Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 122:
By: Christian Salabert

San Francisco was under attack.

The people of the City by the Bay fled in terror as buildings crumbled under the might of the alien monstrosities that were invading their hometown. The Earth's military had done their best to repel the evil creatures, but Spyler and Wargilgar were not to be denied. The two Terro-Beasts were cutting a path of destruction through the city, slowly making their way towards the city's famous Golden Gate Bridge. The evil duo were intent on destroying the landmark and weren't about to let anything get in their way.

Fortunately for the citizens of San Francisco, fate had other plans.

The clouds suddenly parted, allowing the sunlight to shine brightly through. The light grew more intense, forcing the Terro-Beasts to sheild their eyes. Just as the sun threatened to blind every living thing in the city, it just as suddenly faded. Left standing in its place was a mighty armored figure, its arms held down at its sides. Turning around, the space monsters took note of the new arrival and screeched eagerly; was this their accursed nemesis, Zone Fighter? Their eyes still a little sensitive from the blinding light, they started making their way towards the silver being.

Utsuno Ikusagami glared at them with disgust.

The mighty Sun God was not about to tolerate such evil deeds. He was about to show the alien empire attacking the Earth just what a mistake they had made by wiping out their two living weapons. If that was not enough, he would turn his wrath on the Garoga themselves. Either way, the countless innocents that had lost their lives due to the monsters' attack would be avenged. Clenching his fists, Ikusagami charged.

Spyler and Wargilgar slammed into him at the same time, halting his advance. The two Terro-Beasts pushed against the armored warrior, but he pushed back, and his strength was great. They continued to shove Ikusagami, trying to get him to fall, but the knight stood fast. Pulling his arms back, Ikusagami suddenly threw them forward, slamming his fists into the alien creatures' stomachs, knocking them flat onto their backs. They quickly got back to their feet and attacked again, swinging their clawed arms at the warrior's face. But the mighty god thwarted this as well, blocking their hits with his arms. Acting quickly, Ikusagami snatched their wrists in his hands, skillfully flipping them to the ground. The gold and silver warrior looked down as the two monsters as they scrambled to get back to their feet. Surely the champions of an invading alien race would prove a better challenge than this. As if reading his mind, Spyler was back on his feet in an instant, throwing his arms open. The knobs on his chest erupted with flashes of light, forcing Ikusagami to shield his face with his arms. With the ancient warrior distracted, Wargilgar opened his mandibles and spewed forth a stream of searing fire, engulfing the armored guardian. Ikusagami stumbled back, trying to get away from the flames. Wargilgar suddenly cut off his attack, only for Spyler to lunge forward, bodyslamming Ikusgami and sending him crashing through the Transamerica Pyramid, bringing it and the surrounding buildings down around him. The Terro-Beasts shrieked with evil glee as their opponent was buried under thousands of tons of concrete rubble.

But the Sun God wasn't out yet.

The pile of debris exploded as Utsuno Ikusagami emerged, his back now housing twin gold, bladed wings. Vibrating rapidly, they cut through the rubble, allowing the holy warrior to escape and continue the fight. Disappointed that their foe was still alive, the Terro-Beasts were nevertheless glad the battle wasn't over yet and charged. Ikusagami had other plans, however, and leapt high into the air, his wings carrying him high over his alien opponents. Landing behind the two and turning around, he unleashed a golden beam from his forehead and washed it across the ground in front of them, knocking them off their feet in a series of explosions. Wargilgar was back on his feet in an instant, unleashing another torrent of flame at the god. But Ikusagami was ready this time, generating a shield of energy that stopped the fire cold. Wargilgar continued spitting fire at Ikusagami, but despite the intense heat, it could not break through the warrior's shield. Spyler screeched as he charged, ready to tackle the armored god once again. Just as he was within reach, Ikusagami lashed out, clutching Spyler by the neck and tossing him through the air, causing him to smash into the ground with a thunderous crash. Behind Ikusagami, his shield exploded as it was finally overwhelmed by Wargilgar's fire. He turned to face the oncoming Terro-Beast, stopping his pincers before they made contact with his face. Spyler attacked next, slamming his large claws against Ikusagami's wings. The knight was finding it harder to defend himself, and so he unleashed a shockwave of his holy power, knocking both monsters to the ground.

The two creatures quickly rose to their feet, their skin smoking from the blast. Ikusagami flexed his arms as he prepared for their next attack. But much to the guardian's surprise, they didn't attack again - they turned and fled! The ancient knight watched as they trampled several smaller structures underfoot as they ran, apparently trying to escape from the Sun God's wrath. Ikusagami was about to let them flee, when he suddenly realized where they were headed - directly for the Golden Gate Bridge! Ikusagami would not allow them to destroy the bridge and took to the air, quickly overtaking the two beasts and landing between them and the bridge. The two monsters screeched in frustration as they found themselves faced with the holy warrior once again. Wargilgar attacked first, swinging his clawed arms at Ikusagami, but the knight skillfully deflected the blow. He then planted his fist into Wargilgar's stomach, knocking him to the pavement. Spyler attacked, shrieking wildly, assaulting Ikusgami's armor with his claws. The silver-plated warrior knocked Spyler away with a backhand, then unleashed his medallion ray. The golden beam exploded against Spyler's chest, slamming the Terro-Beast to the ground as it charred his blue and orange flesh. As Spyler squealed in pain, his chest smoking, Wargilgar attacked again, firing a cannon blast from his mouth. The projectile threw sparks as it exploded against Ikusagami's torso, causing him to stagger back. Ikusagami put his foot down behind him to keep from skidding any further back, as his wings were threatening to slice into the bridge. Opening his pincers, Wargilgar pounced towards Ikusagami, but the god knight opened fire with his golden ray once again, blasting the Terro-Beast square in the chest and sending him sailing through the air, crashing down with a thud. Stepping forward, Ikusagami took hold of Spyler and hoisted him high into the air, then tossed him towards his ally. The two evil creatures cried out in pain as Spyler crashed atop Wargilgar.

For a moment, they writhed about, obviously hurt. But their pain lasted for only a moment. Ikusagami watched in frustration as Spyler and Wargilgar pulled themselves back up, still willing to continue their battle. He decided it was time to finish this and held out his hand. In a burst of energy, his sword appeared. Striking a brief pose with it, he took a step forward before his wings carried him towards the two extraterrestrials. His pincers snapping open and shut, Wargilgar paid no attention as the blade of Ikusagami's sword began to glow a bright blue.

This was a mistake.

Swinging the sword horizontally, Ikusagami cleaved the energized blade cleanly through Wargilgar's body. Immediately coming to a halt, the Terro-Beast toppled to the ground and exploded into a ball of fire. His feet skidding across the pavement, Ikusagami turned and prepared to repeat the maneuver with Spyler, only for the bulbous creature to blind him with another series of flashing lights. Before the guardian's vision could completely return to him, Spyler swiped at him with his claw, knocking the sword from his hand. But despite the loss of his main weapon, Ikusagami was nowhere near helpless. With a mighty shove, the armored warrior sent Spyler stumbling backward. While his foe was distracted, the knight once again extended his arm, a shining spear of light appearing in his hand. Taking aim, Ikusagami hurled the spear at Spyler, plunging it deep into the Terro-Beast's gut. Clutching at the spear, Spyler cried out as he too fell to the ground, erupting into a fireball.

Reclaiming his sword, the Sun God scanned the shattered remains of San Francisco. The damage was bad, but it could have been much, much worse. Still, he decided that the alien overlords who had sent the two monsters needed to be dealt with, lest they try something like this again. Bracing his legs, Utsuno Ikusagami leapt high into the stratosphere, making a beeline for the Garoga Fortress...

Utsuno Ikusagami