Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 115:
By: Kenneth James

The Amazon was a dense, vibrant thicket of life. Home to a huge range of wildlife, covering over five million and a half kilometers of land, it was little wonder this place would be a target for the demonic Desghidorah's hunger for life energy. The planet-killing space dragon descended on the land and quickly began to siphon energy out of his surroundings, causing plants and trees to wither and die in seconds. Desghidorah relished the meal, but even consuming this entire rainforest, even the entire planet's life energy, wouldn't be enough for him. His hunger was endless. The quadruped kaiju flew low over the rainforest, allowing more and more life force to be drained into his body. However, before his meal could finish, the space monster was sent spiraling from the sky and crashing hard into the ground with tremendous force, shaking the ground for miles. Desghidorah roared in pain, shaking his three heads to clear them from the impact, then looking up as he got back to his feet, expecting to see his ancient nemesis Mothra but instead finding a very different sight.

Ultraman descended from the sky, landing before the cosmic terror. “SHIAH!” he bellowed, taking his battle stance. For centuries the Ultras had sought to put an end to Desghidorah and his equally destructive fellow Ghidorahs that had so long ravaged the universe. He wouldn't allow this ancient evil to drain life on Earth if he had a choice in the matter. He slowly circled the demonic hydra, which kept all six of his sinister eyes on the Ultra Hero, each waiting for the other to make the first move. Desghidorah wasn't known for patience and he was the one to shoot first, letting loose a hailstorm of burning energy blasts from his mouth. Ultraman was quick to roll forwards, dodging the assault and closing the distance, quickly grabbing hold of one of the plant killer's necks and delivering a barrage of chops to it. He saw one of Desghidorah's other heads attempt to snake around and bite him, but he managed to catch it under the jaw and force its head up as it tried to let loose an energy bolt, sending the deadly attack flying into the sky. However, the third head, exploiting Ultraman's vulnerable state, bit down on his shoulder, discharging energy into him and causing Ultraman to roar in pain. The attack forced the Ultra Hero into releasing the other two heads, allowing each of them to take hold of one of Ultraman's arms, discharging energy of their own before all three lifted him off the ground and slammed him back down into it with great force. They lifted once again and threw Ultraman, sending him crashing into the ground a good distance away.

As Ultraman struggled to get back up, Desghidorah stampeded towards him, rearing up on his hind legs and crashing down with his full weight on Ultraman's chest, driving him deeper into the wet ground. Desghidorah was quickly on the assault again, trying to bite down on Ultraman as he was pinned beneath him. Ultraman barely managed to move his head out of the way enough to dodge Desghidorah's vicious fangs, causing the earth around his head to be uprooted by the space dragon's powerful jaws. Ultraman took the first opportunity he got and crossed his arms in a ‘plus' shape, letting loose the Specium Beam from his upright hand. The burning beam of energy tore into Desghidorah's chest and sent him backpedaling. Ultraman finally stopped the beam, but to his shock, Desghidorah still stood! The space dragon had received a rather nasty burn to his chest that was clearly extremely painful, but it hadn't been nearly enough to finish him. Ultraman looked down as he heard a distinctive high pitched noise, his Color Timer flashing red. The fight had only just begun and already his energy ran short! He had to change strategy quickly.

Ultraman saw Desghidorah's central head let loose a powerful stream of flames and leapt into the air, taking flight and landing on Desghidorah's back. He quickly sent blow after blow into the hydra's necks, trying to make a dent. However, before he could make much headway, Desghidorah let loose a powerful pulse of energy, blasting Ultraman off and to the ground with a cry of pain. Desghidorah quickly turned as Ultraman got back to his feet and bombarded the Ultra with bolts of energy, sending blasts of earth and blazing trees flying high into the sky. When the dust cleared, the wounded hero fell to his knees in pain, his Color Timer flashing rapidly. Desghidorah bellowed and let loose another volley of energy blasts, intending to finish it.

Ultraman awaited his demise, regretting his failure… but the hit never came. Ultraman looked up to see another giant hero standing between him and his foe. Zone Fighter formed the outline of a shield with his hands as they glowed, forming the Hyper Barrier. The powerful energy field not only intercepted Desghidorah's onslaught, but reflected it back at him, sending the space monster staggering backwards, roaring in agony. Zone Fighter turned and helped Ultraman to his feet, the two alien heroes exchanging a nod. Zone Fighter looked at Ultraman's timer, knowing the Ultra was in dire straights. He pointed up and gave Ultraman a nod, then pointed to himself, telling the Ultra to go recharge and he'd keep Desghidorah busy in the meantime.

Ultraman was hesitant, but fairly certain the Meteor Man was capable of keeping Desghidorah occupied until he could return. He gave a nod and spread his arms. “SHUWATCH!” barked the Ultra as he took off to leave Earth's atmosphere and recharge to continue the fight. Zone Fighter nodded as he saw this and turned back to Desghidorah as the space monster recovered from the last attack, Zone Fighter taking a battle stance of his own.

Desghidorah roared in surprise at this second similar being, not sure what to make of him. None the less, Desghidorah roared and charged Zone Fighter, who was quick to meet his charge, delivering a barrage of punches to his chest. Desghidorah was quick to attempt a bite, but Zone Fighter sidestepped it and gave a powerful kick to the back of Desghidorah's knee, taking the titan off balance and nearly toppling him. Before Desghidorah could regain his footing, Zone Fighter sent a rapid barrage of punches into his chest, quickly causing his fists to move at blinding speed. The Uzi Punch managed to force Desghidorah back a few meters before he lunged over the physical assault and bit Zone Fighter by the throat, discharging energy into the space man. Zone Fighter struggled in pain, trying to free himself. He saw Desghidorah's other heads lunge towards him to clamp down as well, and managed to pull open the jaws head he was presently locked in, allowing him to duck and causing the two heads to crash into one another. Taking advantage of the momentary daze the collision left the two heads in, Zone Fighter leapt back and did a series of hand poses.

“Meteor Missile Might!” shouted Zone Fighter, summoning missile-filled gauntlets to his wrists. He quickly let loose a punishing barrage of missiles from one of the bracelets into the thick hide of Desghidorah, tearing into his flesh and earning roars of pain. Zone Fighter continued this onslaught until his first bracelet ran out and quickly brought the other one forwards, giving another barrage. By the time the bracelets were empty, Desghidorah was surrounded by a pillar of thick smoke from the explosions and impacts. Zone Fighter slowly rose up, waiting in suspense to see if that'd done the job. When the smoke cleared, Zone Fighter saw that Desghidorah was still quite alive, though badly hurt and looking worse for the wear as a result. Zone Fighter prepared to follow up with another attack to finish the space demon, only to see plants surrounding him wilting and dying as energy drained out of them. Zone Fighter then looked up at Desghidorah, seeing him regain his strength as he sucked it out of the surroundings.

Shocked, Zone Fighter took a step back, leaving him open to a blast of the central head's fire stream, staggering him back before a pair of energy bolts from the other two heads blasted him clear off his feet and sent him crashing hard to the ground, his head falling with a splash into the Amazon River. Zone Fighter groaned as he tried to rise again, only to see Desghidorah rear up and slam his entire weight down onto his chest, earning a bellow of pain. Desghidorah's outer heads lunged down and clamped their teeth into the Meteor Man's shoulders, discharging energy into his body and burning into his flesh. Desghidorah's center head lunged back and launched forwards, aiming to sink into Zone Fighter's throat. However, before Desghidorah could land the finishing blow, a circular blade of blue energy flew in. Desghidorah reared up, causing the blade to only leave a gash in his chest instead of beheading him as it was intended.

Desghidorah looked up and saw Ultraman flying back down, fully recharged and ready to assist Zone Fighter in the battle. Having a short attention span, Desghidorah took flight to resume his battle with Ultraman, quickly opening fire with a barrage of energy bolts. Ultraman dodged and retaliated with a Specium Beam, with the demonic hydra barely flying above it. Desghidorah continued to fire, his onslaught forcing Ultraman to dodge and put him on the defensive. Finally, Desghidorah managed to get in close and clamp his mauls down on Ultraman's shoulders, burning into his flesh. Desghidorah took the opportunity and flew straight down, slamming Ultraman into the ground with great force and maintaining his grip.

Zone Fighter, his own meter turning yellow, stood back up and saw the danger his partner was in. He threw his hand forwards, letting loose a stream of arrow-like energy blasts. The cutting beam flew through Desghidorah's right wing, cutting it off at the base. Desghidorah roared in fury and pain as his severed wing fell to the ground. Desghidorah quickly turned his attention towards Zone Fighter, preparing another gout of flames. However, Ultraman had different thoughts and quickly got back to his feet, throwing an Ultra Cutter and severing the other wing. Desghidorah's attack was cut off by his own roar of pain and he swung his tail around, trying to hit Ultraman, only for Ultraman to jump over it and grab his right neck, pounding away at the head. Zone Fighter quickly closed the distance and did the same with the left, trying to doubleteam the tyrant. Desghidorah screeched in fury and let loose his energy shockwave, blasting both heroes off him and to the ground. The two managed to get back to their feet and stood side by side. They rushed Desghidorah, dodging energy bolts shot their way by the demonic hydra, huge explosions going off around them, until they reached him and both sent fists and chops into his front, managing to drive him back. They quickly saw Desghidorah beginning to charge another energy pulse and jumped back to dodge it. However, as surprising as it was, Desghidorah had tricked them! The space monster reared up, driving his weight into the ground, causing it to split open and towers of burning flame to swell up from the molten depths of the earth, burning and wounding the twin heroes.

Zone Fighter and Ultraman crashed wounded to the ground, Zone Fighter's meter turning red and Ultraman's own timer flashing. The two heroes managed to get to their feet in time to evade another onslaught of energy, Zone Fighter going left, Ultraman right. When they landed, they expected to be under attack, but saw Desghidorah seemed confused as to which one to attack first. Both heroes noticed that Desghidorah kept focusing on the one who attacked him last. The two gave each other a nod of agreement and decided to use that to their advantage. Ultraman charged Desghidorah, getting his attention and forming a barrier of energy to block an onslaught of energy bolts, allowing Zone Fighter to close in and grab the horns on Desghidorah's right head in one hand and the jaws in the other. He pulled them in separate directions, earning a resounding crack and roar of agony. He leapt back, watching as the head's separated jaw hung limply, Desghidorah quickly turning and firing a stream of flames from his center head. Zone Fighter quickly formed a weaker energy barrier, the Zone-Barrier, to block it. Ultraman took advantage and formed an Ultra Cutter, throwing it and sending the severed tail of Desghidorah flying into the air. Desghidorah roared in agony and turned left and right frustrated, not knowing who to attack. His fury overriding his mind, Desghidorah fired his energy weapons in all directions.

The two heroes managed to avoid the berserk rage their tactics had sent Desghidorah into and got close, Zone Fighter wrapping his hands around the left neck of Desghidorah and Ultraman around the right. The two lifted with all their strength, managing to tear Desghidorah off his feet and send him hurling overhead to the ground a distance away. The twin alien heroes nodded to one another, Ultraman crossing his hands in Specium Beam preparation.

“Meteor Proton Beam!” announced Zone Fighter with a series of poses, firing a beam of dark blue energy from his crest, which collided with Ultraman's newly fired Specium Beam. The two finishing beams collided and combined into a single beam that tore into Desghidorah's body, tearing into a burning his hide, sending bits of blazing flesh and explosions into the air. Desghidorah tried to remain standing, but the force and pain inflicted by the combined assault forced him backwards, even trying to drain energy from his surrounding failed him and he knew his time was done. He let out one last agony filled roar before finally, he went up in a fireball, the infamous dragon vaporized in a humongous explosion.

Ultraman and Zone Fighter panted, watching the shockwave of the blast as trees' limbs blew in its wake, allowing them to follow it visually. They looked over at the massive crater that used to be Desghidorah as chunks of rock and trees rained down from the explosion, the terrible space monster finally dead, though at the cost of a large section of the Amazon Rainforest. Ultraman looked around at the still-burning flames and put his hands together, letting loose a spray of water and putting out the flames. While he did that, Zone Fighter looked at Desghidorah's severed tail. Realizing the relative of Grand King Ghidorah may share his kin's regenerative abilities, he piled it and the severed wings together and stepped back.

“Meteor Proton Beam!” Zone Fighter called, doing the set up and firing the finishing beam once again, wisely vaporizing the last remaining pieces of Desghidorah to ensure he wouldn't regenerate and plague the world again.

The two alien heroes walked slowly over to each other, both physically exhausted. The two looked at each other for a few seconds before taking each other's hands and shaking them, both glad to have this opportunity to fight by each other's side.

“SHUWATCH!” shouted Ultraman, taking flight and disappearing into the sky, Zone Fighter following suit. As long as they stood to defend it, Earth would never fall to evil.

Ultraman Zone Fighter