Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 134:
By: Lucas Salabert

Blaze from the sun is what warms every plant and animal on this earth. The same can be said for kaiju.

The snoring of the ogre known as Red King could be heard from miles around. Luckily, at his location, there were no humans around to hear. Tucked in with the bedrock of a mountainous region he called home, Red King rested in the glow of the light. His massive torso raising up and down- up and down- with each breath he took, happily dreaming of ripping off bat wings and taunting small pygmies.  

Just then, a dot rising over the sun cast an annoying shadow over the resting Red King. The sleepy monster raised his eyelid, barely even a foot, to stare at what had interrupted his sun bathing. Red King slowly rose to his feet. His glare was filled with enough anger to fill the canyon he rested in, even though he could barely see. Still furious, he roared. To a kaiju, this roar was likely one of the most profane phrases imaginable. The tiny dot glinted against the sun, causing Red King to blink. Determined to see this annoyance, Red King pushed back the rays of the sun to catch a glimpse of this shadow. At the time he would not be certain, but soon afterwards he would realize that the dot sharply dove to the ground in front of Red King. A swoosh, and a tower of dust rose up in front of Red King. He raised his arm to keep his eyes from being buffeted by the sandstorm. It would take almost ten minutes for the smoke and dirt to completely reside, but it had cleared enough for Red King to see what the tiny dot was; the cyborg known as Gigan.

The exotic alien clashed its glistening scythes with his answer to Red King's backhanded comment. But before he could even stop roaring, Red King had rushed him. Gigan was tackled into a large boulder, falling forward into a slump. Gigan's tail began lashing out with its spiked tip, searching for Red King while he dug his face out of the rubble. Red King reached for Gigan's tail, but the spiked tip sliced his hand. Blood spilling out, he really was a 'Red' King now. Gigan, now standing, looked Red King directly in the eyes and shot his eye beam at him. Red King fell back, shaking the ground. Gigan moved over him, to see if in fact it had killed the obnoxious creature. Pleased with himself, Gigan turned to leave.

Opportunity showing itself, Red King launched forward and plucked up Gigan's tail. Red King began to yank, but Gigan pulled back. The extraterrestrial began flying through the air with Red King still holding on. Red King started to climb up Gigan's tail. The duo began jerking through the air, Gigan unable to hold Red King's weight. So Gigan did the only thing he could do. He raised his right arm and brought it down on his own tail!

Ichor ran down and out of Gigan's bloody stump as Red King took a header into the dirt. Gigan flew back down to the ground next to the crying king. Gigan turned his eye to his leaking stump and shot his cluster beam at it. The cauterized stump immediately ceased its bleeding. Gigan now turned to Red King. Red King had gotten up and was beating his chest, not unlike another certain King. Red King ran over to get himself some stones. He berated Gigan with the heavy rocks, but Gigan simply sliced through them. When Red King went to pick up more boulders Gigan jumped and swung his scythe into his opponent's chest. Red King's chest sprayed like a hose onto Gigan. The cyborg wrapped his arms around Red King and started up his chest saw. Red King inched towards Gigan, then stomped his foot, jabbed him in the face - hard enough to turn him around - and punted him down the mountain.

Gigan tumbled all the way down for what seemed like miles, Red King charging close behind. When Gigan finally slowed at the edge of a cliff, he looked up at the speeding Red King. Red King had picked up so much speed that he could not stop. Red King tried to slow but kept rushing on. Gigan shrieked as the monster tripped over him and went flailing through the air. Gigan managed to swing his blade and caught a hold of the edge. Red King swirled around in the air and hit the ground with an enormous thud. Gigan climbed back up to the edge and looked down on the scene. Clouds of dust and rock rose from the spot Red King landed. When everything had cleared all that remained was a vast crater, dashed with Red King's blood, and in the very middle lay the mighty King himself.

Before he dared to fly down, Gigan shot down a cluster ray from his eye down into the center of the hole. Red King stirred, but did not move. Within seconds, Gigan flew down to the hole next to his fallen adversary. Gigan then did something he rarely did for himself; he had a thought. Of course it was not for himself, but for his creators. Why not make use of this Earth creature to help defeat the more formidable ones? Gigan did not know how the Xiliens would achieve this, he just knew they could. He shot out both grappling cables from his arms and wrapped them around the dead Red King. Gigan turned and was about to fly when his arms pulled him into the canyon wall. Red King had not yet been finished! Red King tore the cables from his flesh and swung Gigan into the side of the cliff.

Gigan cried out in pain as his shoulder shattered into hundreds of bone fragments. Red King charged headfirst into Gigan's other shoulder, pushing his body further into the mountainside. Sickening cracks of Gigan's ribs echoed all over the battleground. Gigan again cried in agony, choking up blood. In desperation he swung out with his good arm to prevent further damage from Red King. Eventually he got lucky and slashed Red King vertically on the chest. Again, the gore sprayed against Gigan. Red King backed off long enough for Gigan to fly away. Red King jumped like a neglected dog who longed attention, but could not reach Gigan. Gigan flew up and out of the canyon, looked back down on Red King, then flew out of sight. Red King stopped bouncing for a moment. Did the alien seriously just fly off? Did this foe really just fly up and run off? Really?!

This sent Red King into fits of rage. He roared, howled, he bashed rocks into little pebbles, he broke gigantic holes into the mountain. Gigan, the supposed scourge of the galaxy, had just chickened out of a fight and left Red King bleeding in a hole. Red King slowed his breathing, like a tired child after a tantrum. But then, out of the corner of his eye Red King caught a glint in the sky. Sure enough, there was Gigan hovering, like the annoying sleep-disturber he was. But he had something in his arms. A slab of stone, almost twice his size, cut out of the mountain with his light ray. Which he sped down onto Red King.

With the collision of Red King's fist and the Mach 1 speed of the gigantic boulder, it would seem hours before the dust would clear. It was a dusty day. But it did not take that long for both monsters to recover. Red King crawled out of the shattered stones as Gigan floated to the ground. Gigan and Red King stood there, battered and bloody, glaring at each other. Red King practically leaking from his cross-cuts across his chest, his left forearm useless from being shattered by the incredible boulder and his back stiff from the fall. Gigan's could no longer feel or move his left shoulder, his tail was cut off and most of his ribs were fractured in half. Both of them heaved and panted. They inched forward to each other with death stares fixated to each other. Then they were off.

Red King swung his fist at Gigan, but the cyborg was a learning creature. Even though he was slowed by his ribs, he ducked and as he turned, slashed Red King's thighs. Red King bent by the knees and felt the blood pour down his legs. He turned and bashed Gigan in the beak, bending it back into his face. Gigan flew back into the dirt while Red King ran towards him. He stopped, however, when Gigan shot him in the chest wounds with his cluster light ray. Red King jumped back at the burning in his chest. The cross wound opened more to the point of exposing his sternum. Gigan got up and flew at Red King. The reptile stopped flinching and headbutted Gigan right in the stomach. Now his ribs were practically dust. Gigan fell onto his fins. The cyborg sat up and judged the situation. He could not defeat Red King. He may not even have enough strength to get back home. Red King leaped at Gigan, while Gigan shot his cables one last time. They caught Red King by the shoulders and pulled him to the side. Gigan practically saw the glowing exit sign, or whatever kaiju would see in such a case.

Gigan rose out of the crater. It was over. He could be repaired back on the home world.

Red King tore out of the cables too late. The alien was rising out of the crater. It was over. But then he looked around the crater. Maybe...

Gigan felt broken. No tail, no shoulder, no ribs, no dignity. He looked back down at the mighty beast. What he saw put him on edge. No... No, surely he couldn't. But, maybe...

Red King picked up a stalagmite from one of the caves he dug. He rose it in his good arm and aimed it at Gigan. He had one shot.

Gigan watched the spear slowly hurtle towards him. He had to hurry. The cyborg turned to pick up speed. He turned to look how close it was. It was right there.

Red King watched the javelin slice right through Gigan's lone eye. The alien hovered for a moment - then fell. He hit the edge of the canyon and spun towards the Earth. Red King felt full of pride.

The beast thought back to the pride he felt in the spars he had with the “space human.” But Gigan had been more of a challenge than that. Red King walked to the spot where Gigan had fallen. But his walk soon turned into a grovel, then a crawl. When he had reached Gigan, he toppled over. Red King's blood had run dry. The mighty Red King's wounds had finally caught up with him. Gigan and Red King lay dead at the bottom of a large crater in the middle of nowhere. No one would mourn, no kaiju would think twice about them. But that's what Gigan gets for interrupting Red King's beauty sleep.

Red King looked up into the sky just one last time. He looked at the sun, felt the warmth it gave the earth. On top of his last prey, Red King entered the eternal slumber.

Somewhere in space, as Red King closed his eyes, so did another being. An angry being. The Xilien leader closed his eyes and sighed.

"Sir? Is something the matter?" his yes-man inquired.

The man-child thought for a moment, then rose from his seat, pushing back tears of anger.

"Know what? Screw it! I'm done! I don't even know what the hell that thing was and it still killed my cyborg!" The Xilien leader stormed down the hallway. "Let's go conquer Venus or something! They're all a bunch of girls anyway!"

Gigan Red King