Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 110:
By: Kenneth James

The people of Osaka fled for their lives as the shape of the Smog Monster, Hedorah, flew over the city, searching for food. Hedorah didn't care about the tiny annoyances running below him, or the fact a great number succumbed to his choking sulfuric mist, all he cared for was sustenance. It was quite ironic, the very creatures he cared so little for were the ones that provided the very thing he loved to eat, and should his constant growth bring about the end of mankind, he himself would die from starvation... but of course, being such a simple creature, this fact escaped his mind. As Hedorah's eyes caught sight of a smoke stack in the industrial district, Hedorah prepared to descend and begin feeding, only for an unearthly screech to tear into his thoughts. Before Hedorah could spin around to find the emitter of this challenge, something slammed into him from above, sending the Smog Monster plummeting to the ground below.

Destoroyah's yellow eyes gazed upon Hedorah's prone form as he himself descended from the sky. His motivation for this attack was as simple as what drew Hedorah to the city, he enjoyed it. Destoroyah at his core was a sadistic demon, unlike most kaiju, he liked killing things, it was his entire purpose for existing. He saw Hedorah not as a bane to life on Earth, but as another victim to his bloodlust. As the living Oxygen Destroyer approached, Hedorah's form glowed and to Destoroyah's surprise, reconfigured itself into Hedorah's adult form. Destoroyah took a step back, not from fear, but surprise that this creature could perform a similar feat to his own powers. Destoroyah took a look around, seeing the death and destruction this other entity left in its wake, and how it had done it, by robbing them of their ability to breath and reducing them to skeletons.

Destoroyah quickly realized how similar he and Hedorah were... and it made him all the more enraged. Destoroyah took pride in his status as the bane of life, the deadliest creature on the face of the Earth... and he didn't want to share that sadistic title. Destoroyah let out a roar of fury and challenge to the Smog Monster, receiving a gurgling cry of acceptance to his challenge. The fight was on.

Destoroyah was the first to strike, energy crackling about his frill before a beam of Micro-oxygen erupted from his maw. Hedorah held his ground, but soon roared in agony as the beam struck his shoulder, destroying the oxygen making up the water in his body, leaving a dried and cracked area in its wake. Destoroyah seemed to laugh with sadistic glee at his opponent's pain, only for Hedorah to take advantage, firing a jagged red ray of energy from his eye. Destoroyah didn't react at first, believing his armor would protect him, only to let out a bellow of pain when the beam smashed into his shoulder. The beam's corrosive secondary effect actually left a painful burn on the Precambrian terror. Destoroyah let out a roar of fury, charging at this being that had actually caused him harm. Hedorah held his ground. The two collided and pushed their weight against one another, until Destoroyah forced his claw into Hedorah's chest. Destoroyah seemed to smile as his clawed hand tore through his opponent's flesh, only for a roar of agony to replace it.

Destoroyah quickly tore his hand free from Hedorah's torso, finding the armor on his hand melted and deformed. While his thicker hide had withstood it better than the Monster King himself, Destoroyah learned his lesson. Piercing Hedorah's hide wasn't a good idea. Before the killer could recover, Hedorah smacked him hard across the head with one of his amorphous hands, leaving a slight burning sensation in its wake. As Destoroyah turned his attention back to Hedorah, ignoring the pain, he received a blob of acid to his shoulder, causing another roar of agony to emit from Destoroyah's maw as he tried desperately to wipe off the burning, unpleasant sludge, managing to do so before too much of his armor was melted away.

This, however, gave Hedorah the opportunity to tackle Destoroyah to the ground, trying to smother him with his acidic body. As Hedorah attempted to force Destoroyah's head into his toxic form, he suddenly shrieked in agony as a glowing orange, energy blade erupted out of his back. Hedorah pulled himself off Destoroyah's Laser Horn, his wound cauterized momentarily before his acid insides ate away at the useless flesh and restored the hole. Destoroyah rose to his feet and, Laser Horn extended, sliced it down across Hedorah's body, cutting a deep slash in his hide, sending sludge flying and inflicting another cauterized wound. As Hedorah shrieked in pain, Destoroyah swung his katana around a second time. Hedorah appeared unaffected... until his head toppled from his shoulders to the ground, his body following suit. Destoroyah shrieked in victory, taking delight in watching his seemingly dead foe collapse to the ground. Considering himself victorious, Destoroyah turned to redirect his bloodlust to the city itself... only to hear another gurgling howl from Hedorah.

Shocked, Destoroyah spun around to see two smaller, flying form Hedorahs where the head and body of the original had once been. The two flew up into the air, recombining into one and dropping their sulfuric acid on Destoroyah, hoping to kill the creature as he had the humans. To his surprise, Destoroyah merely took flight, shrugging it off! Destoroyah came from a oxygen-free time period, where highly volatile gases were much more common. Compared to that extremely hostile environment, a little sulfuric acid was nothing. Hedorah managed to dodge Destoroyah's charge and countered with his eye rays, only for the winged demon to dodge as well, firing his Micro-Oxygen Beam in retaliation. The ray tore into Hedorah's back, causing him to roar in agony as his body was dried out, but managing to keep flying and turned tail, trying to keep Destoroyah off him long enough to counterattack, his primitive brain trying to find an effective way of killing the living Oxygen Destroyer when his normal methods were useless.

Destoroyah didn't give him time to think as he sent a Micro-Oxygen Beam after him, Hedorah narrowly dodging the beam and causing it to destroy a section of the city below. Hedorah counterattacked with his eye beams, catching Destoroyah in the wing and burning it, slowing the demon down. With Destoroyah's speed reduced, Hedorah spun around, firing a barrage of sludge at the Precambrian monster, the acidic slime impacting crimson flesh and burning away Destoroyah's thick hide. Though wounded, Destoroyah refused to give up, but he was frustrated at his inability to make lasting damage to this enemy. He extended his Laser Horn and dove at Hedorah, intent on impaling the Smog Monster on it, only for Hedorah to narrowly evade and latch onto his back, using his body to dissolve away Destoroyah's armor. Roaring in agony, the Precambrian killer tried hard to dislodge Hedorah, but found his attempts useless. Realizing it was only a matter of time until Hedorah dissolved away his wing joints, Destoroyah made the choice to launch his tail up, driving the pincer-like edge deep into Hedorah's eye. Roaring in agony, Hedorah immediately released his grip, flying away from Destoroyah.

Destoroyah hovered, observing the damage to his body, armored plates flaking off his now severely burned back and falling away, his tail tip burned to the bone and severely deformed. Rage now burned in Destoroyah's black soul at this kaiju that so badly wounded him, and making his rage grow even hotter was the fact that none of his attacks seemed able to kill Hedorah off for good. He needed to finish it. He looked to the harbor, realizing that Hedorah was in no way immune to his Oxygen Destroyer-like power underwater. Destoroyah suddenly spun around, flying out towards the sea.

Hedorah, his eye now shut and, for the moment, unable to heal, saw Destoroyah make for the ocean. Assuming Destoroyah's retreat, Hedorah also came to the realization of how the advantage being underwater would grant him as well, and pursued his enemy. As the two flew away from Osaka and out into the bay, Destoroyah suddenly spun around, grabbing hold of Hedorah, sending both plummeting towards the water below. Reverting back to his final form, Hedorah grappled with Destoroyah, both trying to get the advantage and slam their foe into the water, who won out was unclear as the two titans slammed into the ocean, sending a cascade of water high into the sky.

Below the surface, Hedorah watched his opponent, prepared to strike, only for Destoroyah's body to vanish into a cloud of Micro-oxygen. Hedorah looked around for his opponent, only to suddenly feel agony over every inch of his body as Destoroyah assaulted him as a colony of microorganisms, dissolving Hedorah‘s form. Realizing what his opponent had done, Hedorah broke himself apart into a massive swarm of tadpole-like creatures, breaking down till he matched Destoroyah's size. The two swarms continued to battle it out at a microscopic stage.

At the surface, humans watched the water flash and boil as the unseen battle between two armies of microbes still caused a great upheaval in the ocean's surface, simply due to the sheer power each swarm processed. But gradually... the disturbance became smaller and smaller until it stopped all together. All that remained were fish skeletons floating to the surface in huge numbers, ether the result of Hedorah's acidic sludge burning them to the bone or Destoroyah's oxygen-destroying powers having dissolved them.

Below the surface, only one of each monster survived, all others having been completely wiped out. The two microscopic creatures monsters charged one another full speed. The two collided, Destoroyah trying to dissolve Hedorah while Hedorah tried to smother Destoroyah with its acidic body. The two continued to struggle until finally, both dissolved away to nothing. In their desire to destroy one another, both had succeeded and wiped each other off the face of the Earth...

Destoroyah Hedorah (Showa)