Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 109:
By: Christian Salabert

The crystalline terror known as Krystalak marched through the forests of Japan, searching for a source of energy to feed on. He had sensed a large power crystal and had been making his way towards it for the past few days. But it seemed that his long trek was finally at an end. Krystalak had reached the Kitami River, and jutting out of the river's shores was an enormous glowing crystal, just brimming with energy. Krystalak grinned. He could almost taste the power radiating from within. As he approached the crystal, Krystalak trampled over a nearby village, destroying it and crushing its screaming denizens underneath.

The crystal was within reach now. His claws outstretched, Krystalak was about to grasp the glass-like tower, when suddenly, a reptilian form exploded out of the river! Taken by surprise, Krystalak leapt away from the crystal and turned to face the sudden arrival, finding himself face to face with Varan the Unbelievable!

Varan reared his head back and let loose with a fierce roar, commanding Krystalak to not only get out of his territory, but to leave the crystal alone. Varan had long since claimed the crystal as his own, having come quite accustomed to feeding off its power, and he had no intention of letting someone else have it without a fight.

Leaping into the air and soaring directly at Krystalak, Varan slammed into the crystal monster's gut, tackling him to the ground. Surprised and stunned by the sudden attack, Krystalak was slow to react as Varan smashed his fists into the sides of his head over and over. Sparks flew as Varan's claws collided with the crystal-like plating on Krystalak's face, withdrawing a cry of pain with each blow. As the spiked lizard prepared to strike him for the sixth time, Krystalak opened his jaws and unleashed a powerful Prism Beam, blasting Varan in the face and sending him careening off his chest. Shaking his head to regain his wits, Krystalak climbed to his feet, his eyes zeroing in on Varan, who by now was back on all fours. The crystal spikes on his back glowing, Krystalak unleashed another white beam. But just as the dirt at Varan's feet exploded, the mighty Obaki was already in the sky, circling his crystalline foe. Krystalak watched Varan circle him, waiting for the reptile to land. When it seemed like that wasn't going to happen, he fired another Prism Beam at his foe, but Varan skillfully avoided the blast. Nearing a large mountain, Varan kicked off with his feet, speeding directly towards the pinkish-white beast. But Krystalak was ready for him, snatching him in his claws and tossing him through the air, sending the giant reptile crashing onto his back.

As Varan struggled to get back to his feet, Krystalak charged up another Prism Beam and let it fly, blasting the downed reptile. Rolling across the dirt, Varan roared in fury, getting back to his feet and rearing up onto his hind legs. Swinging his arms at Krystalak, Varan struck the creature in the chest with his claws, but the crystal beast barely felt the blows. Twirling himself around, Krystalak raked Varan across the face with the cluster of crystals on the end of his tail. Howling in pain, Varan staggered back, but he refused to give in. He leapt towards Krystalak, once again tackling him to the ground, but this time the crystal creature planted his feet into Varan's gut and kicked him away. Varan was quickly back on his feet this time, and as Krystalak got back to his, the Obaki leapt high into the air. Before Krystalak could react, Varan dropped down, slamming his feet into the beast's head and flooring him once again. Varan quickly lunged and bit down on Krystalak's tail, only to shrink back and shriek in pain, breaking several of his teeth on the rock-hard tail. As Varan clutched at his mouth, Krystalak rose to his feet and approached the reptile. Varan looked up in time to see Krystalak smash his crystalline fist into the lizard's chest, sending Varan crashing onto his back. The crystal monster reached down and snatched Varan's tail, lifting the triphibian reptile into the air and spinning him around with it. Varan cried out as Krystalak twirled him through the air again and again, finally releasing him and letting him smash face-first into a mountain.

Varan stumbled, dazed by the blow, as Krystalak let loose with a hiss-like laugh at his opponent. Flexing his claws, Krystalak closed in on Varan, ready to tear him to pieces. But the Obaki was ready for him by the time he reached him, once again lunging at Krystalak and taking him by surprise, knocking him to the ground. This time, however, Varan spread his membranes once more, taking to the air. Getting back to his feet, Krystalak watched as Varan settled on a tall cliffside not too far away. Roaring in annoyance, Krystalak called his foe back to the fight, but Varan simply growled in response, almost as if he were taunting the crystal demon. Baring his teeth, Krystalak marched towards the cliffside, ready to scale it and continue the fight. Varan watched closely as Krystalak sank his claws into the side of the cliff and began to climb. The ancient reptile waited until his foe was half-way up, then leapt off the edge, his membranes unfolded. Swerving around, Varan struck Krystalak with his tail, dislodging the pink beast and sending him plummeting back to the ground. With a thunderous boom and a pained grunt, Krystalak crashed onto his back, his crystal spikes jammed into the ground. Krystalak quickly realized he had a problem - His spikes were stuck so deep in the earth, he couldn't pull them out and get back to his feet.

Varan landed not too far away, watching as Krystalak struggled to dislodge himself from the soil to no avail. Roaring loudly, Varan charged, tearing into the crystal monster with his teeth and claws. Krystalak cried out as he tried his best to defend himself from Varan's onslaught, but due to the awkward position he was stuck in, he didn't do all that well. He tried to nail Varan with another prism blast, but the spiky reptile easily avoided the beam and went on with his vicious attack. Krystalak swung his arms around, trying to hit his opponent, but his strikes missed more times than they hit. Varan simply struck Krystalak again and again, unimpeded in his assault. Wrenching a small boulder out of the ground, Varan hurled it at Krystalak, breaking it on the beast's face. Krystalak shrieked in pain and anger as the rock shattered across his armor-plated face.

Krystalak knew he had to do something, or else Varan would be able to finish him off at his leisure. He focused his power, channeling a large amount of it into his crystalline heart, causing it to glow intensely. A moment later, a blinding white shockwave of energy erupted from Krystalak's torso, slamming into Varan and sending the triphibian flying through the air, shrieking in pain. Varan groaned as he hit the ground and crashed into a hillside. The ground trapping his crystal spikes having been atomized in the blast, Krystalak jumped to his feet, snarling at Varan. The reptile, badly burnt, stumbled as he weakly tried to get upright once again. Krystalak marched up to the injured Varan and kicked him hard in the side, sending him flipping over, back towards the river. Another kick sent Varan even further back.

Weakly, Varan turned to face his foe, still refusing to admit defeat. Krystalak eyed his foe carefully, his tail flexing behind him. Varan roared in defiance, taking a step closer, causing Krystalak to spin around and whip his tail forward, unleashing a large crystal shard from its tip. The shard shot through the air like a dagger, lodging itself deep into Varan's throat. The mighty reptile cried out in agony as shard pierced his flesh, causing irreparable damage. Varan's cries became gurgled as he staggered back towards the river. Finally, Varan collapsed into the water, sinking to the bottom of the Kitami River.

Krystalak reared his head back, letting loose with a roar of victory. His foe defeated, he turned back and faced the giant power crystal, ready to claim his prize.