Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 118:
By: Christian Salabert

The ground began to buckle as something underneath it began to unearth itself.  A long, spindly leg suddenly erupted from the soil. It was shortly followed by another. Soon, eight of the appendages had emerged from the ground, and together they hoisted something out from the subterranean depths. With a chittering cry, the mighty predator known as Kumonga exploded from the dirt. As the soil fell from his bumped back, the massive spider began making his way through Monster Island's jungles. A large meal after his long nap would do quite nicely.

Sea water poured from Titanosaurus' scales as he lifted himself out of the ocean and stepped onto Monster Island's sandy shores. The aquatic beast had grown tired of swimming for the time being and decided it was time to roam about on land. Leaving his foot prints across the beach, Titanosaurus soon disappeared into the foliage, crushing trees beneath his feet as he went.

On and on Kumonga forged as he continued to look for food. He came across Minya, but that plan was quickly laid to rest when Godzilla took notice and stepped in between his son and the giant spider. Undeterred, Kumonga continued to look for a meal that would sate his considerable hunger. He began to climb upwards as he entered the mountainous region of the island. He could sense another creature nearby, one that would hopefully prove not as much of a challenge as the King of the Monsters, but would provide just as much sustenance.

Titanosaurus snorted in annoyance as he came across a mountain of considerable size, even for him. Unwilling to walk around it, the crimson reptile began to trek up the towering slope, his antennae twitching as he went. He could feel that another of the island's residents was nearby, but hoped that it would keep its distance. He was in no mood for a fight today.

The two monsters continued to move forward, both only vaguely aware of the other's presence. As they came closer and closer to the mountain's peak, they started to hear each other in motion, the sounds of their thunderous foot steps and crushing trees underfoot echoing through the air. Titanosaurus growled in frustration as he trudged on, but Kumonga merely twitched his mandibles in silent anticipation. Their encounterwas inevitable now.

Reaching the very top of the mountain, Titanosaurus quickly turned his head from side to side, trying to spot the other beast he knew was there before it saw him. But to his surprise and confusion, he found nothing. He didn't like this. He knew he had heard something on the other side of the mountain. His ear-like fins twitched as he tried to hear even a hint of another monster's presence. Kumonga thanked the fates for his luck; in his attempt to locate the other creature, Titanosaurus had inadvertently turned his back to the spider. Taking advantage of his position, the arachnid immediately began to unleash a torrent of webbing, which soon began to rain down onto the reptile. Looking up, Titanosaurus stared at the white strands covering his upper torso in momentary confusion, confusion which quickly ended as he spun around, instantly spotting Kumonga. Trumpeting angrily, Titanosaurus marched forward, ready to punt the eight-legged freak off the top of the mountain.

Seeing Titanosaurus quickly approaching, Kumonga ceased firing his web and began to back away. He could most certainly handle himself in combat, but he knew the dinosaur was not an opponent to take lightly, especially in close quarters. Just as he got within reach, Titanosaurus reared his foot back and got ready to kick the spider in the face, but Kumonga countered with a tactic of his own. Using his legs to lift himself high into the air, Kumonga headbutted Titanosaurus in the neck, causing the reptile to choke and stagger back, toppling off his feet. Lowering himself down into his usual stance, Kumonga watched as Titanosaurus rolled down the slope, cackling as he went. Titanosaurus' descent down the side was brought to a sudden end as he hit a rocky ledge sticking out of the side. Dazed, the underwater beast moved about drunkenly, unable to even get up to his feet. Seeing that his foe was vulnerable, Kumonga began to climb down after him.

The arachnid came closer and closer to his prey, tauntingly exposing the poison stinger within his mouth. Just as Kumonga was about to strike, Titanosaurus suddenly pulled himself upright, taking the spider by surprise. Spinning around, Titanosaurus flipped his tail open, revealing the membrane within. Bending over, Titanosaurus began to flap his tail from side to side, almost instantly generating a hurricane wind that stopped Kumonga dead in his tracks. Thanks to his body being so low to the ground, Kumonga was safe from being blown away by the gale, but he couldn't get any closer to his opponent. The uprooted trees and rocks bouncing off his face didn't help either. He tried spraying Titanosaurus with his web, but it was instantly dispersed in the winds. Unable to do much else, Kumonga decided to put some distance between the two of them and took a careful step backward. For an instant, he lost his footing and stumbled back, pushed forcefully by Titanosaurus' assault. Thankfully, he regained his footing before he was sent sprawling down the opposite side of the mountain.

Standing upright and folding his tail back up, Titanosaurus turned around and spotted Kumonga at the peak once again. Trumpeting angrily, the dinosaur marched up, flexing his arms as he got ready to attack. By the time Kumonga had recovered his wits, Titanosaurus was already upon him. Titanosaurus outstretched his arms just as Kumonga raised his two front legs. With a crash, the monsters slammed into each other. Locked in combat, the two grappled with each other, trying to inflict as much damage as they could to their opponent. Kumonga moved to strike Titanosaurus with his front legs, but the reptile easily grabbed them and kept them away from him. Each time Titanosaurus tried to kick Kumonga in the face, the spider extended his poisonous stinger, threatening to stab Titanosaurus in the foot with it. For the longest time, it seemed that the two beasts were stuck in a stalemate.

The two creatures stayed like that for some time before Titanosaurus decided to end their shoving match, releasing one of Kumonga's legs. Just as the limb shot towards him, ready to strike, Titanosaurus twisted his head around and caught it within his jaws, biting down on it. Kumonga cried out as he felt Titanosaurus' teeth pierce his skin, but the reptile wasn't done yet. Utilizing his impressive strength, Titanosaurus spun himself around, lifiting Kumonga up into the air with only his jaws. Continuing to build momentum, Titanosaurus eventually opened his mouth, releasing Kumonga and sending the spider soaring through the sky, down the mountain, until his flight was abruptly and violently ended by the ground. Titanosaurus nodded satisfactorily as he saw Kumonga lay there at the base of the mountain, twitching in agony, one of his legs broken by the crash.

Keeping his eye on the spider, Titanosaurus finally made his way down the other side of the mountain, occasionally letting out trumpeting sounds to herald his victory. He eventually made it to the bottom, glowering at the mammoth arachnid as he went. Suddenly, Kumonga lifted his head and spat out his stinger, which instantly embedded itself into the base of Titanosaurus' neck. The reptile's eyes widened as he could already feel the area going numb. Without any hesitation, Titanosaurus leapt up from where he stood and into the air. Seconds later, he came down hard, crushing Kumonga's head underneath his feet. The spider's body spasmed violently, then went limp.

Titanosaurus could already feel the stinger's poison getting stronger. Wiping Kumonga's brains off the bottoms of his feet and onto the jungle grass, he continued his trek across the island. Hopefully he would make it back to the ocean before the spider's sting rendered him unconscious.