Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 107:
By: Joshua Reynolds

Planet X, a long and abandoned world after the fall of the Xiliens, has fallen prey to two different sinister beings. Drifting in the blackness of space, the ancient God, imprisoned in ice since the dawn of time, hissed in wicked delight before the gravitational pull of the dead world brought his prison down upon the surface. Tsukuyomi, the evil God of Japanese folklore had returned to wreck his havoc upon his father's creation, but something else has laid its claim on Planet X! Expelled from Earth by the might of Gamera, the evil Legion rested just below the rocky surface.

Legion's blue eyes flashed with alien life as the Queen of the Swarm awoke. Her body moved slightly, but that slight movement had ripped an entire fissure open within the ground. Legion's shriek echoed throughout the mountains of the planet, alerting the evil being of its presence. Tsukuyomi's eyes narrowed as he remembered the call of the insect. He knew he stood no chance against such a beast in this pathetic, human form, but his true, eight-headed serpent body would decimate the feeble mortal. The God's body was engulfed in white light as it began to grow and change shape. Gone were his arms, replaced by eight slithering necks tipped with dragon-like, horn-crowned heads. A massive, mountain of red flesh replaced his back and chest, his feet large and clawed, and a tail that rivaled its towering height.

The ground rose up like a wave of water before crashing back down. As the dust cleared, the insect-like shape of Legion stood. Her mandibles parted as she released a shriek. Her side-arms cracked as they moved apart and her chest glowed with a red tint. The two both now had claims on this dead planet. One wanted it to start a hive. The other wanted it to use as a kingdom.

The war between insect and dragon would decide who wins the world.

Orochi, the grand-daddy of all evil, made the first move. Three of his maws opened up, screams of pure hate coming out before trails of burning fire. Legion remained still, allowing the fire to splash harmlessly against her thick exoskeleton. The queen shrieked in annoyance once the bath of fire had finished. Now it was her turn.

Her horn parted, bolts of electromagnetic energy dancing from side to side. The beast released a war cry before her electromagnetic bolt fired from between her horns. Orochi hissed in shock before the bolt smashed against his right thigh. The beam tore through his hide as if it were paper. A shower of meat and fluid fell to the ground as the explosion spread apart across his side and the ground, reducing parts of his red body to a charred black. As a cloud of smoke raced up his long necks, scarlet bolts of lightning began to rip across Legion's form. The insect screeched in rage as pieces of armor flaked off of her body, landing on the ground in a smoking heap. Legion backed away before her shield arms cackled with energy. A barrier flashed in front of her form. The lightning barrage washed across the shield, exploding into nothing more than flashes and sparks.

As the bolts seized fire, Legion burst through the cloud of smoke with surprising speed. Her head lowered down and thrust forward, stabbing the massive horn into the dragon's shoulder. Orochi hissed in pain before several of his jaws snaked around and coiled several of the shield arms like an anaconda would its dinner. Sickening crunches and breaks could be heard for miles as the arms were snapped like twigs. The alien bug ripped her horn from Orochi's body. A gush of yellow blood splashed against Legion's body as she leaned upward, shrieking in a mixture of anger and pain.

Orochi hissed once more before throwing four of his head upward, his dagger-like fangs sinking into the exoskeleton on the insect's underside. Silicon gas began to spray out into the dragon's many maws. Legion's body then fell back down, sword-like appendages stabbing into several of Orochi's necks. The dragon hissed and tried to back away, but his heads were pinned under Legion's massive bulk.

Orochi screamed in terror as his necks finally pulled away, but each were reduced to bloody stumps. The insect backed away, removing her legs from the necks. Her chest flashed with a red light. Out of her body, a cloud of black life erupted from her chest cavity. Orochi hissed aloud before his remaining heads released streams of orange and yellow fire. The Symbiotic Legion cried in terror as they flew into the wall of fire and began to fall to the ground, covered in raging flames.

Orochi cried in victory as bolts of lightning once again began to spew from his eyes. Legion cracked her shield arms. A weak barrier came up, but quickly exploded into a show of sparks as the lightning passed through it and exploded against her horn! A quick explosion erupted on her skull as each horn fell to the rocky surface, one stabbing into the rock and the other rolling on its side. Legion fell forward, her eyes now reduced to black orbs.

Orochi roared in victory as Legion's corpse remained still, but suddenly, something else happened!

Legion's eyes turned bright, blood red, and her body quickly rose up, laser-like whips snaking out of the glowing orb that rested between each horn stump. Orochi called out again, beams firing from his eyes once more, but it had now lost the battle. Legion's laser whips lashed out, and like a hot knife through butter, easily cut through Orochi's godly flesh. Sprays of yellow blood rose into the air as his heads fell by the many! The dragon slumped down, his remaining heads crying in pain as the whips ripped his body apart. Chunks of flesh were cut off and fell to the rocky ground below. And Legion's assault continued! She roared loudly as she ripped the whips free, allowing the serpent's body to fall to the side. The evil God, the wicked Tsukuyomi, had lost his battle. A mere mortal had destroyed a God, and now Planet X belonged to the hive.

As the bloody remains of Orochi were left to rot on Planet X's surface, Legion lifted her broken head into the star-filled sky. With Jupiter shining brightly behind her, the queen roared greatly. From behind her, the ground split apart yet again, alien pods giving rise. A cloud of black and gray dust washed over the carcass that was Orochi, settling down on the beast as the nest blossomed.