KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 12 - Author: Thomas Fairchild

Match 12: Orga vs. Megalon
Banner: Christian Salabert

The ground shook around the World's Children Land from an unseen force. From beneath the ground, something was setting the area a stir. Cracks splintered the terrain as nearby factories rocked back and forth. A pair of drills burst from beneath the ground and glistened in the morning sun. A long, triangular horn slit through the ground and rose out into the air. As if pulled out by gravity itself, the massive creature flew out of the earth.

Its bulbous eyes scanned the area as it descended to the ground. The ground shook upon contact, while the massive beast examined its surroundings. Antennas that jolted from the creature's forehead twiddled. Its sharp mandibles poised in a horizontal position, closed uncontrollably. Resembling a gigantic, humanoid beetle, the beast was none other then Megalon. Created by the scientists of Seatopia, Megalon is its guardian and had been sent to oust mankind from its power over the world. Megalon clattered his drill palms together, hearing its echo pervade across the terrain.

Feeling as if there would be no hostility within the area towards Seatopia, Megalon looked up and could see that the sky was tainted with white clouds. Wings folded out from beneath the yellow carapace that covered Megalon's back and began to flap hundreds of times per second. Chucking strong gusts of wind at the ground, Megalon ascended towards the sky. In the corner of his eye, Megalon could see a large tower resembling a gigantic dinosaur that seemed to rest its arms over an elevator shaft. Feeling threatened, electrical currents of energy set the triangular horn a blaze. With an incredible showcase of power, a rippling beam of pure energy arced through the air and cleaved the tower's head. The inorganic head of the tower was incinerated and burst in a fiery ball of fire.

A loud chuckle escaped Megalon's throat as it turned and prepared to fly towards the nearest city and leave it a smoldering crater of death. But then Megalon suddenly caught the scent of another nearby. In fact, even while aloft, Megalon could literally feel the ground shake. Nervously, Megalon peered down at the ground and was amazed to see a gigantic beast, covered with gray flesh, trudge across the ground. With one swipe of its massive claw, the nearest factory was sliced completely in half. Knowing this beast would be a threat to Seatopia; Megalon released a battle like cry and descended to meet this monster.never aware that the creature was not from this world and was known only as Orga.

Orga's extraterrestrial eyes absorbed the bright fabrics of light that gleamed from the sun itself, making his eyes look as if they were glowing. Orga actually looked as if he were slouching forward, with a large lump on his back; Orga resembled the Hunchback of Notre Dame in an outward appearance. But Orga was far from resembling any human. Its shoulders were massive and in the left shoulder was a massive hole. Orga's teeth hung out of its jaws, visible to any who were unlucky enough to witness its gruesome appearance in person. Orga possessed long, dagger like claws that had already shown to be capable of ripping inanimate objects to pieces.

Megalon screeched across the sky, aiming its triangular horn at the alien beast. Torrents of electrical power rippled from Megalon's horn and daubed Orga's body. Already Orga howled in pain, feeling chunks of its skin be incinerated from the rest of his body. Megalon's electric beam ceased and as the giant insect flew closer, Orga bent down and leapt through the air. Megalon, taken back, stopped in mid-air and braced himself as Orga jumped on top of Megalon's body! Orga snarled as it embedded its claws deep in Megalon's flesh. Megalon cried in pain and couldn't support Orga's weight any longer, and plummeted towards the ground. Gently resting his feet against Megalon's abdomen, Orga's eyes peered beyond Megalon's face and could see the ground coming closer and closer. Megalon screamed in pain as he felt the rooftop of a factory flatten beneath his back and be driven deeper into the ground by Orga's colossal weight. Clenching his massive claws to form fists, Orga smacked his fists against Megalon's face. Loud, booming sounds screeched across the area after each time Orga bat his fists against Megalon's skull. Tired of the pain, Megalon's triangular horns radiated an amber glow. A bolt of electrical energy rippled from the tip of Megalon's horn and struck Orga's throat. Chunks of flesh were blasted off Orga's throat but instantly healed. Megalon spat another electrical bolt, this time succeeding in knocking Orga off of him.

Orga stumbled back, his large shoulders struggling to keep the body balance so it wouldn't fall. The alien creature snarled and released a hideous roar as Megalon rose to his feet. Struggling to figure out what to do, Megalon dove down into the ground, plowing the soil out of the way with his drills. Orga's perplexed eyes peered down into the hole. The alien creature suddenly felt the ground beneath his feet vibrate and Orga looked back and forth. Cracks began to split the ground asunder and Orga bent his head down to examine the situation, until suddenly a drill poked out of the ground and struck Orga's face. Taken back, Orga nearly fell to the ground. The seismic activity stopped and Orga could neither hear nor see anything. Orga walked across the ground, surveying the land. The alien's feverish eyes watched the ground, anticipating Megalon's next move. Orga stood tall, feeling his eternal power flourish in the hole of his left shoulder. Particles of light, illuminating a bright amber glow, were sucked into the hole and the alien beast prepared for anything.

Megalon's drills slowly broke through the ground behind Orga. With amazing speed, Megalon propelled through the ground and stood on its surface. As Megalon took a step towards Orga's back, the alien's eyes widened and with quick agility, Orga turned around and unleashed a powerful energy ray from his shoulder. The ray struck Megalon dead in the chest and swept the Seatopian Guardian off his feet. The ground shook violently after Megalon's carcass collided with the ground. Mounds of dirt were kicked high into the air in Megalon's wake as he skidded across the soil. As Megalon's body finally came to a halt, Megalon's bulbous eyes widened in shock; Orga's body descended from the sky and the alien's claws yearned to rip into Megalon's flesh. Electrical surges of energy rippled down Megalon's triangular horn, but before Megalon could fire, Orga's feet plowed into the Seatopian Guardian's abdomen. Megalon cried out in pain, his roar echoing on for miles. Orga's assault had managed to shatter Megalon's ribcage.

The sweet nectar of Megalon's DNA was refreshing; the feeling Orga felt after embedding his claws deep in Megalon's flesh. Already Orga could feel Megalon's DNA become his own. A triangular horn slowly began to stretch out of his forehead, pulsing with electrical power. The horn itself glistened in the sunlight, casting a bright radiant of light in all of "Children's Land". Orga felt his left hand mutate and manifest into an exact duplicate of Megalon's palms. Now Orga's left hand became a long, metallic drill, which reflected the sunlight off its shiny surface into Megalon's eyes, blinding the Seatopian Guardian.

Orga wasn't satisfied.

He needed more.

Megalon watched in horror as Orga's jaws separated and enlarged. From out of the bowels of Orga's throat, an organic web slit out of Orga's jaws and widened. Megalon's frightful cries could not be heard, for the organic web tissue joined with Orga's jaws, and closed in on Megalon's entire upper body. Megalon's feet kicked back and forth; the Seatopian Guardian tried to fight back.

But it was inevitable.

Orga's skin tissue began to morph into a dark mixture of green and brown. His eyes began to enlarge, mimicking Megalon's own. Orga's once massive back twisted and cracked, forming a new layer of carapace that manifested into insect wings. Before the transformation could be complete, Orga's eyes widened; a large object had been shot down his throat. Orga panicked, not sure of what to do. The only thing Orga could do was prepare to feel the agonizing pain. Bright, strokes of fire broke through his chest and back, raining his flesh on the entire area. Orga's painful screams and moans were agonizing to hear. Immediately, Orga relinquished his grip his jaws had on Megalon. While Orga's jaws returned to their normal stature, the space monster lazily stumbled back. Already, the serious wounds he had sustained begun to rapidly heal. Orga's extraterrestrial eyes glazed up at Megalon, who now was clapping his metallic claws together. But when Megalon's taunting began, it ended as fast as it started. For now the Seatopian Guardian glared at Orga, afraid of the monstrosity standing in front of him.

Hesitant, Megalon's triangular horn gleamed with electrical surges of energy and shot a torrent of power into Orga. But unlike before, Orga stood unharmed. But now the horn that rested on top of his head crackled with the same surge of power. Even more disturbing, particles of light were swallowed into the empty hole inside Orga's shoulder. Megalon bellowed a mighty cry, knowing he had failed Seatopia in stopping a creature that could easily destroy all life on the planet. Unable to close its bulbous eyes, Megalon braced itself for oblivion, as an electrical beam and energy blast lanced into his body, ripping the Seatopian Guardian's body apart. Orga continued to unleash its devious assault, until Megalon no longer stood or breathed. Smoke rose from Megalon's charred carcass and with its new accessories, Orga released a loud, terrifying cry that shuddered even the 'Spirit of the Earth' itself.