Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 128:
By: Joshua Reynolds

Planet X. It had been a host for thousands of battles. Over a dozen races had laid a claim on the world in the past, the latest being the treacherous Xiliens. No doubt the planet would continue to be a hotspot for alien wars, but today there would be no battle for ownership of the planet. The resources had long since run dry, the last drop of water gone years ago. However, the planet was still useful. It was a perfect spot for an alien base to be used as a headquarters during the next invasion attempt of Earth.

Year after year, aliens returned here to lick their wounds. First there were the Xiliens. Then the surviving Kilaakians followed suit. After their failure, the Nebulans retreated here, and soon helped the Seatopians flee the Earth and regroup there as well. Those dastardly Third Planet Aliens were the next in the never-ending line. It repeated like this for decades, race after race sent packing from the Earth.

What was stopping their high-tech weapons and ruthless, galactic demons? A single creature: Godzilla.

The Leviathans would fail in the late 1990's. The Millennians tried in 2000 and were sent packing. The Xiliens tried again in 2004, but failed once more. Nothing could seemingly stop this endless line of failure. Many races now believed the Earth was being protected not just by Godzilla, but an even higher power. Some races, the most feared of the universe, were afraid to even enter the Milky Way galaxy. It was now said to be cursed. Any race beyond human to set foot on Earth would fall into obliteration.

But the Xilien warlord had one last beacon of hope. They sent word out to any party whom wished the Earth be theirs. It was no longer a matter of simple invasion, but pride. How could such a weakly armed, small planet defeat the most powerful races in the universe, even with the aid of Godzilla? No, it couldn't be allowed. So the leader summoned them all. To any race that would listen, he proposed a final assault on the Earth! Combine their technologies! Put their differences aside! Kill Godzilla! Destroy human civilization!

And it was here that they had already made their mistake, for the Xiliens had enslaved a monster beyond their scope of power. Their ancestors may have been able to tame a lesser of its kind, but today they were playing with more than just fire. Its long lost brother, god rest its soul, may have been known as a planet killer, but he was a galaxy killer. But a time of hibernation allowed it to be captured and "controlled."

The three-headed serpent perched on top a massive cliff, his six eyes looked down at the series of bubble-like structures sitting on the surface like blisters. It blinked and wanted to attack, but couldn't. In all three of his serpentine heads, Grand King Ghidorah housed a brain. The Xiliens controlled his body only. They couldn't tame the raging, angry mind of the serpent. For too long he was forced to watch what they wanted, attack what they disliked and destroy victims far too fast than he liked. Unable to move, Ghidorah could only look at the other space monsters summoned to Planet X for this grand meeting of vile minds.

He saw Gigan and Megalon, respective representatives of the Nebulans and Seatopians. He somehow had memories of his fallen brethren joining forces with a cyborg much like this one. Then there was Orga, a hulking brute of unbridled power and pawn of the Millennians. And who could forget Cyber Godzilla. The dumb Leviathans actually believed their resurrected iguana was the true Monster King. And then his six, crimson eyes saw the last creature: A skeletal warrior, sitting in solitude. It looked like an undead fiend, body entirely black with skeletal armor.

Unable to move of his own will, Grand Ghidorah could only think and dream up the ways he'd slaughter every one of them and their masters. It would only be a matter of time.

The hydra was taken from his thoughts by the arrival of more alien craft. The Simeons, or Aliens from the Third Planet of the Black Hole, offered no new monster to the party, just their high-tech weaponry which was beyond that of the other races. They were even the source of the control device implanted in Ghidorah's central brain that allowed the Xiliens control. The monster felt himself stand up and move, being controlled like a child's toy. It was something he hated more than life itself.

His body turned, looking in the distance. He could feel the muscles in his wings start to move, he was preparing to fly. Then he heard the sounds of the other space monsters. Their assault was soon to begin. This enraged Ghidorah even more. He focused his mind, trying his best to free himself of this godforsaken slavery. His feet left the ground and he was soon flying against his will.

Then it happened. His eyes closed! He controlled them! His rage was building every passing second, and with his rage, his psychic powers. He focused them even more. It took every ounce of his ancient, powerful mind, but something broke. His body fell from the air, falling against the hard surface like a rock. He did it. Somehow, he did it. He had freed himself of the alien slavery! The ground shattered like glass underneath his golden body, but the hydra stood up. The hydra's demonic cackle rang in the ears of alien and kaiju alike. The Demon of Destruction, the God of Devastation, was pissed!

* * * * *

Inside the meeting, the young Xilien leader looked on in shock. His eyes open wide, he screamed. "WHAT!? IMPOSSIBLE!" He shouted, he spun around as he whipped out his laser gun. He pulled the trigger. A strand of orange fired, shooting a Simeon ambassador. "This is your fault! Your technology failed!" he cried as the alien ape fell to a heap.

The other green-faced, ape-like humanoids pulled out their weapons from their silver jumpsuits. In a second, the alien factions were pointing weapons at one another. The Kilaakian Queen sighed, looking at the screen. "Do you not see? Ghidorah is a space monster. But no match for the rest of our monsters."

A human-sized Millennian bobbed its head up and down. Slowly the Simeons lowered their weapons. One of the aliens leaned over the corpse of the fallen monkey, grabbing its weapon.

"You're a fool if you think your M-powers are a match for us," Mugal, the lord of the Third Planet, declared, holstering the weapon on the left side of his belt.

Suddenly the orange suited Nebulan spoke up, watching as Mugal stepped away from the Xilien leader. "Perfect peace can not be acquired for any of us until Ghidorah is stopped. He will be the only one who gets peace should we fail."

The Leviathan warlord's eyes flashed green. "We agree with the cockroach people." His comment made the Nebulan cast a dirty glance. "We must fight this Ghidorah."

The Xilien leader began to laugh hysterically. "Says the guy who thought an oversized iguana was Godzilla!"

The hovering inhuman made his way close to the latex-clad young leader. Before he could close the distance, the Millennian outstretched a tentacle to block his path.

"Time for fighting between us will come later after humanity is crushed and Godzilla is killed. Until then, we must fight together, and start with this Ghidorah!" the Kilaakian Queen whispered.

The Seatopian Emperor Antonio had remained quiet during the whole situation. He stood back, dressed only in a white robe. Suddenly he shouted, catching the group of invaders off guard. He threw his fist into the air. "MEGALON!"

In response to the Seatopian, the Xilien shouted even louder. "MONSTER X!"

Mugal rolled his eyes and sighed. "Damn morons."

* * * * *

Grand Ghidorah wasted no time. He steadily approached the series of dome structures which housed dozens of invasion fleets. This time they'd be destroyed. But suddenly, he found himself against an army. Appearing from the opposite side of the structure came the legion of alien kaiju bred for the destruction of Godzilla and humanity. The space demon cackled, his calls sounding as if laughter.

In a surprising move, Cyber Godzilla attacked first! The cyborg charged forward, rockets launching from its spine-mounted cannons. The explosives detonated against Grand Ghidorah's beautiful body, showering it with smokes and sparks. Through the destruction, Grand Ghidorah still marched undeterred. The hydra's triple maws opened up, firing beams of swirling energy. Cyber Godzilla leaped to the side, but the blasts hit Megalon. The insect god was thrust back, landing with a thud and kicking out in every direction. Orga retaliated, lowering his hulking form. His shoulder cannon charged with energy and fired, blasting Ghidorah with a thunderous beam of death. The hydra's clawed feet dug trenches in the rocks as he was pushed back by the incredible force of the assault.

As the assault ended and Grand Ghidorah staggered, Gigan charged in from the side. The red-eyed mechanical nightmare swung wildly with his frightening blades. One slice tore a gash in Ghidorah's flawless wings while another slashed into his golden chest. The hydra fired back instantly, red lightning surging from the clawed tips of each wing. The bolts smashed against Gigan, engulfing the nightmare machine in sparks and smoke. As Gigan stumbled back, Megalon leapt overhead! The drill-armed insect came down with his metal limbs and, like a hammer, they smashed into Ghidorah's left head. A loud clang followed, but Ghidorah again fired his wing lightning. Megalon cried in pain, backing away before Ghidorah's center head fired his almighty Gravity Beam! The beam struck Megalon in the face, making the Seatopian God fall back again.

As Ghidorah stood tall, golden beams washed over his body. Not far away, Monster X stood. The warrior's eyes burned with hatred before firing again. The bolts, however, never landed their mark. Ghidorah's light barrier protected him from such attacks, especially ones as pathetic as these. They reminded Ghidorah of his own, just much more inferior. The hydra smirked before cackling in glee. All three of his maws snapped open and fired back, shooting Monster X in the face and shoulders with all three beams made famous for the destruction of worlds. The skeletal creature fell to a knee, crying aloud. As the assault stopped, Grand Ghidorah suddenly cried in pain. Behind him, Gigan had managed to drive both blades into his back!

Struggling, Grand Ghidorah lifted into the air. Before he could get too high, Megalon suddenly smashed into his front side, driving his back deeper into the metal blades of Gigan. Megalon came back down, landing on his feet while Gigan and Ghidorah landed in a heap. Ghidorah managed to separate himself from Gigan while firing his three Gravity Beams in every direction, forcing Megalon to back off.

As the hydra stood up, Cyber Godzilla again came from the side. A blue beam of atomic fury launched from the beast's maw. The beam washed over Ghidorah like water, unable to penetrate his shield. Before the cyborg could retreat again, Ghidorah fired his beams once more. In a flash, the three streams combined into one jagged beam of destruction! The beam ripped into Cyber Godzilla's head, splitting it like an orange. Flesh and Leviathan armor flew in every direction as the headless corpse fell uselessly to the side, gore spilling from where its skull once sat.

* * * * *

"Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!" the Leviathan overlord cursed.

"Hey... that's my line," the Xilien leader complained, turning his gaze to the Leviathan's outburst.

* * * * *

Orga looked at Cyber Godzilla's remains curiously. The hunchbacked freak groaned before stepping over the remains. The creature debated feeding on them to enhance his physical powers, but realized that such a frail monster had nothing to offer. As he slowly approached Ghidorah, a golden beam lanced through his shoulder and detonated, blowing off massive chunks. Orga fell to the side, crying aloud.

By now Monster X had recovered. The warrior shook his head angrily. As Orga fell, he ran through. He caught Ghidorah off guard and slammed two massive fists into his muscular chest. Not surprised, Ghidorah didn't even amuse the monster with a response. As another flurry of punches bounced off his golden scales, Grand King Ghidorah's middle neck came down, wrapping around Monster X's throat like an anaconda.

The warrior began to struggle, but as the hold continued, his blows got weaker as Monster X's maw began to foam. The alien kaiju had one last option and his eyes flashed, firing point blank. The beams sparked against Ghidorah's face. At this range, they were able to penetrate the barrier! This, however, only enraged Ghidorah.

As Monster X gasped and opened his maw for air, Ghidorah's right head shot down. His jaws locked around Monster X's in a sort of grotesque kiss. Before X could do anything, a Gravity Beam was catapulted down his throat and into his body! Ghidorah's center neck loosened the hold so the beam ripped into his stomach, tearing it apart. Smoke and blood began to spew from the corners of Monster X's jaws before the jagged beam erupted from his groin.

Ghidorah separated his heads from Monster X. The monster's burning red eyes had dimmed into soulless orbs. He fell back, smoke spewing from his maw and burning groin. The once mighty Monster X was dead.

* * * * *

The Xilien's brow twitched and a vein on his forehead pulsated like an overgrown tumor. Tears swelled in his eyes and his face darkened to a fiery red. The other aliens took a few steps away as his fists dropped. He lowered his pretty face, taking a deep breath. "Why...?" he asked, sorrowfully. "WHYYY DOES HE KEEP DYING?! WHYYY?!"

Mugal leaned over to the Nebulan Chairman, whispering into his ear. "Probably 'cause Monster X sucks." The Chairman simply nodded in agreement.

* * * * *

Standing above the corpse of Monster X, Grand King Ghidorah cackled in glee, but his victory was short lived. Gigan and Megalon charged in from the side. Megalon's mouth launched burning orbs of napalm, each one exploding on Ghidorah's side. The titan was bathed in fire, but a beat of his wings dispelled the deadly blaze. Gigan suddenly stopped and fired his cluster beam, but like many beams before, it failed to penetrate Ghidorah's shield. As sparks fell to Ghidorah's feet, Megalon smashed his drills into his chest, making a drum-like sound. Ghidorah lashed out with his left and right heads, clamping his jaws on Megalon's antennae. The insect squealed in pain, but was helpless as Ghidorah tore them off. Strands of green and yellow goo spilled from the antennae as the Seatopian beast fell away.

Gigan saw his old friend fall and shrieked in rage. His abdomen saw activated as he charged forward. Thrusting himself at Ghidorah, the rotating blades cut a gash from Ghidorah's chest to groin. The hydra screamed in fury and jumped up. As Gigan prepared to bring his huge blades down, Ghidorah's two tails launched up between his legs. The spiked, mace-like tips whipped around Gigan's neck like ropes. The cyborg cried aloud, but his body was dragged down as Ghidorah landed. Suddenly, Megalon cried in pain. Gigan's body had fallen directly on him, his saw still revving! The blades cut through the insect's head and chest like a hot knife through butter. Exoskeleton was shred like tissue paper as the sharp teeth cut his top half into two pieces.

As Megalon's flailing arms ceased, Gigan realized what had happened as Ghidorah's tails released his neck. The cyborg pushed himself off the ground, looking down at Megalon's head, which was now split into two pieces. Gigan's entire torso was now painted with green and yellow gore, along with bits and pieces of Megalon's brain.

* * * * *

Emperor Antonio took a step toward the screen. He reached up, grasping at the air as the screens showed what remained of his God. The man suddenly fell to his knees, sobbing. "Megalon... Rise... Megalon... Plea--"

Suddenly a laser blast sounded and the Emperor of Seatopia fell to the tiled floor, headless. Mugal spun his weapon in his hand before holstering it again. "Humans."

The Nebulan looked over at the Simeon. "Shame, I kind of liked him."

* * * * *

The cyborg cackled again. He then looked up at the snarling Ghidorah. The hydra made him kill his longtime best friend and ally. Gigan suddenly stood up, his rage burning. Ghidorah's three maws open fired, but Gigan braced himself and protected his face with both mighty blades. Sparks and fire flew in every direction, and through the smoke, Gigan charged! Closing the distance again, the cyborg began to spin, swinging each arm out and whirling like a top. Ghidorah was taken by surprise and cried in pain as the blades made short work of his majestic wings and flesh, fountains of crimson lifting from his build as Gigan's blades tore into him like a can opener. The clawed tips of Ghidorah's wings fired again, but the purple lightning didn't hamper the infuriated Gigan this time.

Being pushed back by the rotating assault, Ghidorah finally jumped away. Gigan stopped his spinning assault and examined his gory blades. Ghidorah's entire upper body was covered in cuts of various size and depth, the biggest being a massive wound across his chest that actually exposed a few ribs. The hydra cried in pain, his left head coming down to lick the bleeding wound.

Gigan saw his chance and leaped forward, his right blade coming down like a guillotine on Ghidorah's left neck! The blade cut through the mid-section, cutting through muscle and bone with ease. The head was severed and fell to the rocky surface, flopping like a fish out of water. Ghidorah's other two heads cried in pain. Gigan cackled in glee, stomping the severed head into pulp underfoot.

As blood continued to spill from Ghidorah's stump, the hydra's eyes surged with malice. He cried in uncontrollable rage, meeting Gigan in combat again. The cyborg swung with his deadly blades, but Ghidorah's remaining heads came down. His center head clamped down on his visor. Applying pressure, the hydra made a crack form within the thought-to-be-unbreakable material. The cyborg cried, trying to pull away but suddenly Ghidorah fired his bolt directly into Gigan's eye!

The red visor exploded into shards. The cyborg screamed in pain, falling away as sparks and flames spewed from his forehead. Blinded, Gigan continued to flail about on the ground. His buzz saw activated instantly, but it was futile now. Ghidorah lifted his remaining heads and fired his Gravity Bolts again, combining them into one beam of destruction. The beam smashed against Gigan's head, decapitating the pride of the Nebulans.

His body went limp and his saw turned off. Ghidorah looked at the remains with disgust. Thankfully his stump had stopped bleeding, but he was growing tired. Then he remembered he had forgotten one! The hydra turned around, but what he saw wasn't just Orga in the distance, but an abomination.

The brute didn't attack him like the others had for a reason. He must have already devoured the remains of Monster X. His body was now void of any color, turned entirely black where his flesh was exposed. Monster X's armor, however, now adorned him head to toe. Huge, draconic skulls protected each shoulder and his head had sprouted Monster X's horns. His tail had thinned and forked, turning into whip-like appendages. But this Orga monstrosity wasn't done. Now it was feeding on the remains of Megalon. Ghidorah couldn't help but watch in awe. Only half of Megalon's gory remains had been devoured and changes were already coming. As Orga's massive maw swallowed Megalon, the horns he had sprouted combined and elongated. They formed a single horn with a star-shaped tip and then two antennae sprouted from each side. His red eyes enlarged, turning into bulbous, blood-red eyes. The armor on his back began to change colors, becoming black and yellow like Megalon's.

Larger versions of Megalon's mandibles formed on each side of Orga's gapping maw. Megalon's feet vanished into Orga's huge maw and his jaws clamped shut. The final change came at last as his massive arms began to change. They widened and became metallic, transforming into gigantic versions of Megalon's drills!

* * * * *

The aliens watching the battle unfold dropped their jaws. It was an awe-inspiring sight. The Xilien leader stepped forward, looking at the screen.

"Orgalon X…"

* * * * *

The chimera of three kaiju released a roar louder than that of any other. A howl unheard of, it would send fear through any other monster, but not Ghidorah. Not the King of Terror! The now two-headed titan stepped forward. This was the last of the alien's slave weapons and then he'd kill them for trying to tame his might!

Orga fired first, but not with just a single attack. His bulbous eyes fired bolts of alien energy at Ghidorah while the star-tipped horn launched a jagged beam of electrical bliss! The two attacks swirled around one another before striking Ghidorah, strong enough to penetrate the shield! The hydra stumbled back, crackling with energy. As the attacks ceased, the planet killer unleashed his own Gravity Beams.

The freak lifted its mighty, metallic arm. The drill protected Orga's face, breaking the beam into splinters. As sparks rained to the rocky ground, the chimera moved forward. Its forked tails beat the ground as brilliance came from its armored shoulder. Just as the powerful concussion beam fired, Ghidorah leaped into the air. Even with shredded wings, he was still able to fly!

He flew over the alien and rained death down upon it, the beams breaking through the bone armor, beetle-like shell and dark flesh. Orga screamed in pain, but as Ghidorah landed a distance away, the gapping wounds already started to close. The ultimate alien looked at Ghidorah and its mouth belched out a shower of small, car-sized red orbs. The napalm bomb assault pounded Ghidorah, exploding on contact and sticking to his golden flesh. The golden dragon stumbled away, his flesh caught aflame. Orga moved forward, his horn firing another jagged bolt of electricity. The bolt shot through Ghidorah's left wing membrane, punching another hole big enough to birth a whale. Ghidorah screamed in agony again, but did the only thing he could: trade beams. He launched his Gravity Beams again, targeting Orga's horn. The beams hit their mark, blowing off the star-shaped weapon. The chimera cried in pain as the horn fell from his skull, disintegrating into dust as it fell. The bloody wound closed, but the horn didn't grow back.

Ghidorah realized this as the smoke cleared. The hydra charged forward, but beams began to leap from Orga's eyes. The beams, no longer combined with the electrical bolt, failed to penetrate Ghidorah's barrier this time and splintered against it. The hydra closed the distance, but suddenly the massive freak lifted both arms. The huge arms combined, turning into a huge, rotating drill. The sound of its spinning was louder than thunder and the behemoth thrust it forward. Ghidorah just managed to dodge, leaping to the side. His wings fired their purple lightning, ripping the energy into Orga's body. Just as Ghidorah's feet stomped the ground, the freak's shell lifted apart to reveal huge, insect wings.

With a quick flap, Orga leapt into the air. The abomination flew slowly before coming down, unable to attain flight for long. Like a falling rock, Orga smashed the ground from several hundred feet up. He came down facing Ghidorah and again spat a volley of napalm bombs. Ghidorah quickly reacted, flapping his gargantuan wings as hard as he could to generate hurricane-force winds. The winds caught the bombs and flung them back onto Orga! They detonated on contact, covering the brute with a blanket of fire. The giant stumbled about, patting out the flames licking its armored body. As it did so, Ghidorah fired another volley of his Gravity Beams. The beams struck the right shoulder piece, shattering the draconic skull ornament.

The bone exploded, spewing alien blood and fire into the air Orga cried in pain, stumbling away. Its eyes fired again, but the bolts failed to pierce Ghidorah's barrier. Ghidorah pressed the assault, marching forward as his jaws and wings showered the abomination with firepower. Pushed back by the assault, Orga found himself against a massive cliff face. With a thunderous cry, the beast leaped forward and pointed his gigantic drill into the rocky ground. The drill began to spin, chewing up the rock and catapulting it at Ghidorah. The quick attack worked in making Ghidorah cease fire. Closing his wings to protect his faces from the shower of debris, the hydra left himself open to attack. As the drills chewed up the ground, Orga's shoulder cannon fired again!

The beam, this time much closer to Ghidorah when firing, knocked the King of Terror off his feet! The hydra's back smashed against the ground, his body skidding across the uneven surface. As he finally began to stop, the hydra's remaining heads shook, clearing the cobwebs before looking back at Orga, now several hundred meters away. The King of Terror managed to recover and stand, his heads cackling with hatred. The hulking abomination before him roared, banging its metal hands together. As the hydra stood up weakly, the behemoth charged in as fast as its bone-clad legs could carry him.

Ghidorah suddenly cackled in fury and lifted his heads. He charged forward, firing bolts from his maw and wings. The attacks exploded on Orga's armored hide, each strike blowing off chunks of flesh and chipping the boney armor. The two eventually collided, but Orga's huge maw sprang open, over triple its original size! The creature bit down on Ghidorah's right head. Quickly, the exposed black flesh began to change to golden, overlapping scales! Trying to devour the King of Terror, the abomination began to drag in more of the head until he was down to the base of the neck. The center head kept firing, blasting at the beetle-like shell and breaking it in numerous places. Suddenly, from the abomination's shell, replicas of Ghidorah's wings sprang forth.

Ghidorah realized what was happening and bit down on the side of Orga's face. He ripped at the bulbous eye, making the jaws open to scream. He pulled away, tearing with him the creature's huge eye. The features he had adopted from Ghidorah began to wither, returning to black flesh and beetle-like armor. The chimera screamed in frustration and waded forward, reaching out with its huge arms to try and grasp Ghidorah.

As its jaw hung wide open, Ghidorah offered it a different type of meal. His maws opened fire, firing their Gravity Beams. The beams combined into one and were aided by the hydra's wing lightning. The assault speared into Orga's massive mouth and the creature screamed in agony as the blast ripped through its body. The monster stumbled back, but its gapping maw was unable to close as a ball of fire raced up.

Suddenly its back exploded, tearing apart as Ghidorah's attack ripped through it. The expanding fireball ripped through Orga and, finally, a secondary explosion tore it in half. A tremendous shockwave made Ghidorah stumble back as the napalm bomb reserve deep within its body detonated! The chimera whined, flailing about but its body was self-destructing. Another explosion tore out what remained of its belly, making it fall forward. Remaining upright only because of its huge drills stabbing into the ground, the creature's skull finally exploded.

Chunks of flesh and armor rained down upon Ghidorah as he watched the horrifying thing collapse, its entire body slowly disintegrating into ash. What remained of Orga burned in a blaze caused by its very own napalm, but Ghidorah wasn't finished. Tired and angry, he turned around, his crimson eyes narrowing in on the alien domes a short distance away.

* * * * *

Inside the base, the extraterrestrials felt a shiver run down their spines. They were doomed. "This is your fault." Mugal declared, pointing his weapon at the Xilien and firing, killing the youthful alien instantly. "Wanted to make sure I got to do that before him."

As the others looked at the remains of the Xilien, several began to flee for the exit. The Nebulan Chairman and Kilaakian Queen remained behind, knowing full well that an enraged Ghidorah was something no mortal soul, alien or Earthborn, could escape.

"Perfect peace, here we come," the Chairman declared, closing his eyes.

* * * * *

Without remorse, Ghidorah launched a Gravity Beam at the structures. The alien buildings were obliterated in less than a second, thousands of lives ended in a brilliant flash of light. Nothing was left after the golden bolt was cast down upon it, just a blazing inferno of twisted ruins. The hydra was tired. He cackled in wicked glee, having a strange feeling of satisfaction. It was a day of carnage unlike any other.

And most importantly, he was free. And once again he could destroy the galaxies that dared spawn him. The King of Terror, the Galaxy Obliterator, the Planet Destroyer... Grand King Ghidorah was back!

Grand King Ghidorah