Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 135:
By: Tyler Trieschock

Deep in the bowels of a private Japanese research institute, scientists were trying to discover any weaknesses against the Gyaos. Such knowledge would gain them massive capital to rich nations trying to fight off the dreaded beasts. Their numbers had been growing drastically over the years, and it had been projected that by 2025 the entire planet could face a massive extinction from the beast’s insatiable hunger. Unfortunately, the researchers had hit a dead end as the DNA of the Gyaos had resisted or become immune to all forms of poison, or viruses. Their only hope was to find DNA of an ancient Gyaos which also would have to be alive, and use its flaws to destroy its descendants. However, with no live ancient Gyaos flying around the scientists were left with only one option: Iris. It was easy to find its remains, and before long a cloned Iris had been accomplished deep in the bowels of the institute.

Iris awakened to find itself in a liquid filled pod, back to its small form, and more importantly alive. The last thing it remembered was Gamera thrusting its fiery arm into its abdomen. With clear glass in front of him; Iris looked through to see a room filled with people staring at him, and realized he had been brought back to life by mankind. He tried to sense Ayana, but their mental connection had been broken. Anger, vengeance and the image of Gamera filled its head, and with those things, he knew what he had to do. He might have lost connection with Ayana, but the Gyaos were still under his control.

The scientists only had a day to study the DNA of a living ancient Gyaos before dozens of its descendants attacked, and destroyed the building. While the structure was under siege Iris escaped and drained the life out of everyone in the building. Their energy was plentiful, and soon Iris was back to its monstrous size. After achieving freedom, Iris first fled to the forests of Japan for rest while he sent the Gyaos in all directions to find the turtle. Its reasoning was simple. If multiple Gyaos died at the same time then Gamera would have to be their killer. Iris would know the location of his mortal enemy before he would come and finally have his vengeance on Gamera.

Iris waited for days, but then some good luck occurred for him. He could sense the sudden deaths of dozens of Gyaos in one location which meant Gamera had to be there. His goal within his grasp; Iris took to the skies, and flew off toward his destination. Unaware that the deaths were not related to Gamera at all, but a group of monsters defending themselves on an island called Ogasawara.

* * * * *

Carcasses of Gyaos littered the island known to humanity as Monster Island, and their killers were the island's inhabitants. The only monsters left on the island after its creation were Anguirus, Godzilla, Godzilla Junior and Gabara. They had stayed on the island for various reasons; Anguirus from stubbornness, Godzilla and Junior because it was their home, and Gabara from being unable to swim.

After the recent incursion of Gyaos, which had stopped only a couple hours earlier, Junior was being taught how to defend itself from Anguirus because of his poor fighting in the attack. Godzilla was taking a rest in his den because of his low power levels which were from destroying most of the Gyaos, and Gabara was watching Anguirus as well as Junior from the tree line, hiding in the dense shrubbery so the two monsters would not see him. Then from the sky, a massive shadow appeared over Anguirus, Junior, and Gabara. All three of the monsters looked up to see a large figure land in the distance. Curious, Anguirus in addition to Junior moved to investigate while Gabara trekked behind them slowly in the trees.

Iris landed on the island and then started his movement inland. He could see the burnt corpses of his minions from the sky so Gamera had to be close by. As he started inland, he noticed two figures in the distance headed his way. He could tell they were not Gamera, but the more energy he could absorb, the better he would be against his foe, so he headed toward his future meals.

The monsters met up and Iris was intrigued to find what he saw. One was a dinosaur with back spines and walked on two legs, while the other was a four-legged armored creature with a horn and spiked tail. With a large easy lunch in front of him; Iris launched his tentacles at the two monsters.

Junior did not see the attack coming and was sideswiped, but Anguirus dodged the attack. Then in response, Anguirus clamped down on one the tentacles with its razor sharp fangs. Iris shrieked in pain and lifted the ankylosaur high into the sky before slamming Anguirus down on the ground. A crater formed around the impact, but Anguirus did not stay there long as he was lifted again. Iris continued to slam the dinosaur but Anguirus’ stubbornness kept it from letting go. Tired of this tactic, the three other tentacles opened and fired their sonic beams at the dinosaur. Three sonic rays cut into Anguirus’ flesh with ease before the dinosaur released its grip to bellow in agony. Anguirus landed on its armored back, but Iris was not done attacking as he launched one of his tentacles down and impaled Anguirus’ abdomen. Blood ejected from the impalement as Anguirus shrieked in pain. Iris pulled the tentacle out, and with his enemy down, he headed toward his meal. Anguirus was now covered in blood from the barrage of attacks and after flipping himself upright; the dinosaur dashed at Iris.

Iris was shocked at the torture this beast could endure, but he was growing hungry for energy, and this was going to end. All four of its tentacles wrapped around Anguirus’ legs and lifted him off the ground. Anguirus tried to claw or bite his way free, but he could feel his strength disappearing due to severe blood loss. The tentacles carrying Anguirus then stopped directly in front of Iris as well as turned the reptile so his abdomen was facing the squid-like monster. Iris then thrusted his right arm blade deep into Anguirus’ abdomen and started absorbing its life energy. Anguirus’ arms, legs and tail suddenly went limp and before long the ankylosaur was unable to move anything. Iris felt the energy flow though him and recharge him, but then a blast of energy impacted one of its tentacles from behind causing it to blow apart. Anguirus fell to the ground, unconscious from the blood and energy loss, as Iris screeched in pain. The demon turned around to find the other saurian creature.

Junior had snuck around the fiend when Iris was fighting Anguirus to attack him from behind because he would never have survived a frontal attack. Though with Anguirus unconscious and Iris now fully focused on the reptile, his plan had somewhat failed.

Iris jabbed Junior in the shoulder causing the monster to stumble back before its tentacles wrapped around the young Godzilla’s throat, arms and legs. Junior bellowed in agony before the screech was cut short by the tentacles starting to constrict him and his windpipe. Iris readied to drain its energy like Anguirus, but something grabbed the demon from behind. Before Iris could react, electricity flowed through his body causing Iris to drop Junior before the fiend was kicked in the back. Iris fell to the ground, but quickly recovered and rose back up to see a giant green monster.

Gabara had watched the battle from afar, and was going to run, but seeing Junior in pain made him reconsider. Only the ogre could cause the dinosaur pain and no giant squid monster was going to take that pleasure from him.

Junior looked to Gabara with confusion, but after watching Iris recover to his feet, the young Godzilla realized Gabara was helping him. Then as both monsters stood side by side, they shared a nod before they turned their attention back on Iris.

Both monsters charged and headbutted the fiend causing Iris to skid backwards. Junior unleashed an atomic ray that detonated on Iris’ chest while Gabara moved in closer to start punching in addition to clawing at the squid’s face. Iris though had enough of this pathetic attack, and brought one of his knee spikes up which impaled Gabara through the chest. Gabara shrieked in pain and backed away from his enemy, only to be jabbed in the chest by Iris’ left bladed arm. Junior moved in and chomped down on Iris’ right free arm while Gabara staggered back and recovered from his wounds.

Gabara then looked down his body to see the two bloody puncture wounds before he realized something. What was he thinking? Was he going to kill himself fighting this creature just so he could torment Junior?

Junior fell to the ground as Iris hammered the reptile’s head with his free left arm. Junior, still on the ground, looked around the area for his ally only to see he was in full retreat. Iris followed Junior’s gaze and watched as the ogre was in a full sprint away from him. Iris almost pitied the pathetic creature at its fool hearted attempt to flee. Gabara should have known it was as good as dead after confronting the demon. To finish off the retreating ogre; Iris fired three sonic rays with its remaining tentacles.

Gabara never saw the attack coming and was hit with all three rays. They cleanly sliced through the armor less ogre and Gabara fell to the ground with his head no longer attached to his body.

Satisfied the ogre was dead by the decapitation, Iris returned his attention to the fallen dinosaur. First he sent his right leg like spear through Junior‘s arm, pinning it to the ground, before sending his left arm blade through the reptile's abdomen. Both spikes went completely through the dinosaur and into the dirt bellow. Iris’ arm like blade though had cut into Junior’s internal organs, and sliced them to pieces. Unfortunately, this included Junior’s second brain, which meant he could no longer control anything below his waist. Junior emitted an anguish-filled screech into the air as Iris began to absorb his energy. The young Godzilla tried to fire an atomic ray, but the energy was no longer his to use.

Iris could not believe the amount of energy the reptile contained as he absorbed it as well as condensed the energy to his tentacles. With most of the monster’s power gone, Iris removed his limbs from Junior to test his new ability. Iris’ tentacles opened releasing three atomic rays that impacted Junior and caused the dinosaur to slide across the island before a massive rock formation stopped his movements.

Junior could not move his legs or anything below his waist, he was bleeding profusely and his regeneration was unable to cope with the severe damage he had sustained. Junior helplessly watched as Iris’ tentacles prepared to fire again. The young saurian closed his eyes, realizing this was the end, but then a massive screech exploded into the air. The dinosaur opened his eyes to see a blue flash explode behind Iris before a new, familiar as well as fatherly roar filled the air. Godzilla had arrived.

Iris was going to turn to face his newest attacker only to be slammed in the side by his new enemy. Iris put his arms in a defensive form as he prepared for a secondary assault merely for it to never come. Iris recovered to his feet and looked over to see a much larger in addition to mature dinosaur standing above the smaller one.

Godzilla had heard Junior’s screams and had come to assist his son, only to find the harsh reality that he was too late. Junior was covered in puncture wounds, unable to stand and his energy was depleted. Godzilla’s spines flashed blue as he tried to give his son power to stay alive but Junior’s eyes closed. Under the grieving eyes of his father, the young dinosaur perished. Godzilla’s sadness then turned to an unstoppable rage and he turned to face his son’s killer. His energy levels, that were originally low from the previous Gyaos encounter, suddenly refilled thanks to his rage. Godzilla bellowed an earth-shattering roar toward Iris. The demon would die; there was no other possibility in Godzilla’s mindset.

Iris though would start the fight first as it fired three atomic rays while Godzilla fired his own. The beams were surprisingly equal before the energy blasts erupted and a massive explosion rocked the island. Out of the smoke, Godzilla charged forward toward Iris. Iris swung his left arm at Godzilla simply for the reptile to dodge it and counter by slashing at Iris’ chest. Three large claws dug into Iris’ abdomen before Godzilla fired an atomic ray at Iris’ right shoulder spike. Iris screeched in agony as his shoulder blew to pieces. The demon quickly countered by sending a powerful jab at Godzilla which penetrated his shoulder, but the wound stayed shockingly shallow as Godzilla’s tough hide refused to give in to the fiend’s strike. Iris sent his other arm to jab Godzilla merely for the beast to grab it, stop it with one arm, and remove the other arm from his shoulder with its other free hand. Then as a show of his intense strength by Godzilla; the dinosaur tossed Iris into the air like a rag doll. The fiend, after a short flight, came crashing down hundreds of meters from where he launched from and after he regained his footing, a thought occurred in his demonic mind.

The monster he was battling was just as strong as Gamera, he could fire something that burned his enemies like Gamera, and he was as resilient as Gamera if not more so. This creature could have killed all the Gyaos with ease and if that was true then his trip to the island had been for nothing. Iris was no closer to his vengeance and in a worse state then when he arrived. Iris realized it would have to cut his losses or end up in a severely weakened state after defeating the creature so the demon opened up his remaining tentacles and prepared to leave the miserable island he was on. With only three tentacles whole though, he could barely fly. That is, if Godzilla let it leave.

Iris started levitating into the air before he felt something grab his destroyed tentacle. The mutated Gyaos looked down to see Godzilla, holding onto his tentacle and stopping his escape. Iris fired three continuous atomic rays with his three other tentacles, trying to get Godzilla to let go, but Godzilla’s rage subsided his pain. Iris’ beams continued and Godzilla’s skin started to burn off as well as its spines started to flicker before Godzilla fired an atomic ray of his own. The blast of energy detonated on one of Iris’ tentacles before blowing the end of it to pieces. The demon afterwards came crashing down to the ground as his means of flight were now permanently stopped.

Iris landed on his feet, but he realized now the situation he was faced with. He would have to kill the monster, or this island would become his grave.

Both monsters stared at the other, waiting for the other to make their move, but Godzilla’s anger ended the stalemate. Godzilla fired an atomic ray at Iris, which detonated at the fiend’s feet before he charged at his enemy. Iris put his arm like blades in a defensive pattern and took in the full force of the charge. Iris slid in the dirt before counter attacking with an arm jab. Godzilla dodged the blow and swiped Iris off his feet with his tail swipe. Godzilla then continued his assault by slamming his tail, like a hammer, off of Iris’ head multiple times, each blow followed by an insidious crack. Godzilla’s attack came to a sudden halt though as a tentacle wrapped around Godzilla’s feet and pulled. Godzilla fell down to the ground with a thud while Iris recovered to his feet. Godzilla rolled onto his back before watching Iris come over to his location and bring his arm down upon his head. Godzilla moved his head at the last second, barely dodging the blade before firing an atomic ray at Iris’ face. Iris stumbled as fire washed over its face which gave Godzilla enough time to recover.

Iris turned his burned face to see Godzilla coming at him again. The mutated Gyaos waited until the last second before firing duel sonic beams at Godzilla’s legs. They could not cut through his hide, but the rays did cause the dinosaur to fall right onto Iris’ right arm like blade. He might not have had enough power on his own, but with Godzilla’s momentum his arm would go through the dinosaur with ease. Godzilla came crashing down and then Iris thrusted his arm upward. Godzilla roared in agony as the blade was thrust deeply into his chest. Godzilla, with Iris’ blade still in him, thrust his own right hand into Iris’ chest. Both monsters sent their respective limbs deeper into the other, trying to get the other to back down, but neither showed signs of retreating. Then Iris decided to further his enemy’s pain.

The demon jabbed his left arm blade into Godzilla’s shoulder and wrapped one of his destroyed tentacles around Godzilla‘s left arm. With Godzilla’s movements subdued, Iris began to drain the monster of his energy. Blue lights traveled into Iris from his arm like blades and his two remaining spear tipped tentacles opened to reveal they were each charging a powerful atomic ray.

Iris readied to fire his new, stolen atomic power when Godzilla’s spines started to glow blue. Godzilla could not count on using his remaining power in an atomic ray, but he had an alternative solution. The blue glow continued until the entire dinosaur’s entire body was pulsating. Iris stared at his enemy confused at what was happening and where the dinosaur was channeling all of this power from until Godzilla roared. The blue glow quickly transferred to energy that was released all over the reptile’s body. Godzilla had just unleashed a nuclear pulse on his shocked foe. The pulse shattered Iris’ right arm, destroyed Iris’ already hurt tentacle and created a hole in Iris where Godzilla’s right arm was jabbed into the creature. Both monsters were sent hurtling away from each other before slamming into the ground. The nuclear pulse had proven to be a devastating move for both Iris as well as Godzilla.

Minutes went by as both monsters remained stagnant until Iris finally stood back on his bladed legs. He looked over at Godzilla who was slowly trying to get back on his feet, but his wounds in addition to his severe energy depletion had finally taken a toll on the beast which no rage could overwhelm. Though the fiend was physically depleted as well, Iris’ power was now fully recharged thanks to Godzilla. Iris fired duel atomic rays at Godzilla and put all the power he had left to fuel his attack. Godzilla’s skin burned as the ray’s scorched his hide, but the dinosaur’s spines started flickering with energy as Iris continued the blasts.

Unknown to Iris, the mutated Gyaos was making the same mistake as he did when he originally fought Gamera. The rays were helping Godzilla more than hurting him as the dinosaur absorbed the massive amounts of radiation.

Iris watched as Godzilla started to get up even though he was under constant fire from the duel atomic rays. The demon then stopped his attack, confused at what was happening, only to have Godzilla roar in defiance at him. Iris could not believe this monster’s endurance merely to witness Godzilla’s true power.

Godzilla’s spines condensed all the power absorbed from Iris’ rays and started to flash red. Godzilla was charging his most powerful attack, the Spiral Heat Ray, and he only had enough power to fire one shot.

Godzilla opened his maw and unleashed his ultimate weapon at Iris who countered with his own duel atomic rays. The beams collided and it appeared for a few seconds that it was a draw, but then Iris’ rays started diminishing. Iris had used most of his energy prior, so his rays were literally being fueled by reserves that were being depleted fast. As the mutated Gyaos’ rays dissipated, Iris was hit with the full power of the spiral heat ray. The ray impacted Iris’ weakened chest before it burned right through the mutated Gyaos. As the atomic spiral heat ray subsided, Godzilla watched as Iris stubbornly slumped to his knees and then finally to the ground. In celebration of his victory; Godzilla roared triumphantly into the sky before he began to stumble away.

Iris just stared at Godzilla’s disappearing figure as he lay on the ground, beaten, battered, burned, and with a massive hole through his chest. Iris’ hopes of revenge had been dashed yet again, but he knew he would return one way or another in the future. He would have vengeance on Gamera and this damned dinosaur. Then Iris’ body lights went dark as the monster re-entered death‘s door.

Godzilla weakly returned to Junior, and scanned his dead son. He would live from this battle, and his wounds would heal, but the loss of his son would be with him forever. He had achieved his vengeance, but the victory was bittersweet. Godzilla then fell to the ground next to his son, and sunk into a deep sleep.

The island for the first time all day had a moment of pure silence and then an object from the sky crashed where Iris lay dead. Arms, legs, a head and final a tail erupted from the sphere revealing its identity as Gamera.

The powerful guardian walked over to the now deceased Iris, and unleashed a fireball at the creature to make sure it was dead. Humankind had brought it back, and he had come to kill the abomination only to find it already killed in battle. There was only one monster on Earth he could think of that could kill Iris, and he noticed that monster on the ground in the far distance. Gamera made his way over to Godzilla and discovered Junior, whom he could tell had been killed by Iris, beside him. Gamera seeing this decided to repay Godzilla for his help ending Iris, and for the turtle’s own personal reasons. It might cause some imbalance in the world, but in the end, Gamera’s knew his actions would be worth the cost. Gamera then began to do to Junior what he had done to Ayana all those years ago.

The sky filled with clouds and then Junior’s spines started flashing yellow. The young Godzilla’s wounds started healing and his organs began regenerating. Then after a few seconds of healing, Junior opened his eyes and let out a feint roar. The young dinosaur stood up and stared at Gamera in curiosity. The turtle had revived him from death, but for what reason.

Gamera’s reasoning was that everyone needed someone. He had Asagi, Mothra had the Shobijin, even Iris had Ayana at one point, but if Junior died then Godzilla might turn back to the chaotic dinosaur that wanted to destroy the world, and he could not let that happen. Then as fast as he had arrived; Gamera flew into the air, and away from Monster Island.

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