Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 120:
By: Christian Salabert

Haneda Airport. The airfield had just acted as the battlefield for an epic struggle between Godzilla - his radioactive power finally gone critical - and Destoroyah - the living embodiment of the Oxygen Destroyer. Both titans had now been wiped from existence and Godzilla Junior, having been fully mutated into adult form by the radiation given off by his father's meltdown, was currently being escorted back out to sea by the Super-X3. Despite the war between the monsters and the potential global disaster they had faced, it seemed that G-Force's job was now over. The emergency had passed.

Or so they thought.

The battalion of freezing masers had remained behind, just in case Destoroyah was not as dead as they had thought. After all, the precambrian beast had seemed to be dead several times before. Unfortunately, they got exactly what they were preparing for. The ground shook and exploded upward, sending debris everywhere as the final form of Destoroyah reared his head back and howled, spreading his wings into the night sky. The defense forces instantly opened fire, assaulting Destoroyah with their freezing beams and missiles. This immediately got the demon's attention as the bitter cold tore into his flesh. His yellow eyes narrowing, Destoroyah spat out his Micro-Oxygen Beam, sweeping it across the tanks and masers and destroying them in a series of explosions.

Miles away, the Super-X3 received news of Destoroyah's reappearance. The crew immediately turned the warship around, but even at the craft's top speed, it would take some time before it reached Haneda Airport.

Destoroyah watched as what was left of the Self Defense Forces burned. He was about to take to the air when the ground began to rumble. The titanic creature turned around, trying to see what was causing the quake. He got his answer when the ground erupted once again, another large form pulling itself up out of the earth. Destoroyah snarled angrily as the subterranean dinosaur Gomora rose to his full height, screeching a challenge!

Punching his fists together, Gomora charged Destoroyah, ready to pummel the living Oxygen Destroyer into submission. Just as he was within reach, however, Destoroyah lashed out with an almost lazy swing from his arm, decking Gomora and sending him crashing to the ground. Undeterred, Gomora got back to his feet in an instant and charged again, only to be once again knocked off his feet. Woozy from the blows, Gomora pulled back as crimson energy began crackling over his head horns. Bracing himself, Gomora unleashed his Super Oscillatory Wave, letting pulse after pulse smash into Destoroyah's chest. The micro-oxygen monster cried out as the wave exploded against his torso again and again, driving him backwards. After a moment, Gomora cut off his attack, watching as Destoroyah's chest smoked. Satisfied with the damage he inflicted, Gomora charged a third time, but this time Destoroyah returned in kind, spewing his Micro-Oxygen Beam at Gomora. The purple energy bolt slammed into the reptile's chest, blasting him clean off his feet and into one of the few buildings that had survived Destoroyah's fight with Godzilla. As Gomora struggled to pull himself up out of the rubble, Destoroyah turned around, sending his tail towards the dinosaur. The clawed extremity wrapped around Gomora's thick neck and began zapping him with micro-oxygen. Kicking and screaming, Gomora tried to loosen the tail's grip around his throat, to no avail. Swinging his tail back and forth, Destoroyah dragged Gomora across the airfield before lifting his tail into the air and sending Gomora hurtling into the terminal, leveling Haneda Airport.

Destoroyah cackled evilly as he approached the destroyed terminal, Gomora laying motionless within the rubble. He strafed Gomora's body with his Micro-Oxygen Beam, sending sparks and debris into the air and eliciting a pained cry from the reptile. Now standing next to Gomora's prone form, the precambrian monster looked down at his fallen foe, ready to finish him off. Destoroyah was taken completely off guard as Gomora suddenly leapt up to his feet and lunged forward, thrusting the spike on his nose deep into Destoroyah's armored chest. Destoroyah cried out as Gomora began pumping him full of oscillatory energies, coursing them through his entire body. Destoroyah tried to dislodge his opponent's horn, but Gomora poured even more energy into the demon, a bright glow emanating from his body. With a shriek, Destoroyah exploded into a ball of fire, completely destroyed.

Gomora groaned as he stepped back, feeling the blows Destoroyah had inflicted. He was glad the fight ended when it did. He wasn't sure how much longer he could've taken getting hit by the armored beast. He turned around and started to make his way back towards the crater in the ground he had emerged from. Before he could reach it, though, the earth began to shake. Gomora quickly turned and scanned the area, but saw nothing. Suddenly, Gomora cried out as two aggregate Destoroyahs began to crawl onto his tail, spraying him with micro-oxygen. Before Gomora could deal with them, three more approached from the front, attacking his legs. Gomora kicked at the trio in front as he tried to shake the first two off his back. Even more aggregates appeared and charged, surrounding the dinosaur. Gomora screeched as they continued spraying micro-oxygen into his legs and neck. Suddenly, the reptile dropped to the ground and rolled, dislodging the two on his back. Getting back to his feet, Gomora spun around, swiping his tail through the crowd of Destoroyahs and knocking them back. When that failed to deter them, he unleashed his Super Oscillatory Wave, striking one of the Destoroyahs and obliterating it in a burst of flame. Instead of cutting off his ray, he swung his head around, washing the oscillatory wave over them and blasting them backwards in sparks and fire. Realizing that Gomora was too strong for them, the aggregates quickly pulled back, disappearing into the night.

Weakly, Gomora growled. This time he was ready for another sneak attack. His eyes narrowed as he quickly turned his head from side to side, awaiting a move. After a few minutes of nothing, Gomora's claws relaxed. It seemed that the battle was finally over.

Gomora shrieked in pain as the Micro-Oxygen Beam blasted him in the base of his spine. Clutching at his back, Gomora turned around only to have Destoroyah fly by, smashing his massive legs into Gomora's face, knocking him flat on the runway. Destoroyah landed not too far away and turned to watch as Gomora struggled to get back to his feet. Destoroyah cackled at Gomora's obvious pain and took a step forward. The precambrian monstrosity was taken by surprise when Gomora suddenly leapt upward, firing off his Super Oscillatory Wave and blasting Destoroyah in the face. The evil beast howled as the crimson energy exploded against his head, causing him to take a step back. Despite the pain wracking his body, Gomora charged and attacked the distracted Destoroyah, slamming his fists into the monster's chest again and again. Destoroyah felt the blows land, cracking the armor covering his chest. Flicking his arm upward, Destoroyah sent Gomora crashing to the ground. Rolling onto his back to face his foe, Gomora's eyes widened as he saw Destoroyah swinging his head down, his horn glowing a bright yellow. Gomora quickly rolled out of the way, allowing Destoroyah's energized blade to cleave into the pavement. Getting back to his feet, Gomora noticed the large gash left in the ground by Destoroyah's horn. He realized that he could not allow himself to be hit by the horn's attack. He leapt into battle again, punching and kicking at his foe. Driving his opponent backwards, Gomora spun around, whipping his tail across Destoroyah's face. He quickly spun around in the opposite direction, ready to strike with his tail again, just as Destoroyah reactivated his Laser Horn and slashed downward.

Gomora's tail hit the ground with a thud.

Crashing to the ground and clutching at the stump where his tail once was, Gomora squealed in agony. Destoroyah cackled with evil glee as he watched his foe writhe in pain. He turned around, clamping his tail down around Gomora's snout and sending him hurtling through the air again. Gomora tried to push himself up, only to be put back down by a blast of Destoroyah's Micro-Oxygen Beam. Gomora crumpled against the ground, motionless. Destoroyah shrieked evilly as he approached his fallen foe, ready to finish him off. His horn flashed yellow as he prepared to slice Gomora in half. The reptile tried to move, but barely had the strength to breathe. Suddenly, something smashed into the back of Destoroyah's head. The crustacean-like beast cried out in surprise and turned to see what had attacked him, only to be uppercut by something, knocking him back. Destoroyah shook his head as he tried to get a good look at his assailant, only for his eyes to widen in surprise once he did so.

Moving about on the ground, Gomora's tail was still alive!

Leaping up into the air, Gomora's tail smashed its stump end into Destoroyah's face, causing him to stagger. It followed up by spinning around, striking Destoroyah's legs. Before it could make another move, Destoroyah placed his foot down on top of it. Shrieking angrily, the precambrian horror pressed down, crushing Gomora's tail underneath his massive foot. Turning his attention back to Gomora, Destoroyah flexed his claws as he approached his still prone form, ready to destroy the subterranean reptile once and for all. He raised his leg, ready to crush Gomora's head as he had his tail, when he suddenly felt complete and utter cold blast into him from behind. Screeching in pain and surprise, Destoroyah turned back around and found himself under attack by the Super-X3!

"Let's finish this freak off permanently," Major Kuroki said to his crew. "Fire all weapons!"

Destoroyah howled as he was pelted by the warship's Freezer Beam and cadmium missiles, causing bone-chilling explosions to erupt against his armored hide. Destoroyah tried to snatch the ship out of the air as it approached, only for it to swerve away and circle around, continuing its assault. Destoroyah spat out his Micro-Oxygen Beam, but the purple blast merely bounced off the Super-X3's nose, causing little damage. The craft's weapons quickly began to take effect; ice began to form all over Destoroyah's body. The creature struggled as he tried to break the ice. It was obvious that if he didn't escape now, he would succumb to the ship's freezing arsenal. Shrieking angrily, he spread his wings, lifting them into the air. Just as he started to make his first flap, he cried out as he felt something sharp plunge into his back. Suddenly, he felt his body being scorched inside and out by a familiar power. Gomora poured every once of energy he had into his Super Oscillatory Wave, pumping it throughout Destoroyah's body. The evil beast screeched as his entire body felt like it was on fire, the glow emanating from within growing brighter and brighter. Once it was obvious that sufficient damage was done, Gomora used what little strength he had left and hoisted Destoroyah into the sky, sending the massive demon hurtling through the air. Destoroyah hit hard as he collided with the earth, and in a brilliant ball of fire, Destoroyah was gone. This time, it was for good.

Beyond exhausted, Gomora collapsed face-first to the ground, panting heavily. Tired, hurt and missing his once mighty tail, this was indeed a great victory for the reptile. Extending his claws, Gomora managed to pull himself across the ground to the tunnel he had arrived in. Pulling himself in, Gomora toppled into the cavern, the movement closing the hole in the process. Unable to move any further, Gomora lay in his tunnel and let his eyes close, falling into a well-deserved sleep.