Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 105:
By: Christian Salabert

Godzilla's eyes stared out into the ocean's depths as he awoke. Releasing a yawn-like roar, he rose to his feet and began making his way towards the latest land mass, Adonoa Island. Lifting himself up out of the surface, Godzilla exhaled as the water poured off his scales. After making his way past the island's shores, he stopped, sensing movement. He turned his head, looking from left to right, but saw nothing. Just as he was about to continue his trek, a wing sliced at his legs as something flew by fast, swiping Godzilla off of his feet and sending him crashing to the ground.

Furiously, Godzilla pulled himself upright and spotted his assailant as it perched atop a large rock. Rodan spread his wings open wide, cackling at Godzilla and warning him to leave Rodan's territory. Godzilla narrowed his eyes at the mutant pterodactyl and his dorsal fins began to flash. Spewing out an atomic beam, Godzilla blew the rock to pieces, but Rodan was already in the air, avoiding the blast. He circled Godzilla, who tried to keep his eyes on his foe, but Rodan was too fast. Approaching from behind, Rodan unleashed his uranium heat beam, zapping Godzilla in the neck. The King of the Monsters spun around, ready to attack the flying reptile, only to have Rodan smash his spiked chest into his face, knocking Godzilla to the dirt once again. As Godzilla struggled to get back to his feet, Rodan circled him once again, letting loose with uranium blast after uranium blast. Godzilla snarled with each hit, his tail slamming against the ground in anger. Lifting his head, Godzilla unleashed his atomic ray, striking Rodan dead center in the chest, forcing him to swerve away.

Raising up once again, Godzilla watched as Rodan recovered from the blast and turned to face him, landing not too far away. Flexing his claws, Godzilla charged. But once he got close enough, Rodan leapt up, slamming the tip of his beak into Godzilla's face, directly between the eyes. Godzilla screeched as he stumbled backwards, taken by surprise by the painful blow. Before Rodan could press his advantage, Godzilla unleashed an atomic blast that scorched the pteranodon in the face. Rodan cackled angrily, taking to the air and avoiding Godzilla's second beam. Firing wildly, Godzilla tried to score a direct hit on Rodan, a task which proved difficult. The flying reptile soon swerved around behind Godzilla, preparing to smash his armored chest into the back of Godzilla's skull. But the Monster King expected him this time, flicking his tail upward and sending Rodan spiraling to the ground. As Rodan struggled to get back up, Godzilla turned around and snarled, his dorsal fins flashing brightly. He brought his foot down hard on Rodan's back, eliciting a pained cry from the pterodactyl as he felt his ribs crack. Godzilla stomped down again, then kicked hard, sending Rodan crashing into a nearby mountain. Rodan cackled in pain as Godzilla closed in to finish the fight.

Out of nowhere, twin beams of golden energy appeared, zapping Godzilla in the back. Shrieking in surprise, Godzilla spun around to face his new attacker.

The King of the Monsters suddenly found himself face-to-face with Mothra, the Goddess of Infant Island.

Flexing his claws angrily, Godzilla forgot about Rodan and charged the mammoth butterfly. His fins flashed as he prepared to unleash his atomic ray, but Mothra was quick to intervene, firing more golden rays from her antennae, striking Godzilla in the face. Godzilla took a step back, roaring furiously as Mothra approached. The mighty insect moved in close, snapping at Godzilla's face with her tiny legs. Godzilla screeched as he tried to back away from Mothra's assault. When it was obvious he could not, he unleashed an atomic ray, blasting her in the chest. Mothra chirped in pain as the atomic fires scorched her fur. Bringing her right wing forward, she slammed it into Godzilla's throat, sending him crashing to the ground. As Godzilla tumbled across the dirt, Mothra hit him with her golden beams once again.

Rodan shook his head as he recovered from Godzilla's attack. Looking up, he instantly spotted Mothra and cackled in annoyance. Another trespasser? Flapping his wings, the mighty pterodactyl lifted himself into the air and made a beeline for the moth. Mothra noticed the rapidly-approaching Rodan too late, allowing him to slam into her and knock her clear from the downed Godzilla. Mothra quickly stabilized herself and turned to face Rodan, firing her antennae beams. The golden rays struck Rodan in the face and wings, causing him to cackle angrily and attack again, firing his heat ray at her as he approached. Mothra cried out as the purple blast struck her, then flapped her wings, gaining altitude. Before Rodan could mirror the tactic, Mothra unleashed golden lightning bolts from the undersides of her wings, zapping and shocking the reptile. Rodan shrieked as Mothra's lightning assaulted his body, stopping his attack cold.

Before their fight could escalate any further, an atomic ray blasted Mothra, then Rodan. The two flying beasts turned to see Godzilla roaring at them, his tail swinging angrily behind him. He was not about to let them forget he was there.

Not wishing to be struck by Mothra's lightning again, Rodan flew to meet Godzilla's challenge, rearing his head back and slamming the tip of his beak down against the top of Godzilla's head. The Monster King shrieked as Rodan's beak slammed against his skull. Instantly, he unleashed another atomic blast, striking Rodan square in the chest. The pteranodon swerved away, circling around behind Godzilla. As Godzilla turned around to keep his eye on the speedy creature, Mothra flew in behind him, ramming her wing into the back of his head and sending him back to the ground. Rodan flew past Mothra, scraping his spiked chest against her back, eliciting a pained chirp from the Infant Island deity. Rodan turned around to attack again, only to have Godzilla's atomic ray blast into his face, knocking him from the sky. Mothra flew in close, attacking Godzilla from behind with her lightning bolts. Godzilla shrieked as he tried to fight back, but Mothra was too far out of reach. Roaring angrily, Godzilla's dorsal fins flashed bright blue, a light that soon enveloped his entire body as a nuclear pulse escaped it, blasting Mothra out of the air in a burst of fire. The insect goddess groaned as she twitched in agony on the ground, with Godzilla fast approaching. The King of the Monsters raised his leg, ready to crush the insect's thorax underfoot. Just when it seemed Mothra was done for, Rodan bodyslammed Godzilla, sending him crashing into and completely through a nearby mountain. Dazed by the blow, Godzilla twitched on the ground, unable to do much else. With Godzilla down, Mothra was able to lift herself back into the air, hovering over the reptile. She knew this was her chance to subdue him, and she began to shed reflective scales from her wings, showering Godzilla with them. Godzilla snarled as they touched his skin, shocking him. Having regained his senses enough to defend himself, Godzilla rolled over onto his back and unleashed an atomic blast at Mothra, but the ray was instantly warped and deflected by her scales, sending it right back at Godzilla. Quickly understanding, Rodan fired his heat beam into the cloud of scales, bouncing it around and striking Godzilla with it. The Monster King howled as his foes' sizzling vortex assaulted his flesh, causing him far too much pain to be able to retaliate. With an agonized shriek, Godzilla collapsed onto his back and lay there motionless, his skin smoking.

As she turned to face Rodan, Mothra was taken by surprise as the pterodactyl lunged at her, his beak snapping at her. She quickly fired her antennae beams, blasting Rodan in the face, but this only seemed to anger the flying reptile. Biting down on one of the fuzzy mandibles on either side of her mouth, Rodan bit the appendage off, causing Mothra to reel back, wailing in pain. As she recoiled from his last attack, Rodan moved in again, plunging his beak into her side, drawing yellow blood. Mothra cried out again, but this time she quickly unleashed her reflective scales, dousing Rodan in the sparkly projectiles. The oversized pteranodon cackled in pain as the scales shocked his body and were soon accompanied by the same lightning bolts she had used before. Rodan fired his heat beam in desperation, only to have it bounce back into the side of his throat. Swinging her wings downward, Mothra struck Rodan over the head, sending him back towards the ground. Weakly, Rodan landed on his talons, looking up at Mothra and cackling in anger. Growling furiously, Godzilla rose back to feet, glaring at his foes. His entire body ached, but he wasn't about to give in. Opening his jaws, he sent another blast of atomic power into Rodan, knocking him off his feet. Another blast hit Mothra square in the chest.

Mothra groaned as Godzilla's blast struck. She knew she had to finish this fight before either of her opponents did. Gaining more altitude, she began to circle them as she came up with a plan. She watched as Rodan got back up and attacked Godzilla. Good. This was the distraction she needed. She increased her speed as she continued to circle them overhead.

Godzilla clawed at Rodan, eliciting a pained cry.

Slowly but surely, Mothra's entire body became encased in a blinding golden glow.

Rodan pecked at Godzilla's face, causing him to step back.

Still circling, Mothra formed a golden ring of energy among the clouds.

The golden light finally caught Godzilla and Rodan's attention, and they turned their heads towards Mothra, but it was too late. Walls of holy energy descended upon them, slamming downward with great force. Godzilla and Rodan cried out as the energy assaulted them, knocking them flat against the ground. Within the ring, the cross-like Symbol of Mothra appeared. The screams of Godzilla and Rodan were quickly silenced. Moments later, the golden energy dissipated, and the glow around Mothra faded away. Looking down, Mothra noticed that her symbol was now scorched into the earth, as well as Godzilla and Rodan's flesh. Neither beast showed any signs of movement. Mothra chirped with relief. The battle was over. Turning away from her defeated foes, she began her journey back to Infant Island.

Mothra (Heisei)