Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 131:
By: Christian Salabert

Screams rang out as Krystalak pulled himself up from the watery depths and stepped foot upon Honolulu's sandy shores. The crystalline demon sensed something on the island, something familiar. Whatever it was, it had to be erradicated. Nearing two tall buildings by the beach, he placed his clawed hands on them, pushing through them and reducing them to rubble as he marched past them. His ears having been assaulted long enough by the cries of the people fleeing beneath him, Krystalak pointed his head downward and let out an annoyed growl. Opening his maw, the crystal mutant incinerated the crowds with a blast of his Prism Beam.

Further and further the creature marched, trampling structure and human alike underfoot. Soon his destination became clear: Puowaina - Otherwise known as the Punchbowl Crater - a massive volcanic mark on the Earth's surface. Just as Krystalak approached the rim of the crater, the ground began to shake. Krystalak held his footing and watched as the earth's crust began to buckle. It was obvious that something was starting to push itself out from underneath. Krystalak's eyes narrowed as the soil exploded and a hulking form pulled itself out of the crater.

Rearing his head back, Obsidius bellowed into the sky.

It was Obsidius that Krystalak had come to destroy. Flexing his crystal claws, the spiked beast got ready to attack and slay his 'brother.' But Obsidius had other plans. Curling himself up into a large stone ball, the molten monster rolled forward, slamming into Krystalak's chest and hurtling him through the air, crashing back into the city. As Krystalak shook his head, regaining his wits, Obsidius rolled down the side of the Hill of Sacrifice, rapidly approaching the crystal beast. If Krystalak wanted a fight, then he'd get one.

Just as Obsidius was about to slam into him again, Krystalak suddenly leapt into the air, letting the rocky creature pass harmlessly underneath him. As Krystalak landed back on his feet, Obsidius unfurled himself and turned to face the crystal beast. Letting out a roar of defiance, Obsidius was cut off as Krystalak nailed him square in the chest with his Prism Beam, sending the golem crashing into the sea. An immense cloud of steam burst from the waves as the cool waters came into contact with Obsidius' scalding hot body. Before Obsidius could pull himself up off his back, Krystalak leapt onto his chest and began slashing away with his razor-sharp claws, drawing sparks with each blow against Obsidius' rocky hide. As his foe raised his hand to land another fierce slash, Obsidius belched forth a torrent of molten lava, covering Krystalak's face in it. With the creature distracted, clutching his scalded face, Obsidius swiped at him with his powerful arm, knocking the white and purple beast into the waves. As Krystalak crashed into the water, Obsidius stood and left the water, marching back onto dry land. The water wasn't lethal to him, but he didn't need it dampening his molten powers.

Scraping enough of the lava off his face, Krystalak growled furiously and lunged towards Obsidius, sending the two toppling to the ground. Rolling across the sand, they hit another building, bringing it down on top of them. The two creatures roared as the debris rained down upon them until Obsidius planted his feet on Krystalak's gut, kicking him off and sending him through the air, landing atop a structure that was quickly leveled underneath the monster. But the crystal creature was back on his feet in an instant, quickly turning himself around and unleashing shards of crystal from his tail at Obsidius. The lava golem brought his arms up in front of him, shielding his face as the shards shattered against his armored skin. As he brought his arms down, Obsidius was bodyslammed by Krystalak, sending him crashing through another building. Before the rocky beast could rise, Krystalak nailed him with another blast of his Prism Beam, then another. The molten monster cried out with each blast, but finally managed to pull away and roll himself into his ball-like form once again. He once more began heading towards Krystalak, but the evil abomination was ready for him. He leapt into the air, ready to let Obsidius pass underneath him as he had before, but the volcanic creature was expecting the move this time. The moving boulder bounced into the air, striking Krystalak and knocking him from the sky. Krystalak hit the ground with a thud, groaning in pain. Obsidius landed and unfurled himself, glaring at his fallen foe.

The two crystal-born beasts glared silently at one another, each waiting for the other to make the next move. For a while, it seemed as if neither creature was going to be the first to attack. Krystalak suddenly broke the lull as he spun around, firing more crystal shards from his tail. Obsidius blocked these with his arms as he had before, but this time, when he lowered his arms, even more shards struck, hitting deep within his open 'mouth' and shattering within. Obsidius staggered and clutched at his throat, obviously hurt by the attack. Molten blood gurgled and spilled from his maw. His foe hurt, Krystalak leapt into the air, ready to strike. But to his surprise, Obsidius was still able to defend himself despite his injury. Swinging his fist around, Obsidius backhanded Krystalak hard, cracking his armored face and sending him crashing onto his back, barely conscious. His opponent taken care of for the moment, Obsidius collapsed, the crystal shards within him taking their toll.

For a time, it seemed as if the fight was over. Both creatures were down for the count and didn't seem as if they'd be getting back up any time soon. Unfortunately, before the remaining population of Honolulu could breathe a collective sigh of relief, the sky began to darken. Thick, black stormclouds began to gather, lightning occasionally crackling through the darkened sky. The black clouds slowly began to part as a large mass started to lower itself down from the sky. It was a grotesque sight and could only be described as a gigantic ball of flesh, its color that of blood. It began to slow down as it approached the ground, finally setting itself down in the middle of the Punchbowl Crater, sending tremors throughout the surrounding area.

The quaking as the mysterious thing landed was enough to stir Krystalak out of unconsciousness. Shaking his head as he regained his wits, he quickly took notice of the strange orb and pulled himself to his feet. He started making his way towards it, ignoring Obsidius' motionless form. Trudging through the remains of a destroyed building, Krystalak let out a low growl, flexing his claws as he approached the fleshy sphere, his mind filled with a sinister curiosity.

Behind him, Obsidius began to recover, the crystal shards within him having been incinerated by his body's intense internal temperatures. The molten beast roared weakly as he felt his strength returning to him, slowly bringing himself back to his feet. He saw Krystalak marching through the city and looked forward to see where he was headed, instantly spotting the mysterious orb. Unlike his 'brother,' however, Obsidius stayed back, receiving an ominous vibe from the strange ball.

Krystalak took another step towards the sphere, growling as he felt pure evil eminating from within. But he also felt power. And Krystalak liked power. Just as he began to raise his clawed hand, the orb began to quake, shaking the entire area. Suddenly, the massive ball of flesh exploded into a blinding burst of light. Krystalak raised his arms, shielding his eyes from the intense light as the ground shook violently. Far behind him, Obsidius did the same. Amazingly, neither creature was knocked off their feet by the blast and the light finally began to fade. But as the two monsters lowered their arms, they found the entirety of Honolulu completely pulverized by the explosion. Not a building remained intact. Every tree was reduced to ash. The city was covered in dark smoke and fire.

Despite the carnage around him, Krystalak was certain he spotted a figure standing in the crater, obscured by the smoke. Roaring an immediate challenge, the crystalline monster charged, throwing his arms open wide, ready to attack. Instantly, a powerful white beam pierced the black fumes, catching Krystalak square in the chest and sending him careening backwards through the air until he crashed into the sea. Watching his 'brother' crash into the waves, Obsidius instantly curled up into his rolling form and made a beeline for the new being. Rolling over the remains of Honolulu, Obsidius was seconds away from slamming into the beast before it turned itself around, swatting Obsidius with its tail and sending the molten monster flying through the air, nearly to the other side of the island. Obsidius' landing was heralded with a distant thud.

In the smoke, Bagan's eyes narrowed. He waited for the creatures to attack again.

Groggily, Krystalak pulled himself up and shook his head. He glared at Bagan and roared furiously, breaking into a charge once again. Energy built up in the Super Monster's mouth as he charged his plasma breath, preparing to once more strike the spiked beast with it. He fired, but this time Krystalak dodged the blast, leaping to the side as he continued to run forward. Bagan briefly considered grinning. The creature was learning. Perhaps it would prove to be a decent challenge after all. Bagan fired another blast of plasma, only for Krystalak to leap into the air and slash his claws downward, leaving diagonal slices across Bagan's face. The grey beast growled as the wounds began to heal, snarling at his crystal foe. He lashed out, clutching Krystalak by the throat and tossing him aside. Rolling across the ground, Krystalak quickly got back to his feet and fired his Prism Beam. Bagan immediately retaliated with his plasma breath and the two energies exploded on contact. The two beasts recoiled from the explosion and Krystalak recovered first, lunging at Bagan. The Super Monster spun around, intent on battering Krystalak with his mighty tail, but the white and purple monster leapt up onto Bagan's back. The horned demon roared as it tried to dislodge the crystal beast, but Krystalak would have none of it, repeatedly stabbing Bagan's back with his razor-sharp claws. Bagan howled in pain and fury as Krystalak started drawing blood. His horns crackling with energy, Bagan summoned a star-like projectile from the sky, blasting Krystalak and knocking him clear. Laying on his back, Krystalak lifted his head to glare at Bagan, only to have the dragon's tail smash across his face.

Bagan watched as Krystalak crumpled to the ground, hurt by the blow. His lips curled in satisfaction. He was enjoying watching Krystalak in pain. Taking a step forward, he prepared to finish the lower life form, when suddenly something hard smashed into his back. Bagan cried out, feeling his spine crack as he toppled to the charred earth. Furiously, Bagan raised his head, trying to spot what dared to attack him. He received his answer as Obsidius' foot kicked him in the face, sending him skidding across the dirt. Lightning dancing across his horns, Bagan pulled himself to his feet and let out a blast of his plasma breath, catching Obsidius in the shoulder. The golem howled as the energy assaulted his rocky hide, distracting him long enough for Bagan to reach him. The Super Monster smashed his snout horn into the side of Obsidius' head, staggering the beast. Bagan quickly bent down, catching his head horns on Obsidius' craggily skin. Hoisting himself back up, Bagan sent the lava monster soaring over his head, only to smack him with his tail, forcing him to the ground with a violent crash.

Bagan shrieked as he suddenly felt something sharp stab into his throat. Krystalak withdrew his tail, having shot off another round of crystal shards from its tip. Before Bagan could recover, the spiky creature spat out another blast of his Prism Beam, nailing Bagan in the face and scorching his flesh. Obsidius pulled himself to his feet and watched his counterpart blast the mighty dragon. Stepping forward, Obsidius unleashed his Inferno, spewing molten lava onto Bagan's face. The assault finally became too much for Bagan, who toppled over onto his back.

Obsidius and Krystalak glared at each other. Even though they hated one another, they knew that neither of them could beat Bagan on their own, especially with them already worn out from their own battle beforehand. Reluctantly, the two came to an understanding, turning to face the grey creature together. Just as they turned, however, the dragon slammed his clawed hands into their guts. Sparks flew as Bagan's claws collided with their armor-like skin, knocking them through the air and onto their backs. The Super Monster reached up and took hold of the crystal shards in his neck, wrenching them free of his flesh and tossing them to the ground. Angrily, he unleashed his plasma breath, but Obsidius and Krystalak were already out of the way, the beam exploding against the dirt. They came at him from both sides. Each time Bagan managed to defend himself from Krystalak's slicing claws, Obsidius would hit him with his mighty fists. Finally, Bagan had had enough and summoned the Diamond Storm once again, bringing down a hail of destructive energy. The star-like blasts toppled the two mutants, but they groggily managed to rise again.

Bagan eyed his opponents, waiting for them to make the next move. Krystalak leapt into the air, outstretching his clawed fingers. As Bagan raised his head, ready to blast the crystal beast out of the sky, Obsidius curled up and rumbled forward, smashing hard into Bagan's stomach. Krystalak landed, raking his claws across Bagan's flesh. The dragon tumbled back, groaning in pain. As he staggered, Obsidius stood upright while Krystalak took his place next to him. The two immediately opened fire with their oral weapons. Bagan cried out as the Prism Beam and stream of lava burned into his chest, forcing him backwards. The pair held their blasts, eventually bringing Bagan down to one knee. Cutting off their attacks, they watched their downed foe for a moment, his chest smoking.

They both shrank back as Bagan lifted his head to look at them, fury in his eyes.

The Super Monster suddenly shot forward, clutching both mutant creatures by the throats. He smashed them together, then tossed them aside. Just as they got back to their feet, the dragon unleashed a powerful plasma blast. Obsidius managed to roll out of the way, but the beam hit Krystalak dead in the center, striking his crystalline heart. The blast instantly overloaded the gem and its ability to store power within. Energy crackling over his body, Krystalak's entire upper torso exploded in a burst of flames, scattering tiny bits of crystal all over the island. His lifeless bottom half tipped to the side, crashing to the ground. Obsidius swerved around and aimed directly for Bagan, intent on smashing into his legs. But the Super Monster was ready, and just as the golem was within reach, unleashed his plasma breath. The impact of the blast uncoiled Obsidius and sent him hurtling out to open sea. Further and further he flew, until Bagan cut off his beam. Obsidius groaned as he skidded across the surface of the ocean, then finally began to sink to the bottom of the Pacific. His rocky hide superheated by Bagan's blast, Obsidius boiled the sea as he sank, letting out a weak cry of defeat.

Bagan growled as he took a moment to recuperate. He waited for Obsidius to rise up out of the water, but the molten creature did not appear again. The two beasts had proven to be a greater challenge than he had expected. He had come to the island, hoping to feed off their crystal energies in an attempt to regain his legendary strength, but now that was no longer possible. Bagan reared his head back, roaring in fury. Marching past Krystalak's charred remains, he took a step into the once serene waters. Leaving Honolulu behind him, he decided on the perfect target to vent his frustration on: