Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 117:
Match 117: Megaguirus vs. Monster X
By: Kenneth James

Monster X descended from the sky above the famous volcano, landing gently near its top. Monster X had orders from his master; while having a kaiju destroy a city was fine, a volcanic eruption was very destructive in its own right, and more enjoyable to watch. He stood back and let loose an onslaught of powerful energy beams from his four eyes, blowing huge chunks of rock and debris from Mt. Saint Helens in all directions as he attempted to trigger the blast.

Deep below, the shockwaves from the blast shook and ravaged the area. Years ago, the volcanic eruption had failed to awaken it, but Monster X's bombardment would do just that. A glowing red eye lit up, glimpsing out of the ancient cavern with an unearthly screech.

Monster X continued his assault until finally, the earth began shaking. He stopped, awaiting the eruption… before realizing the shaking wasn't the volcano itself. Suddenly, the earth exploded outwards, a massive form erupting from the depths of the volcano for the first time in several million years. Megaguirus hovered in the air in front of Monster X, ready to reclaim what belonged to her after so long in hibernation below the Earth's crust, and finding her first victim. She didn't care how long she'd been gone, Monster X was in her territory, that was all that mattered, and Megaguirus would destroy any threat to her turf. On top of that, Monster X reeked of energy. The amount was tantalizing and Megaguirus hungered for it after her long slumber. She screeched and dove at Monster X, jaws wide as she prepared to clamp her powerful maw down on his throat.

The Controller watched from the mothership as Monster X roared in surprise, leaping out of the fast kaiju's path. “A monster was sleeping in the volcano?” he asked, surprised. “Well well, Earth has no shortage of these giant pests… It doesn't have the M-Base like the others. So, Monster X…” he said, giving an evil smirk. “Kill it.”

Monster X roared in response, more than happy to oblige his master's command. He threw his arms out, letting loose his Gravity Beams at Megaguirus. However, the flying predator evaded nimbly, weaving through the rays and dashing forwards through the air, slamming her sharp wings into the cosmic terror's chest, toppling him to the ground hard. The space monster groaned, having no idea Megaguirus was that fast. He quickly got to his feet and slowly circled the ancient killer, Megaguirus doing the same. Megaguirus was first to charge, flying straight at Monster X, claws ready to strike and tear his flesh. However, Monster X managed to catch her pincers and swung her around, slamming her to the ground. He swung around, bringing his whip-like tail into the side of Megaguirus' face, leaving a welt in her exoskeleton and earning a roar of pain. He then prepared to fire his Gravity Rays, only for Megaguirus to swing her own tail around and trip Monster X, knocking him to the ground and allowing her to take flight and return to her element.

Monster X groaned, slowly returning to his feet as Megaguirus buzzed around him. Megaguirus watched her rival, waiting for the right moment to strike, a predator on the hunt. Monster X watched her closely, waiting… when suddenly he felt a scolding burn in his foot and jumped to the side, looking down to see molten lava begin pouring up from the depths of the volcano. This, however, allowed Megaguirus to finally see her opening and shoot forward, swinging her tail up, aiming for Monster X's stomach. However, the space monster managed to turn back in time and leapt into the air, spinning around and roundhouse kicking the prehistoric terror in the side of the head, sending her spiraling to the ground with a huge crash. Monster X took advantage and leapt on top of Megaguirus, raining blows into her face, each earning a sharp roar of pain. Megaguirus felt hot lava seep under her body and panicked, swinging her stinger up and digging into Monster X's back, drawing a spurt of blood and a roar of agony. Monster X jumped off before Megaguirus could siphon energy, but the Meganula Queen took flight once again, glad to be out of the lava. She flapped her wings at blinding speeds and took off so fast she was just a blur. Monster X found himself bombarded from every direction, staggering as super sonic strikes landed, Megaguirus zooming past him so quickly he barely caught sight of her. Finally, Megaguirus clamped her pincers down on Monster X's shoulders and flew up with her momentum, carrying him off into the air and dropping him several hundred feet to the base of Mt. Saint Helens.

Monster X groaned, looking up in pain, searching for Megaguirus. He noticed Megaguirus had stopped her high speed assault, probably to conserve energy. He also noticed the ground below him was starting to shake. This time he knew it was a sign the volcano was going to erupt soon. Megaguirus, however, refused to cease her advantage and dove straight at the cosmic terror, intending to impale him on her stinger. However, the space-born kaiju waited for her to get close and let loose his Gravity Beams, blasting her and sending her crashing to the ground, screeching in pain. Monster X groaned and stood back up, charging over and slashing away at her face and chest, earning streaks of blood in the ancient queen's armor. He remembered last time and quickly leapt out of the way as she attempted to sting him in the back again. He swiftly grabbed her tail before it could be lowered and swung around, slamming her hard into the side of the volcano. He leapt up and followed up with a flying back hand, only to find his arm clenched in Megaguirus' crushing jaws. He roared and tried to free his arm, only for Megaguirus to fly up and continue to shake her head rapidly, trying to tear deeper into Monster X's arm. The space monster felt his boney armor give way to Megaguirus' strong jaws and drove his claws into her right eye and tore it out, Megaguirus roaring in agony as blood spurted from her now missing eye. Monster X followed up by grabbing Megaguirus by the shoulders and throwing her.

Megaguirus quickly caught herself in midair and took flight once again, intending to exact revenge for her destroyed eye. She saw Monster X prepare his Gravity Bolts and charged forwards, driving her stinger into his gut, earning a roar of agony. Megaguirus grabbed him by the arms with her pincers to hold them in place. Monster X roared out in pain as he felt his energy being drained into the giant insect queen's body and struggled. He attempted his beams, but discovered, to his horror, that Megaguirus' energy drain robbed him of his weapon for the time being. Megaguirus finally had her fill and retreated, Monster X quickly attempting his Gravity Rays to counterattack, only for the anicent killer to dodge and get in close. Much to Monster X's shock, he saw a sphere of yellow energy form before Megaguirus before she unleashed a blast of his own energy, sending him flying back and crashing hard to the ground, sending bits of his armor flying into the air. The ravenous predator quickly descended on him and slashed his face repeatedly with her pincers, each earning a shower of sparks. Finally, Monster X regained his senses and let off a blast of Gravity Rays. Megaguirus didn't have time to dodge and rose her pincer up to defend her frail body from further damage, the limb taking the full fury of the attack and blowing the pincer off into burning bits of flesh. As Megaguirus roared in pain, Monster X sprang up and did a leaping spin, smashing his tail into the side of her head, continuing as he came down, driving his fist into the side of her jaw, toppling her hard to the ground. Monster X quickly pounced on her and grabbed her by the throat, trying to choke her. However, being an insect, Megaguirus didn't breath through her mouth, but instead external openings on their body, thus, the choking had little effect and she was able to counter attack, driving her pincer straight into Monster X's eye, earning herself a roar of agony from her opponent as she tore it out of his face, forcing him back. Megaguirus then looked up at the volcano and saw something frightening, taking off at blinding speeds

Monster X looked around in confusion. Why had Megaguirus left so suddenly? He sensed something behind him and swung around… too late. A pyroclastic flow from the eruption he himself had triggered washed down the mountain, slamming into him with great force.

Megaguirus watched from safety as Monster X was engulfed by the scolding hot current of rock, toxic gas and ash. If he somehow survived such a fate, she'd be on him in a moment to finish the job. And sure enough, when the flow ended, Monster X still stood, badly burned to the point some of his bone armor plates flaked and fell off and wheezing on the toxic, burning hot gases that had near incinerated his lungs. Having adapted to the hot, poisonous gases of a volcano after living inside one for several million years, Megaguirus fearlessly dove down and put him out of his misery, stabbing the suffering monster in the chest with her stinger, forcing it deeper until it erupted out his back in a shower of blood and gore. Not finished, Megaguirus, with Monster X impaled on her tail, lunged forwards and tore out his throat. Megaguirus allowed the dying monster to fall limp to the ground and die. She let out a victorious roar, before dragging her kill off to find a safe place to eat it.

The Controller jumped around in a fury, yelling at the top of his lungs, cursing out Megaguirus.