Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 102:
By: Joshua Reynolds

Millions of miles past the Earth, a great, meteor-like object approached. To a person looking through a telescope, it would look like any ordinary meteor, but inside the rock, a metallic weapon resided. The pilot inside turned around, and even in the darkness of the room, the screen in front of it was clear. An orange square continued to zoom in until it saw what it was waiting to see... Earth. Another zoom and it could see Japan. One final zoom showed its target: Tokyo! The alien let out a grunt as its long tentacle reached out and pressed against the silver panel. The meteor then seemed to speed up, and in a blink of an eye, its velocity increased to nearly lightspeed!

Inside the ship, the alien leaned back in its pod. It looked exactly like the one that had awoken on Earth in 1999. Its mouth was a series of lines and its eyes glow a bright blue. The body was almost squid-like, but the color was a grayish blue. An agent from its home world had failed to accomplish its mission in 1999, but now, this new one would make sure the Earth was his. His race had succeeded in creating an artificial Organizer G-1, allowing it to turn into Orga at will!

On Earth, telescopes didn't have time to see the ship approaching, as it had already passed Mars. Miles away on an island in the Pacific, two fairies knew it was coming. Their great god had defeated the first many years ago in the age of dinosaurs, and was prepared to take on this new one. The god was a gigantic insect. Not frightening like many others, but rather quite beautiful. Its segmented body was covered in fur, ranging from white to black to red. Two large, bulbous eyes peered through the air. Its head was tipped with two antennas, with two mandible-like appendages below the mouth. Its body was like that of a giant moth and its wings were patterned with beautiful markings. The deity was Mothra, the great Goddess of Infant Island and protector of the Earth. Already, she was alerted of the alien's coming and was already gathering her energy for the showdown.

The alien looked on as his ship entered the atmosphere above Earth. The rocks that disguised the ship were melted away and vaporized by the intense temperatures. On the streets, people had begun to flee in every direction as the ship plummeted downward. Cries of terror could be heard, and soon, all was silent. A mushroom cloud of dust floated to the heavens as the ship crashed in the center of the metropolis. The buildings around it began to fall inward from the impact and windows of structures all around shattered. The ship was broken in two. The alien inside, however, was uninjured. Already, the chemicals inside his body given to him by his superiors were taking affect. The creature began to morph, and soon, a lumbering giant towered over the buildings surrounding him.

Miles away, Mothra's gigantic wings flapped once, a storm of dust and dirt filling her cave. Another flap and she was above the ground, and with the next she was out of the opening above her and in the air, on her way to protect the Earth. Mothra's mouth let out a chirp; it wouldn't take long for her to get there.

Pillars of smoke filled the entire area. Tank and jet fire could be heard from the entire city, but the Earthling weapons proved futile against the giant. As Orga's massive bulk slammed against another building, the new maser-equipped battalion entered the fray. Bolt after bolt of blue energy slammed into his hide, but what damage was done was quickly healed. Orga's massive hands slammed down on the weapons, shattering them like glass. As the dust and smoke cleared, the alien believed he could see something approaching in the air. The beast's maw opened and closed once, staring at the oncoming object. Not a second later, the entire ground around Orga erupted into showers of sparks and smoke as two beams of energy lashed from the foe's antenna. Mothra lowered closer to the ground, gaining even more speed. Mothra rammed headfirst into the alien, knocking him back and causing him to tumble into a building behind him. A black cloud of smoke engulfed the area and Mothra pulled up, her wings releasing bolts of electricity into the rubble in hopes of frying the alien.

Mothra's assault came to an end as the dust cleared. The moth beat her wings a hundred yards away from the heap of rubble, just waiting for movement. Seconds turned into minutes and it seemed the ogre was defeated. Mothra's head lowered, but just as it did so, the rubble exploded outward. The insect's head reared back and Mothra tried to fly upward, but it was too late. Mothra was blasted back as Orga's shoulder cannon slammed her through building after building. The beam stopped and Orga lifted himself out of the rubble. Orga's body moved side to side, shaking off the chunks of debris. Slowly but surely, the alien moved through the city and to the downed Mothra. Her left wing had a hole at the tip, but it was not damaged enough to remove her flying abilities. The alien's hands reached down and gripped Mothra by her wings. A crunching noise could be heard as Orga's mouth clamped down on two of Mothra's legs. The great deity screamed in agony and soon confusion as Orga's head started to become furry and it seemed two antennas were growing from his head! His eyes became bigger and bluish and the fur that formed began to turn white.

Mothra struggled and soon the moth screamed in pain, the third tug having broken both the legs that Orga held onto. Orga's jaws clamped down even more and soon the appendages were in his maw entirely. The beast's entire body was now covered in a thick lair of white and gray fuzz, and it seemed his back was forming wings! In a last ditch effort, Mothra flapped her wings and flew back. A snapping sound could be heard as Mothra slammed herself backfirst into a building. Orga leaned his head back, swallowing her legs whole, but the DNA was not enough to sustain his transformation, and the Mothra traits retreated back into his body.

Mothra chirped in pain as her stumps oozed a green goo. Mothra flapped her massive wings, taking back to the air. With a few flaps of her beautiful wings, a storm of golden scales began surround the area. Orga's shoulder began to glow and the cannon fired. It seemed as if the scales caught the beam and redirected it downward, blasting the shoulder that the cannon was housed in. Orga's flesh rained to the ground but already it was healing. After a few seconds, the wound was healed, but the cannon was not. Mothra's wings released more of the scales and her wings released dozens of lightning bolts. Orga's flesh burst off in several areas as bolt after bolt impacted it. But it did not take long for Orga's healing to take care of the damage done, and his massive hand reached up and gripped Mothra by the abdomen. With a screech, Mothra was bodyslammed against the rubble-covered ground. As Orga's left hand held her down, his right raised up. Mothra released a cry of pain as the fist slammed down on her thorax. Again it slammed down, and then again and again. Each slam caused Mothra's body to cave in slightly, forcing spurts of goo from her mandibles and severed legs.

Orga's hand lifted up again and opened up, exposing the sharp claws on the ends of his massive fingers. Mothra again cried out in pain as Orga's claws tore into her right wing, shredding it like a sheet. Green slime was slung about as Orga dragged his hand down from the tip of the wing. The massive appendage was shredded like paper and Mothra screamed in agony as Orga repeated this process on her other wing. Mothra's eyes seemed to become dimmer as death drew upon her. With his foe nearly dead, Orga gripped Mothra by the abdomen once again, and hoisted her back towards his maw!

Orga's mouth seemed to unlatch like a snake's. Slowly, the skin around it engulfed Mothra, hooking onto her and pulling her in. As he did so, Orga's body morphed and started to become insectoid. His eyes once again became big, round and blue. A pair of antennae emerged from his skull and his body once again grew the white and gray fuzz. A pair of Mothra-like wings formed on his back and his back slimmed down. Soon, only Mothra's head could be seen in Orga's giant maw. The alien's maw clamped shut like a bear trap, and from a mile away, a large crack could be heard as Mothra's head exploded inside the demon's mouth. The transformation was complete; the alien had become not only his Orga form, but had gained traits of Mothra as well!

Orga's massive hands slammed on the ground. Now was the time to track down the creature that defeated his brother in 1999...