Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 103:
By: Jacob Haas


It was Monster X's only thought while he was resting inside of his meteor as it raced towards Earth. Monster X had once tried to conquer the planet but failed due to Godzilla's intervention. Though he managed to escape with his life, his pride as a destroyer of worlds was crushed. The alien was coming back for his revenge. He would not stop until he had destroyed this planet or died trying. The meteor was traveling at incredible speeds towards the Earth, the planet's atmosphere pulling the meteor closer and closer towards itself. The demon was about to awake.

* * * * *

It was a quiet, sunny day at the Okinawa prefecture. It had been nearly a year since a monster terrorized the area, the lack of monster attacks allowing the citizens to live in peace. That peace was about to end...

The meteor crash landed into a village, leaving a large crater in its wake. A large, skeletal figure rose up out of the crater, its eyes burning red with hatred. The agent of destruction was ready to annihilate the entire prefecture, then the rest of Japan and then finally the world. He planned to destroy any obstacles that stood in his way. His first one was about to appear.

Hidden within a nearby mountain was King Caesar. The deity was resting in case any evil should dare attempt to attack his homeland. The arrival of Monster X had awakened the ancient guardian. King Caesar roared and busted out from his resting place, ready to do battle with the evil alien.

Monster X quickly turned around to see King Caesar appearing from the mountain. The golem's ruby-red eyes glinted brightly due to the sun reflecting off their surface. The alien was ready to fight the stone guardian, as the skeletal figure opened his mouth, letting out a low growl. King Caesar roared back in retaliation, warning any surviving civilians to leave the area.

The two kaiju began to charge at each other. King Caesar leapt into the air and tried to kick the alien humanoid, but Monster X blocked the kick and grabbed hold of the deity's leg. King Caesar was shocked by the alien's strength. Monster X began swinging King Caesar around like a rag doll before finally letting go, sending the golem hurtling into a mountain. The impact was tremendous and the stone deity was buried underneath rubble. Monster X let out a low, quiet laugh. The demonic alien didn't think that the guardian was very impressive. The humanoid began to walk away, believing his foe to be beaten, when he heard King Caesar break free from his tomb and roar at him. Monster X turned to face the golem. He was impressed that his foe wanted to keep on fighting. He decided that he'd have a little fun with this opponent before starting his destruction of Okinawa.

The alien's eyes glowed gold for a brief moment before firing several golden rays at King Caesar. The beams struck the beastly deity in the chest, explosions rippling throughout his body and scorching the fur on his chest. The attack was powerful enough to make the golem fall down to one knee. Monster X began chuckling demonically and started advancing on his fallen enemy. King Caesar noticed the ground become dark as Monster X was right in front of him. King Caesar snickered; the alien had fallen for his trap. King Caesar sweep-kicked Monster X, causing the skeletal kaiju to lose his balance and fall with a ground-shaking thud. King Caesar leapt on top of the humanoid and began pummeling it with his fists. Monster X grunted in pain. He was angry at himself for falling into the deity's trap. He was going to make him suffer greatly for this.

Monster X's eyes began to glow again as he turned and fired his gravity beams at the golem. One of the beams blasted off part of King Caesar's ear while the rest struck his chest again. The attack sent King Caesar flying off of Monster X's body, the deity yelping in pain as he clutched at the missing part of his ear. Monster X got back up and stomped the severed portion of King Caesar's ear with tremendous malice. King Caesar snarled at the skeletal demon. The stone guardian charged recklessly, but Monster X jumped into the air while spinning, smacking Caesar in the face with his tail. King Caesar stumbled back a bit, stunned by the attack, and Monster X quickly fired another barrage of gravity beams at the golem. The skeletal alien began chuckling, certain that this attack would destroy his foe. But unbeknownst to him, King Caesar had a trick up his sleeve. After the behemoth stopped laughing, the look on his face turned to shock as he saw two of his gravity beams were sent right back at him!

The beams struck Monster X's chest, the force of the beams pushing the alien titan back a bit. The beams slightly burnt the alien's hide, causing Monster X to groan in pain. The alien was wondering how this happened. He looked at his opponent. The remaining beam had struck King Caesar and caused him to kneel in pain. So how did two of his own beams come back to hurt him? Monster X was puzzled by this. King Caesar grunted and got back up, ready to fight once again. Monster X decided to fire another wave of gravity beams. This time the alien invader was watching to see what caused his beams to come back at him.

As the beams came rushing at King Caesar, the stone guardian positioned himself so that the beams would hit him in the face. One of the beams went over the deity's head while the other beams hit the golem in the eyes and were reflected right back at Monster X! The alien humanoid jumped up into the air to avoid his beams, but one of them struck his leg. Monster X grunted in pain and once he landed on the ground, he moaned again. The attack was painful, but at least he knew his opponent's secret now.

King Caesar charged and kicked the alien in the face, sending him flying into a mountain. Monster X continued his counterattack and tackled the stone guardian. King Caesar fell, letting out a loud grunt when he hit the ground. The alien began pummeling the golem in the face with his fists. King Caesar grunted and retaliated by slashing his foe in the chest. Monster X leapt off of King Caesar and to inspect his wound. A foul, vile liquid started to ooze out of his chest. Monster X snarled at the hairy guardian. The invader wasn't going to let King Caesar go unpunished.

Monster X fired more gravity bolts at King Caesar, the fiend's anger getting the best of him. The golem repositioned itself, reflecting the gravity beams right back at the sinister alien. The humanoid dodged the beams, which ended up blasting several trees. The trees caught on fire almost instantly, and the fire slowly began to spread around the area. Monster X began chuckling at King Caesar. The guardian snarled at the invader as he rushed and tackled him into a mountain. King Caesar began punching Monster X in the face repeatedly. The alien grunted in pain as blood started to ooze from his lower jaw. Monster X finally retaliated by head butting King Caesar, sending the guardian tumbling to the ground. Monster X was dizzy. He was surprised at how hard his foe's head was.

The mighty protector saw Monster X pulling himself up off of the mountain and let out a ferocious roar at his opponent. The golem ran up to the alien and kicked Monster X in the chest, sending him tumbling back into the mountain. Rubble and dirt poured over the fiend, burying him. Caesar looked around to see that the entire area was engulfed in flames. Though victory had come at a cost, it was well worth it for the deity. He knew that the forest could be brought back to life. The golem let out a victory roar. He had seemingly beaten the alien. That victory was short lived.

Monster X erupted forth from his grave, roaring in anger at the guardian. The titan shook the dirt from his body and coughed, King Caesar's kick having knocked the wind out of him. The fiend saw King Caesar charging at him, but the guardian abruptly stopped and leapt through the flames at Monster X. The humanoid dodged King Caesar, causing him to collide with the mountain. The mountain finally gave in and crumbled against the repeated assaults. King Caesar was stunned, allowing the demonic alien to continue his attack. Monster X grabbed Caesar by the legs and began swinging him around. The alien beast released King Caesar, sending him flying into another mountain, shrieking in pain.

Monster X continued his assault on the guardian by firing several gravity bolts. Explosions rippled throughout Caesar's body, causing him to shriek in agony from the attack. Monster X started chuckling demonically as the titan advanced towards his opponent before lowering down as he punched King Caesar in the stomach with all his might. The punch managed to penetrate the golem's gut. The alien felt no blood, only metals and gems. This shocked Monster X, as the alien finally realized what his opponent truly was.

Unfortunately for him, this gave King Caesar the opportunity to retaliate. The guardian grabbed Monster X's arm and managed to pull it out of his stomach, then slammed it onto his knee. A bone chilling snap was heard, Monster X's arm was broken! Monster X shrieked in pain and cradled his now broken appendage. Rage was the only thing in Monster X's mind now, and he started firing a barrage of gravity beams at King Caesar's stomach wound. The beams successfully hit their target, causing the wound to enlarge. King Caesar stumbled back, clutching his wounded stomach. Monster X then grabbed King Caesar by the neck with one hand. The guardian instinctively grabbed the alien's hand to try and force it to release him. King Caesar desperately started kicking Monster X in the gut, but to no avail. Monster X reached towards King Caesar's eyes with his broken arm and managed to clumsily tear out one of the deity's ruby-red eyes.

Monster X released King Caesar, dropping the deity. Monster X groaned in pain due to his broken arm. The titan watched the spectacle before him. King Caesar rolled around on the ground, squealing in pain due to his missing eye. Some of the deity's fur caught on fire from rolling dangerously close to some burning trees. It didn't take long for Caesar's body to be engulfed in flames. King Caesar shrieked in painful agony as the fire burned his body. Monster X turned around and began walking away from King Caesar. Shortly after, the screams stopped. The deity was silenced. Monster X paused to look Caesar's eye. He was entranced by how shiny it was. It was as bright as his own eyes. He was amused by it. Suddenly, Monster X felt a sharp pain in his back, causing him to drop the eye. King Caesar had gotten back up and slashed the alien titan in the back with his claws!

Monster X stumbled forward. His flesh wounds stung. King Caesar continued his attack by grabbing Monster X from behind and the burning golem sunk his teeth into Monster X's neck. King Caesar's body was still aflame, the fire soon traveled to the alien invader's body. Monster X squealed in intolerable pain. The alien started smashing his elbows into the golem's stomach, each hit making the chest wound larger and larger, forcing the guardian to release his opponent. Monster X rolled around on the ground quickly to put out the flames on his body. Though the skeletal alien's attempt was successful, his skin was badly burned by King Caesar's attack. Monster X sprung back up and fired several gravity bolts at King Caesar. The beams blasted the stone deity in the chest and on his right arm. King Caesar roared as rock and burning fur fell from his body.

King Caesar charged at Monster X and slowly began to extend his right arm. The alien responded and started to charge at the golem head-on to meet the assault. King Caesar spread out his right arm even further. Soon Monster X realized what King Caesar was going to do, but it was too late. King Caesar clotheslined Monster X, and the alien crashed to the ground with a sickening thud. Caesar's flaming arm had boiled the flesh on the invader's neck. The titan noticed something flying in the air… It was King Caesar's right arm! The force of the attack must've been strong enough to break the arm off the golem's body. The flying arm soon fell onto Monster X, shattering upon impact. Monster X squealed in agony as the searing hot shards of Caesar burned his flesh. King Caesar then leapt at Monster X and kicked the alien in the ribs. The burning deity's foot shattered into bits, several pieces of it embedded in Monster X's flesh. The two kaiju roared in agony. Flames belched forth from King Caesar's stomach. The fire was taking its toll on the protector. King Caesar had only one last chance if he wanted to defeat Monster X. It was all or nothing.

The flaming guardian lunged at Monster X, hoping to smother the beast in flames and burn it alive. Unfortunately for King Caesar, Monster X had other plans. The devious invader fired his gravity beams at King Caesar's stomach wound, successfully hitting his target. The attack managed to blast King Caesar in half. The top half of the guardian flew into the air and crashed in front of Monster X, shattering into bits. The bottom half fell down shortly after Monster X's attack and crumbled into pieces. King Caesar's hopes, as well as his body, were shattered. He had failed to protect Okinawa from Monster X. The forest had became Hell itself and soon the prefecture would be in ruins at the hands of Monster X.

Monster X knelt down and picked up the gem he held earlier. He looked at what was once one of King Caesar's ruby-red eyes. The jewel amused the alien for a moment but then Monster X casually tossed the gem behind him, landing in the burning remains of King Caesar. The jewel no longer amused him. Though his opponent gave him some trouble, he wasn't as strong as he thought, which disappointed the invader. He knew that he'd have a better trophy than the guardian's eye… Godzilla's head. Though the damage done to him was great, he had suffered worse and would recover from it eventually. The skeletal alien left the burning forest behind and continued on his path of destruction in the hopes of not only conquering the Earth, but finally getting his revenge on Godzilla.

Monster X