Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 113:
By: Kenneth James

Kong snarled, tearing against his chains, displayed under a massive tent in the center of the city for all to see. The once mighty king of Farou Island now on public display for all to ridicule. The flashing of cameras angered him, as did the shouts of the crowd. He had to get free! He put all his force into tearing at the chains but could not so much as move. Kong let out a mighty roar of fury at his situation before relaxing, having exhausted himself. As the Eighth Wonder of the World let himself recover, the cries of protestors broke the silence, the crowd being broken by chanting protestors, holding up signs ordering the return of Kong to his natural habitat.

In a laboratory on the outside of town, a scientist watched the events transpiring and laughed. This was Glidor, a radical scientist in the field of biology. “This is perfect!” he yelled, watching the protests. “Public sentiment being against bring Kong here only helps my plan,” he said, rubbing his hands together. “It was a stroke of genius funding that mission to Farou to retrieve Kong, now I'll be able to show everyone my genius!” he said, turning to a huge frozen humanoid nearby, cables hooked into it. “When I resurrect you to stop Kong, I‘ll be famous!” he yelled, turning back to the terminal. “Time to start the show!” He then pressed a button on the computer.

At Glidor's touch, small explosives planted under the anchors of the chains went off, weakening them enough that when Kong went into another fit of rage, they were torn from the ground, setting the massive ape loose. Realizing he was free, Kong let out a fierce roar of fury, beating his chest as the crowd was thrown into a panic. Now completely infuriated, Kong tore the tent surrounding him to the ground. Once free of his entrapment, he smashed a nearby building with his fists, intent on taking out his pent up frustrations on those who had stolen him from his island home.

Glidor smirked as Kong tore through the city in a berserk rampage. “Perfect!” he exclaimed. “Now, to quote the one who made you...” he said, turning towards the frozen body and flipping a switch, sending a massive surge of electricity into the creature. Within seconds, the creature began to stir, a human-like hand erupting out of the ice block. “It's alive! It's alive!” Glidor yelled while laughing. “Man, I've always wanted to say that,” he said, watching the colossal Frankenstein's monster rise from his icy tomb.

Frankenstein groaned, looking around him in confusion. Where was he? Last he remembered he'd battled with Baragon and had fallen into the earth, unknowing that Glidor had spent over a year quietly excavating and transporting him to San Francisco where he‘d spent months repairing his body to resurrect him. “Frankenstein!” called Glidor, gaining the huge human-like kaiju's attention. “I am Glidor, the one who restored you to life, you understand me?” he asked, getting a slow nod. “I assumed you would, now there isn't much time. You like humans, am I right?” he continued, Frankenstein slowly nodding, still confused at his situation. “Well a monster named King Kong is attacking the city, you must stop him,” he explained, showing the image on the screen, enraging Frankenstein. Glidor smirked at this reaction, pressing a button and opening a large door in the side of the building to allow Frankenstein to leave the lab. “Good luck,” he said, watching Frankenstein exit and head off to battle King Kong. Glidor then laughed, turning back to the monitor. “It doesn't matter if Frankenstein beats that hairy ape or not, so long as he tries to protect the city, it's to my advantage.”

Kong let bellow of rage, ripping a building apart with his massive arms, the chains still hanging from them. He continued his fierce rampage through the city until another shout of rage attracted his attention. He spun around to see Frankenstein staring him down, challenging him with intent to stop the ape-like kaiju's rampage. Kong roared and beat his chest, responding with a warning. Frankenstein refused to back down and snarled back, getting in a fighting posture. The giant ape howled in fury and charged his new rival at full speed, throwing a punch at Frankenstein's head only for the mutant human to duck under and tackle him in the gut, throwing him to the ground and driving fists into his face. Kong roared in shock and replied by swiping Frankenstein with a clubbing blow, knocking him off. The Eighth Wonder of the World was quickly on the offensive and smashed his huge fists down on Frankenstein's back, driving him straight into the ground. Kong howled and brought his arms up to slam down on Frankenstein's back, only to have his target roll out of the way and evade the attack as the giant ape's fists slammed into the pavement. Frankenstein took a chunk of rubble left behind from Kong's rampage and slammed it full force into Kong's face, driving the ape backwards. Before Kong could respond, Frankenstein charged forwards and put his entire weight behind a punch to his rival's face, slamming Kong back first into a building.

Frankenstein kept up his offense by attempting to slam a car into Kong's cranium, only for his arm to be caught and the great ape's strength to force him back. Once on his feet, Kong punched Frankenstein in the stomach, doubling him over. Before Frankenstein could recover, Kong grabbed Frankenstein and lifted him overhead, throwing him and sending the giant man flying though a building. Kong snarled, as he was quickly upon his enemy and grabbing him by the ankle. With Frankenstein in his grasp, the giant ape swung him around with his great strength and before launching him a good distance away, leaving him laying at the base of the Pyramid Building. Kong snarled, charging Frankenstein full speed, but before he could reach him, Frankenstein got to his feet and hurled a gasoline tanker into Kong's face, the resulting explosion blinding the ape. Frankenstein wisely got out of Kong's path as he plowed through the structure and it collapsed on top of him. Frankenstein surveyed the rubble, knowing Kong was buried in there and likely still alive. Frankenstein wisely tore the spire off of a building and used it as a spear, stabbing the rubble to try and finish it.

After three stabs, Frankenstein's weapon suddenly refused to be pulled from its place and Kong erupted from the rubble, spear clasped in his hand. He pulled hard, throwing Frankenstein right into a powerful punch from his other arm, driving Frankenstein straight onto his back. Kong leapt on his smaller humanoid foe and drove pummeling blows into Frankenstein's face. Realizing he was in trouble, Frankenstein brought his legs up and kicked Kong in the stomach, throwing him off and back first into another building. As the giant ape attempted to stand, Frankenstein leapt on his back and wrapped his arms around Kong's neck, strangling him with his own great strength. Kong bellowed in panic, his oxygen cut off as he tried hard to pull Frankenstein off but the humanoid had the leverage advantage and he couldn't manage to force himself free. Realizing he wouldn't last long without air, Kong grabbed Frankenstein's legs threw himself and the humanoid backwards into a building to try and dislodge him. When that failed, he tried it again to no avail. However, a third time made Frankenstein's grip to slip enough that Kong could get his fingers under his arm, forcing it out enough to free himself and flip Frankenstein over him to the ground. Frankenstein, though, managed to roll through and get back to his feet, quickly on the attack again by picking up and slamming a nearby truck into Kong's head, forcing him backwards. Before he could capitalize, Kong grabbed hold of his arm and threw him face first to the ground. The great ape followed up by grabbing Frankenstein's head and brutally driving the humanoid's face into the ground multiple times, breaking his nose. Before more damage could be done, Frankenstein snatched some rubble from the remains of the Pyramid Building and threw it into Kong's eyes in desperation, blinding him and allowing Frankenstein to escape his grasp. Realizing Kong was too strong for him to fight head on, Frankenstein turned and ran towards the ocean, looking for a way to even the odds. Once Kong cleared his eyes, he saw Frankenstein fleeing and refused to allow an - in his mind - unprovoked attack to go unpunished. Kong quickly chased after Frankenstein.

Looking around, Frankenstein saw the San Francisco Bay Bridge and came up with an idea, remembering the chains hanging from Kong's arms before wading into the bay. Kong chased after him and soon caught up, grabbing him by the shoulder. But Frankenstein swung around and pushed Kong with all his might, driving the great ape backwards underwater. Before Kong could surface, Frankenstein rapidly turned and continued towards the bridge, beginning to climb on the 227 meter tall supports. Kong followed close behind and began climbing as well. With the bridge's structure groaning under the weight of the two monsters who together made up half its height, Frankenstein knew he had to do something quickly. As Kong grabbed his ankle, Frankenstein kicked him in the face with his other leg, hanging on tight. Another kick freed his ankle, allowing Frankenstein to climb up to the top of the structure, where he waited for Kong, now having the high ground. However, Kong was no stranger to combat at a high altitude and climbed up after him. Frankenstein and Kong quickly began exchanging blows, each trying to gain the upper hand. Realizing the support both of them hung onto could break at any moment from their combined weight, Frankenstein took note of his location and grabbed Kong by the throat, throwing them both off, managing to get Kong under him as they plowed through the center of the bridge into the water below. Quickly regaining his wits, Frankenstein grabbed onto the support cables of the bridge that had broken from the impact of both plummeting through the bridge and entangled the arms of the stunned Kong with as many as he could get his hands on, in addition to those he‘d tangled in on the way down.

Kong roared in fury, straining against the cables with all his might, threatening to bring the entire bridge down. Realizing he had to end it before Kong broke free, Frankenstein grabbed hold of one of the chains hanging from his arms and wrapped it around his throat, strangling Kong with it. Kong flailed and struggled, trying desperately to get free but to no avail, soon beginning to lose strength. Frankenstein began to tire long before Kong did, but kept going, choking the life from the Eighth Wonder of the World. However, as Kong lost consciousness, Frankenstein noticed something in his eyes. They were thinking eyes, not like Baragon's feral monstrous eyes. He realized Kong wasn't just an animal, he was a thinking creature like he was...

Frankenstein released the chain before he could kill Kong, leaving the ape unconscious but still very much alive. That's also when he realized something else: Kong had been chained up. That meant Kong had been a prisoner, not just a monster that was there of his own accord. Curious, Frankenstein picked up the ends of the chains, seeing they hadn't been torn out but instead were blasted off, still carrying scorch marks from the explosives. Despite not fully grasping the concept, he realized that Kong must've been willingly freed by someone. He then heard a car pulling up and looked up, seeing Glidor stepping out of his car on the most intact part of the bridge.

Glidor applauded Frankenstein. “Well done,” he said. “You've defeated Kong, you'll be a hero! And more importantly, I'll be the hero who revived you and sent you to save the city,” he explained. “I'll be famous!” he said, ecstatic. “Now, please kill Kong and take his body back to my lab, I'd very much like to take a look at him,” he said. “He's my property, I funded the expedition that found him, so it's only right I get the first opportunity to perform an autopsy and find out what makes him tick.”

Frankenstein glared at Glidor, realizing he was the one who'd brought Kong here in the first place. And judging by how happy he was, he'd let Kong loose to fight him just to prove a point. Enraged, Frankenstein roared and clinched his fists. “Oh, you've realized the truth, have you?” replied Glidor, not intimidated. “Yes, I did bring him here just to fight you, but you won't kill me,” he replied. “You love humans far too much for that, don't you?”

Frankenstein growled, Glidor had a point. The idea of killing any human, even an evil one, sickened him. Still, he knew someone who'd gladly do it instead. Frankenstein turned and shook Kong awake, roaring to him and pointing to Glidor. Kong glared at the small human before curling his lips and letting out a fierce roar. “Now Frankenstein... don't do anything rash...” said Glidor, no longer so smug. To his horror, Frankenstein tore the cables holding Kong, allowing the massive ape to free himself. Glidor screamed in terror and jumped in his car, taking off down the bridge, trying to escape the enraged Kong. Kong tore through the bridge in front of the evil man, grabbing his car in his massive hand and roaring fiercely. Before Glidor could even scream, Kong threw the car with all his might, sending it flying through the air and crashing into a hillside on shore, exploding in a large fireball. Having taken his revenge on he who deserved it, Kong let out a fierce roar of victory, beating his chest.

With Glidor dead, Frankenstein helped break off Kong's shackles once he calmed down, getting a thankful nod. Kong roared and grunted, thanking the giant for his help. Later, Frankenstein stood on the shore, watching as Kong swam through the surf towards his island home. Frankenstein then looked out over the ruined city, realizing that while Kong hadn't come of his own accord, there were other monsters who would threaten mankind. Frankenstein decided the best course of action was simple, stay and defend mankind. Frankenstein marched towards the mountains, intending to find himself a place to live in the world.

Frankenstein King Kong