwise. Krystalak suddenly did a backflip to dodge a spinning kick, swinging his tail up and firing a blast of crystal energy from his tail. The attack collided with Jet Jaguar's chest, blasting the humanoid defender clear off his feet and through the rebuilt Fukuoka Tower, toppling it on top of him.

Krystalak leapt atop the rubble almost feral-like, looking it over as his tail lashed wildly behind him. He lifted his tail and drove it into the rubble repeatedly, trying to impale his opponent. However, as Krystalak focused on the rubble, a human-sized Jet Jaguar snuck out of the rubble and got behind him, quickly growing back to full size and grabbing Krystalak by the tail, attempting to pull him off his feet. Roaring in fury, Krystalak tried to dislodge the stubborn robot but couldn't. However, the crystal demon's face suddenly got a sadistic grin. He got down on all fours and ran in full sprint, pulling Jet Jaguar off his feet and dragging him along behind him, finally swinging around, carrying Jet Jaguar with his tail and slamming him through a building, forcing him to release. Krystalak leapt atop Jet Jaguar and slashed away with his claws, cutting deep gashes in the body of the machine. Realizing he was in danger, Jet Jaguar brought a leg up and kicked Krystalak off him.

Quickly getting up, Jet Jaguar did a series of hand signs and doubled his size, now towering over Krystalak. Swinging his arm down, Jet Jaguar tried to smash the now smaller kaiju but was swiftly dodged by the faster creature. Annoyed, Jet Jaguar swung a leg around, but once more was dodged. Realizing his mistake of growing larger to deal with a faster opponent, Jet Jaguar prepared to return to normal size but was cut off by something strange happening with his opponent. Krystalak reared his head back and bellowed, his body destabilizing momentarily before a massive shockwave of energy radiated out from his heart, blowing Jet Jaguar clear off his feet and leveling buildings around the two combatants. Critically damaged, Jet Jaguar laid in the rubble and barely had the power to look up as Krystalak jumped over to him, an almost sadistic expression on the crystal titan's face. Spikes lighting up purple, Krystalak let loose with his energy beam, striking the shoulder joint of Jaguar's left arm, blowing it clean off. Looking over to the right, Krystalak let loose another energy beam and blew it off as well. Now left defenseless, Jet Jaguar was helpless as Krystalak rose his tail up and drove the spiked tip clear through his chest and out his back. Malfunctioning, Jet Jaguar twitched and sparked as Krystalak lifted him up face to face with his tail. With a roar of what sounded almost like pleasure, Krystalak grabbed Jet Jaguar's cranium and wrenched repeatedly until finally the robot's head was torn clean off.

Clenching Jet Jaguar's decapitated skull in his hands, Krystalak threw the lifeless body aside and roared in victory before spiking the head on a remaining tower, almost as a sick trophy of his victory. As the crystal titan roared in triumph, an Xilien craft hovered overhead and sucked him up with an energy beam, preparing to take him to his next destination.